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The Very Best of Badfinger
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Customer Reviews:

  • Timeless...
    Timeless music...there are just no other words. Badfinger is one of the most under-appreciated bands. You know many of their songs, you just don't realize it's them....more info
  • My brother LOVED his present
    I got this CD for my brother's birthday and he loved it! It arrived right away and everything was in very good shape! Thanks...more info
  • bad name better pop
    It may take awhile for you to really appreciate the songcraft. It takes just as long to get over the poor band name choice, despite their 70's context. However, Pete Ham provides enough divine moments in this wonderful collection. I can't imagine the individual albums miss much from these Beatles devotees, so this is the one to hold onto. ...more info
  • great band
    Badfinger was a wonderful band and there popular singles are power pop nuggets. There is no doubt that they, to a certain degree, emulated the Beatles.

    What I like the most about their songs is that although they were very popular, radio driven songs...the tunes also had a very personal, soulful and organic quality.

    "Baby Blue", "No Matter What", and "Come and Get it" are the most popular songs. Def Leopard did a very credible take on "Baby Blue" for their latest "covers" album. When I saw Def Leopard live, they played the song and got an ethusiastic ovation. I mention this b/c it is a testament to the enduring quality of these songs.

    Put this in your cd player and you will get a positive response from your guests.

    Songs that are so old and nostalgic still sound so good!

    This is a perfect band for a compilation....more info
  • Great stuff
    Some say Badfinger is a bit of everything. Bit of Beatles, bit of Paul McCartney. All true, but they add a bit of their own to it which makes them very good to listen to.
    They've written most of their songs themselves, with succes (so do think Nilsson and Maria Carey among others anyway!).
    I bought the book as well (Without you, the tragic story of Badfinger). If only everthing had run just a little bit smoother they would have been one of worlds most succesfull bands....more info
  • Once Almost Great, Then Sad
    Badfinger was a memorable group in the early years of the 70s. After the Beatles disbanded at the turn of the decade, Badfinger seemed to be an heir apparent to the style of the Beatles. Badfinger was signed to the Apple label, which belonged to the Beatles, and there was involvement in the group by various Beatles, most notably Paul McCartney, and involvement by the group in various Beatles projects. A string of hits in the early 70s powered the group along and all seemed well in the world for Badfinger. Unfortunately, politics, personal differences, and critics spelled the end of the group, forever. However, the music remains; a testament to a group that seemed on the verge of dripping gold.

    Most of these songs have a strong Beatles flavor to them. In some cases, the group sounds just like the Beatles. Fortunately, the group was very good and was much more than Beatles imitators. "No Matter," "Day after Day," "Baby Blue," and "Come and Get It" were all successful singles for the group, and were indications of what the group could have been. The Badfinger penned song "Without You" became one of Harry Nilsson's biggest hits, winning Harry a Grammy award.

    Moving beyond the well known songs, "Carry On Til Tomorrow" is a psychedelic song with lovely harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles and Crosby, Stills and Nash. The vocal on "Midnight Caller" sounds eerily like Paul McCartney. "We're for the Dark" sounds much like the songs released as singles, and is similarly enjoyable. "I'll Be the One" sounds like a Beatles song. The song even sounds like the Beatles are singing it. Yet another song that falls in this category is "Love Time."

    Most of the songs on this album are mellow and friendly. As I keep pointing out, these songs frequently sound much like those of the Beatles. If you like the Beatles, and you like the singles you have heard from Badfinger, then you are going to like this collection. You might even want to move on to buying their albums.

    Badfinger had a lot of potential. Just when the group was moving forward they had a falling out with Apple Records. Then the wife of one of the members attempted to exert control over the group. Soon the members of the group were disagreeing, and the group disintegrated. Eventually two members of the group committed suicide. Another member of the group has also passed away. Each time I listen to this CD I enjoy the music so very much. I have to wonder what might have happened if the members of the group would have remained together as they were; what kind of greatness might they have achieved? Then I become a little sad.
    ...more info
  • Great Band--Good Overview
    While I agree that there are some key tracks missing, this is still a good single-CD overview of an incredibly versatile and talented band. The sound quality is outstanding. It's an interesting mix of rockers and ballads that demonstrates the range and musicianship of the group. While it would take two CDs to do justice to a band with as much great material as Badfinger, this CD is a good place to start....more info
  • Those were the days my friend!
    In the early seventies, Bad finger represented an adequate link between the tradition and the new. Since the days of "The strawberry statement" they were widely known through his well reminded "Day after day". And since then, his presence established a perfect balance between the pop and the soft rock, simple melodies, but filled of inspiration and expansive creativity.

    This band was fundamental during the emerging Seventies Decade and his style still maintains freshness and style.
    ...more info
  • Nostalgic
    I grew up listening to Badfinger and I loved their sound. Since two of the original members are no longer with us, there is little chance of seeing the remaining members on stage. Thus I have to do with what is recorded which is simply amazing. From the mournful sounds of Without You to the teasing of Come and Get It, this CD is, in a word, awesome. It puts together all the hits and some of their lesserknown works together. Buy it, you won't regret it....more info

    I have slogged thru all the available domestic and import Badfinger discs, including all the Japan mini-sleeves. Without a doubt, the remastered audio on this disc is superior to anything else out there.

    It sure would be great if whoever remastered this collection would go back and do the rest of the catalog.

    As evident by the other reviews, there are a lot of fabulous tracks that didn't make this compilation. However, the great audio makes this CD certainly worth the purchase....more info
  • The Very Best of Badfinger
    The biggest advantage of this single disc set is that it brings together the Apple & Warner Bros. recordings together. Like most groups that have been contracted to more than one label in their career, the fan wasn't able to get a best of or greatest hits collection that covered their entire career. It would always be split down the lines of the songs that were recorded for whichever label. In recent years, though, many labels have come together with their competitors to give the fan comprehensive collections that include songs from more than one label. Such is the case here. I would very much like to commend the recording industry for coming together in this manner, I feel, at the very least, that this cooperation had the fan in mind.

    I was never a big fan of Badfinger, never owned anything that was issued in their name. Oh, I knew who they were, their early period has some monster hits. Of course, being a big Beatle fan, I knew this group was closely associated to them. It was, in fact, Paul McCartney who suggested that they change their name to Badfinger, it was McCartney who wrote & produced their first major hit "Come and Get It". Badfinger was also signed to the Apple label which was the Beatles own. Even George Harrison served as a producer for them. I remember when they first hit it big, it was discussed how similar Joey Molland & McCartney looked & the slight similarity that Pete Ham & John Lennon shared. In one way it's sad that Badfinger would have the misfortune to be compared to the greatest rock group ever.

    Badfinger is, perhaps, the first group that got tagged as being power-pop, nothing wrong with that. And though they suffered in comparison to the Beatles, they were, nevertheless, a talented unit in their own right. Pete Ham was the principal vocalist & writer, very capable in both capacities. Ham wrote most of the hits that were products of the group. All the big hits are here: "No Matter What" (Ham) #8 on the charts, "Day After Day" (Ham) #4 on the charts, "Baby Blue" (Ham) #14 on the charts & "Come and Get It" (McCartney) #7 on the charts. Those were the BIG hits. Charting also was "Maybe Tomorrow" (Evans) #67 on the charts (actually recorded by the Iveys). They actually had two more songs that received chart action but aren't included here: "Love Is Gonna Come at Last" (Molland) at #69 & "Hold On" (Evans, Tansin) at #56.

    Unless you're a big fan of Badfinger many of the songs beyond the four major hits won't be familiar. The only other song in this collection that will be familiar is "Without You" (Ham, Evans). This song wasn't ever issued as a single by Badfinger but Harry Nilsson would record it later & have a huge hit with it going to #1 in 1972. Comparisons between the two versions leaves one without little doubt as to the why one was a hit & the other wasn't. "Without You" is actually two songs put together (another unfortunate similarity to Lennon & McCartney); Ham wrote the verses & couldn't finish it & Evans wrote the chorus but couldn't finish it. So, they did as Lennon & McCartney sometimes did, put their two pieces together in order to make a complete song.

    The only other outstanding song on this cd is "Carry on Til Tomorrow" (Evans, Ham). There are some songs here that won't particularly interest the casual fan of Badfinger. The booklet has some decent liner notes & has several photographs including two of the Iveys....more info
  • Yes, but depressing
    Great but gloomy thinking about how the leader, Hamm, hanged himself and then one of the other members did the same. Joey is the only one that is doing well today. Had this group not had such a horrid manager that would not buy them equipment or repairs nor give them money to live on, they would probably still be around....more info
  • the very best of badfinger
    a must for any badfinger fan. this is the one you wamt....more info
  • Oooh, how they sold their tunes without even trying !!!
    This album does indeed give us a generous sampling of what Badfinger could do. This CD amply proves that Badfinger was a great band; and they remain influential upon emerging artists today.

    The track set begins with the famous hit "No Matter What." They harmonize to perfection and the electric guitars work really well! "No Matter What" rocks hard; I admire them for this ballad alone! "Name Of The Game" sports a somewhat slower tempo that almost reminds me of folk rock; the vocals are great and the guitars carry the bulk of the melody. Great! The strings bolster "Name Of The Game," too. In addition, "Come And Get It" sports a melody and vocals that remind me of The Beatles--and, of course, Paul McCartney himself both wrote and produced this fine number. "Come And Get It" lets the band singing of how their character's girlfriend needs to decide if she wants to spend life with him or not.

    "I'll Be The One" boasts a great musical flourish; and when the band starts singing and playing guitars this number takes off for a high flying hit! The folk rock flavor for "I'll Be The One" enhances the beauty of this number. I think that you will like "I'll Be The One" very, very much. "Without You" starts with some relatively tame guitar and the vocals and guitar together create a beautiful rendition of this classic ballad. Badfinger makes their rendition of "Without You" the definitive rendition of this song using their sublime vocals, guitar--and a piano in the background at just the right time.

    "I'd Die Babe" has that early 1970s rock flavor; and the band harmonizes to perfection! Awesome! Badfinger uses great electric guitar to bolster the number; and they handle the tempo changes like the professionals they always were. "It's Over" has great guitar and piano as the band harmonizes flawlessly at the beginning; this excellent tune rocks hard and slow at the same time as they sing of a love that has gone wrong.

    "Love Time" is so sweet that it stuns me with its beauty; the band performs this without a superfluous note; the melody works well with its use of the guitars and drums. Love it! "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke" rocks hard with meaningful lyrics; this tune provides a strong ending for this album.

    The liner notes include a lengthy, informative essay by Andy Davis; and the artwork impresses me. The notes list the years each song was recorded, too.

    Badfinger will remain a great band amongst other less potent bands because of their thoughtful, careful harmonies; their singing and their many singularly beautiful rock ballads. I highly recommend this CD for Badfinger fans; and if you want to get acquainted with Badfinger this certainly would be a great choice.

    Enjoy! Thank you, Badfinger!
    ...more info
  • Music with great memories
    Maybe you would have had to be in high school in the early 70's to love this album as much as I do but I still maintain that this was a really great band. They always struggled to escape the shadow of Apple records. They were seen more as prot¨¦g¨¦s of the greatest music phenomenon of the 60's and some considered them a lacluster substitute for their defunct Beatle parents. Just as Badfinger was starting to shine The Beatles were going separate ways and I think many thought the fabs were saying okay we're done, here's another Liverpool band (though I'm told they were from Wales) to keep you warm. Pete Ham's vocals are somewhat McCartneyisque and the early productions were steered by Paul and George themselves. But they weren't a substitute. It was just bad timing. I loved The Beatles as much as any Beatlemaniac alive but Badfinger was always seen as their grown offspring. I can't help but wonder how popular Badfinger would have been without any ties to the Fab Four and what their careers would have been like without a scheming manager.

    Pete's vocals are beautiful. The guitar playing is gritty and sharp and the drumming is heavy and full. A couple of these tunes are taken from the time after their split from Apple and it's great stuff - especially Should I Smoke... Missing from this collection is their bittersweet dear John letter (pun intended) "Apple Of My Eye" which was a fine tune and a chord progression that has been pinched by both Stone Temple Pilots in "Lady Picture Show" and well as the Christian band Building 429 in "Glory Defined". Pete and Tom are tragically no longer with us and this music belongs only to history. But Badfinger deserves it's own place in rock history and I'm extremely thankful to them for these songs....more info
  • Badfinger
    I went to a Badfinger concert in the 1970s and loved it. This CD brought back a lot of memories of that concert....more info
  • A complete picture
    The good thing about this album is that it presents material from both principal parts of Badfinger's career (the Apple and the Warner period) and thereby provides the listener with a more complete picture of this great but tragically unfortunate band than previous compilations. A minor weakness is that the selection is a bit unbalanced, including some rather weak tracks from the early years and lacking a number of much better songs from Badfinger's late production. Anyway, this is the most comprehensive Badfinger compilation so far and the digital remastering adds to the pleasure of listening to one of the best Beatles successors and one of the first - if not THE first - power pop bands....more info
  • Great Sound!
    What a refreshing sound! It still stands the test of time. They are unique, with harmony and really tight music. I am so glad that I got this for myself because I listen to it all the time. I actually remember shopping for the "45" singles at the time they were hits. Fantastic!...more info