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Quicken 2001 Deluxe
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Product Description

Intuit Quicken 2001 Deluxe . Quicken 2001 Deluxe makes data downloading easier to help keep your records up-to-date. And improvements to the most popular features make Quicken easier to set up and use.

Is your desk a mess of bills and tax forms? Did you transfer your financial information to your computer before the Internet changed everything? Intuit's Quicken 2001 Deluxe, complete with a host of new and enhanced features, will make your life tidier and easier than you'd ever imagined possible. Balance your checking and savings accounts online; plan for retirement, college, or tax day; and track investments minute by minute--all within an easy-to-navigate Web-based series of pages.

Quicken 2001 Deluxe has a transparent installation, and setting up your accounts is very quick and simple; even accessing your bank's information online (if available) takes only a few minutes. Though it's a little less helpful than Microsoft Money in offering advice to financial novices and its Web integration isn't perfect, Quicken makes up for these minor problems with its simplicity and powerful planning features.

New features are plentiful, as Intuit takes great pains to listen to its customers: Palm integration, easy updates, tax withholding help, and car and home value estimators are all tremendous advantages over old versions. The tax help in particular is nice, acknowledging the stress involved for most people and making it simple and easy to make the right decision without resorting to cartoon characters or cheesy humor. Each planning tool (reducing debt, buying a house, retirement, etc.) is excellent on its own, but unfortunately is just that--on its own.

The tools are not as well integrated as Money's, and while each individual Quicken program is generally better, those with a lot on their financial plates may find Money's synthesis more helpful. Those who know a bit about their money and want a simple, less flashy toolbox for keeping track of all their investments will find much to love about Quicken 2001 Deluxe. --Rob Lightner


  • Streamlined financial information
  • Easy online access
  • Covers nearly every variety of financial information
  • Some prior knowledge required
  • Planners good but not well integrated

Quicken 2001 Deluxe helps you better manage the seven key areas of your finances: banking, investing, taxes, planning, spending and saving, loans, and insurance. It's packed with powerful features and enhancements across the seven areas to help you see the complete picture of your finances.

Easier Smart Reconcile helps you find and fix common mistakes. More powerful portfolio analysis tools give you greater insight into how your investments are really doing. And better ways to track and optimize your 401(k) help insure you're on the right path to retirement.

Write checks, print checks, or even send payments online. Schedule payments and receive proactive reminders for when they're due. Bank online conveniently, downloading your data from the Web. Access your account balances, transfer funds, and pay bills. Quicken works with over 1,200 banks, credit card, and brokerage companies.

See where it all goes with reports and graphs--get quick and easy answers to questions about your spending, budget, net worth, and more, and then create a budget you can realistically follow. Track your investments and then compare them, downloading prices on stocks and mutual funds right from the Web.

Note: Online features require Internet access and are subject to change. Additional fees may apply for online banking and bill payment. Services vary among financial institutions and are subject to their terms and conditions. $20 mail-in rebate for upgrade customers only.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dissapointing
    I have been using quicken for about three years now, and I recently upgraded to 2001. So far, I'm not impressed. Although Quicken's checkbook entry system is outstanding, most of the other features suffer from numerous drawbacks. The Tax Advisor is cumbersome to work with and has known problems with displaying information on the screen. As far as I can tell, Quicken also offers no updates once the tax year changes (other than forking over another 40 bucks or so for the 2002 edition), making the Advisor absolutly useless for planning your taxes beyond one year. The budget planning and debt reduction tools are not user-friendly and too simplistic to apply to real-world situations. Stock quote updates occasionally download invalid quotes (negative numbers, massive gains/losses, etc). The car price lookup service has no information on my 18 month old car, and the home price lookup is equally useless for the other 150 million of us who live in rural areas. Quicken is also a memory hog, and I've watched it continue to slow and bog down my system over time. The engineers better wake up and realize that as users enter more data over periods spanning years, the program must be streamlined to handle the increases in data. Come on, Intuit, this is a program for those of us who want to improve and learn about how our finances work. The 'massses' don't buy your product (most are oblivious to these things and like to stay that way), that's why we have AOL. So stop treating us like a mass market with all the ads. If this gets any worse, I'll be looking elsewhere for financial software....more info
  • How Not to Design a User Interface
    In the midst of the Internet bubble it was all the rage for companies to design user interfaces that looked like web browsers. Unfortunately, Intuit fell into that trap, with the result that Quicken 2001 is clunkier and harder to use than any previous version of Quicken I've owned. I stuck with it rather than find another bookkeeping package, so I guess it's not completely unusable, but if you haven't made a decision yet I'd suggest you keep looking....more info
  • Great way to organize
    I upgrade every year and this version wasn't a disappointment. The ability to track all aspects of my financial life has always been a focus, but this version is now helping me with the immediate future. Tracking bills, payments and deposits has never been easier and it is giving me more vision into what my family can and cannot do financially.......more info
  • Don't buy any Intuit products
    I had an early version of this product which I transferred to a new computer in February (had to reregister which it let me). It worked great.I have never had any prblems with it. We had to reprogram the computer in April and when I put Quicken back on it wanted me to register again. I tried to register and it finally just blocked me out of MY INFORMATAION ON MY SOFTWARE IN MY COMPUTER. I call their so called customer service. Seems that once this product gets so old they no longer support it and "for my own good" they will not let me run it. That their legal department said due to 2yk that they can not give me a register number to keep it going. I explained to them that it was running fine and that I did not need them to support it I just want them to let me acess my information. I went up three levels.They all said that I have to pay to upgrade. (I just missed a free download that they claim that they mailed the offer to their customers the information, mine must have been lost in the mail) That's always a good one don't you think. No one cares. I can not beleive that this is legal. They are holding my information for ransom. Is this softwarenapping or is it extorsion? I would be careful buying anything from this company. No telling what they will do for your own good....more info
  • Great product! Lots of improved features. Few annoyances.
    To all of those people who wrote so many negative reviews lately I can kindly say: JUST READ THE MANUAL!!! I mean the program's Help feature, which is really good and offers tons of useful information. Overall, I found the new look and features VERY intuitive and easy to use. Practically all the screens and charts are customizable, just practice using the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. Most views and reports (including Reconcile) can be conveniently sorted by different parameters. The big configurable buttons on top of the screen are really nice; I customized them so that I get anywhere I want with a single click. The tabs on the right are a little confusing at first, but when you understand what they really are, they do help you a lot; for example you can switch between different open tabs (like switching back and forth to Register when you are in Reconcile), or close all unused tabs to free up the memory.

    I have used all versions of Quicken since about 4 years ago, and I can tell you that they really try to improve things, NOT just add lots of useless features, as some people think. I know people who though so too, but after I urged them to sit down and LEARN those things -- they started using those features on a daily basis and they do benefit from them. I myself use about 60% of features and I think they simplify my personal finances a great deal. I agree that improvements since the last version look minor and not worth the price -- but just at the first glance! If you use Quicken a lot (like every day or so), you will soon appreciate the improvements. Investment portfolios, 401k and Tax-related features are only some examples.

    I'm not trying to say Quicken is perfect. That's why I gave them only 4 stars. They do have quite a few things to work on, like improving the Tax Advisor feature, developing their customer support (which is currently nonexistent), and so on. But overall, in my opinion, Quicken is the best, most intuitive and most comprehensive way to keep track of your family finances. And it is getting better....more info

  • Why are we paying the same price to download?
    I ordered and downloaded this version of quicken and discovered that all the multimedia parts are not included!! Had I known this, I would have ordered the real product with cd-rom instead. We can't use the self help movies because of the missing cd-rom disk. The rest of the program works fine, but I felt that the description of the download would state that certain files are not included. I would also like to see a price break as well. sprovost...more info
  • Intuit places customers last
    Be careful!

    I've used Quicken for years, but I'm now looking for alternatives. INTUIT PLACES CUSTOMERS LAST! Quicken 2001 has been very buggy, frequently failing to connect to my financial institutions. (It usually gets it after about 5 trys). What's worse, Intuit is constantly trying to cram new products and services down my throat. For fun, go to their web site ( and just TRY to find any support. You can barely navigate through all the junk Intuit is trying to sell you. My multiple support e-mails have all gone unanswered. (Any idea what error OL-248-A means?) Lastly, their registration process makes it very difficult to reinstall the program if you change computers or operating systems.

    I'm also very disappointed in their security. They go out of their way to have you download your most sensitive financial information to The last thing I want is every detail of my financial life available on the Internet. However, you have to be very cautious using Quicken, because at multiple places the program attempts to have you download your financial data to Intuit. I'm usually not paranoid, but I'm surprised and very disappointed by Intuit's cavalier attitude towards customer security.

    Intuit's key is Quicken (and TurboTax). Intuit's goal appears to be ownership of consumer's most detailed financial data. There are lots of potential uses for such data - marketing, direct sales, consumer profiling, etc. However, I'm not at all happy that Intuit is no longer to be satisfied with the money I spend on TurboTax and a Quicken update, and appears hell-bent on finding other ways to make money from my use of Quicken.

    Intuit has become the most USER HOSTILE software company around. By contrast, dealing with Microsoft is a pleasure. Looks like I'll need to learn to use Microsoft Money after all......more info