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Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Upgrade w/ Encryption Coded Software
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Product Description

With the cutely named Windows Me (for Millennium Edition), Microsoft raises the bar a bit with a new operating system that you'll certainly want to consider for your next new PC. While this version will probably not be a compelling upgrade for most Windows 95/98 users, the newest member of the Windows operating-system family bundles a number of minor improvements aimed at making computing life easier for home users. This upgrade version of Windows Me is available for licensed users of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or 98 Second Edition only.

There are several noteworthy features in Windows Me, even if no one feature really stands out. First, we liked that Windows Me boots noticeably faster. The reason is that the underpinnings of DOS have been removed from this new release. One result of this absence is that you can no longer boot to a command window as in Windows 95/98 without special diskettes. (Also, don't expect Windows Me to support older hardware that uses virtual device drivers written in the days of yore.) Of course, you can still run DOS command sessions within Windows Me.

Besides removing legacy support for DOS, Windows Me adds several other improvements to reliability. The most important is that every 10 hours or so, the operating system automatically backs up its system files (just like Windows 2000), thus reducing the chance of your system being corrupted. Windows Me also borrows the TCP/IP stack (the low-level code that connects to the Internet) from Windows 2000, meaning you should have slightly more reliable networking connections. For laptop users, you can also hibernate a session and restore it quickly, another feature borrowed from Windows 2000.

The personality of Windows Me also changed a bit for the better. Principally, you can take advantage of personalized menus, which show the most frequently accessed menu choices on the Start bar and hide the others. (This feature is also based on Windows 2000, but don't worry, you can turn it off.) Internet Explorer 5.5 is bundled here; so is support for working with compressed Zip files, which no longer require an add-on.

Microsoft has been touting the multimedia capabilities of the new Windows Me. There's a built-in video editor for video files, and the operating system makes it easy to connect to today's video cameras, scanners, and digital cameras. But without built-in support for Real Media files, these features probably won't please everybody.

So what's the verdict on Windows Me? Provided you have recent hardware, there are some good reasons to upgrade, but most users will want to stick with their current OS. If you are buying a new system, by all means choose Windows Me instead of Windows 98. Even though it isn't a major release for most users, Windows Me shows that Microsoft has done its homework when it comes to improving the computing experience for consumers. --Rich Dragan

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition is a home operating system featuring digital media, an improved user experience, enhanced home networking, and a rich Internet experience. Windows computing offers extras like the Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker, and it supports the latest in gaming technologies like DirectX, graphics accelerators, in-game chat, and more.

Using Windows is now even safer with new features like System Restore, to quickly restore your computer to a previous working state, and System File Protection, providing built-in safeguards to prevent accidental deletion or overwriting of key system files. This operating system even updates itself by automatically downloading the latest enhancements from the Web.

The included Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Outlook Express afford a rich and full Internet experience. Take advantage of simple desktop-based tools to import photos from scanners and cameras, then organize, print and share them. Newly enhanced support of home networking includes step-by-step directions for setting up shared Internet connections, printers, and other peripherals, with full support for Ethernet, Home PNA, and wireless networks. Need help? Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition now offers a centralized location to find comprehensive and easy-to-use help--the Windows Help Center.

Note: This upgrade requires a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or 98 Second Edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Time to get an upgrade
    When I first got Windows Me in December 2000, I thought it was a great improvement over Windows 98. However, after 3 years of use, this ever so great computer has become a giant pain. I have plenty of space, yet programs freeze and you need to restart your computer again. I am constantly press Ctrl+Alt+delete to see what is going wrong in Adobe Photoshop or Zoo Tycoon. It always has a "not responding" sign behind it and when I press "end task", my whole desk top disappears leaving me only with my background picture. Our printer and scanner don't seem to function anymore and installing games and new programs takes atleast 30 minutes. And when you restart your computer, you have to wait 5 minutes to let everything on your desktop load before you can try anything with out it not working. Iam also frequently getting blue screens with error signs on it. This computer doesn't seem to cooperate with me anymore, so I am going to buy XP....more info
  • It is sooooooo perfect
    You probably all think "oh boy, Windows ME stinks to living death" well guess what... YOU'RE WRONG! There are bad rumors saying it always freezes and crashes, which is not true. The best thing to do is press crtl+alt+delete right when the desktop comes and end everything except for explorer, which is your desktop. Also keep it healthy by doing disk cleanup and defragmenter 1nce a week. I really like my Windows ME. At first it was confusing, but get used to it and you will understand. Also.. i was going to get XP edition then i found out about the virus. The virus does not target ME because of very bad rumors. Now for my words of wisdom. "Get ME and keep ME"....more info
  • Not worth the hassle
    Installed it as an upgrade to Windows 98SE, now I have multiple crashes and can't stay on the internet for more than 2 minutes without a reboot unless I use Netscape as the browser. Inlcuded video camera software is suspect at best and tells me my system is too slow ... yeah right.

    Don't buy ain't worth it. If it wasn't for the fact I have loads of Windows 9x software titles to replace, I would have boguht an Apple !...more info

  • The patient died of improvements...
    We are at a point where 10g+ hardrives, 128m+ memory, really sophisticated drivers, Shockware, DirectX files and the like have become a way of life. So, having to rebuild your system from scratch from time to time (some folks luck out and never have to do this, I do) can take 10 - 12 hours.

    With what appears to be an exponential increase in the amount of files, drivers, applications, OS that have to work together harmoniously, upgrades (as opposed to the full product) are becoming a not so good idea. Reason: The sucker either works correctly or not, period. No ones fault, this was in the stars eventually. Can't keep adding and adding and adding stuff to your hard drive and remain a happy camper.

    It is, in my opinion unfair (unrealistic, actually) to single out the ME upgrade, which will work correctly or not.Not in my case. When launching my Encarta DVD Suite 2001 which worked fine before upgrading from 98 to ME. I received an error message that my Macromedia Shockwave file was not present. I did a search, and it was still there. ME just didn't see it! What the heck is that all about.

    I'm no Guru, but in my opinion, if one is going to go to another OS, get the full product. This will lessen, not eliminate the possibility of something(s) going wrong, and you won't have to take as many tranquilizers either....more info

  • Stay with 98, until they put out something stable!
    I upgraded one of my 95 machines, and the problems started immediately. The system seems to go into a "let me think about this awhile" state, that is not explainable. Maybe some of my drivers are wrong, but hey... shouldnt the install find that out???? I had to wipe the HD and install 98, which is performing quite well indeed! The features that this version gives you are not much of an improvement over 98. If you want a more powerful system, NT is alot more stable than this "attempt". There is also always Linux :)...more info
  • Waste of money and computer resources
    Windows ME is a 'fluffy' version of Windows 98, only it features a massive memory leak - meaning you NEED one of those RAM Boosting programs (aka memory managers) just to keep more then 2 applications going at a time.

    I ran Windows ME for about 3 months before becoming completely frustrated with it and moved to Windows 2000 Professional.

    This product appears to have been an attempt to create what Windows XP is today, only it failed misserably. This is NOT the operating system for power users or professionals, not that I would recomend it to anyone to begin with.

    If your looking for a 'fluffy' upgrade, skip this and go right to Windows XP Home Edition. If your a serious power user, then either go with Windows XP Pro, or just wait until "Longhorn" is released....more info

  • Like a beta version
    I just installed this yesterday and have already uninstalled it becasue it causes major computer problems, including tons of crashes on a three-month old 933 Mhz P3 with 256 MB RAM and plenty of HD space that NEVER crashes with Win 98. Now that I unistalled it, Win 98 is working fine again and relatively error-free. Most of what comes with it is available without the upgrade.

    It also appears to be a sorts of "Windows for Dummies" version. A lot of the control panel options which allow you to make changes are hard to access or gone. The only advantage seems to be that it lists things in the Start Menu in alphebetical order and that it loads faster, when it loads correctly (about 33% of the time)....more info

  • Just Say No
    I attempted to load ME as an upgrade to Windows 95 on an older computer, a 200 MHZ Pentium. When the upgrade was complete, Windows ME no longer recognized that I had a CD-ROM and I could not log onto the Internet. Windows ME did not recognize my Network Card, a Linksys Etherfast 10/100 PC Card, and I could not upgrade the driver. Luckily, I could easily uninstall Windows ME and will never again make the mistake of upgrading an operating system. A total waste of money and a piece of software junk....more info
  • Problems? What Problems?
    I can't understand why so many people seem to have so many problems with ME. I got my computer with factory-installed Windows ME just under two years ago, and ME has performed virtually flawlessly for me in all that time. Yeah, it freezes from time to time, but not very often, and a reboot usually unfreezes things nicely.

    Installing peripherals with ME is a snap with the installation wizards; setting up an Internet connection was a breeze with the ISP's installation disk, and I'm NO computer geek!

    I'm one Windows ME user who WON'T be messing around with any new operating systems (even though I've used Windows XP Professional, and it's very nice) or upgrades. Why should I when I'm totally satisfied with the OS I already have?...more info

  • A Total Disaster!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok so in November of 2000 I got my first computer not knowing anything much about computers back then I got a Gateway 900mhz with an Amd Atholon processer and guess what it came with Windows Me. The sales person was boasting all of this bull**** about how much better it was than windows 98 and yes I bought his bull**** story and got the computer for 1200 bucks. Ever since then I have always had probelms with it it would freeze up a lot and I would always have to use the control alt delete feature to get it working again and sometimes I would have to shut down the computer manually to get it to work right. One day my printer stopped working and I was on the phone for like an hour with the tech support and couldn't get it to work. Since then I haven't had a printer. And then about a couple of weeks ago I bought an HP psc 2355 printer and it printed and it copied but I couldn't get it to scan!!!!!! And I couldn't get any of the printing software to work!!!!!!!!!!!. I was so frustrated because when I called hp and talked to their tech support I was on the phone for f***ing two hours and still couldn't get it to work even the guy from hp said the operating system sucks. So then I took it back to Wal-mart where I bought it from and got my money back. And then I went to best buy and got me an epson 4600 all in one and the sales guy from epson told me that it would work with my system and the sales guy from best buy told me it would work. And when I got home and tried the printer it would copy but it wouldn't print or scan and if I turned my computer on with my printer on it wouldn't boot up to the desktop I kept getting all of these error messages. I couldn't call tech support because it wasn't toll free so I tried reinstalling the stystem and reinstalling the software but it was doing the same thing and even worse to where the computer wouldn't boot up at all the computer wouldn't shut down at all with out turning off the surge protecter so as frustrated as I was I went back down to best buy and got a refund for my printer and talked to somebody from the geek squad and they asked them to diagnose my system for probelems. The guy said would cost sixty bucks but he said honestly it would be a waste of time he told me that I should put that sixty bucks toward an upgrade to windows xp so I took his advice and I did, but I had to pay one hundred bucks for the software and sixty for the installation but it was worth it my computer is running better than ever before, even though I haven't bought another printer yet, the tech guy said it would work for sure. So in conclusion if you don't want to go through what I went through don't get windows me get XP. Me is fore more errors....more info
  • Straight from the Redmond trash file!
    Everything you hated about Windows 98, but accelerated!...more info
  • A brief and somewhat boring editorial (sorry...)
    Let me play the devil's advocate (but a nice guy);

    As the hard drives go from kilobytes to megabytes to gigabytes & shortly terrabytes, and as we install more and more memory, 128m + (I remember when only Main Frames had 128m!) we are going to continue to put more and more and more stuff on our disks.

    How will these dozens/hundreds of applications, countless thousands of application/system files, and many many drivers all work together harmoniously? They won't. Why? because they can't. Too much stuff!

    The solution that worked for me; I reformatted my disk (forget uninstall programs, they miss stuff, wipe that sucker clean) and I installed the 25% that I really needed and forgot about the other 75% that I just wanted. The wanting, and all of that enticing free space on my disk is what caused the problems.

    If you say, ah, the heck with that! I want lots of stuff! Fine. O.K. fine, it's our God given right as americans to complicate our lives and take as many tranquilizers as we want. But in this case, I believe it may be to one's advantage to think of the full OS, rather than an upgrade. Upgrades and lots and lots of stuff cannot co-exist. On the other hand, lots and lots of stuff and buying the full operating system will probably cut your tranquilizers in half. If you stop and think about it, in this "I want a car that I can drive 75 mph and get 80 miles a gallon" society, that 50% savings on over the counter drugs isn't such a bad deal.

    It's a start, anyway. Peace, pax (whatever) - a lonely (but nice) guy....more info

  • Windows 98 with a few more bugs
    Windows ME is not capable of ever being compared to Windows 2000, not even Windows 98. It is a good upgrade for those of you running Windows 3.0, but if you have Windows for Workgroups v3.11 or above, with the exception of 98 second edition - stick with it... ME is 98 with some bugs taken out, more added into it.

    Most software does not work with it, if you have an older computer, get NT or 2k, or switch to Linux, you will save yourself a ton of hassle... or just upgrade your PC and use XP....more info
  • Hello Error in Kernel32.dll
    There is very sketchy industry support for this release of windows. Don't assume that if the software is recommended for 95/98/NT that it will run on ME. It probably won't. I have a brand spanking new P4 with which I can do next to nothing without seeing kernel32.dll errors. ME gracefully handles these by freezing. I had to unplug my computer in order to reboot.

    Looking on tech support sites (not MS's of course) it is clear that I'm not the only one having problems.

    Here's a list of what I've found that has conflicts with ME: MS Visio (for 95 and higher version and NT) Visual Cafe (for 95/98/NT) JDK1.2 (for NT/2000, ok, this is prolly my bad) MS Internet explorer MS windows explorer Canon driver for one of it's printers several other programs I don't recall....more info

  • Yuk
    All I can say is, the computer I had with Windows 95 on it is still running strong at my parents house, whilst this one I bought new with Windows ME on it constantly hangs up and crashes.

    Thank goodness all the new computers have XP on them now. I can't wait to get one....more info

  • ME Works Great For Mef
    I know some people have reported problems with this version of Windows but I've been quite happy with it. I've had no major problems since I installed the upgrade. I was using Windows 95 and it just lacked some of the features that I needed.

    I use mostly older MicroSoft programs. Word 97, Access 97, Publisher 97 and Lotus Organizer so my programs are old by today's standards. I needed the camera and scanner capabilities of Windows ME and they are working fine for me.

    I was also using Netscape 4.5 as my browser and email reader. As this version of Netscape was quite old I was pleased to get a newer version of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express supplied with the Windows ME upgrade.

    I loaded this upgrade on a six year old Toshiba Satellite Laptop Computer - Model 315CDS. It was running a factory installed version of Windows 95 when I did this upgrade. Windows ME recognized all of my hardware and all my files and programs seem to be fine.

    I don't play games or do any video or music stuff on my computer so these may be the problem areas others have reported. I can't comment as to whether Win Me is suitable for those of you who do. I use my computer for mostly word processing, desktop publishing, text, picture and photo editing. Some of the new file features and picture preview thumbnail features are extremely useful for me.

    I had no trouble at all with the installation. I took me a little longer than I anticipated. The loading screen claimed it would load in 30-60 minutes. I believe it was more like an hour and a half but at least it loaded with no problems. All I basicaly had to do was put the CD in the drive and hit enter a few times. It was a very painless installation.

    I do recommend this upgrade but as they say- "Your mileage may vary."...more info

  • WINDOWS Me Upgrade - Install Clean...
    WINDOWS Me operates great, even on 200MHz systems. But, You're going to have problems if you install it as an upgrade on top of your existing Microsoft operating system. I build/repair/upgrade computers as a hobby. My household also has 3 computers using "Me" & there are no problems...EVER.
    The TRICK is...(1)Backup your existing personal stuff & wipe clean your hard drive, make sure you have other driver/program disks, you can get updated drivers on their respective websites.
    (2)Format & Partiton your hard drive. (3)Run WINDOWS Me SETUP, it will ask you for another version to continue - Put it in CD-Rom, it is only going to read it to verify you have a licensed copy. (4)When prompted, put "Me" disk back in & continue with setup. It will even install some audio & video drivers for you.
    You now have installed a clean boot WINDOWS Me operating system & should have no "Lockup" problems. If "Me" is installed as an upgrade on top of your existing Microsoft operating system...YES, you're going to have problems as listed in previous reviews. By the way, my company has WINDOWS XP & I hate it!...more info
  • A weird issue
    I installed ME several weeks ago and just wanted to comment on one weird thing I noticed.

    For some reason, my little Netsonic "web accelerator" program from Netboost, Inc. has stopped working. This program caches web pages and does other things to speed up access and load web pages faster when I'm online. Since, probably due to the quality of the local phone lines, I usually don't get anything faster than 31,200 baud, and most of the time is more like 28,800, this was very useful for me.

    However, Netboost's Netsonic appears not to work with Windows ME after having worked just fine with Windows 98 for over a year. I tried reinstalling it from the original downloaded zip file but no luck. The other suspicious thing is that after I completed the Windows ME install, I would get a status message from the Netsonic program that my system would have to be rebooted for it to work. However, rebooting didn't help and I now get this message every time I boot up.

    I tried re-installing the program from scratch but this didn't help, I still get the same message. Netsonic still doesn't seem to be working. I find this hard to believe because I doubt this program has anything special that would depend exclusively on Windows 98, and also I can't see that I'm doing anything wrong either in terms of the configuration (there's nothing to configure anyway). As I am a professional NT support person, I usually know what I'm doing with these things (but not always!).

    Anyway, overall Windows ME has been okay for me, despite being somewhat more unstable. The main thing is that it boots up and shuts down a whole lot faster, and since I turn on my system several times during the day this is useful. I would say it boots up 4 times faster and shuts down 8 times faster, so the difference is considerable. This is due to the remnants of DOS finally being eliminated.

    So far I would have to say ME for me is liveable. I've read most of the other reviews here and it looks like most people are advised to beware of this upgrade. As I work in the support business I see all the horror stories caused by these sorts of upgrades, so I myself am surprised when these things go relatively smoothly as they did with my system, because I'm basically always prepared for the worst. Fortunately, this one wasn't one of them. Overall, however, I would have to say that the average user should think twice about performing this upgrade, and be prepared to back out if there are too many things that don't work anymore or the system seems markedly more unstable. I have a very plain, vanilla system with not much on it from a major brand name (HP Pavilion) that is only a year old, and as I've mentioned here, even I'm encoutering a few bugs.

    As long as I'm on the subject I should say one more thing. It is very weird this little program doesn't want to work with ME. Microsoft always gets blamed for these problems but people need to understand they aren't always or entirely Microsoft's fault. It is up to the developer of the program to make sure it is written to Microsoft's standards and technical specifications and follows their recommendations and requirements needed to run with their operating systems. If a developer fails to do this and a substandard program causes issues, this certainly isn't Microsoft's fault. One illustration of this fact is all the driver updates and program upgrades that get issued all the time. These usually aren't to address deficiencies with Microsoft's operating systems so much as problems with the original program code (notwithstanding the fact that Microsoft itself does the same thing--NT 4.0 is up to Service Pack 6)....more info

  • Problems Galore
    I have completed a few Windows upgrades before. This by far was the most difficult to complete. First there were the multiple driver updates I needed as reqirements. Then when I completed the updates and the install I found more problems with Power Management. I am returning this product immediately....more info
  • WinME is a lot better than it is given credit for
    I must respectfully disagree with the editor's comments on this release. As long as your hardware is fairly recent, and there are WinME specifics for your peripherals, WinME should be a very compelling upgrade for most Win98 users. I support home users for a living and I see lots of machines. The easiest to debug are WinME machines, no contest. It is a far more stable OS (given the above factors), and just a darn fun one too. And it is easy to recover from operator error. It is far more different from Win98 than many reviews would indicate. This is a very advanced OS, more closely resembling Windows 2000 than Windows 98 in many respects....more info
  • Great product
    This product is a good one. I bought it in order to keep up with the usb technology and it has worked great. It is almost the same as windows 98, but it supports this new usb technology. Mine has never frozen or had any of the problems everyone else is having. I think it is great, but i'm sure everyone else is not lying. It worked for me though and it might work for you....more info
  • Great price for a clean installation for my laptop!!!
    I heard horror stories that this OS freezes but I perused some of the reviews..and I got a reponse from a reviewer about it freezes only if you have not partitioned and formatted the existing OS before the installation..In my case I deleted a file or several files on my Win98SE and was prompted by the laptop to reinstall Windows and with a second opinion that in my case I should have no problems..Just in case like the other reviewers mentioned that if it freezes-press on the keyboard "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and that will unfreeze the computer.....more info
  • The answer to all my problems
    This upgrade is worth every penny. I upgraded from Win95 and all my problems have been resolved. My scanner can communicate with my printer and my portable Mp3 player, digital camera, and internet camera all plug into the USB ports. The installation was a breeze, taking less than one hour. I highly recommend any dinosaurs out there such as myself to upgrade to WinME as soon as possible....more info
  • Got Crash?
    PCs would be so much better if Microsoft never existed. Windows Me crashed my computer before I even finished installing it. I have a 3dfx voodoo3 3000 card and windows me, for some reason hated it. I lost count of how many times I had to restart my computer. The biggest mistake I made was not saving my old system files when I installed it, so now I am stuck with it. Let me tell you that running a computer with Windows ME is like running your car without any oil. It lasts for about two minutes before it does some "The program you are using caused an invalid whatever in your thingamagiger." Save your money....more info
  • New windows Me & Me
    Hello; I thought I would give you a review on this program. It has to go a long way to beat 98, but it is getting there. It has some bugs in it and I am havoing a hard time finding out how to deal with them. I have tried all I know which isn't much, but still not able to get it working the way it should. If you have any ideas and can help would love it. I do like the program but liked my old one better......more info
  • Peoples Opinions are Like...
    This is not so much a Review of Windows ME, which I do run and works fine, but a reminder for those concerned consumers who may happen to get caught in the flame war of whether or not Bill Gates rips people off.

    Windows ME is as good an OS as a regular user can get that is both familiar to them and easy to use. As for those comments that it "isn't any different" from Windows 98, as far as the User Interface is concerned you're absolutly right, there is no difference in how the OS looks, feels, and is used. That's Microsoft's goal, to have a common user interface. All of the major OS differences are IN the OS. Built in drivers, bug fixes, the ability to use more up to date technology, expanded memory capability, security fixes and the like. All things the user can't see.

    As for Mr. Kernel32.exe Error. that's not the OS, that is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Sorry to burst your bubble....more info

  • Upgrades are never as good
    Generally speaking, to get the best performance from any operating system a clean install of a full version is recommended. The best choice is to choose a full version of the product and enjoy the benefits of not being left with artifacts and leftover's of your previous operating system which can lead to instability in certain cases. I would only buy this on a limited budget....more info
  • It works well

    I was running Windows 95 on my desktop, which is an AMD-K6-2 (350 mHz) with 64 MB RAM. My laptop, which I purchased used, is a Compaq Armada 1590DMT (150 mHz) with 80 MB RAM, which came with Windows 98. I have a 24 gig C drive on the desktop, and only 2 gigs on the laptop. I upgraded both machines to Windows ME with no problem at the same time.

    For some reason, unknown to me, when you go through "Start" and "Shut down" on the desktop, it never shows the "It's now safe to turn off your computer" notice--just a horizontal stripe on a dark screen, but I can tell by the sound that it's finished the cycle. I'm not troubled by the problem. The laptop does fine.

    The one feature which I have learned to like in ME is the "Restore" function. When you do have a system problem, it is relatively easy to restore the machine's system to a previous time, when everything worked.

    In fact, when the machine starts in "Safe" mode, it automatically takes you to the "Restore" function, which you can either accept or reject. No recently loaded applications or files are lost with restore. Only the system is restored to an earlier time.

    Other than that, there are no significant visual or operating differences between 98 and ME that I can see, and I've run it for three or four months now.

    There is one difference in capability, which cost me some money. I had a French made flatbed SCSI scanner which I liked, and it worked fine with Windows 95. However, Windows ME does not support SCSI, and so I had to purchase a new Hewlett-Packard scanner which plugs into my parallel port. (The printer plugs into the scanner.) Currently I'm having trouble with the scanner operation, but the printer works fine. I'm going to have to sort that out when I get time. However, the HP scanner DID work with ME, and I assume I can make it work again.

    That's about all the comment I have on ME. No more complaint than one usually finds with a Microsoft product, and I'm used to the little glitches. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to DOS, when things were simpler, before Microsoft tried to make things "user friendly" and reduced our control in the process.

    Joseph H. Pierre, author of "The Road to Damascus: Our Journey Through Eternity"

    ...more info

  • Do a "clean" install FOR SURE!
    After installing the upgrade on my win98se system, things pretty much went to complete heck right away. I don't know if it is related, I'll let you decide, but right after the install my system became totally inoperable. I have a very capable gateway with a 30gb hard drive, 128mb ram, and basically my motherboard stopped being able to read my drives (any of them!). Related? I don't know for sure, but when 2 + x = 4, it is pretty convincing what x was. Anyways, I had to SEND my cpu to gateway for servicing because the issue was so severe, and once I got it back I wiped my hard drive clean and did a complete install of ME. After that, it seems pretty cool. Nice new features, good feel, overall it is pretty slick, but I will never forget the hassles I experienced with it a few minutes after installing this thing. BOTTOM LINE: if you are thinking about this product to upgrade your current win98 - DO A CLEAN INSTALL! Wipe that hard disk clean, format it, THEN slip this upgrade disk into your cd-rom and follow the instructions. It's hard to fix the engine of a car while it's running, it's much easier to shut the car off, take out the engine, and THEN put in a new one....more info
  • Nice operating system, but forget about upgrading
    Two weeks ago, I carefully installed Windows ME on my computer, replacing the preinstalled Windows 98. That was a mistake. While ME has some nice features and improvements over 98, it left my system more unstable and buggy than it had ever been before. For the record, my computer easily met the system requirements for ME. Anyway, after the upgrade, I found IE 5.5 to be slower than IE 5.01, Media Player 7 was a piece of garbage, my McAfee VirusScan loaded much slower, there were video driver glitches, etc...I had similar hassles years ago when I upgraded another computer from Windows 95 to 98.

    After the experiences I have had, I do NOT believe in upgrading your PC's operating system. If your machine came preinstalled with Windows 95, 98, or ME, then leave it alone. Putting in a new OS totally upsets the equation and causes innumerable problems. Many of these problems don't develop right away. Also, upgrading your OS often violates your manufacturers warranty. So if you need tech help, often the maker of your PC will say..."sorry, but we can offer no support since you changed the operating system. Call Microsoft". So a few days ago, I got fed up with the glitches and completely erased my hard drive, and put back in Windows 98. My computer works better than ever.

    My PC has a small sticker on the front that I should have paid better attention to: Designed for Microsoft Windows 98/NT. Didn't say anything about ME. If a new OS is released and you simply must have it, wait a few months until patches and bug fixes are released, then buy a new computer that has the new OS preinstalled....more info

  • 1 Star Only because -10 Stars is not an option!
    This is by far the WORST product MicroSoft has ever released! It crashes my system nearly every hour making it necessary to completely reboot. I wouldn't take it now if they paid me $89! Do yourself a big favor: stick with WIN 98 or upgrade to WIN 2000. Unless you like reloading software and formating your hard drives. I swear that this product was designed to make buyers repurchase full versions of Windows to fix the extreme damage caused by this product. If I ran I'd take it off the shelves! I'd rate it -********** Thomas Schmokel...more info
  • The Worst O/S EVER written

    You gotta be a complete and total MORON to buy or want this O/S. It is a DISASTER! Crashes regularly and randomly. It is actually a step DOWN from Windows 98. Back in 1999, Microsoft's investers got a little worried that XP was taking too long, so Microsoft rushed out this piece of garbage to placate them and show that they were still in business. The result was a haphazard mishmash of their corporate and home o/s's that melded the worst of both. Why there wasn't a class action suit against Microsoft for foisting this junk on them I'll never know. One thing though, it DID give a lot of work to computer service techs. AVOID!...more info