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Proctor-Silex 26500 Morning Baker Belgian Waffle Baker
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Product Description

Belgian-style round gridpreheat/ready lightnonstick easy-clean gridcompact upright storagecord wrapmess-proof covered hinge

We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But too often we grab the easiest thing available instead of something with real nutritional value and flavor. Waffles, especially when made with whole-grain flour, are an extremely easy way to start the day on the right foot. The Morning Baker Belgian waffle iron takes the edge off morning hunger. It heats quickly, lets you know when it's ready, and cooks waffles in only a few minutes--take that time to slice some fruit to top them with. Cleaning up is easy, too, since the nonstick grilling surface wipes clean with a damp sponge or paper towel. The whole iron can be stored either horizontally or vertically, depending on space limitations. --Julija Gelazis

  • Quick and easy to use waffle iron
  • Nonstick grilling surface
  • Preheat/Ready indicator
  • Compact, easy storage
  • 11-1/4 inches long by 8-1/5 inches wide by 4-1/4 inches high

Customer Reviews:

  • Good little waffle maker
    I make waffles for guests and one waffle iron takes too long, sooo I bought 3 of these because they were reasonably priced. I always spray top and bottoms of waffle makers before I put the batter on--so that was no issue for me. They're great! Probably a bit better then the older one I use, but is older. The waffles are excellent. I'd buy them again--though I hope I don't need to for a couple of years!...more info
  • waffles
    This has been a great waffle maker. The waffles cook up great and never stick. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is becasue the griddles do not come out for cleaning....more info
  • hot
    i am eating waffles as i write. it is a very good device, find some recipies of your own because some of the ones in the manual are a little complicated, for instance weekend waffles requires beating eggwhites until stiff? and then folding them into the batter.

    it cooks evenly and is simple to use without knobs and stuff, easy to clean except for the grooves that give the waffle its pockets and texture.
    (it cleans easily but requires a paper towel or cloth or something as a sponge i had a little trouble with)

    the only downside is, the white top can get quite hot, it should have a warning but its ok, the blue handle always remains cool even after cooking several waffles. the waffles come out easily if you use a little cooking spray but require something like a fork to remove because they are hot....more info
  • Already Not Working Right After 1 Month
    I bought this waffle iron from about a month ago after reading good reviews. It worked great the first couple of times we made waffles, but now it isn't working right. The top side of the waffle cooks much slower than the bottom side, so we either have a way too crispy bottom or we have to turn the waffle over to let the top cook more. Maybe this one is just a lemon?...more info
  • Good buy, easy clean-up
    There is not much to say about a waffle maker. I am very satified with this one. It is a low cost, easy to use and easy to clean waffle maker. I highly recomend this unit. ...more info
  • proctor-silex 26500 belgian waffle maker
    I bought this waffle maker for Sunday brunches. I had an old Toastmaster that makes great waffles, but I wanted to have 2 waffle makers going at once. The Proctor-Silex makes even better waffles! I turn it upside down and pour the batter into the lid, then close it I flip it right side up. Perfect waffles every time. Mine takes just about 3 minutes to bake a waffle. I can't imagine why anyone would want to pay more....more info
  • Best waffle maker ever!
    This is a wonderful, inexpensive waffle maker, which is extremely easy to use and clean. I use 2/3 - 3/4 cup waffle batter, and cook it for 5 minutes for a beautiful, crisp waffle. One waffle/per person is perfect. I have used several recipes, and they all work great. My old waffle maker was difficult to clean and fell apart. This one is very sturdy, and I like the light which tells you it is warmed up and ready to cook. I am surprised the price isn't higher, because it works so well. I spray it with Pam before baking each waffle, and they come out easily. It is easy to store also, since it can stand on end....more info
  • Proctor Silex 26500 Morning Baker Belgian Waffle Baker
    This is a nice little waffle maker. Makes waffles in about 5 minutes or less and it bakes them evenly all throughout. I would recommend this for anyone that doesn't want to spend a lot on a waffle maker. Makes regular as well as belgian waffles. We like to add fruit such as small blueberries to our batter and they come out just great. I would have to give this a four out of five just because it isn't real large. Thanks, Carol...more info
  • Good for the money spent
    This waffle iron is average --pretty standard for a waffle iron in this price range. The waffles turn out well, but (like every other waffle iron I have tried) they always end up sticking to the iron, so the top and bottom halves rip apart. No problem for me, but it you're really concerned about making pretty waffles, I suggest buying one of the bigger industrial irons that you manually flip. Careful opening this one, BTW, it gets very steamy as you're cooking the waffle, and you can burn your hand as you try to open it....more info
  • Waffles the way they should be.
    After having to return two different waffle bakers to the stores, this one was just what I wanted. Crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. Sometimes it's best to cook a sample waffle just like we do with pancakes, but usually it's not necessary. Stores upright and takes up little counter space when not being used. I really like it....more info
  • a pleasure to use
    I chose this waffle maker after reading a lot of reviews here on Amazon. Though I haven't had it long, I'm very satisfied with it. The price is very reasonable. It takes up little storage space, as it is designed to stand up on it's end. The instructions are clear, it is easy to use, and easier to clean than I expected. I worried it would be hard to tell when the waffles were done - they take 5 minutes every time, but if they needed longer, it would work fine to close the irons again. And fresh waffles are so much better than frozen. ...more info
  • Best Waffles
    I read almost all the reviews before I purchased this waffle maker. Yes the handles do get hot except for the very edge and the inside is not removable but if you're careful you won't burn yourself when you're lifting it open, you can always use a paper towel and as far as cleaning, I only use it for waffles so a quick wipe with a damp paper towel works for me. I loved it because I just buttered it once and the batter never got stuck. There is only 1 setting so no fussing with a dial and it makes the BEST waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and you can make them thick if youlike b/c it holds a lot of batter w/o spilling out. Love it and reccomend it highly!!! ...more info
  • An excellent waffle maker!
    I received this waffle maker as a gift about 3 months ago. It makes perfect, golden brown, waffles. When the heat is ready, the light on top turns off. As you add batter, the light goes back on to heat up. Basically, when the light goes off again, your waffle is read - about 4-5 mins. I wish there was a timer, but for this price it is well worth it....more info
  • Just bought another still have the other for 8+ years
    I have just purchased my second Proctor- Silex waffle baker.
    My first one which still works is 8+ years old.
    However my reason for having to purchase a new one is the only one issue of a negative nature regarding this waffle maker. That's why my review is 4 stars instead of 5

    The Non stick plates are hard to keep clean and there is a residue buildup of after 8+ years of liberal usage on this durable little machine that now even for my scrubbing it out with a scotch brite safe for nonstick scouring pad cannot remove. but to me getting 8 years out of any appliance anymore is a wonderful surprise and let me restate the waffle maker does still work for the exception of the grid residue and cleaning issue.

    But PLEASE do not let that discourage any consumer from purchasing this item because this is a wonderful little waffle maker at a very reasonable price. my favorite part of this machine is the cool-touch feature.
    I do have to say as wishes go Proctor silex should maybe think of making this exact model with some modifications to it
    Like making it have removable non-stick grids or better yet removable nonstick and dishwasher safe grids.
    That would probably sell like UMM...hotcakes??
    ...more info
  • i've read great reviews for this product and...
    its definately lived up to it. I like to make waffles on occasions and am not a pro at it by any means. My first batch came out perfectly the way I liked it. All of my other batches have been good. So far so great. ...more info
  • Just right
    I bought this waffle maker after I returned a double the price flip one which was defective and poor quality . This one makes excellent belgian waffles. Cleans up effortlessly even after I over filled it the first time . If you want tasty crisp waffles and easy clean up this is the one for you. Believe me whan I say you don't need and want removable plates, my last one had them and they would fall off making it a safety concern , unusable and it ended up in garbage . If you use cooking spray the waffles remove easy and so was the clean-up....more info
  • 28 mins for 4 waffles?
    This waffle maker is Definitely Not for Morning waffles. If you have all Sunday for brunch, you can make decent budget waffles for 4 in half-an-hour. Don't expect 'restaurant quality' as some here have said. These make deep-welled, tho unevenly browned, home-made American waffles. Good to eat, but not really Belgian as you may find in a nice restaurant.

    I made the buttermilk recipe from the package instructions. Took 7 mins. per waffle!! I used a kitchen timer. Breakfast for 4? You'd have to make the waffles in advance to have them ready for all to eat together. 1/2 hour to cook four waffles = not hot and crisply just-made. I did try using less batter, but they didn't cook faster. It just made a funny-shaped waffle as the batter didn't fit the full grid, and the thinness made the top-side cook even more unevenly with lots of pale, unbrowned edges. Probably the recipe, which was very thick batter.

    They turned out ok, tho they cook unevenly. The bottoms evenly brown but the tops are not cooked evenly; from pale-ly done to brown. Also, the 2 front elements on the top iron cook faster/darker than the 2 rear ones. Each of the 4 topside end up varying brownness. (I even tried turning them over to brown the tops better.) They do come out crunchy on outside and cooked moist inside; not soggy but perhaps a little too moist.

    The worst is that there is no timer. The instructions say they are done when the steam decreases. Ok. Well, at 7 mins., there was still an ample amount of steam coming from the unit. But I found this time was best for the recipe, so they don't burn.

    You can't clean this unit with damp paper towels, as others have raved can be done. Paper towels don't reach into the deep wells. I used a silicone pastry brush to 'dust' the elements clean, then used a paper towel to clean up around the rim, and on the outside case.

    If I had to do it over again, to get as-close-to-Belgian-style waffles at home, I would try one of the brands where you can flip the sides over. Perhaps they would cook more evenly because of the flipping; gravity side down cooking better.

    I also suggest that all these new wafflers, whatever brand out on the market today be made with removeable plates for easier cleaning.

    Happy waffling!...more info