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Zircon Leak Alert Water Detector
List Price: $16.99

Our Price: $9.19

You Save: $7.80 (46%)


Product Description

The first step to preventing water damage to your home is finding out when and where the water is entering the house. That's often easier said than done, unless you've installed the Zircon 64003 Water Detector Electronic Water Alarm. For less than you'd pay for two fast-food meals, you could buy yourself year-round protection and peace of mind—and possibly prevent thousands of dollars in water damage, not to mention increases in your homeowner's insurance.

The battery-operated unit has an automatic sensor that emits a loud, piercing alarm—similar to a smoke detector's—when it comes in contact with water. Simply place the alarm near a washing machine, inside of a sump pump pit, on floor of a basement or crawlspace, or wherever you suspect water entry. This compact, set-it-and-forget-it alarm is only slightly larger than a deck of cards, and it's powered by a 9-volt battery (not included). -- Joseph Truini

What's in the Box
Zircon 64003 water detector water alarm

  • Loud alarm (95 dB) sounds with direct water contact
  • Floats and signals for up to 72 hours
  • Fully automatic operation?no wiring required
  • Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance
  • Have questions? Need more information? Call the Zircon Customer Service department at 1-800-245-9265, Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm PST. We'll be happy to help!

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great
    I have one of these already and it does what it says it does. I got it originally for under my kitchen sink. I am now ordering 3 more to help detect when my basement is flooding. The thing is LOUD so its hard to ignore....more info
  • Very simple and works well
    Purchased both this unit and the Sonin. Like this one a little better because it is so simple.

    (The best money I have spent on my house. I put one in my second story laundry room and one next to my air handler, and I sleep much better now. The one in the laundry room has already alerted us to a splashing situation caused by an overfilled washer and I am sure it saved us more time and money than it cost.)...more info

  • not loud either
    product works as stated - but is not as loud as I'd like.
    Hard to hear the product in the basement when on the first floor with the TV at a moderate level - can't hear it at all from the second floor

    I purchased 3 different products wanting to compare and find a good warning device and all are about the same - bottom line is its better than nothing but far from optimal

    Reliance Controls THP205 Sump Pump Alarm and Flood Alert - Reliance
    Sonin 00700 Water Alarm with Remote Sensor - by Sonin
    Zircon 64003 Water Detector with Leak Alert -by Zircon ...more info
  • Good Warning System
    After having our basement flood, we purchased this product. This product has done a good job of letting us know of any impending problems. It will not make the problem go away but is a great warning device. It is small and inconspicous. It works basically like a smoke detector but for water. The only requirement is that the device must come in contact with the offending water. We have placed ours in the sump pump pit on a ledge instead of outside the pit on the floor because by then it would be too late:)...more info
  • It Worked! Where Was I?
    I have two Zircon 64003 unitsZircon 64003 Water Detector with Leak Alert: one under a hot water tank and the other beneath a washing machine. My daughter urged me to get them after she was spared extensive damage when her washing machine began to leak. (Ours were in place in our basement for a month or so.) I wasn't so fortunate. On April 26, 2009, my wife heard the beeps but didn't know where they were coming from. We found out in a few seconds. One was floating in a lake of water spewing from our hot water tank. The other was trapped under the washer. If only we had been in the basement earlier, we would have been alerted to the problem and might have been able to turn off the household water supply before being inundated. Our Zircons did their job. We were not there soon enough. All is well now, and the units are back in place. Let's hope they have a long rest. ...more info
  • description
    I really would like more information on this product. Exactly what it does and how. I am looking to detect water in my basement. This item looks good, but the description is too vague for me. Twenty five more words would probably do the trick....more info
  • When it works it is great,
    however, in my opinion this is a VERY cheaply made product. Because of this it could easily fail when it is needed most. In fact, my kitchen flooded in the night 3 weeks after installing this product and the alarm never sounded. It had a new battery in it. Decide for yourself, but you are urged to find a different product....more info
  • Cheap Insurance BEFORE you have an issue...
    This type of product is a must in areas where you might have possible flooding issues in your house. Get it BEFORE you have a flood, unlike me.

    We have a custom tub that doesn't have an adequate overflow drain. My wife began to fill the tub and went about doing household chores. 4 HOURS later she happened to walk into the bedroom and notice the floor was totally wet. Our entire master bedroom & closet, as well as a portion of the family room and another bedroom had flooding. The cleanup and work is not something you want to deal with. It will either take you a lot of time and work or $$$$$.

    This item would have prevented the flood from happening for sure. It may go off with a small amount of water in the bathroom if the kids are a little too sloppy, but I'd rather have it too sensitive. The only issue I have with this model is the volume of the alarm. In my opinion it should be as load as a smoke detector so you know it is going off. If you have a large home where you are far away from it you may not hear it. But all in all this is a wonderful product and has kept us from having additional accidents......more info
    My mother's sewer backed up and flooded the basement. Later I saw this alarm at a major home improvement store. I bought 3 of them. Two for her basement, one for mine. I installed a 9 volt battery in each of them and tested each in water. They worked fine. I placed each one in a problemed water area. The trouble I experienced was that the high humidity in the summer would set these things off. Placing plastic or a piece of cloth under them didn't fix the problem. Now none of them are in service because one by one they went off for no reason and I could not get them to stop! Great Idea! Bad Product!...more info