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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
List Price: $790.00

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Product Description

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Autofocus lens is suitable for macro photography up to life-size (1x) magnification. Inner focusing affords a long working distance of 5.9 inches to infinity.

Bring small things into full-sized view with the Canon EF 100mm macro USM lens. Macro lenses can uncover detail that would be impossible to detect by the eye and give new perspective to extremely minute subjects such as insects or the petals of a small flower, and this lens is no exception. The lens offers such features as a three-group floating system for exceptional close-up performance; a secondary diaphragm that blocks stray light at f/2.8, which increases contrast when shooting wide open; a ultra-sonic monitor (USM) that provides outstanding autofocusing speed at all focusing distances; a wide manual focusing ring with smooth action; and full-time manual focus even in AF mode. The first lens in its class to feature inner focusing, the lens carries a one-year warranty.

  • Focal length: 100mm
  • Maximum aperture: 1:2.8
  • Lens construction: 12 elements in 8 groups
  • Diagonal angle of view: 24 degrees
  • Focus adjustment: Inner focusing system with USM
  • Closest focusing distance: 1 foot (film plane to subject)
  • Filter size: 58mm
  • Dimensions: 3.1 inches in diameter, 4.7 inches long
  • Weight: 21.1 ounces
  • 100mm macro USM lens with f/2.8 maximum aperture for Canon SLR cameras
  • Secondary diaphragm blocks stray light at f/2.8 for increased contrast
  • Ultra-sonic monitor provides outstanding autofocusing speed at all distances
  • 3-group floating system for exceptional close-up performance; full-time manual focus
  • Measures 3.1 inches in diameter and 4.7 inches long; weighs 21.1 ounces; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Macro Lens, 100% Awesome!
    This lens gets 5 stars from me on all counts - color, saturation, sharpness, contrast, clarity and bokeh. This one sentence should sum up my review. Just for reference, I own the 135/2L and the 70-200f/4L IS lenses, both incredibly sharp, high quality lenses and this ranks very much among the two in quality. I also own the 85/1.8 and 50/1.4 and I would have to say that the 100/2.8 outranks the 85 and the 50 in IQ, color, saturation and contrast. While the 85 and 50 are both excellent lenses, the 100mm just holds its ground. I do have to add that the focus hunts quite often, which is more a characteristic of macro, and something that I am ok to put up with. If slow focusing or hunting is not good enough for you, you may want to consider the other two macro lenses in the canon line up.
    For those who are interested in seeing proof, you can either see my amazon pictures or view my flickr links (please leave comments)
    This lens has never failed me in any situation. Even though I have had this for just 3 months, I have been tremendously pleased and very happy with the quality of the images.
    This lens has brought out a whole new dimension in my photography and I couldnt be more pleased. If I have a gripe, it is with Canon - they dont provide a hood for the macro lens, which you can very well debate if that is even necessary for for a macro. The other gripe I have is that the macro ring lite flash is >$400! Either ways, it has nothing to do with this lens itself, which is why the 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Great Macro lens
    This lens works great for food photos. I've hand held this lens when shooting and used a tripod, all of the shots turned out great....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!
    All I have to say is-This lens will make photos limited only by my skill and imagination. Alright, I need to make more points than just that. This lens is the best for showing great details in your photos. It's amazing! However, why it didn't come with a hood?

    ...more info
  • Great Macro
    I'm a hobbyist, and I'm currently using this lens with my 40D (1.6x crop sensor).

    This is my first 1:1 macro lens and I've been having a ton of fun with it... getting insanely close details on ordinary things makes for extraordinary photos (it's hard to take a 'bad' photo with this lens, but it takes quite a bit of photographic knowledge to take 'great' photo with it). I've been using it to photograph nature, toys, food (some beautifully unflattering pictures), the moon (although small in the frame, the details are there), and portraits (I love the portraits it takes... not too flattering, but honest in a kind of brutal way). This lens is razor-sharp in the details so even for taking non-macro pictures, you'll get great results.

    You'll need a flash to get the most out of this lens when shooting macro. I ran out and bought a flash after getting this lens (and gave myself another thing that'll take me months to learn the basics of). I'm still discovering how best to use all of my gear together, but it's a fun process.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Beautiful lens! A must-have for anyone getting into macro photography
    I am a novice photographer and researched this lens for well over a year before I finally got enough money together to purchase it. From what I have read and heard, this lens is great for people getting started in macro photography and I felt it was perfect for my needs. It may be a little pricey for people just starting out in photography, but it's WELL worth the cost. This lens pays for itself many times over in just a few weeks of use.

    I don't have a problem with the auto focus. It's a little slow, but it works just fine for my needs and is very quiet. If I need to focus precisely, I will just switch to manual focus. My sharpest shots tend to be f/5.6 - f/8. The lens is a little heavy and takes some getting used to if you're not used to heavier, better quality optics. It probably just feels heavy to me compared to the tiny Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens which I bought right before this one and was using a lot. A tripod helps a LOT from my experience, especially in low-light situations where it is hard to stay still long enough.

    This is definitely my favorite lens. A whole new world opens up to you when you're shooting with it. It's just amazing and I'm very happy I bought it. Highly recommended!!...more info
  • "just the best"
    I am veri satisfied with the Canon EF100mmf/2.8 Macro USM lens, like I said I is Just the best....more info
  • Canon makes a few great lenses. This macro is certainly one of them.
    After seeing many terrific macro photos of diamonds, flowers and watches on, I had to add this lens to my collection of glass. Not only is it an excellent 1:1 macro, surprisingly the lens also takes an impressive portrait with that "WoW!" reaction. Setting the aperture between f/2.8 and 3.5 is great for subject isolation.

    For portraiture, the EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens set at f/2.8 can challenge the EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens set at 100mm and f/4 for overall image quality.

    It is recommended that off camera flash be used to freeze a macro image to eliminate camera shake. This method will ensure a sharp image.

    It is also recommended that either the ET-67 or shallower ET-67B lens hood be fitted onto the lens for non macro photos.

    Canon makes a few great lenses. This macro is certainly one of them....more info
  • Greatest Amazing lens ever!
    Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
    Great product...Takes amazing closeups of flowers and am sooo glad I bought this lens. Have taken a few shots with this and its just amazing.
    I haven't taken this lens off my camera ever!...more info
  • Canon 100mm f/2.8 EF lens
    This is an absolutely outstanding auto-focus macro lens! A great lens for both macro and portrait work. Fast and accurate focusing. I couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Outstanding - an "L" lens in disguise!
    Simply a superb lens - the images it produces are outstandingly crisp across the frame (APS-C in my case).

    The internal focusing of this lens really is a must for serious macro work, as it means your lens isn't moving in and out and poking the thing you're trying to photograph (or isn't scaring the subject off as it focuses). f/2.8 means great bokeh and control over depth of field, leading to some great images.

    Moving outside the macro world, this is also a super portrait lens and produces very flattering images with the ability to really play with the DoF and focus attention on the subject.

    I would recommend that you budget for the lens hood as well (I think they're essential for all lenses, frankly).

    Overall - I have no idea why this isn't categorized as an f/2.8L, but if that keeps the price down, then I'm all for it. You can't go wrong with this lens in my opinion. ...more info
  • 100mm macro lens
    Great lens for macro work. I can get great shots without getting so close as is necessary with other macros. It is a heavy lens and not one I pack around on a hike. It should have a tripod to avoid camera shake,however I seldom pack one. I hand hold but if the subject is still I shoot several shots and usually find one that is acceptable....more info
  • First macro
    This is my first macro lens and i'm very satisfied with it. I could take my pictures to another level with this lens. It was worth buying this product. ...more info
  • Beautiful
    I am pretty new at the whole Photography art, but this lens is simply beautiful. It gets color, light and focus near perfectly. Best lens I have by far....more info
  • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens
    I bought this as a gift for my husband. I know absolutely nothing about macro lenses. I wasn't sure that it would be the right one. But, he absolutely loves it. I also saved $200 over buying it in a local store....more info
  • A must for macro
    What can I say? This is the lens to have for macro. The photos are soooo clear. I am going to use it for portraits also. I'm not sorry that I bought this lens. ...more info
  • Good lens. Gets the job done.
    This lens is sharp, obviously gives you all the benefits of a true macro lens, and for its quality, is reasonably priced. This is one of the few areas where spending twice as much on a pro lens of the same type won't afford any more sharpness, and realistically very little contrast or color improvement, but gains additional working distance. I can live without it, as can most, and so this lens suits me fine. ...more info
  • incredible lense
    This macro lense was an A+ buy! It put a whole new spin on photography. The clear details of your images are amazing. If you have been looking for a macro lense, this is the lense to get!!...more info
  • excellent lens
    I am a wedding photographer and this is my favorite telephoto lens. I use it religiously for all the detail shots and it's 2.8 aperture allows for that in some of the darker churches and reception halls. I do find it's a little slow to focus (goes back an forth) in low light, but after some time you learn how to work around that. There's always the option to manual focus (while leaving it on auto) so I do that then use the auto focus once i've given it a 'hint' on what I want sharp... On my 30D it's about a 160mm so it's great for formals as well- it blurs the background and you get that tack-sharpness that you can only really get from a fixed lens. Excellent buy- It does not have image stabilization, but if you hold still and shoot at 1/125 or faster it's good. Or use a tripod!...more info
  • A nice buy
    This is a good lens for portraits as well as macros. I managed to get mine fairly cheaply in the circuit city closeout(for about $320). It gives a good working space which I've liked the most of all my lenses- neither too close nor too far. Also, be aware that this is not a wide angle lens, so if your preference is landscaping or that sort, then this is not for you.
    The only issue I have found is that the lens is heavy. My forearms had some strain the first day I used it, but now I'm used to it. Overall, it is an excellent buy if you are interested in Macros. The quality of the glass is top notch.

    Remember to check out circuit city to see if they have it in stock..Its a great deal there right now!
    ...more info
    Want to talk about sharp!! WOW, this lens is the best. I use it for everything. Macro, portraits, walk around. You can't go wrong with this lens. I think it should be a L lens. Great buy!...more info
  • RUN Don't Walk To Buy This Lens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have the Canon Rebel XT and buy ONLY Canon lenses. This one, however, is in a class all by itself. It is so sharp and the colors are so warm that I don't like to use any other lens. It will change the way you see the world and the way you take photos. Fun,fun,fun!!...more info
  • Canon 100mm macro - price shift....
    I am wanting to order the Canon 100mm Macro Lens. I have ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon in the past but that may come to an end - after seeing that B&H is out of stock as is Adorama. So what does Amazon do,, they seem to have raised their price $100 over the competition. I will wait for stock to arrive at B&H or Adorama now.....more info
  • Very powerful
    I was always interested in minute objects so this is the lens for me. This is one lens u can have fun with. But at start its very difficult to get the DOF right. it has a VERY shallow DOF when photographing really small objects as at 1-2x n that makes it very difficult to handle and get right part on focus. But with the learning curve I am now able to get it right. The pics are very sharp n life like. Portrait is also very nice n superb bokeh.
    Best piece of glass I have. Highly recommended if u love photographying small flowers & insects....more info
  • Spectacular optics!
    I've owned this lens for not quite a year now and this is one of the sharpest lenses in the Canon lineup. I just posted some pics of a pair of newborn robins I shot hand held and they are super sharp even cropped at 100%. I recently purchased the 135 f/2.0 L and while it does have better bokeh than the 100 it is not sharper in decent light. I now have my eye on the ring lite, although using the 430ex or the on board flash of my 30D works well, I think I will get better results with the ring flash.

    I give this lens a big thumbs up, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Just what I ordered
    No complaints, just cudos. It arrived in good shape and in good time and was just what I ordered. The lens does great close-up work and is easy to use. Quality is excellent. ...more info
    No much to say, others users with beter english have said everything about this babie,I have been using this lens for about 3 weeks and im very pleased with it, it is a keeper, see pics at amazon...more info
  • excellent
    excellent lens. It's not that easy to carry as you use it only when the conditions are right, but the macros that can be done with it make worth the money spent on it....more info
  • A great lens, but not quite perfect
    Let's start with the obvious from all the reviews. The bokeh is fine. The lens is pretty fast. f2.8 to f22 is useful as a creative range. The optics are sharp and the all-time focusing is a boon. So what's not to like?

    Well, here's the thing. The Canod EOS40D, which I use, has the ability to use the viewfinder in "live preview" mode, and when doing so, will allow you to zoom in on your focus point (or anywhere else, but that's irrelevant to my point here) such that you can see extremely fine detail. At which point you can manually focus the lens so that it is exactly right. Marvelous, right?

    It would be. But the lens has some mechanical backlash problems. Let me explain backlash; if you're not familiar with it, it takes a bit of describing.

    Backlash is a problem that occurs in gear trains or arrangements that causes the finest adjustments to repeatedly over or under adjust, depending on which way you are going, because the gears don't (can't, really) fit perfectly together.

    In a standard gear train, the gear teeth have a little bit of freedom to move before they make contact with the teeth of the next gear in the gear train, and this causes movement of the gear to be without resistance.

    The gear turns relatively easily, because it isn't actually engaged, and then when the teeth actually make contact a fraction of a turn later, they "slam" together and more of an adjustment is made than one would expect.

    Which in turn requires adjusting the other way, but now the gear has to move back across the non-engaged space and slams into the tooth behind in just the same manner. This can result in a VERY frustrating experience.

    So now we get to the issue with the lens. The focus adjustment has a noticeable backlash problem which becomes evident at the very highest magnification of the EOS 40D's live preview.

    I recently took a picture of a small creature (about 50 thousandths of an inch across) on the wall of my salt water aquarium. I used live preview, max magnification, and manual focus.

    Let me tell you, this was an experience of great disagreement between the lens and me. I spent literally ten minutes trying to get the lens to the best possible focus.

    I would touch the lens ring, and the focus would get sharper, and then frustratingly, slide right past that setting to slightly blurry again. I'd then adjust the other way, and the same thing would happen again the other way.

    The camera was on a tripod, it was orthogonal to the plane the object I was trying to focus on was attached to, the object was agreeably motionless - all the recipe ingredients for an easy to focus situation. Except we are talking about a VERY small object, and so very fine focus control is required.

    Is this going to bother you in your application? Probably not, unless you shoot very tiny things, as I do from time to time. Even then, we're talking about trying to squeeze the very last wisps of focus accuracy the lens is capable of out of it.

    But after spending almost $500 on a lens, would you not want to get all you can out of the optics? I know I do. If what you're shooting is moving, you could easily lose the best possible shot because the focus is just about uncontrollable in that last percentile or so.

    It is possible that I got a bad lens; perhaps others would be so good to check this out before they post their reviews. But I have to review the lens I have, because that's the experience I've had.
    ...more info
  • Nice Lens
    This is a very clear lens. It does exactly what I want. Thanks!...more info
  • Superb Lens - not so superb shipping!
    The good news: Great lens! I cannot believe the sharpness of this lens on my Canon 5D. Close ups are sharp but it really excels with portraits. Maybe too sharp for portraits! It is as sharp or sharper than my 70-200mm L lens. Like everyone else, I would like to see the lens with an included lens shade. But you can buy a cheaper version on eBay from Hong Kong. Same with the tripod collar.

    The bad news: I bought this through Amazon and the seller was Beach Camera. Like a dummy I paid extra ($20) for two day shipping. It took Amazon 2 days just to get the order to Beach Camera. Another 3 days to have the lens arrive. I just barely got it in time for a shoot before the weekend. I then ordered a 580ex II directly from Beach Camera. I paid less than $10 for standard shipping and it arrived in 4 days. Amazon: your 2 day shipping is a rip off! ...more info
  • amazing for tiny objects and portraits!
    Can't beat this lens for detail shots! I use it for close ups of wedding rings etc at weddings and it makes a killer portrait lens as well. One of the best purchases I have made for my lens bag....more info
  • Great Lens, too expensive on amazon though!
    Its a great macro lens, good quality and great pictures can be taken with it, but its now up to $600 on amazon (currently at least) while on B&H photo the exact same lens is $490. Certainly a lens worth having though!...more info