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The Patriot (Special Edition)
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When widower and war hero benjamin martin sees his family viciously attacked by red coats he can no longer avoid fighting in the revolutionary war. Toegether with his son he forms a militia to take up arms against the british and soon is embroiled in the redemption of revenge and the passion of love. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 03/27/2007 Starring: Mel Gibson Joely Richardson Run time: 165 minutes Rating: R Director: Roland Emmerich

Aimed directly at a mainstream audience, The Patriot qualifies as respectable entertainment, but anyone expecting a definitive drama about the American Revolution should look elsewhere. Rising above the blatant crowd pleasing of Stargate, Independence Day, and Godzilla, director Roland Emmerich crafts a marvelous re-creation of South Carolina in the late 1770s (aided immeasurably by cinematographer Caleb Deschanel), and Robert Rodat's screenplay offers the same balance of epic scale and emotional urgency that elevated his earlier script for Saving Private Ryan. Unfortunately, Emmerich embraces clich¨¦s and hackneyed melodrama that a more gifted director would have avoided. Instead of attempting a truly great film about the most pivotal years of American history, Emmerich settles for a standard revenge plot with the Revolutionary War as an incidental backdrop.

On those terms, the film is engrossing and sufficiently intelligent, especially when militia leader Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) cagily negotiates with British General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) in one of the most rewarding scenes. For the most part, the story concerns Martin's anguished quest for revenge against ruthless redcoat Colonel Tavington (played with snide relish by Jason Isaacs), and the rise to manhood of Martin's eldest son, Gabriel (Heath Ledger), whose battlefield honor exceeds even that of his brutally volatile father. At its best, The Patriot conveys the horror of war among innocent civilians, and the epic battle scenes, while by no means masterful, are graphically intense and impressive. And although Ledger's love interest (Lisa Brenner) is too bland to register much emotion, the focus on family (which frequently relegates the war to background history) provides a suitable vehicle for Gibson, who matches his achievement in Braveheart with an effectively brooding performance. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Mel Gibson's Best
    The Patriot has humor, romance and action to the hilt. I watch this many times and it is always good....more info
  • A CLASSIC film about the American Revolution!
    "The Patriot" is the ONLY movie I know of about the American Revolution. If another exists, I don't know what it is. Curious, because the American Revolution was an important event in American history.

    This movie is almost as GOOD as Mel Gibson's all-time GREATEST "Braveheart". I fell in love with this movie when I first saw it. The battle scenes are SUPERB and Jason Isaacs make the GREATEST villain. I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

    If you're like me, and enjoy movies about historical subjects, you will LOVE "The Patriot". This movie deserves to be shown in history classes all over the country so the young may learn of America's historical past....more info
  • Patriot
    This is an epic film. One of Gibson's all time classics. Great supporting role by Heath Ledger...more info
  • Mel and co engage again with the British with blood & guts
    This film coming a few years later after "Braveheart" was one of the first films in which I saw the late Heath Ledger--and he was impressive to say the least. Mel Gibson plays a farmer who is an ex-guerilla fighter who is reluctant to take up arms against the British until a tragedy occurs in his family that forces him to take a stand. Critics of this film have liken this to a Mad Max film but his re-transformation back into the warrior mode is plausible. Of course, there are some dramatic licenses taken here since Gibson's character is a composite of many of the types of American heroes like Francis Marion aka "The Swamp Fox" and also depicted in Disney film years ago by I believe, Leslie Nielsen before he descended or risen into his famous comedy mode (The Naked Gun). The Blu-ray transfer of this extended version is excellent and a special mention should be made of the excellent acting of Jason Issacs as the villainous British officier who forces Gibson's hand in a pivotal moment. Also Tom Wilkinson as Cornwallis, Chris Cooper as a Federalist and Tcheky Karyo as a French compatriot are excellent too. Recommended for war buffs and action fans alike!!...more info
  • In rememberance of Heath Ledger
    I've had The Patriot (not the Steven Segal movie) for absolutely ages. I admit, it was cheap, and I do have phases where I have a bit of a thing of Mel Gibson. But I have to be in the right mood for him.

    I don't know much about American History. I don't know much about my own Scottish history actually, never mind anything else. But I liked Braveheart, so I figured this was cheap, sounded kinda similar, why the hell not? I'd bought it a few months before Heath Ledger died, and only managed to get round to watching this a couple of months later.

    Basically, this is one of those movies where everyone who knows their American history will quibble the slightest inaccuracy - and this kinda film is normally riddled with them. But I'm going to skip over all that. I left school for a reason.

    The Patriot, is about a man with seven children and no wife/mother. No, you're not getting another Von Trapp family. (SEVEN CHILDREN???) The script originally called for six children, but since Mel has seven in real life, it was changed. (SEVEN CHILDREN???) He has particpated previously in battles, and is now a proud family man, trying to keep his children out of danger. But his eldest son, played by a blonde Heath, is determined to serve his country, and goes out fighting.

    Meanwhile things get hectic back home, with an evil Colonel (Jason Isaacs) hellbent on wrecking quiet family life, until he encounters the Ghost. Can you guess who it is?

    There's not much else to report on The Patriot, without repeating 800+ reviewers have already said. It's there to be watched, but at 2hrs 48mins long, you need to find a long night free, with no interruptions. (Easter Sunday strangely enough did it for me.) Mel doesn't really get stretched playing the role of Benjamin Martin, and there are a couple of similarities, particularly in scenes, to Braveheart. (Did you see the scene where he was riding in front of the army? Did you not want to shout at the TV "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"? Or was that just me?)

    It was one of those films that yes was good, but could have been edited slightly better towards the end. The rest of the running time passed by like a breeze, but you do tend to find the last 30-45 minutes do start to drag. Otherwise, not really an appropriate movie to watch on Easter Sunday, but hey, I had to watch it sometime! ...more info
  • Great Movie
    This is one of my all-time favorites. It arrived in new condition as promised....more info
  • The script needed a rewrite
    Because it had too many sub stories that does not propel the overall plot. And the endless slooooooow mooooooootioooooon all over the place, ack! Great Bloody action throughout to give it four stars. The only thing I don't like is that they don't have an option for me to be taken to those blood soaked splattered moments to relish. Come on! You telling me you came here to learn some American History?! On a Hollyweird production?! By a tree hugging hippie director from the euro side of delusion?!!! This is like trying to get Paul Verheoven(sp) to do a period pic. All he'd do is insert nazi asides to show you how corrupt those American/Euro/Romans where in the way back past....more info
  • quality
    the picture and sound is woooooooooow.
    In the battlesceen you think your in the battle.
    An disc to let see the true potentieel off blue ray...more info
  • Never get tired of this one!
    Always a late bloomer, I discover things after they've been out for a while - that's just my way. I finally rented this flick and watched it the whole way through...and it's great! I really loved it! There is alittle bit of everything in it - for men and women. There's war, romance - and it keeps you interested the whole time. Trying to watch all of Heath Ledger's work since his death - I'm so glad I saw this. This was definately Mel Gibson's movie (and he was great too) but Heath held his own as Mel's oldest son. He's beautiful to look at - but he showed such just knew he was destined for greatness. I now have this movie in my dvd collection - and would recommend it to anyone. You will be entertained. ...more info
  • Could it be time for another revolution
    Excellent movie and acting, Story superb if you can overlook hollywood political correctness recreating history...more info
  • Excellent. Great movie! Great Quality!
    The extended version is considerably better than the orginal and the video and sound make this a worth while Blu-Ray buy....more info
  • Patriot is a great movie!!!
    The Patriot is another example of Mel Gibson's ability to draw you into his character and make you feel a part of a great story. ...more info
  • The Only Patriot Act Worth Having
    This American saga is rife with historic accuracy and pathos.

    For those who know little of the Revolutionary period of American history, I heartily recommend the contents as an example of quality performances and in the offering of an explaination of the issues that existed when this country was in it's first Civil War--that is, Americans of European heritage having become pitted against their own kinsmen from afar in order to form "A more perfect union" on our shores. As for the Ameri-indian participation in this crises--the piece should act as a springboard for information-gathering and education for those who are unfamiliar with the indigenous people of Turtle Island--as the western hemisphere is called by many Native Americans, and the parts that they played in bringing America together, even as their nations were eventually torn apart and reconstructed as something very different than they had hoped to retain and nurture. This is an outstanding movie, and I hope that it becomes more popular as a representation of American history as much as thrilling and compelling drama....more info
  • "Sometimes the shepherd has to tend to his flock...and sometimes fight off the wolves!"
    Actors Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon saga), Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You), Tcheky Karyo (The Core), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star Trek: DS9) lead an all-star cast loosely based on the American Revolution in the states of Virginia and the Carolinas. When I say loosely, I mean it's kind of one sided. If you've read textbooks in the United States you will notice how Britain is cast as an evil parent (as the mother country of the 13 colonies). General Cornwallis is referred to as a poor general. But that's the textbooks and this review is more about the movie itself.

    Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a former leader in the colonial militia who fought in the French Indian War. The captain of the militia tries but unsuccessfully to recruit Martin in the Continental Army. Tragedy strikes when a brutal British Colonel kills one of Martin's young sons. Martin then joins the Continental Army to lead and take revenge for what Colonel Tavington (Jason Isaacs) had taken from him. Benjamin Martin in his battle expierence begins to take charge of a small militia and teaches them battle tactics that the British are unfamiliar with. While slavery isn't entirely viewed in the movie, it was shown as the continental army General named George Washington allowed slaves to fight on the Continental Army for aperiod of time and then were free. Donal Logue plays a member of the miltia who disagrees with this notion but as human as he is, he changes his mind and embraces a slave who's time was up yet still stayed. Anyway, the British outnumber the colonial militia who are nothing more than farmers. As Martin's militia begin to be a thorn in Cornwallis's side, the colonists begin to believe in their cause. In the history books, the French aid the colonies with soldiers, able bodied generals, supplies, and ships.
    Tcheky Karyo plays a French general who fights along side Gibson's Martin as well as training his men. Both Gibson and Karyo provide some good comedy relief within a war which is never fun.

    All in all this is a great war movie that makes for an interesting view during the time period when some colonists insisted on breaking from the mother country: Britain. The starts as the American Revolution had already started. It's a great movie set in a time period that I love the most; The colonies and the Revolutionary War. For most people if you want historical accuracy, seek out more than one source and get multiple views from both sides. I'm not going into a highly detailed analysis and knitpick every scene and use this as a soapbox. I see it for what it is: A movie! This movie has great battles, great acting, some comedy, a lot of limb loss and cannonballs "flying" everywhere, making this a good addition to anyones DVD collection....more info
  • Aim small, miss small
    THE WAR: Revolutionary War, desperately important in its cause for freedom and independence, but brutally ignorant in its fighting techniques. Whoever thought that lining up in a big mass in front of a group of musket-wielding automatons was a good idea, is a military leader without a hint of imagination. Through the ardent desire to form a country free from oppression, a country is born, and its first heroes

    STORY: Col. Benjamin Martin (Gibson) wishes to stay out of war and seek peace. With a recently deceased wife he counters the growing surge to fight the Brits with this brilliantly prophetic line about having one's own government, "Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a king can."

    PATRIOTISM: When his son Gabrielle (Ledger) enlists without his permission, Benjamin is heart-fallen and worried. With just about everyone, however, enlisting is looked upon as brave, just, and patriotic. As the wars rage in his own crops and on his land, his young family is unwillingly embroiled in a country's birth. When his despotic middle child foolishly rushes into a gun-fight without a gun, Benjamin decides it's about time to unleash the fury within (the defense of one's country is closely tied to the security of a man's family).

    FAVORITE BATTLE(S): In the most memorable scene of the movie, Benjamin takes his two youngest sons - one may have still been carrying a pacifier - into the woods to hunt some Brits who had previously imprisoned Gabrielle and displayed their poor dental hygiene. After setting up a rudimentary ambush and supplying the kids with a few words of wisdom, Benjamin almost single-handedly destroys a platoon of red-coats with a couple of muskets, a knife, an Indian axe, and the rage of a father who just saw his son get the business end of a musket. Benjamin Martin really was some sort of combination of a ghost, a ninja, and great Indian MME warrior in this one.

    FAVORITE LINE: Aim small, miss small.

    THE MESSAGE: Taxes suck, without representation they suck worse, and there was no way England could control the willpower of America's people....more info
  • Worth a watch
    I love the movie and have the DVD, but just wasn't motivated enough to watch it again. This is a chance when you change your stock to blue ray, you do want to watch them again and appreciate them more. After all the movie looks more stunning than ever. ...more info
  • I Enjoyed It
    I enjoyed this movie. I like Mel Gibson's action movies. This falls into that category. It is not a comedy. I like the new young actor Heath Ledger who played his son. I think we will see more of him in the future. We don't get many movies about the Revolutionary war and I enjoyed this one. Some of the scenes reminded me of THE LAST OF THE MOHEGANS especially the ambush scene in the forest. The final battle scene was very good. They don't make movies like this anymore. We all liked it. ...more info