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All his life, people have told Rudy he's not good enough, not smart enough, not big enough. But nothing can stop his impossible dream of playing football for Notre Dame. From the time he's a young boy, Rudy (Sean Astin) is determined to join the Fighting

This 1993 film by David Anspaugh (Hoosiers) is slowly building a reputation as a minor highlight of '90s movies. Based on a true story, Rudy stars Sean Astin as Rudy Ruettiger, a blue-collar kid whose father (Ned Beatty) worships Notre Dame football but who would never dare to dream that any of his sons could be a part of the team. The film is entirely about Ruettiger's ceaseless if sometimes wavering commitment toward that goal, despite tremendous obstacles in physical stature, education requirements, the dismissiveness of coaches, poverty, his father's envy, and endless delays of one kind or another. This is the sort of film that looks back on a life and says the battle was its own reward, not the glory. Astin is very moving as a boy who becomes a man and watches his world change, often in unexpected ways, through painful determination. Great support from Beatty, Lili Taylor as a hometown girl, and Robert Prosky and Charles S. Dutton as two valuable mentors. --Tom Keogh

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Customer Reviews:

  • And you can watch it with your kids!
    My favorite movie of all time. In addition to the film, I own a copy of the soundtrack and it makes me REALLLLY mad when other films use the music. It's like stealing. My favorite moment of the movie is when the captain of the team asks Rudy if he's ready to lead the team thru the Notre Dame tunnel out on to the field. And he says, "I've been ready for this my whole life." If you don't cry, then and there, you need CPR. The guy from WVA who called it drivel, well, I'll bet you got cut from your high school team and haven't been the same since. Don't be bitter....more info
  • Wrong format of DVD
    Recently bought a DVD of the movie Rudy for a coworker in Belgium. The DVD arrived on time, as promised. Unfortunately, even DVDs have the PAL and NTSC formats we used to have for VCRs. I thought that with all the new technology a DVD is a DVD is a DVD, but not so. Even DVDs have PAL and NTSC. Needless to say, it was a wasted purchase as it did not work in Belgium. I did read the product description but there was no mention of the format of the DVD mentioned on Amazon in the product write-up. Can the folks at Amazon please mention the DVD format in the future?...more info
  • THE Footbal Movie of the 90s
    This movie is based on a true story about a man named Rudy who played football on the third string for Notre Dame. His one moment of fame came in his last game senior year when the varsity and the whole crowd starting chanting his name Rudy in 1976 and the coach put him in. The offense was still on the field and Joe Monatana hit Dwight Clark for a quit score to put Rudy on the field for the kickoff and a quick sack to save the game for the Fighting Irish. A heart warming story, misunderstood as teamwork by quack pros at businesses nationwide, the Irish at Notre Dame compete for the NCAA D1 National Championship every year. Rudy was 5 feet tall and 100 pounds with hardly a speck of athletic talent, it was a publicity stunt for Notre Dame and whites in America for the feel good movie of the year but the 1990s decade as well. That day in 1976, no Notre Dame player has ever been carried off the field but Rudy. This movie was eclipsed by Luther in the 2000s, and Rudy himself by Martin Luther in the movie Luther as the feel good movie of the 2000s for white Americans. But Rudy will forever stand as THE proud moment of 1990s cinema, much the same as Rocky in the 1970s. Farewell, Rudy. ...more info
  • Best sports movie ever?
    It's rare when a movie can affect the culture and vocabulary of a society. Rudy is such a powerful and memorable movie that it has made such an impact. The term "Rudy" is now used in reference to the bench-warmers on high school and college sports teams. For example, if a team is getting blown out or is blowing out another team, at the end of the game, the coach might put in the scrubs who rarely get to play. Seeing this, someone in the stands might say "Hey, look, the coach is putting in the Rudy," or "The Rudys are coming into the game." There you have it. A movie that has affected the way we speak and think about the players who spend most of the game on the sidelines. Rudy (the movie) is entertaining, emotional, funny, and teaches a good lesson without being preachy. The football scenes are great to watch too because they actually look real, unlike other sports movies. And if you've ever warmed a bench (I have), you can take some solace in Rudy's plight. I've never met a serious athlete who didn't love this movie. A lot of people consider Rudy to be corny and cliched, but if you've been a Rudy, or if you've known one, then you'll see this movie for what it really is. The casting is perfect, with Sean Astin giving what I consider to be the best performance of his career. The music is also inspiring, and has been used in many other projects besides the movie. If you don't cry or cheer when Rudy puts the hurt on the opposing quarterback, then you might not be human. Rudy is easily one of the best sports movies ever made, and continues giving comfort to mediocre athletes everywhere. ...more info
  • RUDY
  • Get your head outta your ass! See the facts!!
    While that remark may be harsh, and to some actually taken in a mean-spirited way, please read it once more, and consider it in love. Because Rudy had to do just that, and while in the film it wasn't said quite in that manner, that was the point. And in the end, the man with the dream, the one who listened to all the taunts, teases, and endured the agony of defeat, came out swinging. All adversaries whether friends or just plain creeps, they all ate crow in the end. The ones who encouraged Rudy shared in the joy of his victory!

    Hey, you watch this and you just think to yourself about how easy it is to throw in the towel. To get so disgusted with everything life throws at you, and just quit. I've done it, even seen some people do it with life. Life was just too tough, therefore suicide was the easiest way out. But it seemed to me that sometimes Rudy had that tough love when he wanted to give up. When he tried to say that a whole year at Holy Cross was a waste, his boss, the maintenance man told him this, "You got your head so far up your ass about that damn football team, you missed the fact. You just got a year of top quality education. Waste? Don't be wastin' my time!" If that doesn't wake you up, then keep dreaming! Listen to the ones who mentor you. You might not always like what they say, but they're usually always right!

    If you get just 1 thing out of this film, just remember to get up when you get knocked down. Don't let jerks get the best of you. John Hagee said, "When God sends you out in the ocean to catch Moby Dick, TAKE THE TARTER SAUCE WITH YOU!!!" The final lesson in this is simple. Don't apologize for your efforts. You will always have the kind of people who tell you, "Look at who you might be hurting, you only think of yourself." I've had to learn that sometimes, a simple SCREW YOU works just fine with that crowd, and I just kept my eyes open. Is this a tough lesson to learn? Oh yes is is! Is it worth it? Even more so. This movie is awesome for old and young alike, because it touches the soul, and ultimately builds a warrior. Kudos!...more info
  • Get Ready To Cry
    Yes you will cry. The final scene makes strong men cry. And Lord help you if your a Notre Dame fan, you will break down and sob helplessly! But you will love this film. It is a great human story, the best film ever made about College football. Go ahead and cry big guy. You'll feel good about it!...more info
  • Rudy
    Directed by David Anspaugh ("Hoosiers") and based on a true story, this triumphant film recounts the incredible odyssey of Ruetigger (played by a pitch-perfect Sean Astin), from dyslexic, small-town nobody to Holy Cross student, stadium groundskeeper, and unlikely tryout for the fabled Fighting Irish. Rudy's rugged path to achieving his dream is an admirable, uplifting journey, and Astin is tremendously likeable in the role, winning your heart and respect. Ned Beatty (as Rudy's humble dad), Charles Dutton, and Jason Miller round out a top-notch cast in this skillfully executed crowd-pleaser....more info
  • Rudy
    This is one of my favorite movies. GREAT that it is a true story. The real Rudy is behind the dad in the bleachers at the end of the movie....more info
  • Drivel!
    Woo hoo! So he wanted to play football for Notre Lame, and he waited and tried really really hard and he cried about it and he walked on to the team and he cried some more. Whoopdee freakin doo! A lot of people want to play college football really bad, but that doesn't mean we make a movie about all of them! Typical job of everyone sucking up to the Domers. Save your money and buy a copy of a movie with a plot that requires more than 6 seconds of rational thought....more info
  • Completey Marred by Wack Pacing and Annoying Plotline
    Look, my low rating does not account for any lame reasons such as the main character is from Notre Dame, or the fact that I am not a Notre Dame fan, though I'm not (Side Note: Go Trojans!). Rather, while this film is somewhat entertaining (hardly), the moral is pedestrian and tacked onto something as trivial as Football, and the pacing throws off whatever power the movie has.

    The acting is aqequte, but the somewhat good acting and okay setting is marred by the WACK pacing. THe problem is that it just seems rushed. It doesn't feel like a journey. Maybe that's because you cannot make a road to this "dream" condensed into less than two hours (with credits, from birth as well, no less), but each scene feels tacked on. It's just throw away, and it feels like a hastily thrown together script and a series of skteches. Take for example, the diner scene with his best friend. He gets into a fight, then he's dead 2 minutes later. What's with that? I think if there were more screen time of him, I think it would be a lot better. Heck, the only way to even make the death feel like it has impact would to show just how much time they spend together.

    Also, I hate the notion of this whole dream and the fact that they even try to pass it off as inspiratoin. Look, Rudy, I realize all your life you were weak and were undersized. But to me, is it really worth it? No! I don't have the skills to be an actor, do you think I'm going to waste my time trying to get some 3 second rule in a dinky movie? I'm not going to waste my life. Big deal, you recorded one sack. The fact is, the dream of doing something that is out of your reach seems a waste, especially when it's something like Football.

    Rudy is really a movie worth skipping. And forget the fact it's accurate, the coach, who is considered an atagonist, actually insisted putting Rudy in. So really, this is not edgy or realistic, it's still HOllywood moralizing. The only inspiration I felt was the inspiration to smash the DVD into the wall.

    D+...more info
  • A formula movie done extremely well
    On the one hand, this is a formula movie. Poor boy has challenges; poor boy works hard; poor boy ends up successful. The movies pulls all the strings just right, so that the person viewing this movie is pulled along by sentiment and a well crafted script and sound track.

    The sound track needs to be mentioned. It works quite well. The movie shows Notre Dame football practice and games during the change of seasons. Rudy, played by Sean Astin, is undersized and undertalented, but he has great desire to play for the Fighting Irish. He becomes a practice team fixture, hanging on by his fingernails because of his desire and hustle. The movie shows him desperate to attend Notre Dame and having to gain access to the University. His family is working class and can't really help him. There is an element of Horatio Alger here, as "poor boy makes good," although the "good" is not the massing of wealth.

    The ending is wonderfully manipulative--but very effective. The emotions wash over the viewer. This is an engaging movie, with many fine performances by the actors. If you like sports movies, this is worth looking at.
    ...more info
  • A Testament To the Power of Determination and Fulfilling Your Dreams
    "Rudy" is one of the those special films that comes along which can truly change people's lives through its inspiration, and its power to live your dreams no matter the obstacles that are placed before you. In a great sense, it is a power of the American dream, that anyone, when given the opportunity, can fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Everyone who lives in this country, and everyone who has ideas and notions of the United States, understands that the American dream is about being given the opportunity.

    "Rudy" is one of the greatest sports films ever made. The film was put together by the same team that gave us "Hoosiers" several years earlier. It's obvious that they love stories about the underdog, and Rudy Ruettiger certainly falls into that category. Some of the best films made are underdog stories. "Rocky" is one of the best. However, what makes "Rudy" and "Hoosiers" special is that they are based on real people and events.

    Rudy Ruettiger is a young man who has but one dream that he has had since he was a small boy: to be a Notre Dame football player. No one thinks he can do it. Not even his own family believes that he is capable of fulfilling this larger than life ambition. "Notre Dame is for rich kids. It's not for us," says his father. "Don't waste your life chasing a stupid dream." This is the attitude of virtually everyone around Rudy. He's not especially big or even athletic, but he's got what most other players lack: heart. He is able to win over the coaches and teammates with his grit, determination, and unyielding desire to do everything it takes to make the Notre Dame team the best in the country, even if it means taking a beating every day during practice.

    Fulfilling dreams is often a difficult and even daunting task. First, Rudy must get accepted into the university of Notre Dame. He's over at Holy Cross eagerly picking up his mail to see if he has been accepted. This isn't as easy as it seems as he is rejected one semester after another. Sean Astin gives the performance of his life in this film. He's able to make the audience share in his frustrations and doubts, while picking us up with his enthusiasm and over-zealous behavior regarding the football team.

    Rudy's next hurtle is to make the football team. This is no easy task either as he has to make sure to give 110% just to make sure that the coaches see that he won't give up.

    Finally, Rudy's next obstacle, and perhaps his biggest, is to find a way to dress for one game so that he can officially be recognized as a member of the Notre Dame football team. After all, this is his truest desire; to play in a game. The other accomplishments are merely steps toward this ultimate goal.

    Anyone with a beating heart can't help but feel moved and inspired during the last few minutes of the film when Rudy is finally able to take the field. The dreams of nearly twenty-four years are felt in that final moment as they are finally fulfilled, and the story and events leading us to this point make it all the more powerful. But, you cannot appreciate the destination without appreciating the journey. Rudy's story would not be half as inspired if we weren't given access to the obstacles that he had to face and overcome. As many have said, it is in the journey.

    I must mention the wonderful music of Jerry Goldsmith. It adds such a dimension to this film, that I'm sure you'll hear it playing over and over in your head long after the movie is over. The drums that he has beating throughout the soundtrack seem to beat with the same determination that Rudy has; as if he is grinding out each and every day, struggling to overcome each and every obstacle.

    it is simply fantastic that stories like these are brought to light, whether it be through television, books, or movies. This is a film for the entire family to enjoy. All of us, at some time or another, need to be reminded that if we have a dream, we should never, ever give up until we fulfill it. This movie is a powerful testament to all who dream, and to all who wish to accomplish their dream....more info
  • good mix of fact and fiction....
    Charles S. Dutton's character didn't exist. In reality, The REAL Rudy reported that this character (and a couple others) were composites of people who inspired him and helped him throughout his life. Too, the ending isn't exactly the way it happened "in reality." But then again this IS hollywood isn't it?

    What I can say is that Sean Astin takes the role of Rudy and makes it real! He BECOMES Rudy. I don't know how much he had a chance to interact with the real Rudy prior to doing the film but it is truly amazing to see how Astin's performance comes across. He's endearing, believable and lovable. This is, without a doubt, Astin's best performance ever. It's proof that he has great acting talent... Talent that has unfortunately not been tested on the level of Rudy since... well, since RUDY.

    I'm glad to see this movie out on DVD. it's one of the few that are musts for the lover of the sports film (a la Hoosiers). There are many films about sports and sports figures. There are many stories where David conquers Goliath... but there is only one Rudy!

    ...more info
    This wonderful movie tells a true story, that will touch your heart! I loved it! It is about a little boy who dreamed of becoming a football player for Notre-Dame. The little boy(Rudy) grew up to be a young man, with the same driven desire to be a football player for Notre-Dame.

    His father, and brothers all worked for the steel mill, and after high school graduation, Rudy (Sean Astin), and his best friend, ended up working at the steel mill too. After a fatal accident at the steel mill, Rudy changed forever, and with all the odds against him, and with everyone constantly telling him that he had no chance of ever playing football for Notre-Dame. Rudy left home to chase after his life long dream.

    My favorite scene in the movie is where the football players of Notre-Dame honored Rudy, by carrying him off the field on their shoulders after a game, as I watched this, tears of joy rolled down my face! Awesome! I highly recommend this movie! But movie people, next time, please, please, no "GD" cuss words! I though Sean Astin as a actor, was outstanding!...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I went to ND and graduated in 1985..I missed Rudy by ten years! I would have loved to be around to watch history being made! It just goes to show you whether it's then or now, what determination will do!...more info
    I know many feel this movie is manipulative, but I like this movie a lot! The story is inspiring and the acting is very good. Sean Astin is perfect in the role of "Rudy"! Is it just another sports movie? No! It's a story about working hard to get want you want without stepping over people to get there! It's just a great flick! If your not welling up by the time Rudy is over you don't have a pulse! The DVD transfer looks very good!...more info
  • Rudy
    Rudy (Special Edition)

    Rudy was an inspiring movie based upon a true story that is an example of determination and perserverence. Truly a classic.

    However, I truly believe that this wonderful story fell from a perfect 10 to a lower number due to some of the phrases that defame the God who made life and accomplishment possible....more info
  • "Rudy" is a winner!
    Sean Astin delivered in this 1993 movie about how dreams can come true if you set your heart and mind to it. His grades were mediocre, no chance of making it as a football star and a career with his father's steel mill. Rudy proved he can beat the odds and he proved it. To all of us, Rudy is a hero we can look up to. Great family movie and one of the best sports films around!...more info
  • Great condition!
    The product that I received is in great condition however, it didn't come as quickly as I expected. Would recommend using again....more info
  • One of the greats
    This is one of my alltime favorite movies. The sheer fortitude and determination in this movie only perpetuates the realization of the accomplishment in the end. It is a classic case of sacrifice and struggle to fight for what you believe in and you don't have to be a Notre Dame fan to love this movie....more info
  • Wouldn't watch again...
    "Rudy" is a film about fighting for your dreams, having confidence in yourself, and never giving up. While this is a good message, I can't say that this story is the best way to present the message. We laughed pretty hard at some of the parts, simply because they were so 1) un-real (would never happen) or 2) so expected, therefore just like what you think would happen, and really does. The main character gets a little annoying sometimes with is mentality that he will make it onto the Notre Dame football team, even though he wasn't a great player.
    While the message is memorable, "Rudy" is one of those films that you watch and think, "Why did they spend thousands of dollars on THAT?". ...more info
  • Generally Irresistible But Occasionally Manipulative
    My Four Star rating reflects both overall enjoyment while seeing the film (Five Stars) and occasional irritation with director Anspaugh's manipulative strategies insofar as emotions are concerned (Three Stars). The dramatic impact of Rudy Ruettiger's struggles to suit up for, if not play in a Notre Dame football game is diminished by such manipulation. That said, Sean Astin is wholly credible as Rudy. Other noteworthy performances are provided by Ned Beatty (Rudy's father, Daniel), Charles S. Dutton (Fortune), Robert Prosky (Father Cavenaugh), Jon Favreau (D-Bob), Lili Taylor (Sherry), and Scott Benjaminson (Frank). Both the "Real Rudy" and the "Reel Rudy" faced two significant barriers to being admitted to Notre Dame and then playing in a varsity football game: weak grades and diminutive size. Eventually, through tenacious study while enrolled at nearby Holy Cross College, both Rudys are finally admitted to Notre Dame; through rigorous training, both then became fit enough to be selected to play on the practice (i.e. fodder) squad. And finally, both play (the "Real Rudy" for 27 seconds) in the last home game against Georgia Tech in 1975.

    Others have their own reasons for liking this film so much. Here are three of mine. First, the casting of Astin in the lead role. His performance is endearing, to be sure, but also convincing. Hence my discomfort with Anspaugh's use of gimmicks when none is necessary. Second, the exteriors shot on the Notre Dame campus which is especially lovely during each of the four seasons. I really did feel as if I were tagging along with Rudy as he attends classes, works for Fortune as a member of the stadium's groundskeeping crew, and then participates in especially brutal team practices. Third and finally, I enjoyed observing what seems to be a totally authentic respect for Rudy among the team's starters both on offense and defense. That respect was earned day in and day out, brutal practice after brutal practice, as Rudy and his battered companions helped to prepare the team for its next game. It is worth noting that Rudy Ruettiger was the only player ever to be carried off the field at Notre Dame stadium. The filmmakers recreated the scene with real fans during a break in the 1992 Boston College game. Some 60,000 fans stood and cheered as actor Sean Astin was carried off the field.

    Those who enjoyed this film should also check out The Natural (1984), Hoosiers (1986), Babe (1995), Remember the Titans (2000), and Miracle (2004).

    Those who are curious about the "real" and "reel" Rudy Ruettiger are encouraged to visit Here are brief excerpts:

    Q: Was the groundskeeper played by Charles S. Dutton a real character?

    A: Rudy answered no to this question himself during an interview with the Pigskin Post by saying the following, "He was a composite, but that was reality. And that's what happened in my life...all through my life. I would encounter people like that and they would help me get through the tough times through their wisdom and their encouragement."

    Q: Was there actually a priest who helped Rudy get into Holy Cross Junior College?

    A: In the same Pigskin Post interview as above, Rudy replied to this question by saying, "There were several who played important roles, but, again, you can't develop them all in one two-hour movie."

    Q: Did Rudy really sleep in the maintenance room of the football stadium?

    A: Rudy actually slept in a room in the basketball arena. The school had the room there for someone to stay during off-hours for insurance reasons.

    Q: Was coach Dan Devine really that cold-hearted against dressing Rudy for the last home game of Rudy's college career?

    A: In Devine's autobiography, Simply Devine, he writes that it was his idea to dress Rudy for the final game of his college career and also to play him. Devine says that the screenwriter, Angelo Pizzo, told him that the plot would only work if Devine became the heavy. He agreed in order to help out Rudy, someone whom he calls a friend. "I didn't realize I would be such a heavy," he writes....more info

  • So much more than your ordinary sports movie!
    From the time he was a young boy, everyone had told Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin) that he was too small, too weak, and not smart enough to accomplish his ultimate goal - to play football for Notre Dame. Discouraged, he shelves his dream and follows his father and brothers to work in a steel mill. Only one person, Rudy's best friend Pete, actually has faith in him. When Pete is killed in a freak accident four years later, something in Rudy is reawakened, and he realizes that if he's ever going to be happy in life, he needs to play football. He needs to go to Notre Dame. But he doesn't have the grades to get in. We see Rudy do everything in his power, for several long semesters, to gain admission to the prestigious school.

    But getting into Notre Dame isn't his only problem. Once in, he has to get on the team - no mean feat for someone who, in the words of the maintenance man Fortune (Charles S. Dutton), is "five-foot nothin', a hundred and nothin'," and has "no speck of athletic ability." And even after he's on the team, there's no guarantee that he'll actually get to dress for a game. In the end, however, the results of Rudy's persistence and hard work are more than he could ever have imagined.

    "Rudy" is a touching true story of the power of hope and hard work. It is a football movie, but it is also so much more than that. Rudy's steadfastness is very moving to see, and Sean Astin captures the character beautifully. I think this is Astin's best performance, transcending even Samwise Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings" (it's a close call though). The supporting cast members are just as perfectly fitted to their roles. Charles S. Dutton turns in a great performance as Fortune, ultimately Rudy's best mentor, and Robert Prosky plays Father Cavanaugh, the priest at Notre Dame who offers Rudy a chance to improve his grades at a nearby junior college, whereby he just might have a shot at admission.

    The soundtrack to the film is perfectly fitted. It puts the final cap on many an emotional scene. This Special Edition DVD offers an isolated music score, letting you listen to the music alone. The DVD has some other nice bonus features as well: "Rudy: The Real Story" is a short documentary on the real Rudy Ruettiger, with commentary from the man himself. It is touching to see Ruettiger talk about his experiences, and one can see that Sean Astin did a magnificent job conveying him to the screen. There is also a "Production" featurette, briefly outlining the making of the movie, and finally "60 Seconds With Sean Astin" features the actor giving us some quick commentary on the film. There are also Talent Files on the director and actors.

    "Rudy" is one of the most inspirational sports movies I've ever seen. The fact that it is a true story makes it all the more amazing. If you enjoy films like "Remember the Titans" (with Denzel Washington), you'll love "Rudy" (and if you like "Rudy" but haven't seen "Remember the Titans," I recommend that one as well). This is a wonderful movie for anyone, whether you're a football fan or not (I'm not). It is emotional and moving, but never goes over the top. I can't imagine it having been done any better. "Rudy" is a must-see, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have....more info

  • A "Wow, maybe I can, too" movie..
    I loved Rudy..I loved the accuracy of Rudy's family in the movie. I am also of a similar Irish descent and I know that family way of staying the same "keep what you've got, don't lose it all by chasing a dream that might not work out" type of thinking and advice. MAN... do I know it well.
    A wonderful breakout.. a "do what ever it takes" movie to get what you really want and what you really love.
    A must see. ...more info
  • Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
    In this dismal Notre Dame footbal season, thank God we still have Rudy! I am also of Irish descent, and rather short and have always been adamant about proving others wrong when I said I was going to do something and they said I couldn't so I identify rather easily with this film. A wise man once told me talent is overrated, it's hard work that counts. That sums up Rudy. The kid that wanted to play for Notre Dame. While blue-chip, highly recruited, super atheletes stew and mope about not playing and giving half-hearted efforts in practice, Rudy gives it everything he could possibly give and more, all in the hope on one day dressing up in a game uniform and running out of that tunnel on a Saturday afternoon in South Bend while his dad watches on. I feel a tear coming on, I cry every time I watch this film and I ain't much for crying but to see this little man make his dreams come true, it just gets to me. Jon Favreau plays his tutor, mentor and has a great role as watch for Vince Vaughn in a small role. This is where Vince and Jon met and came up with the idea of SWINGERS. Ned Beatty is as always terrific. ...more info
  • Great!
    This is one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Rudy is fantastic character, very well played by Sean. Putting this on blu-ray makes the experience even more fun. If you have never seen this definitely go out and get it, you will not be let down...more info
  • inspiring
    Great story, and true! My kids liked it a lot. There were a few words like S.O.B. thrown in, but it wasn't too much. Teaches some great lessons, such as dedication, respect for others, courage, etc....more info
  • A Great Movie!
    This rudy movie was the best football movie ever! Thought When I watched it there where some bad words that where not for children. But The movie was great!...more info
  • A thoroughly enjoyable crowd pleaser
    I have seen critics dismissed this movie as highly predictable and manipulative. And they are probably right. But it doesn't mean it can't be a highly enjoyable film. You can't help feel happy for the guy when predictably he achieves his dream.

    The film score by Jerry Goldsmith is simply outstanding too. And Sean Astin, as usual, is terrific as Rudy....more info