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Wallace and Gromit 3 video Gift Set of The Wrong Trousers, A Grand Day Out and A Close Shave [VHS]
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Product Description

The first three Wallace & Gromit shorts are grouped together in a single volume.

A Grand Day Out
Nominated for an Academy Award in 1990, this was the first short-film adventure starring Wallace & Gromit. This 24-minute comedy was created by clay animator Nick Park over a six-year period at the National Film and Television School in London and at the Aardman Animation studios, which Park boosted to international acclaim. In their debut adventure, Wallace and his furry pal Gromit are planning a vacation, but first they've got a crisis to solve: they've got plenty of crackers but no cheese! Undeterred, Wallace comes up with an extreme solution to the cheese shortage: since the moon is made of cheese (we all know that's true, right?), he decides to build a rocket and blast off for a cheesy lunar picnic! Gromit's only too happy to help, and before long the inventive duo is on the moon, where they encounter a clever appliance that's part oven, part robot, part lunar skiing enthusiast... Well, you just have to see the movie to understand how any of this whimsical lunar-cy can make any sense! It's a grand tale of wonderful discoveries, fantastic inventions--and really great cheese!

The Wrong Trousers
Clay-animation master Nick Park deservedly won the 1993 Academy Award for Best Animated Short for this 30-minute masterpiece, in which the good-natured inventor Wallace and his trusty dog, Gromit, return for another grand adventure. It all begins on the morning of Gromit's birthday, when Wallace gives his beloved pooch a rather selfish gift that (to Gromit's chagrin) is more useful to Wallace--a pair of mechanical "techno-trousers" ("ex-NASA," says Wallace, duly impressed) that can be programmed to take Gromit out for "walkies" while Wallace sits comfortably at home. Gromit's not exactly thrilled with the new gadget, and things go from bad to worse when Wallace rents a room to a new boarder--a rather suspicious-looking penguin--to offset his rising expenses. As it turns out, the penguin's a notorious thief, and the amazing techno-trousers provide a foolproof method of pulling off a diamond heist! It's Gromit's big opportunity for canine heroics, and The Wrong Trousers turns into one of the funniest, most inventive caper-comedies ever made, with an action-packed climax on a speeding miniature train. Will the notorious "Feathers" wind up in jail, where he belongs? Will Gromit finally get his due recognition? Watch this amazing marvel of clay animation to see why Wallace & Gromit have become global celebrities--this is comedic ingenuity at its finest.

A Close Shave
Hot from the international triumph of The Wrong Trousers, clay animator Nick Park knew that his third Wallace & Gromit film was going to have to be the biggest and best adventure yet for the mild-mannered inventor Wallace and his perceptive pooch, Gromit. With the ambitiously zany plot of A Close Shave, Park and his fellow animators rose to the occasion, and their film won the 1995 Academy Award (Park's second Oscar) for Best Animated Short. This time out, Wallace & Gromit have teamed up to provide a window-washing service, and that's how Wallace meets the lovely Wendolene Ramsbottom, a wool-shop owner whose malevolent dog, Preston, turns out to be the mastermind of a sheep-napping scheme! Of course, no Wallace & Gromit adventure can be without a grandiose gadget, so Wallace's latest invention is the Knit-O-Matic, a yarn-making machine capable of shearing a whole flock of sheep just a bit too efficiently! When the villainous Preston gains control of the mechanical knitting marvel, Gromit must race to the rescue, and A Close Shave reaches new heights of clay-animation mastery. Every shot is a testament to Nick Park's patience, his clever ingenuity, and his filmmaking flair. The movie's so technically impressive, in fact, that the whole world wondered where Park could go next. It was clear that Wallace & Gromit would eventually star in an animated feature-length movie, since this marvelous 30-minute film represents its own kind of short-form perfection. --Jeff Shannon

The perfect gift set for the Wallace and Gromit fan. All three of animator Nick Park's first adventures featuring the dotty inventor and his loyal but laconic dog--The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, and A Grand Day Out--come wrapped together and ready for multiple viewings. This is truly one of the rare gift sets that will entertain the entire family. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • Who cant' love them?
    I assume out of 194+ reviews you will find someone with more details, but I just think that this DVD is great for fans of the series- it doesnt have tons of extra features but it has at least the basics- subtitles and menus that are well designed, as well as high-quality video and audio. Look at the new feature film to have better special features.

    Includes ALL the "Cracking Contraptions" shorts (small clips of Wallace's crazy inventions) and the Three shorts that have won awards and fans the world over....more info
  • 1st DVD release has the correct audio! GREAT ANIMATED SHORTS!
    The CORRECT ORIGINAL MUSIC soundtrack is on the first DVD release "Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures" (Green background cover) by CBS/FOX BBC HOME VIDEO. This is the same master used for the Laserdisc & VHS tapes. And this is the rare / out-of-print version to look for!

    The change in music on the Dreamworks version does hurt one of the humorous segments.

    The original release also has a 'making of The Wrong Trousers' segment plus some BBC christmas promos with Wallace & Gromit.

    Much has been said about these great films, and I agree. I just wanted to add the note about which release has the correct audio....more info
  • Great film group Wallace & Grommit
    this set has all the features that I hoped it would. the color, dialog, everything was top notch. Loved it!!!!...more info
  • Best of W & G
    If you're a fan of clay animation, or just want to appreciate its possibilities, don't miss this DVD....more info
  • Wallace & Gromit films are great- with or without extras.
    These three W&G films are loved by my six and seven year old daughters, their 80+ grandmother, and their 50+ father. Having previously viewed these films only on three separate VHS videos, I am thrilled to be able to get them together on DVD. I have not yet viewed this release, so I don't know what extras it contains, but does it really matter? The films are great by themselves. Now that this release is pending, maybe the sellers of the prior releases will lower their prices to something more reasonable....more info
  • Amazing short films
    The Wallace & Gromit shorts are marvels of clay animation with wonderfully silly plots. I wasn't aware that the original versions had been tampered with until reading some of the other reviews on this page. Such actions always bother me--I'd much prefer to see the film the way the creator intended it. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to enjoy here. The cheerful lunacy of Nick Park's world shines through. The highlight is "A Close Shave."...more info
  • Well Worth It!!!
    This is a great DVD!!! I had seen how highly these three shorts were on the Internet Movie Database and decided to try it out. I wasn't let down and you will not be either. Buy it today! ...more info
  • 5-Star Clay Animation Wonders
    When you think how much work goes into the making of these clay animation features you simply have to stand back in awe. I can remember seeing A Grand Day Out in the early 1990s and was staggered by the simplicity and charm of the film. The thought that somebody would go to the moon to find some cheese might seem absurd, but that is exactly what A Grand Day Out is all about and it is excellent. Then came The Wrong Trousers in 1993 and the leap in quality was clear. A penguin wearing a rubber glove on it's head again might sound absurd, but again it all works wonderfully. Finally we had A Close Shave two years later, which was another improvement in quality and with a quirky storyline which will delight you all over again.

    All three "Cracking Adventures" are worth watching again and again, because you can guarantee that you will see something you have missed when watching them previously. Personally I love the machines and the clever little references to animation/puppet work, by other studios. Wallace and Gromit though do have an original charm that shows a huge amount of imagination. The extra features on this DVD are a welcome addition to the three adventures and include audio commentaries by Nick Park and others from Aardman and making of featurettes. This DVD really does justice to Nick Park's legendary creations, so if you're a Wallace and Gromit fan this DVD will be just up your street.
    ...more info
  • Great 3 Shorts
    These shorts are great for children and adults alike. Better than Nick Park's Chicken Run and along the same caliber as the more recent Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Wearrabbit movie. Good stuff!...more info
  • Dub, Dub!
    I saw Wallce and Gromit the complete collection! I noted that in A Grand Day Out, the headphones said "Dub,Dub!" And in A Close Shave, Preston from Creature Comforts changed into Robot Preston and went in the mintser!...more info
  • Short films for all ages to enjoy
    The animation is the best you'll ever see and you'll laugh, whether you be a child or an adult. Nick Park is a master of animation which is certainly illuminated by the films.

    While these films are pretty short, they are worth the price it costs to have the privilege of seeing them. Just fantastic....more info
  • This "green case" edition contains the original music
    This is the "green box" (earlier) release which contains both "Happy Birthday to You" and "How Much Is that Doggy in the Window?" in The Wrong Trousers. I prefer it over the later release which plays "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" when Gromit opens his birthday card, and generic organ music when the penguin takes over Gromit's room and radio. It does not include the ten Cracking Contraption shorts which were included in the later release. ...more info
  • 3 Academy Award winning episodes
    Wallace & Gromit is about an inventor & his dog who try to live their lives using crazy gadgets. Entirely done in "Claymation"

    1. A Grand Day Out....Needing cheese for their crackers, Wallace & Gromit go to the moon.
    2. The Wrong Trousers....Wallace invents "Walkies Trousers" for Gromit's "walkies". However, a mysterious penguin has other plans.
    3. A Close Shave....Sheep are mysteriously disappearing. Wallce & Gromit accidently step in & solve the mystery...more info
  • Simply Grand
    This is a wonderful introduction to these lovable British characters. These short sketches are excellent and show that you do not need 2 1/2 hours to develop character and plot!! I really enjoyed each of these and if you are delighted by this, be certain and get the movie "The Curse of the WhereRabbit" it is charming and the voices are well suited to the characters. The people that put this together are the same ones that did "Chicken Run". All the family will be able to watch this and the others as well....more info
  • I LOVE Wallace and Gromit!!!
    I just had to have the DVD, despite already owning the VHS tape. Was one of the first in line to see the new movie, and it was just as good as any of these first three adventures.

    These are great films for kids and adults, and the DVD has lots of extra material on it that wasn't on the VHS tape....more info
    How my ratings work:
    5 - I really liked/loved it
    4 - I liked it
    3 - Could've been better/worth a look
    2 - Just didn't live up to the potential
    1 - Simply aweful

    I first saw Wallace & Gromit when i was 7, it was on TV; they were playing A Grand Day Out. I remember that it was really funny, but I didn't get to see the rest till about 5 years later. The rest were just as good, The Wrong Trousers is my favorite, but A Close Shave is worth viewing. The humor is great, the animation fantastic, and i love the voices. A great watch for kids and adults. ...more info
  • Wonderful addition to the movie

    I bought this DVD because I saw and loved "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". Because the three features are shorter than the aforementioned movie, the plots are (understandably) not quite so complex, not to make it sound like that's a bad thing. They are quite good.

    This would be a good DVD to watch before seeing "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". It is a very good intro to it and you will understand alot more about Wallace and Gromit themselves.
    ...more info
  • Great stories!
    I have always loved Wallace and Gromit and I am thrilled that they are being put on DVD again. I always wanted to get them on DVD, but they were always too expensive. This single disc has all three famous shorts. It also has 10 mini-shorts. They are all about Wallace's contraptions. This is a great disc at a very reasonable price....more info
  • great witty animations
    Wallace and Gromit. We want more, witty, funny, that appeals to children and adults. Make more........more info
  • Buy it just for the Cracking Contraptions!
    While this is a great DVD, the thing that makes it really special is the inclusion of Cracking Contraptions! These are 10 shorts that highlight Wallace's inventing skill. Wallace and Gromit at their finest! ...more info
  • Wonderful for the Whole Family!
    My son reccomended this DVD. It was really an unexpected surprise. Everyone in our family (From 4 to 75 years old) enjoyed it....more info
  • Happy children.
    Purchased for my oldest son and my youngest enjoyed it as well. Terrific service made it possible with the item arriving in excellent condition and in a timely manner.
    Thanks ...more info
  • Amazing(ly funny) Animation
    Wallace and Gromit are two quirky characters always out for adventure! Wallace is an inventor who is skilled at having fun but often doesn't take the time to think about the relative safety of his actions. Gromit is his concerned pet pooch who follows around and keeps him from getting into two much trouble. The two make a talented team as the go to the Moon, fall into the wrong trousers, and save some sheep in these three adventures.

    The animation is astounding. Not only is it seamless, but it's also highly detailed and emotive. The expressions on the characters' faces, especially Gromit's, are perfect. Even the voice acting (of Wallace's character, basically) is great, though all of the characters are distinctive and personable.

    ...AND FUNNY! A Close Shave sends most people to the floor laughing. The Wrong Trousers is my personal favorite, what with Wallace crying out to Gromit, "Gromit, you've gotten the wrong trousers!" And of course A Grand Day Out is very good too.

    --PolarisDiB...more info
  • ..............Outstanding
    Inventive, sly and totally entertaining. Great for all ages. It's all fun and it's all good. The extras detailing how these short films were created are fascinating. The small sets they build so that they can stop action shoot the characters are really neat.
    Cannot recommend highly enough. Saw my first W&G cartoon on a intercontinental flight many years ago and have been a fan ever since. The imagination the director demonstrates I believe is on a par with Walt Disney and Jim Hensen. In fact, when Disney Co gets the Pixar deal done they ought go after these guys. What an addition they would make....more info
  • W&G
    I love Wallace and Gromit. I love any film tht's clay. I really wanna see "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" but I'm too scared of the theaters. I love these 3 grand British adventures:

    "A Grand Day Out"(1989): Wallace and Gromit want to go on vacation. They'll need food. Wallace has crackers but he's out of his favorite food,cheese. Wallace decides to go to the moon because it's made of cheese and got there via their homemade rocket. When they got there,they had a picnic and and they got their cheese.But it tasted different than Earth cheese, like it's made by aliens. That's not the REAL problem. The real problem is that there was a robot, that looked like a refrigerator, attacking W&G (this is my favorite one)

    "The Wrong Trousers" (1993): It's the morning of Gromit's birthday but he only got one present, the techno-trousers, pants that go with Gromit when he goes on "walkies". He doesn't seem to like the techno-trousers. He even feels worse when a penguin enter's Wallace's house and Wallace let the penguin replace Gromit. But the penguin wasn't coming to be Wallace's friend. The penguin was really USING Wallace. He put Wallace into the techno-trousers when he was asleep and used Wallace for a diamond heist.

    "A Close Shave"(1996): Wallace and Gromit founded Wash 'n' Go Window Service.Wallace just met his customer,Wendalone, who can make wool and who has an evil dog named Preston. Pretson stole Wallace's Knit-o-Matic and wanted to use it to get rid of sheep and turn them into dog food and Gromit was arrested. Who will stop Preston and save the sheep?

    Filmed by: Aardman,BBC Vdeo and Dreamworks...more info
  • Captured audience.
    A delight for young children and adults. Safe to have children watch alone but more fun together!...more info
  • wallace and gromit
    I looked many places to find this and I am so glad to receive it in such great condition at a good price. Thanks....more info
  • Smashing, Gromit!
    I'm a huge fan of Wallace and Gromit. These shorts and the WereRabbit movie are so much fun to watch. They take you into a nice little British world of whimsy, I always wish I could live there when I watch them!...more info
  • Perfect Animation
    I have yet to view this set but I just rented these from Blockbuster, and they are fantastic! The animation is simply awesome, your jaw dropping at dome of the things they did. Gromit's facial expressions are perfect, considering the fact he has only a nose and two eyes. Wallace is funny as the zany inventor, and the side charecters are great! This DVD release is supposed to contain all three on one disc, plus the ten short, short films that were made to prepare the animators for Curse of the Ware-Rabbit! They've never before been seen. The perfect release for anyone who doesn't already have these.

    Wallace and Gromit find there's no cheese in the house and decide to go to the moon to find some. Weird adventures insue, inclduding a strange machine. Brilliant animation, but not the best of the three.

    It's Gromit's birthday! Wallace makes him the Techno-Trousers, but an evil penguin messes with them and is now using Wallace to steal a diamond. It's up to Gromit to save the day! This is almost as good as the third one, but better than the first. The animation is getting better her. (Winnder of the 1993 oscar for Best Short Animated Film.)

    Wallace and Gromit meet a sheep. They name him Shaun. Soon they stumble upon a conspiracy containing a robotic dog and a woman who looks a lot like Wallace. This is the best one. The animation has come so far and so have the jokes. (Winner of the 1995 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. ...more info
  • Attention Wallace & Gromit fans. Your wait is over!
    To all die-hard wallace and gromit fans. If you are like me, you've been waiting to be able to have Wallace and Gromit's : Grand Day Out, The wrong trousers and the best of the best, A close shave, now your wait is over. Not only does this DVD include all 3 of those, but also include behind the scenes of Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit, it also includes 10 Wallace and Gromit OLD shorts that you could only see 20 yrs. ago on the BBC channel. You HAVE to buy this DVD!...more info
  • Destined as a childhood classic
    Wallace and Gromit are destined to become childhood classic stories. The wit of the story writers is excellant and makes them entertaining for adults as well. The visuals give the animation genre new life. The characters are lovable and funny. What more can be said? ...more info
  • Awesome Animation
    Wallace and grommet has the best clay animation I have ever seen.We had it on tape before but ive always wanted it on dvd.And here it is on dvd.The episodes are a grand day out,The wrong trousers,and a close shave.The dvd is good qaulity to.And it has these funny short cartoons with wallaces inventions.Theres 10 of them in all.So I reccoment this awesome clay show.Wallace and grommet.I am for sure giving it 5 stars....more info
  • A DVD disappointment for three great movies...
    First off, I'm a crazy Wallace & Gromit fan. I love all the films that Nick Park and Aardman have made for these characters. This DVD, however, does not do justice to the movies.

    This is the third DVD release of the Wallace & Gromit films, and I can only assume that they did this now to tie into the approaching release of the new feature film. It doesn't seem like much effort has been put into the creation of this disc. The menus are very bland, the movie selection displays the films out of order (with A Close Shave in the middle) and there isn't a chapter selection option.

    In terms of the films themselves, The Wrong Trousers has been altered, and that's what really bugs me. I think it has something to do with copyright laws, but several music tracks have been replaced with terrible-sounding substitutes. Gromit's birthday card plays a very non-birthday-card-sounding version of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" instead of "Happy Birthday To You". When the Penguin is listening to the radio, the songs "Happy Talk" and "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" have been replaced with terrible, generic organ music that completely takes away the mood of the scenes. Consequently, the sound of Wallace humming "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" the next morning has also been removed.

    This bit may not bother most people, but for some reason all the soundtracks for the shorts are a semitone flat. I can only assume this is because the film was transferred at a slower rate.

    The only really redeeming quality about this disc is the inclusion of all ten Cracking Contraption shorts, which have never been available on region 1 DVD before.

    The bottom line: Get this DVD if you want the Cracking Contraption shorts. Otherwise, stick to your old VHS copies....more info
  • The original trio is a real winner
    I don't remember how we stumbled onto these characters many years ago (probably at the suggestion of a friend), but we are sure glad that we did. These are the three original shorts created to feature Wallace and Grommit and they are timeless classics. My wife and I bought these on VHS (before DVD became the standard) and watched them many times. And now that the kids have come along, we're close to wearing them out. The execution, writing, and detail included in these three is absolutely brilliant. And the claymation is perfectly imperfect, if that makes sense (watch them to see what I mean). And once you're hooked by these, be sure to check out not only their later productions, but read/watch some of the behind the scenes productions. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • A great movie
    The wrong trousers:Was all about Grommits birthday then Wallace gave him big pants for a walk and then a visitor came in.
    A grand day out:They wanted to go to somewhere with cheese.
    A close shave:They were washing windows then wallace met a girl and liked her.
    This review is for my little brother
    ...more info
  • An all-time favorite
    I'd owned this before, but lost (or possibly mislaid) my copy in an interstate move early in the decade. It is too good not to have, so I didn't mind springing for a replacement. Nick Park and his friends are comic and artistic geniuses....more info
  • Dissapointed with Dreamworks for editing the Wallace and Gromit shorts
    I give the ORIGINAL Wallace and Gromit shorts a 5 stars! They are funny, intelligent, wry, and perfect for persons of any age.

    I wish I had read the excellent Wallace and Gromit review above by Mr. J. Lee (first review when I posted my comments) before purchasing this DVD. I was very dissapointed with the editing imposed on the originals by Dreamworks.

    To add to Mr. Lee's list of edits to "The Wrong Trousers" I also noted that Dreamworks deleted an early scene in "A Close Shave" where the sheep go into the mincer and then get packaged as Preston Dog Food. These deletion results in "A Close Shave" being a bit incoherent at the conclusion due to the lack of reference to this earlier scene!

    Shame on Dreamworks! I can only hope to locate a version of the undedited Wallace and Gromit shorts on DVD somewhere and sometime!...more info