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Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Cooker/Smoker
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Product Description

There is no denying your hunger for slow-cooked barbecue. With the two cooking grates you can smoke a turkey and a ham at the same time.

  • Heat-resistant nylon handle
  • Porcelain-on-steel smoker has 2 heavy, bright nickel-plated 18-1/2" cooking grates
  • Porcelain-on-steel water pan
  • Rust-resistant aluminum fuel door & legs
  • Premium grade cover
  • 10-year limited warranty Black

    There's nothing better than slow-cooked barbecue. And, there's no better way to get authentic smokehouse flavor at home than with the Smokey Mountain Cooker/Smoker. Perfect for large gatherings, it's easy to cook a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time in this roomy charcoal smoker. So there's no need to plunge straight into ham prep when you still haven't recovered from baking the turkey. Made of premium-grade steel, the smoker has two, triple-nickel-plated cooking grates measuring 18-1/2 inches in diameter-plenty of room for larger birds. Individual vents on the bowl and lid offer optimal air-flow control for tender meats and longer-burning charcoal. Rust-resistant aluminum vents and an aluminum fuel door ensure years of clean use. The bowl and lid are coated with porcelain enamel for optimal corrosion resistance. And, a porcelain-enameled water pan adds steam to the cooking process, so meats stay moist and juicy. Maintenance-free, glass-reinforced, nylon handles withstand the elements for the life of this innovative charcoal grill. The Smoky Mountain measures 41 by 19 by 19 inches, and rests easily on a park bench or patio. The purchase includes a Weber cookbook, a heavy-duty vinyl cover, and is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. --Brian Olson
  • Features:
    • Outdoor charcoal cooker/smoker; capacity to smoke a whole turkey and a whole ham simultaneously
    • Bowl and lid made of premium-grade steel; coated with porcelain enamel; won't rust or fade
    • 2 triple-nickel-plated, 18-1/2-inch-diameter cooking grates; rust-resistant aluminum vents and fuel door
    • Measures 41 by 19 by 19 inches; 10-year limited warranty

    Customer Reviews:

    • The Pit Masters Secret Weapon
      If you`re looking to step up to Pit Master status, the WSM is a must have. I`ve owned the WSM for a year now and love it. The WSM is perfect for someone who appreciates true BBQ and does not mind the time and dedication to maintaining this unit as it smokes ribs and brisket (7-10 hours) to pulled pork (16-24 hours). With some practice and experimenting with woods, you will be making some fine BBQ... so fine that you and your family will hesitate to eat at some BBQ joint.

      Visit for more info...more info
    • Real Pit BBQ Without The 'Pit'
      After years of BBQing on a large side firebox type cooker, I decided to look around for something more manageable. Reading all I could find, I decided the Weber Smokey Mountain was the only real choice in this size and price range for someone who is serious about the food that they cook. I've owned a Weber Kettle for a long time and it's never dissapointed me, so I had no reservations about Webers' quality (I read some horror stories about chipped porcelain, misshapen parts, etc. but I also know that Weber stands behind their products). After cooking a 14 lb brisket and a two slabs of spareribs, it's safe to say I'm going to enjoy having this smoker. The food was excellent, cleanup was a snap, and I got a consistent 230 degrees for 14 hours on a single load of charcoal. If you want authentic ribs, brisket, etc. then you must use authentic coal as your heat source in my opinion, and for consistent temperature control using a 'real' fire, the WSM is the king....more info
    • weber smoker - A1
      The product is up to Weber's quality. I am pleased with it. It did come with a dent from shipping. It seemd to take a while to get here also. That is why I didn't send it back for exchange. Weber's product = A1; Amazon and/or shipper = not so pleased....more info
    • tender meats require much tending
      the smoked meat product is great, but has to be monitored every 30-40 minutes for 10-12 hours or more.If I knew that before purchacing, I may have bought the electric version,it's thermostatically controlled....more info
    • Good Smoker
      I am pleased with this smoker. It is easy to use and holds the temperature well. ...more info
    • Great Product
      I was thinking about buying a cheaper smoker until I read all the other great reviews of this product. I really am glad I listen and bought the weber. I am very satisfied and I am using it almost every weekend. Great product and the best price was at Amazon....more info
    • Making great pulled pork with this
      Have had this for awhile now and it is one of the best purchases I ever made. Did quite a bit of research before purchasing this one and do not regret it.
      Make sure you check that everything fits correctly when you first get it and that it is not out of round. You need a the parts to fit good without too many leaks for good temp control.

      Mostly I have been making pulled pork lately, pick up the meat for around 1.70 a pound and it is very economical. The pork just falls apart and is very juicy.

      Keep in mind you may have to break it in some before you can get the temps to stay low enough.

      I have become very popular with the neighbors and friends now, HA.
      Only problem I have at this time is finding the smoke wood, most places just sell hickory, tough to find the big hunks of oak, apple, etc....more info
    • Best made Bullet Smoker
      I checked this smoker against the cheaper ones that Lowes and Home Depot sell. The Weber 2820 is made better and is much sturdier than the other smokers. This smoker should last a long time. Although it is hard to move around, it is very easy to use and works great....more info
    • my new little friend
      what can i say that has not already been said about the wsm?i own a bar-b-chef offset as well,and had a charbroil offset for a while too.although now that the wsm showed up i have not really used the offset that much.the wsm is easy to move around,maintains temps like a champ,and my b.b.q. comes out great!im also shocked @ how cheap it was here on was actually cheaper for me to have it delivered to my door then to go out and buy it here in 100 percent satisfied with my purchase....more info
    • fantastic! highly recommended!
      Had my WSM for 3 months or so, used it for ribs, pork butts, turkey, chicken, and a 7 lb standing rib roast. It was easy to use, and everything turned out great with major kudos for the cook. look up the WSM forum on the net for all the help you'll need getting started....more info
    • Makes a great gift!
      We gave the Weber bullet as a gift to our son for his 38th birthday. When it arrived we checked to see that the parts went together well. It assembled nicely. The smoker was a great hit at the birthday party. The next weekend we were invited over to have slow-cooked ribs. What a wonderful way to cook. Very tasty.

      Amazon does a great job. The package arrived promptly and in excellent shape....more info
    • This is a great way to cook!!!
      I read a lot of reviews on the Internet before buying this smoker, and I'm glad I did. The smoker is easy to assemble and the directions for cooking are just as easy to follow. The first time I used it I made beer-can chicken and a marinated pork tenderloin. I got rave reviews from my dinner guests. I'm now up to doing venison sausage. One hint for amateurs like myself: Go by the smoker's times for cooking, not from whatever recipe you're using. The smoker is far more accurate. And if you Google this smoker, you'll find it has its own website full of adoring fans and their recipes and methods for using it. Oh, Amazon has the best price by far. And with free delivery, a no-brainer. Go for it....more info
    • Still learning it but its a great Smoker
      I've had my smoker for a little over a month now and I have to say I'm still learning it. The manual that comes with it is inadequate but there are websites out there that will guide you in the right direction. Once you figure out how much charcoal and then how much smoking wood to put in the flavors are delicious. I cooked a chicken, ribs, and a pork shoulder so far, and all tasted very good. When you put enough charcoal in the smoker holds temperature and is easy to maintain. Have to watch the water pan on extended smokings tho. It needs temperature guages on it but otherwise I'm very pleased....more info
    • Weber smoker is great
      This smoker is incredibly easy to use and produces great results. There are some excellent web sites dedicated to this smoker that provide many good tips and recipes. The first time I used it i was able to keep the tempature constant at 250 degrees for 8 hours with very little effort. My old smokers could never keep a steady tempature even with a huge amount of work.

      I would recommend this smoker to a beginner or a pro. I have seen these at many BBQ competitions....more info
    • Weber Smoker
      My husband loves this smoker. We have always been a fan of the weber kettle and weber products so the kids and I purchsed the smoker for him for Father's Day and he could not be happier. Among other things he has been most impressed with how it holds the temperature. We saw the instructional video online and also think that is an asset to sell this product....more info
    • Smoker
      Such a GREAT product I have bought 3 of them in the past 6 months. One for me, one for my son and one for my closest friend.

      Truely the best "home" smoker on the market....more info
    • What a Present!
      I received this as Christmas gift. The shipping I was told was fast(delivered to wife's work) and all parts came in perfect condition. Easy to assemble and even easier to cook with. I couldn't wait so I fired it up on Christmas morning with apple and cherry wood chips and a turkey. WOW! With snowy weather and 18 degrees this WSM delivered a delicious fully cooked/smoked turkey in just under 4 hours. I followed a recipe found at This is a very helpful website from assembly to cooking tips and equipment modifications.
      Our family will enjoy this for years!...more info
    • Worth every dollar!!!!
      This thing makes the most amazing ribs in the world. It's air tight, strong construction, all of the things that you look for in a good smoker. ...more info
    • The best value home smoker.
      The Weber Smokey Mountain is the best smoker you can purchase for home use, many people use this product for competition cooking and do very well with it. I'm pleased with the results and the quality of the product. I mounted a thermometer to the lid but I think I could have easily used this smoker with out it as it maintains an excellent smoking temp with almost no adjustment. If you are new to BBQ there are many resources available online that can guide you in learning how to cook almost anything on this unit. ...more info
    • Christmas gift for my husband
      My husband is thrilled with his Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. It's easy to set up and use and the food is delicious!...more info
    • Smokey Mountain Smoker Rocks!
      I've been BBQing for many years and have owned many grills and smokers. The Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker is by far the best. It's very easy to use and requires very little baby sitting. Just get one!...more info
    • Great Smoker
      If you are looking for a smoker, spend the money and buy This One! You will be BBQ ing like a pro in NO TIME. REAL Q, really! At least after checking out the <[...]> sight. ...more info