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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars
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Product Description

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the lowest-profile Trek series, and that worked to its benefit. It was able to tackle such subjects as racism and war crimes, and was the only Trek property to boldly feature an all-out interstellar war. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dominion Wars brings the massive war between the Federation (and Klingons) against the evil Dominion (and Cardassians) thrillingly to life.

Billed as a real-time strategy game, Dominion Wars lets you point and click a fleet of up to six hand-chosen captains and vessels through 10 missions and plenty of multiplayer action. You don't have direct control of ship weapons like you do in Interplay's excellent Starfleet Command series; in this game, your captains fire however they see fit. But you do control some ships' systems (scanners, transporters, shields, etc.,), and you have pinpoint control over the camera, which showcases the game's greatest strength: graphics.

The exact visuals don't sell the game, the presentation does. It's undeniably exciting to watch a fleet of Federation ships, flanked by sleek Klingon Birds of Prey, all firing photon (or quantum) torpedoes and phasers into the sides of swift-moving Dominion ships and fishlike Cardassian warships--all with the Bajoran wormhole and the titular space station as a backdrop. The strategy has you using command points you've earned to draft fleets, captains, and special weapons. Additionally, the game ships with the full version of Starship Creator: Warp II. You can build your own ships and captains and import them into the game.

Sadly, this game was let out of dry dock a little early, and is saddled with numerous bugs and problems. Be sure to beam up the latest patch from --Bob Andrews


  • Great graphics and camera system
  • Thrilling combat and a decent story line
  • Some severe bugs and stability problems

The Dominion War rages! Now you can take command of Federation, Klingon, Cardassian, and Dominion fleets and get right into the battle. No base building, no resource gathering--just unprecedented access to all facets of space combat.

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dominion Wars, you'll command up to six ships simultaneously. Select from more than 20 different starship classes, including several original, never-before-seen ship designs. Choose a captain for each ship. Groom your captains as they move through progressive missions. Establish the crew for each mission--including engineering, security, and bridge personnel. Fully control each ship. Execute sensor sweeps and space scans, allocate power to shields and engines, identify threats, and deploy weapons. Transport crew members for boarding and conquering enemy ships.

Join in multiplayer online gameplay for up to eight players. Play as any one of the four races in such scenarios as Open Space Deathmatch, Deathmatch with Asteroids, Planets, Nebulae, and Starbase Attack/Defend. You can also import ships from Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp 2, included in the box. Design Defiant-class, Galaxy-class, Akira-class, and Klingon B'Rel-class Birds of Prey, then fly them in multiplayer Dominion Wars battles.

Customer Reviews:

    I will only say that I've never played a worse game in my life. I'm a huge ST fan but this software creation (if that's what it can be called) is a smack across the face. To be more specific...
    Highly unstable with countless software glitches, the game isn't even ripe for a beta test. Crashes, so-called patch releases that don't address problems (or vaguely so), and nearly nonexistent customer service shows that the developers were entirely money-oriented and tried to sell the title rather than to publish a product worthy of adulation. As far as content, game's simplicity is intolerably cruel. A deceiving 3D but in reality a 2D space is a major flaw, not to mention the by far imperfect adherence to the cannon starship specifications and in-game texturing. All you'll do as a "captain" is give one simple order and then sit back and relax while watching your ship(s) make repetitive and boring semi-circular motions which are supposed to be strategic maneuvers. Essentially, you do nothing and the game nearly plays itself.
    Do yourself a favor and forget ordering it. You'll save yourself a great deal of frustration....more info
  • Excellent Game
    Very good game. Enjoyable. Can be played on non graphics card enable PCs but very slowly with alot of ram. It would be slugish on missions with nebulas. Computers with Graphics card, will will be very good. On my cheap ATI Xpert 128 32mb card, it ran very well except for slugish controls and stretching ships when engaging warp drive.I liked the graphics and playability. It's cross between Armada and Starfleet Command. They could have added more ship controls like in Starfleet Command though. It is worth the money....more info
  • This game stinks
    I bought this game because it was Star Trek. Also, it CLAIMED that it would work right on Windows 98. But, NO, when I first played it, it crashed, then when I went to XP, it worked but the cursor was slow as heck. Then, I went looking for the patch I needed, and it wasn't there, however there were what looked like dozens of other patches there. It was obsolete, they said. Well I guess I bought the game too late to get the patch then huh? Other than that, it's a good game (if it would work).
    If you want to try it, go right ahead....more info
  • Fun Game, Very Buggy, This Price is bogus
    The game is fun, but extremely buggy. The company gave up supporting it only a few months after its release. They never did produce any decent patches to fix the bugs.

    ......more info

  • Way too buggy, et. al.
    This is a very nice looking game, but it's way too buggy, and after you've beaten the main missions (took me about three days of extremely relaxed gameplay), you might as well throw the thing away. One nice thing is that you are supposed to be able to import a ship created with the included edition of Starship Creator Warp 2, but dang it! the game was so friggin buggy, I never even tried. A skirmish mode, a la SFC, would have been *very* nice here; what would have been nicer would have been more thorough support....more info
  • Good start, but not much replay value
    This game was a great game. It had a great story line for the Federation and dominion. It provided you with a what-if story if the federation had lost. The importing ships from creator was a nice touch. you could upgrade the ships, import them, and watch them fight in instant action, and if you have an endless supply of credits in creator warp 2, and upgraded your ship well, you can watch it take on the entire AI fleet. However if the ship importing doesn't work, the replay value severly diminishes. plus the fact that most people and companies sell programs that need Xp, and newer programs, and owning an Xp, (i had 2000 before so that's how i played the game) It will be about impossible to play Dominion wars on it. So if you have an old computer with 2000 or lower, and have some free time, it's great, but otherwise, it's a game that will sink into the past....more info
  • too many bugs equals too much frustration
    Beautiful graphics (if you can get the game to run) and fun scenarios (if you don't have to repeatedly reload the game due to lock ups). Talk about frustration. Okay, I didn't spend last years salary on a computer but give me a break. System requirements should include 'state of the art computer with a separate room for the graphics card and RAM.'...more info