Garmin Bicycle Mount for eTrex and Summit (010-10267-00)
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Snap your GPS unit into this secure handlebar mount and it's ready to ride. Mount fits up to a one-inch diameter bar and is perfect for your bike, motorcycle or ATV. Includes hardware and instructions.

Now securing your GPS onto the handlebar of your bike is a snap with Garmin's Bicycle Mount Bracket for Etrex/Summit. This bicycle mount fits bars up to 1 inch in diameter and is a safe, secure way to take your GPS with you. It's also great for motorcycles and ATVs. The Garmin Bicycle Mount Bracket comes with hardware and instructions.

  • Product Type - GPS Accessories
  • Shipping Weight - 1.00 pounds
  • Also great for motorcycles and ATVs
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Includes hardware and instructions

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't fit the HCx version of eTrex Vista
    My eTrex includes a mirco sd card. The card slot prevents this battery cover from fitting. At $15 I just grinded the cover to make it fit. Not what I would suggest for others. For the right version of eTrex this would be a good product....more info
  • Attn: eTrex Legend Hcx owners
    The bike mount works great. For the Garmin eTrex Legend Hcx, I installed the clip that came with the gps unit on to the original back cover. The clip then attaches to the bike mount. The bike cover for the gps that comes with the bike mount does not fit the eTrex Legend Hcx. But you do not need it. Just use the clip that comes with the gps unit....more info
  • It does not work for a etrex venture CX
    What a disappointment. The battery cover does not work on a eTrex Venture CX model. What a disappointment. The CX has a flash card slot on the upper left which requires a notch in the cover. This one does not have the notch so it will not fit. I also do not have the o-ring mentioned by the other reviewer so I am not sure if it will seal 100% on regular units anyway.

    What a bummer I threw away the packaging before I actually tried to mount it on the bicycle anyway. What a bummer....more info
  • Bicycle Mount
    Garmin Bicycle Mount for eTrex and Summit (010-10267-00)
    At first, I thought it was all good. Then while on a ride I noticed the Etrex rattling in the mount. Upon close inspection, it was not tight as the original back. Plus the original back is coated with rubberized material. Which makes it a fairly water tight and snug fit. The replacement back is just plastic. NO rubberized coating, and thus no water proofing and no tight fit. Needless to say I was very disappointed in the quality of the product. I had to use 'plastic' black tape around the opening to stop the rattle. But there is no protection from water.
    I don't understand why the inside of the back was not designed to have either a gasket or rubberizing to protect it from water.

    But that being said. It is still the only option for mounting it to the handle bar of a bike. And that job, is well done. Good heavy duty mounting, with lots of extra rubber spacers.
    ...more info
  • This DOES work with the eTrex Vista
    I, like many reviewers, was disappointed when I saw that the back cover provided with the mount does not fit on the eTrex Vista. Then I saw a helpful comment to one of the people complaining about this not working with the Vista. You need to screw on the mounting attachment that came with eTrex Vista. This then fits snugly on the provided mount. You don't need the provided back at all. In many ways this is better than using the back that came with the bike mount. The original back is waterproof and much sturdier than the plastic back that came with the mount. I attached it to my bike and it performed well. The only reason for four stars is I don't like paying for a back that I don't need.

    I thought that this bit of knowledge was important enough to put it in its own review and not be buried in a comment. My thanks to the person who commented about how this mount works with the Vista....more info
  • There is a better part
    If you are buying this mount for a eTrex Vista HCx then don't! The actual handlebar mount is fine but you are also paying for a new rear cover for an older model GPS that will not fit. There is a Garmin part #010-10496-01 that is just the clamp that is needed without the useless back cover and it is obviously cheaper....more info
  • This is exactly what you expect it to be!
    There's not a lot to say.
    It's a bicycle mount bracket, and it does its job pretty well!
    That's what I needed.
    For eTrex Color models you can't use the provided lid (it doesn't fit!) but your GPSr fits directly using the small clip included in the original package of the GPSr itself.
    To sum up: a good purchase....more info
  • Attn: eTrex Legend Hcx owners
    The bike mount works great. For the Garmin eTrex Legend Hcx, I installed the clip that came with the gps unit on to the original back cover. The clip then attaches to the bike mount. The bike cover for the gps that comes with the bike mount does not fit the eTrex Legend Hcx. But you do not need it. Just use the clip that comes with the gps unit....more info
  • Dosen't fit units with Micro SD card
    I have an eTrex Vista Hcx with a micro SD card slot. This mount is not designed to fit around the card slot....more info
  • Product itself is amazing, but (!)...
    I've been a fan of Garmin products for more than 4 years now, my first eTrex Legend C is still with me and working well. In fact, during this time I bought these bike mounts three times, totaling to 5 mounts. I use them rough on my constant biking, so I see an average lifespan of 1.5 years of active usage as a major advantage. When I was in USA, buying them off Amazon was as easy as few clicks and few days. Last time, however, I was in Eastern Europe and buying them turned into real nightmare. I had no problem buying books, but when I tried to order these lovely mounts they suddenly fell under export restriction as belonging to an electronic hi-tech products (as Amazon support personnel explained). When I pointed out that a piece of plastic, rubber and two metal screws couldn't possibly be electronic device of any kind, they suddenly changed their mind, citing warranty policies of manufacturer as an excuse to export restrictions. Come on, guys, I don't want a warranty, I want a bike mount! To no avail, though. Eventually I managed to find a guy in USA, paid him to get these things and to send them to me and it all ended up costing FIVE TIMES their original price and taking MONTH to deliver, just because some clerk mislabeled a piece of plastic as hi-tech electronics that could possibly be used to construct nukes. Thank you Amazon, I never lost a faith in your dedication to customer satisfaction. No, seriously, why would I......more info
  • Worthless for the Vista HCx
    This product DOES NOT FIT the eTrex Vista HCx handheld GPS at all. Do not be fooled into thinking that it will fit just because both Amazon and Garmin say it will. The Vista HCx is wider than other eTrex units and simply will not work with this product. ...more info
  • Secure bike mount
    Easy to mount. Secure - I have mounts for my road and mountain bikes. The only shortcoming is that there is no adapter for oversize handle bars or for the bicycle stem. These options would substantially increase the options for mounting....more info
  • Does NOT work with eTrex Legend Hcx
    I was under the impression (it may have been Amazon's fault) that it would work with my Legend. The replacement back does not fit since the Legend takes micro SD cards. Luckily, I also have a windshield mount that fits into the bracket so I will keep it. ...more info
  • Jake
    Unfortunately, it does not fit OS sized road handlebars (31.8 mm bars). Basically, its a worthless lump of plastic to me....more info
  • Does not fit eTrex Legend
    This product mislead me to believe it fit my eTrex Legend. The back piece is not shaped to accommodate the microSD card slot....more info
  • Don't worry. ?It does work!
    Don't worry. Use the "auxiliary mount adapter" that comes with your GPS unit, may be you have dropped it into the box. This adapter attaches to the GPS unit easily,screwing it on the back of the original battery cover, don't remove it, and don't replace it with the bike mount cover, it is useless. Now you can install the Etrex either on the handlebar mount or on the Suction Mounting Bracket. You don't need to buy anything else. ...more info
  • Garmin Bicycle Mount not sturdy
    That's the sound of you $300 Garmin eTrex makes when it first hits the pavement thanks to this lousy product. The remaining sounds are the glass shattering and the unit falling apart.

    Keep it in your pocket or duct tape the thing to your mount. The screw in will shake free if there is any vibration on what you ride.

    You'd think Garmin would engineer things better......more info
  • Very sturdy product
    I use this gps holder on my mountain bike and it supports very well all kind of abuse, hits on the ground, vibrations, etc. Very well made product with a strong plastic and a hard fix to the bike....more info
  • Awesome
    I used this on my atv. And I love it cause I can look down and see where I've been or where I need to go....more info
  • These seems good so far but if you have a eTrex Vista hcx read on...
    I've got the eTrex Vista hcx and was immediatly annoyed that it wasn't as waterproof as the original cover. And then I realized I could not get the battery cover to work.

    BUT what I discovered is all you need is the 010-10496-00 (search Amazon for part number) for the part that is what goes on the handle bars (and a tiny part that comes with the HCX). It's only a little cheaper but it's all you need. I'm assuming this is true for any of the models with memory cards since that was my problem in getting it to work.

    Before I got this I knew the part I wouldn't like: I'll need a phillips to get the handlebar adaptor on and off when traveling (when renting a bike or ORV).

    But now my biggest complaints are tied to the tiny piece I mentioned above: one it needs a flathead screwdriver to attach to the case, and (2) it's pretty small (in terms of losing it). Because of this I'm tempted to file down the inside of the new battery cover so it fits my HCX. This way I won't lose anything (or have the flathead screw get loose). Or just buy a spare battery cover (not sold at Amazon but only $10) and leave the adapter permanently screwed on....more info
  • Doesn't Work for Garmin eTrex Vista HCx
    Garmin or eBay (whoever will take responsibility) fails to disclose that the eTrex Vista HCx has a different contour on the back of the unit, making it incompatible with the alleged "universal" bike mount. BEWARE ...more info
  • doesn't fit eTrex Legend cx
    Please note that you do not need to purchase this if you want to attach your eTrex GPS to your bike or motorcycle handlebars. Just purchase the Large Diameter Rail mount adapter (for larger bars - I have a HD Dyna) and use the GPS mount adapter that comes with your GPS. The back plate included in the Bicycle Mount kit does not fit the Garmin eTrex Legend cx GPS device....more info
  • Doesn't work with the ETrex
    This item doesn't work with the with the etrex version that his the micro card on the left hand side. I had to go to a ram mount Don't waste your money...more info
  • Not for road bikes!
    This product while im sure is fantastic for bikes you buy from Walmart or cheaper city bikes it is NOT made for modern road bikes. Basically anything with gel tape on the bars and the mounting bracket will not fit on the bars. It is meant for a bike with bare handle bars. Most road bikes today have gel tape wrapped around them and thereby are larger than the mounting bracket will fit around. My solution was to use a twist tie to get the clamp as snug as possible over my gel taped bars.
    And while yes I am aware had I read that it only fit up to 1" bars I would not have wasted my time or money to get it, however garmin should either include a larger bracket for road bikes or maybe make it more clear its not for road bikes. I was excited to throw this on my Felt Z35 but alas have to resort to twist ties to get it to fit. I just want folks with road bikes and gel taped bars to be aware this is not going to fit without some zip ties or the like to secure the mounting bracket. Its a solidly built bracket it just needs to be updated for modern bikes. ...more info
  • Works for both old and HC lines.
    I have the original eTrex Summit - works great! Only cons are the pain of removing the screw to switch handlebars, and the reduction in comfort from the new battery panel. One thing to keep in mind when mounting (if you have an electric compass) is it needs to be level otherwise it won't give proper readings.

    Also have experience with using this with the eTrex HC line - just don't use the replacement battery panel! The screw piece you need to attach to the unit is included with the box, which you hopefully saved....more info
  • False advertising - Does not fit Vista Cx
    Even on the package it states that it is made for eTrex Vista and it is designed by Garmin. Is it possible they don't know their own product? Some one should pay for this, Ah I forgot that is me.....
    Garmin Bicycle Mount for eTrex and Summit (010-10267-00)...more info
  • Works well with a few issues
    I have an eTrex and was excited after recently purchasing a new road bike, to pick this up. The unit fit on my handle bars without any problem after trimming the rubber mounts to size.

    Now that I have my eTrex mounted on my bike, I love using it! I have it next to the Schwinn 17 function speedometer I have mounted.

    I only have 2 issues.

    First, the replacement battery cover does not fit any eTrex that can house a mini-sdcard. I actually had to use my dremmel to cut away at the plastic where the card would mount.

    Once I did that, getting the battery case on with the "metal twist" lock was extremely difficult. It was as if they made the metal lock about 2-3mm too short. Eventually, after overcoming my frustration and fear of breaking the GPS unit from using the original sealed back, it clicked into place. But, I did have to wrench it pretty hard.

    I probably wouldn't trust it to be water proof/tight anymore, but it's on my bike, not a boat or for use in the rain.

    If Garmin would make one to actually fit their GPS I'd be more than happy to purchase that one....more info
  • mount

    I purchased this so I could mount my etrex to my road bike. The mount would not fit around the handle bar so I had to attach the mount to the bike using some zip tie's.

    I think it would fit my mountain bike just fine.

    Kevin...more info
  • For motorcycles, get a Ram Mount instead...
    If you are mounting on a motorcycle/atv or doing rough mountain biking, save youself the aggravation and just get the Ram Mount. The Garmin mount is much too flimsy and will eventually vibrate loose. Also, since it only attaches to the battery door, the vibration frequently causes the batteries to break contact resulting in the unit shutting off...very annoying. This was confirmed by Garmin tech. support who actually steered me toward the Ram. It's built like a tank, fully adjustable and holds the unit rock solid....more info
  • Perfect, even for a Vista HCx
    So here I am seeing all of these reviews saying "OMG IT DOESN'T WORK WITH MY CX MODEL!!!1111one", so I just had to write this.

    It works perfectly fine with a Cx model, as long as you have the mental capacity to read the instructions that come with your GPS. In so far as I know all of the HC and HCx models came with a small clip that screwed in to the back of the included back cover.
    The instructions said (paraphrasing) "Keep this, as you will need it for mounting brackets."

    Seeing as I actually listened to that, and affixed that clip to the back of my Vista HCx, I find it works perfectly!

    The mounting itself is very stable, although it can require a little extra padding between the bracket and your handlebars, depending on the size of your handle bars. This can be as easy as part of an old inner tube, some spare grip tape, even duct tape will work.
    My GPS is pretty much always on my bike (other than when I'm out Geocaching), and this bracket has never failed me, despite rough terrain, drops, jumps, and even the occasional eating dirt.

    It positions such that it is very easy to see, and easy to access the buttons while riding....more info