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Escape from Monkey Island
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LucasArts' Monkey Island adventure game series has been missed of late. It has been too long since we've visited the anachronistic Tri-Island area in a Monkey game stuffed with vivid characters, zany plot twists, and liberal use of awful and awfully funny puns. Thank goodness that the clumsy, bumbling, and utterly charming pirate hero Guybrush Threepwood returns in Escape from Monkey Island. Luckily for him so does his bride, Elaine Marley Threepwood; unluckily, it looks like the stubborn ghost pirate LeChuck may be back as well. Or is he? We'd tell you but that would give away too much of the vibrant and hilarious story line.

This is adventure gaming at its very best: sharp graphics, excellent voice acting and writing, and solid puzzles throughout. LucasArts even included a walk-through that'll get any new players into the right mindset to solve the bizarre, convoluted, and convulsively funny pun-ridden puzzles in the game. But players who rely on it are missing out. Sometimes it's much funnier to do things the wrong way, because the sharp-minded developers probably already thought of it and are ready to reward you with a humorous comment or action. Completely hilarious, drop-dead gorgeous, and always innovative LucasArts proves once and for all there is ample life left in the adventure genre. --Andrew S. Bub


  • Excellent voice acting and writing
  • Very funny
  • Challenging for players of all skill levels
  • The controls could be a little more streamlined

Escape from Monkey Island continues in the hilarious tradition of its critically hailed and award-winning predecessors, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge, and The Curse of Monkey Island. Developed by the team who created LucasArts's irreverent classic Sam and Max Hit the Road, Escape features an original cinematic story full of drama, intrigue, and of course, sidesplitting humor. The game is highlighted by hundreds of challenging puzzles, set amidst dozens of rich and brilliantly rendered backgrounds.

The day fast approaches when Guybrush Threepwood, Elaine Marley-Threepwood, Stan of Stan's Previously Owned Vessels, and the other bizarre characters from the beloved, anachronistic Monkey series come back to PC shores.

Customer Reviews:

  • Long time MI fan
    As a long time player of Lucas Arts Monkey Island games, I'm not disappointed with this one. The in-jokes are excellent.

    My only beef with the game is the lack of click and go playability that was so easy and straight-forward with the previous three games. Playing using only the keyboard made things a little fiddly.

    Other than that small issue, the graphics were excellent, the puzzles kept me busy for ages, and the reintroduction of some old and familiar characters, definitely enjoyable...more info
  • I loved every monkey island, except this one
    I loved to play monkey island 1 when i was 6 and 7, monkey island 2 was also great, and COMI was my favorite, the painted backgrounds were beautiful, the music was good enough to stand on its own, and the voice acting was superb. Not to mention how well the cartoony graphics style fit into the series. Then monkey island 4 came along and wrecked it all. the graphics were horrible, the 3d animation was terrible, and didn't fit the series at all. the new voice for elaine is SO OBNOXIOUS!... why couldn't they get the old voice from COMI back? The plot it stupid, and the interface is among the worse I have ever used. Every since sometime in the mid 1980's there was this great invention called the MOUSE! Having to use the keyboard all the time was so frustrating! The puzzles were obscure, and had nothing to do with the plot. I hope that if lucasarts makes an MI5, they'll go back to 2d graphics, and add mouse support!...more info
  • not as amusing as the writers thought
    This is the fourth installment in LucasArts' "Monkey Island" series. Producers of the game have stated in on-line interviews that there would indeed be a fifth installment, but as of my writing it's apparently not under production.

    I bought and played this one essentially on the strength of the third item in the series, "Escape from Monkey Island," which I adjudge to be far better.

    They seemed to have a winning recipe in that installment: why did they completely overhaul the concept?

    Well, okay, not everything was overhauled. The voice actors, atmosphere, and quirky sense of humor are all intact, but the game designers saw fit to completely revamp the way Guybrush moves around the screen. And whether you set his movement to "character-relative" or "screen-relative," it never seems to work right.

    Nor do the gamemakers think anything of including a lot of puzzles that rely on a timer, so you've got to manuever this difficult to control character around before a certain door closes, etc. I don't think they had the right to do that, so to speak, while the character movement was so wonky.

    But the thing that really gets my goat is that they took the unique, beautiful cartoony look of Monkey Island 3 and replaced it with CGI drawn characters, which effectively robs this series of its central charm: superior visuals.

    The look of the islands, the sky, the clouds, and even the characters in Monkey 3 was so well-done and charming that I stuck with that game just to enjoy the game's eye-candy. I thought it was the game's greatest strength. And that's precisely what they've monkeyed with -- pardon the pun.

    In fact, with the stunning visuals gone, the character of the gameplay rises to the fore, and the idiocy and frustration of many of the puzzles becomes unbdeniably apparent.

    In fact, I got so frustrated with Monkey 4 that, after getting about halfway through the game, I just sat there with a walkthrough trying to get through the rest of it. Even with the walkthrough, though, it was still a slog! The entire time I was cheating, I kept thinking, "Sheesh. I'm glad I didn't waste precious hours of my life agonizing over that puzzle. I would simply never have guessed the solution, since THE SOLUTION DOESN'T MAKE ANY FLIPPIN' SENSE!"

    . . . which means if you'd like to go through this game straight, you've basically got to try to pick up every object, try every object you have on every other object in every possible screen.

    If you find this kind of thing fun, then knock yourself out....more info
  • Good...I mean..GREAT!
    This game looks soooooooo good. it looks like its going to be really big. ive played all 3 of the past monkey islands and i dont think i need to say anymore than that it KICKS!...more info
  • has it's flaws but it continues the Monkey island legacy
    I loved the original monkey island games when they were 2-d and voiceless, the recent updates including the curse of monkey island, which was amazing, now comes the 4th escape from monkey island. Its enjoyable from every aspect, now with a dandy new, 3D format, Monkey island 4 is a wonderful gaming expierience. The basic story brings the loveable yet goofy Guybrush Threepwood and his newly wed wife Elaine, they return from their honeymoon to find a new governer set to run against Elaine in the upcoming election, and this puts elaine to work on her new campaign (...), yet bluntly, this opposing governer turns out to be the dreaded ghost pirate Le'chuck, who is planning to take over the seven seas with the ultimate insult. So in light of the return of Le'chuck, Guybrush sets out on another journey to find the ultimate insult and finally put le'chuck to his demise. The only drawback of this game, is the monkey combat, it gets really annoying after a while and i admit I took a break from the game for almost a month because of it, yet I returned to it and realized the simplicity of it. You have to remember that ,this game takes a bit of time to conquer if you do not have the strategy guide, but other than the monkey combat aspect, this game kicks major ass! its an essential for any Monkey island fan.


    November 3, 2003...more info

  • escape from monkey island
    Playing the Sims in German is better than playing this game. Talk about convaluted. Save your money on this one. Art work and graphics are it's only savers....more info
  • Great fun
    I thought this game was a lot of fun. The acting was superb. You just have to love Guybrush Threepwood's ingenuous charm! The graphics were beautiful. It's almost worth playing just to see the swirly clouds in the sky! I see several reviewers complained about the 3D effects, but I thought they were very well done. The only complaint I agree with is the lack of mouse control. All in all, I highly recommend this game. It's brilliant and made my husband and me laugh out loud quite a lot. Great fun....more info
  • Best game in years
    Monkey Island is the fourth installment in the legendary Monkey Island series and I'm glad to say that this game is a joy to play! The graphics are great, the music amazing and the voice acting perfect, but it's the plot that really makes the game shine. EMI has a sarcastic storyline that throws jabs at the tourist traps we're turning our cities into. That the story is told in an ultra funny way doesn't hurt either. Guybrush is his typical self - a dimwit who most likely would make an over-complicated project out of tying his shoes. All in all I would recommend this game to anyone who likes devious puzzles, great humor and wonderful storylines. A must have!...more info
  • What a surprise!
    I'd never really been all that keen on the Adventure game genre, up until yesterday -- the turning point was when I was over at a friend's house, watching his son play Escape from Monkey Island. What a blast! I went directly out and bought a copy for myself, and was up until 5:00AM playing.

    I used to think that adventure games were not involved enough -- there was just never enough depth in most of the ones I'd played. But this one is great on so many different levels -- story, humour, puzzles, dialog, voice acting, graphics (okay, the graphics aren't exactly cutting edge, but the setting really drew me in). I have developed an affinity with the main character.

    According to my friend, most of the LucasArts adventure games are as fun as this one, and the reason the adventure genre is supposedly dead, is because at one point the market was saturated with FMV garbage (probably the stuff I had played).

    If EMI is any indication of how fun LucasArts adventure games are, I'm going to have to buy a bunch more -- let my wife knock on the computer room door all she wants, but I'm not coming out for at least a year! :-)...more info

  • Hilarious, smart, and thoroughly enjoyable.
    I absolutely adore this game. I remember my brother playing it when it first came out and only just unearthed it from the depths of my closet a couple years ago. The moment I began playing it I decided I loved it.

    The game itself is not easy, but not too difficult either. Solutions to puzzles and the items that are able to be combined just add to the creativeness and humor of the game. I could quote Guybrush for months. ("That's our bedroom. Oh yeah.")

    It's not a childish game by any means and was not intended to be, but it's fun for people of any age. The graphics are not bad at all for their time, and the gameplay and storyline are beyond enjoyable. It got quite a bit of stick for Monkey Kombat, but I also adored that aspect of the game. I thought it was a fun, if not necessary, way to move the game along.

    All in all, I recommend this game be purchased, played, and then played again....more info
  • If you aren't already going to buy it, try the demo
    If you are stuck on whether or not to buy this the demo, it will definatly make you want to buy it...more info
  • More Monkey Fun
    This game was very cute and a good follow-up to the last game. We did experiance technical difficulties with the game, but in the end got it to work just fine. The humor is a little different than the last game, and there wasn't enough Murray in it in my opinion, but the puzzles were still of the same quality as the last game. I thought the game was very easy to control. People have just gotten too used to the mouse. Don't listen the them. This game was easy to use....more info
  • Can't Go Wrong With Monkey Island
    I've been following the Monkey Island series since it's debut. Needless to say, I have extreme respect for Lucas Arts and their work. This is a series that I have enjoyed more with each addition to the line. For past Monkey fans, the largest change will be the conversion to the 3D engine. My biggest caveat is the navigation system, it's keyboard only. Having said that, I found it to be usable, yet it is a far cry from the extremely pleasent and functional point and click system of Curse of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 3). Having acknowledged this, the game is up to Monkey Island standards, and immerses you in the satirical world of Guybrush Threepwood, famous pirate. As always, Guybrush blunders his way through the game, with peril nipping at his feet.

    For Monkey fans and new players alike, this series is already a classic, pick up Lucas Arts' new star....more info

  • Enjoyable but occasionally frustrating adventure game
    I'm old enough to remember the Atari ST in the late 80s early 90s and I was vaguely aware of The Secret Of Monkey Island, but Escape is the only one of the series that I've played, so I'm not going to compare it to any other. With that qualification in mind...

    I enjoyed this game. At times, very much. But there were also times when I was thinking. "Euurghh I'm really starting to dislike this" I'll list the things I didn't like firstly, to get the unpleasntness over.

    - Control is annoying. Guybrush is controlled much like a 3rd person action game, he can walk run anywhere within the games boundaries. Running however has an annoying tendency to bounce him righ back in the opposite direction when he hits a boundary. When he sees objects of interest, it's name appears at the bottom of the screen, but these have a tendency to appear and disappear rapidly depending on whether Guybrush is exactly in the right zone of detection and moving him in just the slightest direction near a busy item hotspot can make the multiple choice tree flash on and off like disco lights. There are also seperate controls for look, pick up and use items and it's not an easy task to program a controller and remember all the buttons. Even at the end of the game I still hadn't gotten the hang of using items in my inventory.

    - Some puzzles are just too obscure. Although few seem totally inconprehensible in retrospect I don't see many people completing this without a walktrough. I'll give just one to illustrate.....*Spoiler warning*........... To win a diving competition you need a dunce cap, to reduce your splash, and you need to put some half chewed salmon bagle in your opponents seal oil which will attract seagulls and disturb his dive. Although in hindsight they may make some obscure sense, in the game you'd have a hard job figuring out that the dunce cap in the school is actually wearable and would reduce splashing when diving. And you would also have to know that lox is salmon and making the connection between the bagle and the seal oil is just too much for the average gamer. *end of spoiler*

    - I found the superfluous items a bit annoying after a while. 2 hours into the game you *know* that looking at most item will merely produce a mildly amusing remark from Guybrush, so the search for items becomes slightly annoying.

    - There is a combat mini game which requires you to a make a note of winning move combinations. It's different every game so you can't consult a walkthrough. I enjoyed it, but it's fairly hard work and might drive off the casual gamer

    -The in joke references to previous characters from the series went over my head as I didn't know who they were.

    -And maybe it was just me but the game was just too short. I completed it in 3 days of intense play (admittedly with a walkthrough at about a third of the puzzles) but I'd read that it was a huge game.

    However despite all that I'm glad I played to the end. Regardless of the annoyances the Monkey Island world is often tremendous fun to be in. The look is somewhat cartoony with odd angled buildings and curly moonlit clouds. The voice acting is uniformly convincing, and the soundtrack is excellent. Some of the puzzles are quite clever and very satisfying when you solve them. And isn't the fact that I wanted to see more after I finished proof enough that the game world is enticing? Above all the Monkey Island world is charmingly silly and is, in the end, great "escapist" entertainment....more info
  • Play the demo and you will believe.
    Escape form Monkey Island is very impressive. Not in graphics, but in the quality of writing(although the graphics are amazing). If yo have any doubts to the game, download the demo. It is almost 120MB, but it is worth the wait considering the game isn't coming out for another three weeks. The transition is seamless and the dialogue is funny. You probably hear whining about how it is keyboard only. I played with a joystick and it was really easy. Sure to be a classic like the other three before it....more info
  • I love Monkey Island! No matter what!
    I loved MI4 just as much as the other ones. I didn't notice Elaines voice change(I know there was one), it didn't matter to me... I was always used to reading through everything in MI1 and MI2. But I would have to agree with everyone else on one thing, please change the graphics back to 2d, just like MI3! I LOVED THOSE GRAPHICS! People don't want reality MI, they want the good ole fashion cartoon MI! Lucas Arts needs to make a MI5, I would buy it the second it came to stores. I just hope they make it in 2d graphics, I think everyone will agree with me on that. The scenery is beautiful and the colors almost jump out of the monitor at you! But I still loved MI4! I am a loyal fan!...more info
  • it's no Grim Fandango.
    One thing's for sure, this game wouldn't have been as half as enjoyable if I hadn't played the previous versions of Monkey Island because of the inside jokes and re-encountering old characters.

    It has very funny parts (I mean, really laughing out loud parts), but the game is not an improvement from what was Curse of Monkey Island. I remember enjoying 'Curse' a whole lot more--not to mention Grim Fandango (the best adventure game i have ever played, by the way from LucasArts too and in 3-D). If you've played Grim Fandango you'll have no problem with character movement. I don't know why people can't figure it out so easily.

    Technologically, I did have a few problems with the game. It froze once, but I had it saved so no prob. What really got on my nerves was the memory recovery for H.T. part (you'll know when you get there) which didn't work even though I had done every necessary steps. I had to redo all over that part of the game and surprisingly it worked then. **Advice: keep a bunch of saved games cause it does have it's glitches.**

    I should've waited 'til this one was in the 'Outlet'. I think it's the last time before I buy a no-review new release just based on the series reputation....more info