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PSone System - Video Game Console
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Product Description

This is the thin, white, PSOne. The Playstation system allows you to play such great games as Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon and Resident Evil

If the original PlayStation was the video game console equivalent of the '60s-era Volkswagen Beetle--economic, reliable, loads of fun--the PS One could be considered the new Beetle--a hip restyling of those same qualities.

Make no mistake: the PS One has all of the same functionality as the original PlayStation workhorse, will work with all of the same peripherals and accessories, and will play the existing PlayStation game library, as well as audio CDs (also note that, like the original PlayStation, it's not compatible with the more advanced PlayStation 2). The difference here is that this new model is quite a bit smaller than its older brother, and quite a bit cuter, too.

The system is made up of a 32-bit, 34-MHz RISC processor with 16 Mbits of main memory, 8 Mbits of graphics memory, 24-channel stereo sound, double-speed CD-ROM drive, and one Dual Shock analog controller. That's not a lot of power, compared to a next-generation system like the Sega Dreamcast; but, when you factor in its very low price and the enormous library of games that are available (more than 1,000 that are spread across every genre imaginable), one can see easily why it's as good a deal as ever. If rumors of exciting future accessories for the PS One (a four-inch LCD screen attachment, to name one) are true, this little machine could become a great option for the on-the-go gamer. --Porter Hall

  • Sony PSOne (PS1) Console
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Customer Reviews:

    Let's take a good look at the gaming world and lets discuss WHY you buy a system. You buy it to enjoy the games and eventhough there is no need to buy a PSOne with the PS2 out it may not be the worst idea after all.

    But it isn't about what's better, it's all about the games! PS2 has some good games but the PSX has better ones. While you can play PSOne games on your PS2 I find that a very stupid reason to give it one star.

    There are several games on the PSOne that simply won't work the way their supposed to on the PS2. The PSOne is NOT meant to be bought if you have the original PSX released in 1996. The PSOne is to the PSX what the SNES2 was to the SNES.

    Still, it's nice to have a PSOne should something like say...your PS2 breaks on you and you play PSOne games a lot more than all this new stuff. Well that happened to me and it was nice to just take it out of my PS2 and pop it into my PSOne where I could continue gaming.

    Obviously I'm going to say get a PS2 as opposed to this but that doesn't mean you just toss this one out. You may need it. Just say your PS2 DOES break and you're playing a PSOne game when it happens. Just take it out and pop it into your PSOne. Who cares if it's old? The SNES is 12 years old and people still play that like crazy!

    Gaming shoudln't be about the most powerful system it should be about the games! So while the PSOne certainly wouldn't be my first choice it surely isn't the last. PSOne has some old games that are still considered classics in the realm of gaming.

    So even if you have a PS2, this is only costing you fifty dollars ya know! It's like going out and buying a PS2 or XBOX game and the memory cards don't even cost a lot....more info

  • Back then a 5 out of 5 but now it seems horrible.
    PS1's are old but I decided to review them anyway. Back then the PS1 was huge but now no one even talks about it. The only systems people care about are the Wii,PS3,and Xbox 360. I can't believe that my friend still plays the PS1. They were considered AWESOME at the time but now they STINK.

    5 out of 5 BACK THEN.
    1 out of 5 NOW....more info
  • I have a question
    Hi I was just wondering is this Item come with a control? If you can write me back today than that would be great. Is this a good Play Station or not?...more info
  • A living legend, a solid gaming system!!!
    If you want a great gaming system with a ton of games, and low prices for the unit and games, then this is it. It has excellent graphics, and the ease of playability for even me (a technologically challenged person) is right there. This is a great gaming system for young kids to learn how to use and treat gaming systems before they upgrade to more expensive units. It's amazing what happened to gaming since this unit was launched, but this unit should not be overlooked because it is old....more info
  • works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Playstation console is great even though it doesn't have graphics like Playstation2 and Xbox. Playstation1 has so many games and acessories you can't make up your mind on what to get....more info
  • The ps one
    THis is great product. Who need a ps 2 why they chardge extrea money so you can play D.V.D.s on it. I just want games....more info
  • Better than PS2
    OK, so I know I've offended all you PS2 affectionados out there, but I still think the PSOne is easier to use, lighter weight, and more portable when traveling with it. I love it, and I would never leave home without it!...more info
  • requesting adaptor for car outlet
    Hi I recently purchased ps1 for my son mainly because his older brother had one. Well he loves it. It's just that the adaptor for the vehicle doesn't work. I've tried everything. It's not the amp its just the whole thing is dead. Please send replacement. My 5 year old is awaiting/

    F Smith...more info

  • Good console, Good games
    The Playstation is the console that started it all for me and my sudden gaming craze. I still remember that faithful day where I held a Playstation gaming console in my hands. You couldn't be more impressed with a system like this. Also, it has a truckload of games for it. I got a really small Playstation. I don't really know why, though. Oh well that's pointless. The Playstation is one of the best out there so get it before it's too late. I don't know what that means but get it. It can really bring your life to a new level....more info
    I think the ps1 is better then ps2, because it's a more compact and portable siz. ps2 is so bulky. I got ps1 like two years ago before ps2 came out and i think just about 1 year ago for christmas i got the lcd screen i love it it has good picture and sound before i had the screen i had to plug the playstation into my tv and now that i have the screen i can take it to my friends house or something i think this is a great game the only thing i like about ps2 is the dvd player other then that i definantly am not intrested in it oh and theres more choices in games for ps2....more info
  • PSone-The Best Home Console ...EVER!
    I got this PSone console for Christmas. I play with this for HOURS Without knowing what time it is. The games are inexpensive(most $15.00).I already have 3 games for it! The console is so portable that you can hold it with one hand. (You can't do that with a PS2 or an XBOX.) Even though this is a 32-bit Console,
    It produces over 1,000,000 colors at the same time! With the LCD Screen (Sold Seprately) and the battery (sold seperately), You won't be bored while traveling. Get this console today! You won't regret it!...more info
  • notice all the bad reviews are about games, not the system!!
    If your looking for a great game system with portability, this puppy is it!! I bought mine not so long ago (with LCD screen already attached) and am hooked! The setup also can be combined with a battery pack, but I didn't purchase it. (though if you want to know, the one I saw was about $30) Both of the negative reviews for the system center on games for the system, and any system will have bad games, but thats not what this review should be about. If you want to review games, review the GAME, not the SYSTEM. The only complaint is whats been said before, it has a tendency to heat up, but I can and have still played it for hours on end with no problem. But a tip, if you get the LCD screen, don't close the screen and leave the system on for any length of time. It happened to me accidentally and while there are no bad effects, the heat from the system overheated the screen and turned it black until I was able to let it cool for a day....more info
  • Excellent Gaming System
    I bought PS ONE for my kids (3 and 6), and found myself playing alongwith them for a few hours, very slick design and great graphics and sound.. GO FOR IT !!!!...more info
  • Awsome console
    When faced with the decision,PSone or Playstation Two,I had to look at the facts.Number one Playstation Twos are alot more expensive,which makes the Psone console a more reasonable choice
    to purchase.I bought mine with some Christmas money I had and I just L-O-V-E!!! it.True,it doesn't have beter graphics than a
    X-Box or a Playstation Two,but it is eaisier to save money on games for it.Get this,the PSone CONSOLE cost as much as one game for a Playstation one or X-box.I think it is a great purchase.
    Thanks for reading my review.Hope it was helpful....more info
  • Fun for all!
    I got this thing winter of 2002. It was very fun and I alwas wanted to play a crash bandicoot game. After a while, i did get bored with it. Than one day I saw that there was a screen for it and was pretty small. I got the Sony LCD (Liqud clear display) PS one screen. I got it becasue we go on loooong trips a few times a year and I got nothing to do, The playstation keep me busy!(note: you need a adapter to play in the car, plus the car has to be on.) I found out that it can also play Audio CD's (CD's with music on them), so when i got tired of playing or hearing my parents sing, pop in one, they'll get tired of you playing your CD's.the down side is that they don't make much games for it. the plus side... $50.00 only fifty!...more info
  • A good console for it's time
    If I was buying an older console I would go with a Dream Cast, but I'm not in the market for an older console. Yes, it does seem like you save money on buying a PS 1, but over the long run it's not a wise investment anymore.
    With the amount of competition in the console market today it's possible to pick up a PS2 for next to nothing, and Game Cubes are also incredibly good value and have special sales every so often, and bundle with great games.
    These are the consoles I would recommend, a PS2, or a Game Cube, a Dream Cast if you want a cheap as chips console.
    As for games a PS 2 has hundreds more games. You can pick them up for half the cost of a new game or less second-hand. I would rather buy a new PS 2 and second-hand games than a new PS 1 and new games.
    PS 1 was a good console in it's day but now there are hardly any new games that will play on it, and a new PS 1 sells about the same cost as a second-hand or refurbished PS 2 if you do your shopping....more info
  • The Truth
    I recently purchased a PSone System and it did arrive as described and on time. I immediately hooked it to the TV and put in the game I already had and it fired right up. It was 8 years since I last played the PSone, but when the game came on and I began to play, it brought back memories. The PSone still worked like before and I highly recommend this for everybody. ...more info
  • Fair: but what more can you expect from a used item
    The Playstation order came functional but had a few problems. The CD-player had troubles staying closed. Also the power button would not stay held down meaning it would keep popping back up and turning the console off. However i eventually got it to stay closed but occasionally have to put a stack of coins on top of the button to keep it on. Overall I would rate the product fair because although it had a few problems it was after all used and I knew that while purchasing, plus it still works and plays games without a problem....more info
  • Great
    We purchsed this for our son for Christmas with the LCD screen the picture is so clear, the system is compact and it will easily travel with us and it will be used in our fifth wheel for entertainment. (He also has a gameboy and I was very disattisfied of the picture view and the games are so expensive). I reccommend the PS1 W/LCD screen....more info
  • does not wear with age
    i bought my playstation console in 1996 and it is still working in mint condition. the other consoles like the ps2, which are more state-of-the-art, more quickly wear out(look on ebay for a broken ps2 system and you will find at least 40 matches). if you can treat it with care it is a great deal....more info
  • I still play this over the newer conosles, and for a reason.
    I find myself getting bored of the newer games quickly. They are seriously missing something that makes them as fun as older systems like this. I still play this system to this day, and still have many games to complete for this. Forget the 360, PS3, and Wii. This is all I need. No need to go out and get a HDTV and other expensive stuff to enjoy gaming, where you can just use the good old SDTV right here. The Playstation 1 still has it all. ...more info
  • Disgusted gamer.
    last night i took a trip to my nearest arcade, and i saw the hottest games of today like Marvel vs capcom 2, metal slugs 3 etc. and i said to myself why the heck did i bought a Ps one, i mean i should of bought a dreamcast or Ps 2. whoever still wants a Ps one has to have all their screws loose in their head. why buy this to play old outdated games. i'm very upset over my mistake of not buying a dreamcast or PS 2. now i bought my ps one in january 2002, so at time the dreamcast was still alive so i could of bought it at the time. and PS 2 was still in it's infancy. and i went for an old ps one boy i'm i an a** to heck i will just wait for playstation 3 to come in 2005, if my parents don't tax me on what little money i have before then....more info
  • Very Good!
    Very good console. Sony came out with alot of fun games to play on this system. Just make sure you don't touch the little round lens in the console or you will be very sorry....more info
  • Sony's first gaming sucessful gaming system, started of the dynesty of PS systems
    I was never really an avid gamer, and a few years ago I got my hands on the original PSone. What a system it was for it's time. It really was one of the first arcade style games/graphics systems available for home. N64 was also out around that time as well, followed shortly by Gamecube. The PS one has so many great games, and really brought Sony into the public eye again as one of the premiere electronics companies. Advantages of this system, many great arcade style games, excellent sports game selection, good graphics. Disadvantage, the loading time. Some games seem like they take forever to load up. Also, the shift to CD style game disc started here. Cartidges are durable, but limited in scope (although flash technology is growing). But, still a fun system, games compatable with PS2 and PS3. ...more info
  • always the best console
    i know they just came out with the ps3 and they have the ps2 but get the system it can play all of your favorite game(mines spyro) and you can get the system and all the games you want for a low price! trust me im not a fake this is the best game system i can think of besides the wii!! if your looking for a low costing good game system with lowcosting games i highly recomend this one!!!!!!!! this game system is also very good for being in the plane or on the road but not with rpg's tough but the lcd screen combo is good 2 so i would either get the psone alone or get the combo!... OVER ALL GET THIS SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A friend offered me 75.00 for this
    A friend offered me this one of a kind system for 75.00 I think this is a little overboard considaring that this is a great price here on the web. I am checking other websites to see. I MIGHT TAKE TARGETS PRICE THAN HIS!...more info