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Uniden PRO538W Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio
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Product Description

As part of Uniden's Professional Series, the PRO538W CB radio offers full 40-channel operation. Its front-fired speaker and RF gain control enhance sound performance, while its compact size delivers mobility. This model operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC. It has instant access to three NOAA weather channels and Channel 9. A public address/citizens band (PA/CB) switch offers ease of use, while an S/RF meter helps monitor performance. The front-positioned microphone has a convenient, extra-long, coiled cord.

Uniden is creating a World Without Wires. Which means that Uniden is building products that give its customers more freedom to enjoy life, solve problems and always stay connected with others. From cordless phones to two-way radios to radar detectors, the company makes electronic wonders an everyday occurrence. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of cordless phones and consumer communications devices, chances are there's a Uniden product that's already making things more convenient in and around your home.PRODUCT FEATURES:Front fire speaker;Full 40-channel operation;Instant channel 9;NOAA weather channels;PA/CB switch;RF gain;S/RF meter.

  • 40-Channel operation
  • Instant Channel 9
  • 3 Instant Weather Channels
  • RF Gain Control
  • S/RF Meter

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great, User friendly.
    The Uniden PRO538W works great! As long as you have a good quality antenna set up, and take the time to tune everything with an SWR meter this CB is amazing. I use it for off-roading, so the range wasn't a big concern to me, but rest assured, when properly set up, this thing can get some killer range on the highway. The ability to access weather channels is a nice feature too, I use it more than I thought I would. Having the PA function is a good novelty, when hooked to a speaker you can have a lot of fun talking to people on the street as you pass by. Great way to pick-up chicks. So overall, a great product, as long as you set it up and tune it properly. When matched with a good antenna, this CB won't be beat....more info
  • Awesome CB value
    This CB is a fantastic deal for the money. My problem is in my vehicle (Jeep) it is very difficult to hear on the highway. I use mine mostly offroad so it is perfect for me. At this cost i am not worried about someone ripping it off ...rather them take it then rip my top. I would definitely get it again....more info
  • Great CB radio
    The Uniden Pro538W is a fantastic radio. The front-fire speaker is very clear compared to my other CB. This makes a huge difference because many CB'ers have an accent and lingo that I have trouble deciphering. The microphone is built for heavy use. It has a hefty coiled cable with a connector that screws on to the radio. You don't need to worry about the mic coming unplugged. The display has an LED meter that indicates the strength of signals that you are receiving and transmitting. I think the meter is too small to look at while I'm driving down the highway. You can also pick up NOAA weather broadcasts. The squelch and RF gain adjustments work great.
    I purchased this radio with the Wilson Lil-Wil magnetic mount antenna. The combination work great in my mini-van. I've taken this radio on a couple of road trips and have never had a problem reaching other drivers....more info
  • Awsome
    This is a awsome Bye. The front facing speeker is the best part. It is a vary durable cb vary easy to use and small enough to fit in any car with out taking up a lot of space. The Black face alows it to blend with any color. Thank you and God Bless...more info
  • One of the best CB radios out there!
    I searched and reviewed a dozen different CB radios before selecting this one. It has everything I need and is definitely within my budget. The front facing speaker is excellent for projecting sound and since it faces front you won't get it muffled by the way it is mounted. It has a push button for channel 9 and of course a PA/CB/Weather selector switch. It has 3 weather channels available and on my cross country trip from the East coast to the West coast I almost always had a weather channel available. I have a magnetic mount antenna (Lil something) which I also bought from Amazon and it rocks with this radio. For the cost and features this is one of the best (if not THE best) CB radio available. You can't go wrong with this one!...more info
  • Was good
    This radio was good when it worked. the speaker would work when it wanted to and the display stopped working in less than 30 days. the range was more than expected it could hear real well. returned the radio for a refund and decided to go with a more higher end radio Galaxy DX-979....more info
  • Dog-gone Good Radio
    Bought this CB about a month ago. Works like a dream and buries anything else I've tried. Bought an antenna that picks up weather-band to go with it, reception is crystal clear and weather-band comes in just as well. Looking for a good all around radio? This is the one to buy!...more info
  • Great CB, great value for the money
    I'm running this CB with a Wilson "Little Wil" antenna, perfectly tuned, and it works great. I haven't peaked it or anything, but it seems to have plenty of power as is. About 2-3 miles in town loud and clear. The only thing I don't like about it is the squelch range is wrong. I have to turn the squelch almost all the way up to get silence and it's very touchy up at that end. My XM radio that I have mounted below the CB does generate some noise, but even with that turned off, it still has to be turned almost all the way up. It could just be a manufacturing defect; I might have to change a resistor or something....more info
  • Antenna
    The previous review that mentions antennas are key to a good CB setup is correct. For a normal CB user I would recommend either the Wilson lil' Wil or the Wilson 500 antenna. Both are magnetic mount antennas. The lil' Wil antenna is a relatively small antenna and it's only around $39.00. Actually any Wilson CB antenna will be fine. Also, to do a good job at setting up your antenna you should purchase an SWR meter. They are not expensive. You only need the meter connected inline between the radio and antenna when you are adjusting the antenna. Once you are done adjusting the antenna you can take the meter out of the connection and connect the antenna directly to the radio. Don't be fooled by cheap ordinary CB antennas like you will find at radio shack. Do not settle for anything less then a Wilson antenna. Cobra and Uniden both make fabulous CB radios so either make will be fine....more info