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Ultra Life Battery UPVL-X 10 Year Smoke Detector Battery
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Product Description

9V Lithium Power Cell, Smoke Detector Battery, Lasts Up To 10 Times Longer Than Ordinary Batteries, Last Up To 4 Times Longer Than Alkaline Batteries, Recommend Ultralife Battery With Confindence For: Smoke Detector, Garage Door Openers, Security Transmitters, Radar Detectors, Remote Controls, & Radios Or Any Device Requiring A 9V Battery.

  • Upgrade all your smoke detectors to 10-year life with the only battery warranted for 10 years
  • Reliable lithium battery keeps life-saving detectors energized for a full 10 years
  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of yearly battery changes in your smoke detectors
  • Forget all those low battery alarms that always seem to sound in the middle of the night
  • A must for second homes where smoke detectors can fail when you're not there

Customer Reviews:

  • didn't work
    Could not use this in my smoke detector didn't seem to fit quite right. Looked like the same size length wise but is just a tad thick....more info
  • Lasted 3 years as BACKUP
    I used these as backup batteries in AC powered smoke detectors in hard to reach places. Both detectors show that they are getting AC power. However, even as backup batteries, they lasted only 3 years. Whether this is due to the design of the detectors or a fault of the batteries is unknown, but it's dissapointing nonetheless. Especially since it decided to start beeping at 2 AM....more info
  • Works as advertised, depending on the type of smoke alarm
    I had 3 of these installed in smoke alarms in May 2003, so was disappointed when two of them failed after about 4 years, and the last one just began to beep after exactly 5 years.

    But then I discovered that the alarms I'm using have dual sensors (First Alert SA301), containing both an ionization and a photoelectric [these are not hard-wired, the battery does it all]. Therefore, if in reality, the batteries are running two detectors at once, I guess it shouldn't surprise me that they lasted half as long as advertised. Also, my alarm doesn't qualify for the 10 year warranty, because it contains a photoelectric sensor - the warranty is for ionization sensors only.

    Cost wise it's probably a wash, one could buy several alkalines for the cost of this one. But the savings is on time: not having to change the batteries as often....more info
  • Time will tell
    After being woken up two nights in a row, I did some research on long life batteries for smoke detector alarms. The best price I could find was on amazon. I have replaced the batteries in all our smoke detectors with these. Now time will tell....more info
  • what can you say about a battery
    Hey it's a battery, it's supposed to last 10 years, until 10 years have passed I can't think of anything to say, other than it looks and feels like a quality product...more info
  • 2 Years Tops
    I'll echo what others have said. This lasts longer than an alkaline battery, but you are unlikely to get 10 years from this battery. I used this battery in my smoke detector and I doubt it was in use for over 2 years....more info
  • Lithium Batteries Are Good For High Ceiling Smoke Alarms
    I can't comment on this particular battery, but I will comment on this subject generally. We have 7 smoke alarms in our house -- building code overkill. One of our ceilings is 14 feet high. There is much more danger that I will be seriously injured in falling off of a ladder by replacing that high ceiling battery once a year than I will be injured in a house fire. But no one thought of the big picture or asked me when they built my house. And when that high ceiling battery starts to chirp in the middle of the night because it is low, forget about getting any more sleep. And you will be in fine condition to climb a tall ladder in the morning.

    Lithium batteries should last 5-7 years, so that means I subject myself to falling from a ladder to one-fifth or one-seventh as often compared to regular batteries. Just be careful. Radio Shack makes Lithium batteries, but they are larger than normal 9 volt batteries and might not fit into your device....more info
  • Two years, not ten
    I bought one of these for use in a Kidde Nighthawk CO detector about two years ago. Two months ago the detector randomly started reporting "Lo Bat". (Took me a while to figure out what was going on because the low battery alarm only sounded for a couple of seconds once a night.)

    I've switched to using a standard 9V battery. While this battery may work fine in some applications, it clearly doesn't work well in everything that needs a battery backup source....more info

  • 10 year claim is valid
    The title of this item is incorrect. It's actually U9VL, not UPVL. Apparently the 10 year claim is valid for the U9VL-J battery (that's the same battery Amazon is selling here). Here's a thorough study where they validated it:
    [...]...more info
  • long-life batteries
    I am basing this review on previous use of these batteries. So far it has been 3 years since I installed them in some smoke-detectors. So far so good. There has not been enough time to determine how long they actually last. I assume previous experience would be applicable here....more info
  • Battery double-talk
    Lithium batteries excel with the lowest rate of internal leakage of any type of battery. This means that they will retain at least 80% of their charge during STORAGE for more than ten years. However, when used to OPERATE a device such as a smoke detector, a single lithium battery will slightly outlast two of the same size alkaline batteries. Claims for greater than 2X lithium versus alkaline battery endurance are based on non-typical use in extreme temperatures, and/or unrealistic comparison with obsolete zinc-carbon battery technology.

    Nonetheless, certain expensive "10 yr" smoke detectors embody a special, NON-REPLACEABLE, large capacity lithium battery which has given seven years' service so far, in my experience....more info
  • Did not work for me
    I have the an Ultralife 10 Year Smoke Detector Battery model U9VL-J. It has a use by date of 2017. The battery was installed in an ionization smoke detector on 07/05/2007. It was purchased 1-2 years before that. The detector just began giving the low battery warning on 4/30/2008. It did not even last a year. I generally get at least a year out of regular alkaline batteries in this detector. Maybe this battery is better suited to backup applications where the primary power source is house current....more info