Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: Pacific Theater
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In Combat Flight Simulator 2, you'll expereince an era of history that defines the future -- you'll become a combat pilot during the Second World War!

Combat Flight Simulator 2 is a dream come true for historic flight sim fans. Excellent graphics, great sound effects, and adjustable realism settings make CFS2 a thrilling and accessible sortie into the unfriendly skies of the South Pacific during World War II.

After choosing to fly for the Japanese or American forces, you can pick from a selection of seven ultrarealistic aircraft. Experienced flight sim fans will drool over the plane models, accurate down to the number of rivets. Newbies will appreciate the excellent flight and landing tutorials.

There are over 100 missions to fly, many based on historic missions from the war. This unusual level of realism and attention to detail comes from the game developers' personal love of flight: many members of the CFS2 team are pilots. Their extensive research included interviews with Japanese and U.S. aces from the real war in the Pacific. The missions themselves are lengthy and often complex, and are just as accurate as the planes; players take part in history, but cannot change the outcomes of battles.

Because the action takes place in the South Pacific don't expect to see a wide variety of ground scenery. Not that you'll miss it: the water, small islands, planes, aircraft carriers, and battleships are always very sharp and detailed. However, if you expect to play with the graphics at their best settings, be aware that you'll need a blazing fast machine with a fast video card. On lesser computers, the graphics in Combat Flight Simulator 2 start to degrade from stunning to merely ordinary.

The between-mission story arc is told through 1940s-style comic book panels. The artwork does a good job of moving the story along while giving the feeling that your character and his fellow flyboys are aware they're never far from instant death. That the game also allows you to fly the full Japanese side of the campaign gives the player an interesting glimpse at the Japanese perspective of the war.

While the game does include such famous planes as the U.S. Corsair, Wildcat, P38F Lightning, and Japanese Zero, its mere total of seven craft left us wanting more. We were impressed with the vastly different handling of each plane, but the lack of variety is disappointing.

But this is a relatively small shortcoming in an otherwise deep and involving game. If you have a powerful enough PC, Combat Flight Simulator 2 is a delight, and is sure to please both war historians and flight sim enthusiasts.--Mark Brooks


  • Easy to get into, but can be adjusted to become very difficult and realistic
  • On highest-quality graphics settings, the game is simply gorgeous
  • Plenty of missions and great tutorials
  • Full Japanese campaign adds depth and historical balance
  • Only seven flyable aircraft
  • Steep system requirements

Fight for control over the skies of the South Pacific in Combat Flight Simulator 2: Pacific Theater. You'll start as a rookie ensign and, if you're good, progress through the ranks. Fly for either the United States or the Imperial Japanese in meticulously realistic aircraft models. And, you can alter history in your favor with the game's graphical mission editor and campaign builder.
  • You'll be amazed at the exquisite detail of the aircraft, cockpits and scenery
  • Fly in the most amazing flying machines of the era, from the Corsair and Hellcat to the Mitsubishi Zero
  • Jungle hillsides and majestic coral reefs are yours to explore as you face off agianst the enemy over Papua New Guinea, The Marianas Trench and Midway Island
  • Complete your mission goals and battle in campaigns based on 10 actual historical events during the war
  • Enhanced 3D objects and high-resolution terrain combine with incredible weather effects and sound, to bring you the ultimate in WWII realism!

Customer Reviews:

  • Challenging but fun
    I have all three Microsoft Combat Flight Simulators. This review is for Flight Sim 2: Pacific Theater.

    It's challenging and a lot of fun, and I think much better than CFS 1 and somewhat easier than CSF 3.

    Players have the choice of free flight, quick battles assuming the roles of either Japanese or American pilots with the choice of airplanes armed with a variety of weapons, or campaigns which stretch over a period of time.

    The campaigns force you to acknowledge how tough our American airmen, as well as opposing flyers, had it when engaged in aerial combat. You get a close-up view of the strengths and weaknesses of the aircraft they had available at the time.

    Get a good joystick and a fast computer for this game.

    You have lots of fast-paced action and you can set the locations where the "fighting" takes place.

    I prefer the view (I don't know what it's call right off) in which you're inside the plane but without the restrictions of the instrument panel and cockpit. Important info is posted on dials in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Just because I can, I set my ammunition and fuel controls so I have an endless supply of both. It isn't as realistic as going with historical quantities, of course, but I'm in charge, so I do as I want.

    Others may prefer an extremely realistic game and go with the historical ammo and fuel loads, and the restrictions the cockpit imposes.

    To end, I urge readers to get this game and head for the sky!

    ...more info
  • Bugs
    The game is really nice! Very nice graphics and scenery but the game always crashes on my computer! I had my computer for about 4 months and it is ruining my computer. I tried playing this game online with real people, and all this game does is crash when im online or playing it by myself! I uninstalled and installed it over & over again because I thought something might of happened during installation but nope. This game has many bugs for me and is very fustrating....more info
  • A MUST HAVE Flight Sim!
    Microsoft's follow up to the European Theater's Combat Flight Simulator is a vast improvement. While the game's look is quite different, the gameplay remains compelling. The 1940's comic book styled user interface is much more interesting to look at. The game is superlative in most categories. Beware...your PC needs the juice to run this game. If you can double the minimum req's, you'll be fine.The stock planes are too few (only 7)however there are many internet forums out there where a sim pilot can acquire a multitude of add-on aircraft and mods. These sources transform a really good flight sim to a hypnotic experience. I really enjoy this edition better than CFS3. It is simply more fun....more info
  • All Flash and no Pan full of Cookies.
    Briefly; beautifully rendered graphics, potentially interesting scenarios. Lousy FPS, lousy AI, and any third party upgrade is simply painting the same fire hydrant a brighter color....more info
  • Why five stars:
    Combat Flight Simulater 2 is the best WW2 flight sim money can buy. It is as realistic as any game could possibly be. Trust me I have the game. For example I am sure that it was very hard to get the water to react like natural water,#2 to see a Ship sinking, and watching the fire and the ripples in the water as the ship goes down. So you gamers know as well as I do, that you won't find this type of graphic in no other flight sim, and I have many. thank you, Trust Me I Am Very Particular About The Games I Buy. If you don't have the game, buy the game,you will not regret it, believe me. Peace:...more info
  • Great WWII sim!
    This game puts you in the cockpit of one of many WWII fighter planes and lets you expereince the action for yourself. Although this game has about a 2+ hour learning curve, once you have the controls down, you will absolutely enjoy this game. The graphics, to say the least, are the most detailed and realistic of all flight sims I've played (trust me- I've played a lot). Away from the game, however, I found the 300-page "Pilot's Manual" both informative and interesting. Beyond telling you how to control a certain plane, it gives you background information and real-life pictures of the plane back in the day. I have a somewhat relation to this game, as my grandpa was a pilot in this region during the war, and I've learned so much about this area of the armed forces. I recommend this game to all that are looking for a great game and maybe even a little "hitory lesson"....more info
  • Very pretty but
    It's very pretty. When it runs, that is. Which isn't often. I had so much trouble getting past the CD's security system that Microsoft eventually recommended I install the NO-CD Crack out on the web.

    Running the game with sound on usually brings a computer-stopping crash one in every two missions. Turn the sound off and it's as dull as ditchwater.

    The missions are quicklly dull and repetitive, despite flying from some very exotic locations. Landing on aircraft carriers is harder than it should be, because the aeroplane begins to waddle and sag around the sky like a soggy 747 at anything approaching landing speeds. That's just not realistic.

    Many small ground targets are just completley invisible.

    Despite being very pretty to look at in terms of cosmetics, it's too far short of having a reliable, interesting gameplay. I'm fed up with computer programs, particularly games, that simply don't work. I couldn't recommend you buying a car that only completed one journey in every two, so I couldn't recommend this program, either....more info

  • Where the Marines
    I like the game , but it is the Pacific Theater and there were Marine Squadrons. Of course they flew F4F's at first then the F4U's ,skipped the F6F,but the Navy hogged them . Its not that big of a deal. (I was a jarhead, does it show?)........... The flight of the planes is a little jerky. I have plenty of power and all my components are more than enough for the game. I've cut off things and cut back on things in the game and tried different formats but it is still not smooth. But all in all, I play it every day. Maybe A Navy guy could help....more info
  • Hell in the Pacific Skies -- CFS2 Soars High!
    Having enjoyed Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator - World War II Europe Series, it was only natural that I would want to try out Combat Flight Simulator 2 - Pacific Theater. Combat Flight Simulator is, after all, one heck of a World War II buff's dream games, so I figured its Pacific counterpart would be as good.

    I have to admit that I am not the best of pilots. I still fly at the most basic of realism levels in Combat Flight Simulator (Europe), and that is enough of a challenge. Facing off German bombers and fighters with Rookie-level artificial intelligence is tough, and I still am not skilled enough to set my realism settings (flight models, ammo loads, enemy skill levels, and sometimes invincibility levels) to 100%

    Nevertheless, having completed the two Campaigns in the European theater, I recently decided to try Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater.

    Although it is similar to its European-set predecessor, CFS2 is markedly different in many ways, both good and not-so-good.

    First, the good:
    Like CFS1, it immerses players into its WWII setting, using historically accurate settings and time-appropriate aircraft (you don't get Corsairs or Hellcats in early 1942, for instance). Unlike CFS1, however, the title scenes and end-of-mission screens are rendered in 1940s comic-book style art, which I find more fun than the European Theater game's more documentary-style narration. I like the "you are there" feel of a more story-oriented game premise that has comic book panel art and a narrative voice over that reminds one of either personal war logs or pilots' letters to loved ones back home.

    Also as in CFS1, players can fly for either the Americans or the Japanese, although thus far I have only been playing as an American. Because I have only been flying for seven "months" (in the game, not real life), I am still only an ensign, even though I have almost 25 aerial victories and several medals and commendations in my "jacket" (service record file).

    The game's basic flight control commands are nearly identical to the WWII Europe simulation, although here one has commands that affect artificial-intelligence wingmen. I have had a hard time getting the hang of this (more on the negatives later, I promise), but with trial and error I am learning.

    The graphics, like in many computer advances, are improved from the older game. The scenery is a bit monotonous in some battles, but that's because the Pacific war took place over large expanses of ocean, with sometimes little or no land below to use for reference points. The ships here look better than in CFS1, and the planes themselves are beautifully rendered. I particularly like the visuals when I hit a Japanese plane: if hit just right, Zeroes and Betty bombers have a tendency to catch fire easily. Microsoft's game designers render this quite nicely, and because the Japanese fighters are particularly difficult to hit in the first place, I just feel so rewarded when flames spurt out of a Zero's cowling and the Mitsubishi product spirals down with a trail of realistic smoke.

    The flight models, I assume, are as realistic as game designers can make them. I've noticed that Japanese fighters are much harder to hit than the German planes from CFS1, and that even enemy planes with "pilots" and "gunners" at Rookie level are deadlier. I humbly admit that my realism settings are all at zero per cent; I tried one mission using settings similar to the ones I have on CFS1, and got shot down fairly easy.

    The negative features are things that are missing in the game rather than how hard it is to play or the graphics. Sorely missed is a hard-copy manual. CFS1 had one, and although it is somewhat intimidating to look at - many game players hate thick manuals - it is nice to know one can read up on how to fly and fight. Most of the manual of the European Theater game helps gamers understand and learn the context of the game, as well as providing the basics of flight and survival in combat without bogging down into boring technical detail. CFS2, on the other hand, comes in a smaller box and has all its instructions on Help files. That is fine for gamers who hate reading manuals or are naturally-born-flyers. But for me, a manual or even a keyboard command card would have been helpful: I still don't know, for instance, how to drop a bomb...which in a few missions has cost me valuable points. Maybe the "online manual" feature saves Microsoft a few bucks, but it's giving me fits.

    The other flaw I see is that it focuses on American naval aviation rather than the multi-service aspect of the Pacific air war. True, CFS1 has a similarly small aircraft selection: only 3 different planes for each combatant air force (for a total of 9 aircraft), but I had hoped to fly a few Army Air Force fighters as well. So far I have seen only one Army plane that is player-flyable, and that's the P-38 Lightning. I would have liked to fly the P-40 (maybe in a Pearl Harbor introductory game) and the P-51D on escort duty over Japan. Still, I understand that game design often involves compromises to enable different computers with different capabilities to run this kind of software, so this gripe is not a major one that should deter you from buying this game....more info

  • The Best Combat Flight Sim
    It still remains the best out-of-the-box combat flight sim! CFS3 was a dog out of the box - however, third party modifications, especially OFF (Over Flanders Fields) a WWI flight sim mod using CFS3 as the engine, is my favorite of all time. CFS2 is no longer on my system, but it was there for many years - and that says a lot!...more info
  • Avoid CFS3 - - Upgrade CFSM2 with Add Ons
    I was thrilled when news of CFS3's release came out, but then was scared away by all of the horrible reviews about the game. CFS2 was such a huge improvement over the original I expected a quantum leap in CFS3 and I gather that is not the case from what I have read. But all is not lost.

    After doing some research I found that all of the features I wanted that were absent from CFS2 are available as free add-ons easlily downloadable from dozens of websites authored by flight sim enthusiasts. With some simple add ons to CFS2 you can fly any type of plane from any era - - you can fly in any theatre (i.e. Europe, North Africa, etc.) - - you can fly single missions or huge campaigns. Sick and tired of flying Wildcats against wave after wave of Kates, Vals and Zeros in repetitive stock missions? Jealous of the Daultless pilots who dive down to hit the Soryu on those Midway missions while you fly escort or CAP? Just plug in the various add-ons and you can fly in any plane and under just about any scenerio (fictional or historic) you like.

    The available add-ons can vastly improve game play and variety. I was amazed by the number of historically accurate add-on missions that are available for free. "The Midway Project" is a terrific add-on that lets you fly any one of the many air missions of both sides in that historic engagement - - and they're all deadly accurate. Just another example . . . there's an entire campaign relating to the Austrialian defense of Port Moresby and New Guinna available entirely for free. All of the missions, planes, ships, campaigns and utilities that I've added to the program have been easy to install and they run perfectly. It took me roughly 2-4 hours to find and download everything I wanted and when I was done I had added just about every combat aircraft that was flown in any theatre in WWII, had added about 20 individual missions and three whole new campaigns.

    Having opted to stay away from CFS3 I can't really comment on that game. I understand it's quite good if you have a brand new ... machine and can be a horror show if you don't have the latest Pentium and the fastest graphics card available. I can say that upgrading CFS2 with various free add ons has totally changed the game into everything I was hoping I would get with CFS3. The games runs perfectly even with all of the miscellaneous additional files, it's much more historically accurate and it's a LOT more fun....more info

  • Great,but some minor technicalities
    Its a great game. The flight models are extremely realistic.Being 13 years old,Im not much of a critic,but I can name some cons.For instance,the collision aspect.No matter how gently you hit,even if you barely scrape wingtips,your aircraft explodes and your pilot with it.At least in Janes WW2 Fighters you get however much damage however much you collide.Also,your wingman are basically sitting ducks,just waiting for either you or them to get shot down.The manual claims that how well you do in a campaign determines your next mission.This is basically true,but there is still easy-to-recognize repetition.Also,you cant sink a carrier by kamikazeing like other ships.On ivincibility,Ive crashed into carriers zillions of times and not made a dent.On landing with a bunch of bombers right behind me,I have to get out of the way really fast or get plowed over,not very gratifying after a hard mission.Enemy planes are extremely easy to shoot down in campaigns.The only place theyre challenging is Ace mode in Quick Combat.Also,the ships arent very detailed.Now for the mission builder.I love it!You can put practically unlimited fighters and bombers in the sky with you(it took me three hours to shoot em all down).However,if you attempt to put European buildings there,theyll dissapear until youre three feet close to them
    All in all,the game has realistic damage,good graphics,and historically accurate places....more info
  • Great Game
    I love this game for all of the levels if you dont like just flying around you can hit x and go to the next action section great graphics to 10 times better than the first 1 great flight sim...more info
  • Great Sim - Addicting
    This is a great sim especially for Pacific Theater buffs. Keyboard controls are impossible during combat. The mouse is better but I plan on getting a joystick for improved control....more info
  • A heartpounding good time!
    If you're a buff of Tora Tora Tora or Midway this sim is a dream come true. The scenery and aircraft are awesome, improved over CFS1.

    You will find out that you can still fight and win in the F4F Wildcat against a Zero.

    You won't want to lose when there's nothing below but blue ocean and dense jungled islands. The little touches are superb, smoke belching from engines coughing into life, the 'bouncy' landing gear, brass falling out from under the wing, the 'ting' of brass in the cockpit.

    This sim will let you find out what it was really like!...more info

  • Let the Bullets Fly
    I have the force feed back joystick that i bought just for this game! It is worth it but I would like to see a better story and maybe more realistic crashes....more info
  • Not so hot
    So I've been flying flight sims since the days of FS version 1.0, and I was pretty psyched about this game after reading all the reviews. After playing it, however, I've come away somewhat disappointed. It's not a *bad* game, but it's not as good as it could be.

    What's right:
    -Beautiful graphics. This is one pretty game.
    -Nice selection of planes to fly, with different and reasonably well-modeled flight characteristics.
    -Excellent detail on the engine controls and damage modeling.

    What's wrong:
    -Repetitive, inflexible missions. Take off, accelerate time to target zone, dogfight or bomb, accelerate time home. Yawn. After about five missions I was starting to feel like I'd seen everything.
    -Useless wingmen
    -Limited radio commands to issue (and the wingmen never seem to listen anyway)
    -Useless LSO for carrier landings (and *terrible* looking...couldn't they at least animate him or do him in 3D? He looks like a cardboard cutout!) Follow his instructions and you'll miss the deck every single time.
    -No torpedoes. How do you model the Pacific war without including torpedoes?

    But the reason I was most disappointed with it was that I never got the feeling of being immersed in a bigger conflict...all the missions just seemed very limited and not very interesting. It's a shame - they've got nice graphics and flight models here, but it seems like they never spent the time to flesh out the rest of the game....more info

  • Great flying and graphics.
    As an avid flight simmer, I was really looking forward to this game, but also with a lot of doubts. The game itself is incredible; graphics are the best I have seen from any flight simulation. The concern when I first got it was, the same thing that disappointed me with FS2000, the frame rate. I, by no means have a fast computer (PIII 600, 128 MB RAM), but I am consistently getting a pleasing 25-30 frames a second from CFS2, and that was with the detail turned on full blast and 4 planes buzzing around, I was overwhelmed. The only way I could get that good of frame rates from FS2000, was to fly at night over the ocean.

    The detail put into this game is great, everything from seeing the ripples in the water as a ship is sunk, to the sounds of the ships motors as you fly by, flying through the flak, oh and of course the damage of the planes being shot.....very nice. There were a few disappointments, one being wingman commands....they are very limited, and the limited amount of planes you can fly, I would have liked to fly a B-25 and drop 3000 lbs of bombs on a tiny island, overall its a outstanding game, 1 step above CFS Europe.

    Also, I bought my first FS software to fly the number one freeware aircraft simulator on the Internet - The TR-3B Flying Triangle. I flew fighters for the Air Force in late Vietnam, specifically the F-111 and am rated commercial also. The TR-3B Flight Simulator for Microsoft's Flight Sim, is based on the writings, lectures, and TV interviews of Edgar Fouche who wrote "Alien Rapture." (See amazon)

    Why? This is what the genius who developed it wrote: "For the experienced flight simmer on FS2002 PRO, I have developed this complete exotic amphibian TR-3B package, which is now available as freeware for download. It includes 3 models - the purple Astra, blue Locust and white Hellas - and as an extra 4th model the TR-3X with its own speedy attacker flight dynamics. The package includes TR-3B panel & gauges, noise cancellation sounds, fsuipc and special lights effects.

    This TR-3B is a heavy tactical reconnaissance aircraft equipped with a magnetic field disruptor that reduces the weight by 89 percent (it is not the same as anti-gravity, though). It has been created for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All gauges are included.

    The TR-3B can float like a speedboat at Mach 1.5 over water, fly like a heavy helicopter, like a bush plane, a business jet, like a military jet and lift like a rocket. Cruise speed is approx Mach 4.7 at FL340 and above, and approx Mach 2 at sea level. Service ceiling approx 69,000 feet ASL. Super stable. FSFREEWARE, SURCLARO, FSPLANET aircraft simulator sites have reported as many as 5000 downloads in one week!

    I searched and read many many web pages about his book and the author, Edgar Fouche including; startfinish(put in the dot com.)biz/wise Click on links for Fouche and Flying Triangle. You will find his full presentation, and the download links for the TR-3B. Get the Great TR-3B Top Secret aircraft simulator and X-Plane, which I highly recommend....more info

  • Good, but could have been great
    Microsoft did a decent job with CFS2, but it could've been so much more. First, it only covers a small portion of the Pacific war. No bombers, strike or torpedo planes are available for the player to fly. Although, all these types are available by downloading third party add-ons, I am amazed that MS left them out.

    The AI is just horrible, they are absolutely no help at all. MS says that they start out bad and improve with experience, but that is not the case, they start out bad and stay that way.

    Multi-player, though fun in it's limited capacity, only allows fighter on fighter stuff. No interceptions, no cooperative play, no ground strikes at all, even strafing attacks. There are no provisions at all for any AI in the muli-player set ups!

    No AI planes are ever landing or taking off with you, you begin all alone in the world and return that way.

    There was better game play in much older titles, Aces of the Pacific offered more flyable plane types, and included bomb and torpedo missions. Falcon 3 gave the multi-players the ability to fly cooperativel against the AI and even included ground targets., Ditto for Fighters Anthology. Why, oh why, couldn't the great nad mighty Microsoft have included features like this?

    On the plus side, the graphics are superb, flight models convincing, up until damage occurs. Damage modelling can be a bit ridiculous. A single 7.7mm bullet hole in one wing renders the aircraft almost uncontrollable, ditto the amazingly accurate flak, a single piece of shrapnel through the nose, administered by a bursting 125mm round 100 meters away will render you hors de combat.

    Having said all of that, I like it, and continue to play it. I hope that CFS3 will finally bring us back....if not, there's always IL-2....more info

  • Difficult
    I will admit that I had not played this format of a game before. However, I find it extremely difficult and frustrating....more info
  • Aerial Excellence, almost
    This game is the final word (for now) on flight model realism and air combat eye candy. All the aircraft are depicted very accurately and the ordanance effects are done well. In fact, I really have nothing bad to say about the overall experience with one exception. If you have played Falcon 4.0 or even Red Baron II, you have become used to a very involved campaign. In other words, if you decide to deviate from your primary mission in those games, you can be involved in an action/s totally independant from your mission; in other words, the war is alive around you and dosen't depend on you to arrive at a result. Unfortunately CFSII followed CFS1 in one respect-although they call it a dynamic campaign, it is still a series of created missions strung together. However, it is still very hard to complete said missions on "hard" settings and the eye candy almost invites you to allow yourself to die to see what kind of aircraft damage you can absorb and what it's effects are. Overall, it is an improvement and it is a very good product....more info
  • Satisfactory Game
    After getting hooked on FS2000, I wanted to be able to do more while I was flying than crashing into stuff - what better way than to shoot down some bad guys?!! I have spent quite a few fun hours with the game, at the same time have had some disappointments with it. The "cartoon" format is a little cheesy, and I was disappointed to not be able to take off and land from a starting airport. With the exception of 1 mission where you take off from an aircraft carrier (not as much fun as it sounds), and an aircraft carrier landing exercise (pretty fun) there is no taking off and landing. Missions start and end abruptly, and much of the time it is impossible to get the upper hand on the bad guys. Maybe I'm just not that good, but many times I've got a guy dead in my sights and he's practically on my windshield and none of my rounds are hitting him!! However, the bad guys seem to never miss - even on the easy level. So, if you don't mind getting shot down (a lot) - bailing out of a dying plane is pretty neat - the game can be pretty fun (my 11 year old loves it) as long as you are not expecting the realism of a regular flight simulator. This game is more like a Star Wars game. I just purchased FS2002 which should arrive in a couple of days...........more info
  • This is a great one
    I bought a used copy, with some reservations! It was in perfect condition! The graphics are great, if you love WWII Navy planes you'll like "Combat Flight Sim 2" WWII "Pacific Theater". I have several flight sims, this one is my favorite, even better than the newest 2004 version. 5000 feet over the Pacific, you in your Hellcat in command of your squadron against the oncoming foes........write your own ending...........more info
  • Over the big blue drink
    I bought 'CFS2' a year ago and installed in without a problem. I played the game and found it very fun! You can fly the F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat, P-38 Lightning, A6M2 and A6M5 Zero and the N1K-2 'George'. I found the 'George' very fast, maneuverable and packed a heavy punch with 4 20-mm cannon. You can go on anti-ship missions, bomber intercepts, strafe airbases and attack fighters. On free flight you can attack a whole slew of planes, from bombers, fighters, torpedo-bombers and dive-bombers.
    I have to agree with the other reviewers on the comic strip characters instead of better animated pictures, (like IL-2), for medals and outcomes. ...more info
  • Good stuff, Maynard
    I'm a longtime civil-jet flight-simmer (started with FS95, back in the stone age). When my wife bought me this thing, I really wasn't sure I'd like it. After all, flying this sort of one-lung antique seemed to pale in comparison to easing the mighty 747 -- queen of the skies -- into the air. But I haven't touched FS2002 in about a month, and my virtual airline is about ready to fire me.

    But dang, it's so much fun.

    It's an amazing challenge to get hit in the right wing, for example, and have to adjust your trim, tactics, etc. to compensate for the extra drag and loss of control surface. All while trying to dodge streams of tracers from behind and below. After managing to catch the wire on a flattop, with your ship decorated with about 200 bullet holes and no hydraulics, landing a 737 at ORD has become ... well ... boring.

    OK, the crashes aren't spectacular, but frankly, in the wake of 9/11, I don't want my plane crashes too realistic anyway. Microsoft seems to have struck the right balance between realism & frame rates.

    Speaking of frame rates, I'm using a 733 Mhz Dell / 630 MB RAM (sic) / 64 MB nVidia TNT2, i.e. not exactly a bleeding-edge computer, and my frame rates are pretty darn good (25/30 fps).

    Tip for all you youngsters out there: get the Saitek joystick/throttle combo so you can stick with your left hand and throttle with the right -- those all-in-one stick/throttle things *bite* for real flightsimming. And between missions, pay attention to the dialogue; maybe you'll learn something about the incredible sacrifices your grandfathers made for you.


    Nice clean install, no big bugs that I've noticed (maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is getting this "software" concept figured out!)

    Highly recommended.

    dsj...more info

  • A":S:K
    this game is great i am a 12 yr old kid and i love it i bought it bout 2 yrs ago and i am still enjoying it alot i am getting the cfs 3 for christmas which i have played be for and is a great gam and i would advise that you buy it i am also geting cfs1 i am usulally very chose with wat i buy and i dont get alot of pocket money so i saved or a very long time to get this it costed me 70 dollars austrlian and i belivitis worth every cent any one will eenjoy this game i have about 50 aircraft because i have dowloaded heeps u can download ww1 planes up to modern air craft it is great...more info
  • Microsoft quality and ease of use
    Microsoft support and installing drivers was not that fun. Tossed after one day....more info
    this is the best combat sim ever!! I have been a owner since the day it came out. The graphics are great. I have no probs with it. AND..... YOU CAN DOWNLAOD PLANES OFF THE NET! i have 200 difernt planes and i love it ut this game....more info
  • Waste of Paper
    Unless you own FS2000 or FS2002 this book is junk, and I mean that literally. The author does not even use the CFS2 key codes but in some esoteric fit of idiocy he decided that the so called FS "standard" keys would be his reference. CFS2 manual which has to be printed from the disk is 196 pages of your ink and paper long. Nowhere is there a complete list of key codes, just two partial lists, one long one short. It's a waste of time, and this book recomended by MS is also. Typical of MS, absolutely typical. The operation of all their software has to be a big secret! Don't waste the money....more info
  • Great game
    Best flight sim I've used. Doesn't crash my comp and keeps me entertained. Best part is that you are able to DL a/c and missions, as well as campaigns. :)...more info
  • 777 vs. Zero
    Ok, yeah it only comes with 7 planes but a few minutes on the net and a few hours downloading and you will have enough planes to last you forever. As a student pilot I fight my instructor (and send him down in flames more often then not) and work on flying routes and such, not great practice, but its fun, oh and if you own FS2002 or 2000 just bring the airplanes over, its fun trying to dogfight in a 777, really it is!!!

    All in all a good game, AI needs a little help, and if you want a wingman who can hit the broadside of the barn you need to donwload an add-on, but overall its pretty darn good....more info

  • Great Game, but crashed TOO often
    I recently bought cfs2 and was enthusiastic at first. But BEWARE! If you do not have a fast enough system, this game will crash VERY often. I have a pentium 4, but it still crashes about every 30 minutes of play times. Other than that, the game is realistic, has good planes, and is fun. Five stars WITHOUT the crashes....more info
  • Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: Pacific Theater
    This really is a great game. As a WWII buff, I really appreciate the attention to detail in the aircraft, the scenery, and the campaigns. For those that have played CFS1, this is leaps and bounds better, and in my humble opinion, it even blows CFS3 out of the water. The terrain is MUCH better (gradiated elevation instead of flat or blocky), the damage profiles on the aircraft are more realistic... I would even say that the graphics are better overall than CFS3. Just an all around GREAT game with a high replay value. Hard to find outside of Amazon....more info
  • Good fun for its time
    I bought CFS2 when it first came out, and it has given me much pleasure over the years. It remains my favorite of the CFS series, with good graphics and an enjoyable player interface. Runs well too, especially on today's computers. There are a host of free and commercial add-ons that enhance every aspect of the game. I have to say that since the advent of IL-2, it has been outclassed as a combat flight sim, but it can still offer the user a lot of enjoyment....more info
  • My Review
    I think this game is an awsome game.Tho i may be only 13 i know my games!And this is certainly a game!If you want World War Two you have it in this game.I think this game has great graphics.It may be alot of money but it worth the money(of course on the money i get from my mom it's alot):-D!I hope you find my review helpful for buying this game trust's worth it!...more info
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2
    Game arrived in good shape & in good time.
    Thanks...more info
  • An improvement over CFS1, but I expected more
    I've got Combat Flight Simulator-1 (CFS1 - Europe) but bought this one too for the naval aviation aspect, and thought it cheaper to buy CFS2 than the pacific expansion disks released for the older game. (Virtually all WWII sims of the past decade were set in Europe. Despite a large number of titles, there hasn't been any PTO sims of note since "1942: Pacific Air War" and "Pacific Strike" of the mid 1990's. Microprose followed PAW up with European Air War and the similarly set "B-17"; EA/Janes followed "World War 2 Fighters" with "Attack Squadron" - both set over Europe; MS returned to Europe with CFS3, bypassing Korea which richly deserved attention) In CFS2, you fly missions from Japanese or American island bases or carriers.

    In many ways, CFS2 excels as an improvement over the older CFS1 (naval aviation aside), but is also a major disappointment for the exact same reason: if you own the older game as I do, you'll probably spend more time trying to spot the improvements than just enjoying it. Though the premise is different and sports a newer look between the missions (where the bleak look of CFS1 seems to have been inspired by episodes of "World at War", colorful comic-strip panels that seem inspired by nose-art ala Roy Lichtenstein dominates CFS2; if you saw the old Marvel Superheroes adventures of the 1960?s, you know what I mean), the game never capitalizes enough on its newer concept to break away from CFS1. You're still in a pure fighter sim, using the same tactics and weapons as in CFS1. Terrain is a huge improvement, but the graphics quality of the aircraft is not. Smoking effects are an improvement (the kind you get when you mortally wound an enemy plane) but the sound/graphics related to enemy bullets is completely unconvincing (bullets sound as if they're whizzing past you, even while punching holes through your Hellcat). The naval aviation aspects of CFS2 are also a mixed bag between "wow" and "huh?!" On the one hand, ships actually move (not like the perpetually parked steamers and U-Boats of CFS1) and even bob. On the other hand, the sim doesn't let you fly the planes that flew anti-shipping strikes: dive bombers and torpedoe planes like the TBF or SBD, and none of your flyable planes are armed with torpedoes. Though ships are an improvement over those in CFS1, that's not saying much. While ships in CFS2 now burn, and even stop dead in the water before sinking, (rather than just disappear in a puff of polygon-fire) they otherwise slip quietly, and whole, beneath the Pacific - never breaking apart, listing or disgorging fuel or men like the game's planes (or those in "Their Finest Hour" of 1989). Your own aircraft carrier remains curiously pristine (considering how they were magnets for enemy planes) but also devoid of any activity - human or mechanical - unlike the airfields of CFS1. To help you land, there's an LSO (Landing Signal Officer), but he appears, not on the carrier, but in the "radar" window on your left side. Looking much like the AOL stick-figure, I can't imagine this guy guiding anybody up the gangplank, let alone talking a landing airplane onto the wire. (I've become proficient at carrier landings despite getting a "WAVE-OFF!" on every approach). He doesn't even speak - the LSO has a pretty finite number of phrases ("wave-off", "power", "raise altitude" or "you're too high" to think of a few). A talking LSO was a fixture of "F-14 Fleet Defender" (1994). Not that carrier-flying isn't a welcome challenge, it's just painfully obvious that nobody explored the cool ways to make the most of it. Campaigns are pre-scripted, though dynamic campaigns would probably be wasted on a sim of this type. That doesn't excuse an unnecessarily rigid mission requirement system that won't allow you to "jump" once you're out of ammo or damaged. That itself was not as problematic as the alternative - I was willing to fly back to my carrier in real time, only to find that the in-flight map brought me back to where my carrier had been when I launched, not where it had gotten to about 2 hours later!

    In short, CFS2 is more of a game-engine than completed game. Likely, you can fill in the gaps described above with third-party software on the internet. But it's an insult that CFS2 is so far short of its potential out of the box. I bought the newer game because I expected more than an evolved form of CFS1 (I could've gotten that myself). That's a shame, because the sim itself is such a beaut - one in which those interested enough can learn about the mechanics of WWII engines, face the challenge of carrier-landing battle-damaged planes or triumph over the supremely nimble Japanese planes using dive-and-zoom techniques (rather than trying to out-turn them as pilots will try by instinct). It wasn't until I reached mid-1944 that I encountered clouds - but they were beautiful. For its faults, CFS2 is that rare sim that keeps you coming back, and goes to lengths to keep you out of "slew" mode.

    I ran CFS 2 on a P4-2Ghz, WinXP w/game port controls. Graphics were acceptably fluid and there were no controllability problems, though load times are high. If you haven't bought any WWII sims since the mid-90's, I'd suggest this one. Otherwise, you'll have to weigh your interest in WWII naval aviation against the price of this one and your eagerness to have to customize a sim in ways you'd expect it to behave out of the box....more info

  • Will run on Windows XP
    Just because it states that the platform for the game is 95,98,ME
    does not mean it won't run on XP!! I have a windows XP home edition
    and it runs fine!!...more info
  • Simply the best flight sim out there
    Hello ,
    As a real pilot for A A and owner of a Sopwith I can truly say that this is without a doubt the best combat flight sim ever. With all the add ons it can be as much as you want, combined with FS2002 you can't beat it.
    ...more info
  • Realistic Flying
    The graphics are great, the flying experience is realistic,
    the simulation allows the installation and use of my CH Pro Pedals USB, operating a flying simulation with the use
    of Rudder pedals and toe brakes is as realistic as it gets.
    This simulation, (I wouldn't call it a game) has all the
    feel of Pacific WWII combat and flying that anyone could
    want, just using the free flight capability without the combat role is exciting and rewarding...I have a Pentium III 700 mhz machine and although my plane crashes quite a bit (while attempting to land on carriers) the computer never crashes.
    If you don't own this one your missing one of the best
    computer flying simulations ever produced....more info