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Disney's 102 Dalmatians Activity Center
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Product Description

Have a Howlin' Good Time with Disney's 102 Dalmatians!

Product Information

Disney Interactive's, 102 Dalmatians Activity Centerbrings the beloved new generation of puppies to life through lots of spots of game play experiences that have something for everyone - arcade action for fast-paced fun, logic games to challenge your wits, and creative activity to let your imaginationrun wild.

Activities Include

Virtual adopt-a-puppy
Choose an adorable pup to be your companion as you tour international parks from London to Tokyo!

Race to feed all 102 hyperactive and hungrypuppies before they mob the kitchen!

Operation: Dalmatian
Gather clues from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang to help find the stolen puppies!

Main Map
Utilize the main map to access different activities, identify localmonuments and learn fun facts!

In Le Pelt's bakery, save all 102 puppies from Cruella and her evil gang by using different weapons like frosting, butter or the jelly squirter.

Product Features

  • Choose from four adorable, virtual puppies to be your companion at international parks.
  • In the Pup Art Gallery, you can make works of art with both classical and contemporary creations.
  • Get clues from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang to find the stolen puppies!
  • In Le Pelt's Bakery, you must help Oddball collect all the puppies before the evil Cruella, Alonso or Le Pelt capture her.
  • Race to fee all 102 hyperactive and hungry puppies before they devour the kitchen in Chow Time.

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me
  • 166MHz Pentium class processor or faster
  • 32MB of RAM or greater
  • 60MB of free Hard Disk spac

    Exploring London and Paris to find 102 missing Dalmatian puppies is quite an adventure; kids dodge Cruella, Le Pelt, and Alonso while playing zany, multilevel games and learning about historic spots.

    This CD-ROM is extremely kid-friendly. Kids ages 4 through 8 navigate the main screen using a giant puppy paw as a cursor. However, one of the games, Adopt a Puppy, requires Internet connectivity and parental supervision since kids download up to six "international online parks" as they progress through the game.

    Whether children print postcards from around the world or learn the responsibilities of adopting a virtual puppy, they'll get to practice their problem-solving skills while trying to make all 102 Dalmatians happy. Our favorite game in Disney's 102 Dalmatians Activity Center is Verdogo, a fast-paced arcade-style maze where kids travel through pneumatic tubes, rotating pans, ladders, and moving belts to find wayward pups while avoiding Alonso, Le Pelt, and Cruella.

    Another challenging game, Chow Time, has kids slinging dog food while getting great practice using the arrow keys and space bar to make sure none of the pups goes hungry. For creative kids, the Pup Art Gallery will provide hours of fun while kids study the masters of "pup" art. Children can create their own art by choosing from a variety of backgrounds and character stickers from the movie.

    Finally, kids get a chance to play detective in Operation: Dalmatian, a mind-bending logic game. Children can play this interactive, top-secret mission and apply deductive reasoning skills as they collect clues to find the Top Dog. (Ages 4 to 8) --Tina Velgos

    Disney's 102 Dalmatians Activity Center stars all the puppies you can handle. Starting with Adopt-a Puppy, you can pick out a virtual pet to help you along on your adventures. Next, in Pup Art Gallery, make a masterpiece in the museum, where the famous Dogue magazine is created, using original movie backgrounds or the latest in puppy fashions, characters, textures, and colors. Gather clues in Top Dog from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang to find their leader and free the puppies. Once in the bakery, save the puppies from becoming pup-cakes in Dog-O-Matic. There's even more fun in Supper Bowl Champions: you must feed all 102 Dalmatians before they devour Cruella DeVil's kitchen.

  • Have a Howlin' Good Time with Disney's 102Dalmatians! Product Information Disney Interactive's, 102 Dalmatians Activity Center brings the beloved newgeneration of puppies to life through lots of spots of game play experiencesthat have something for everyone - arcade action for fast-paced fun, logic gamesto challenge your wits, and creative activity to let your imagination run wild. Activi

Customer Reviews:

  • Big problems with this game.
    This game is getting a very high rating by reviewers. Problem is, the reviews shown are NOT for this game! Many reviews are talking about teaching typing, coloring dalmations, etc. None of that applies to The Emperor's New Groove. There apparently are other versions of "Activity Centers", and reviews shown are for them.

    Emperor's New Groove doesn't run on Windows XP, not even in compatability mode. I downloaded the patch required, and parts run, but not all. And the parts that run are very dull for anyone over about the age of 4. I got the game for our 6 year old, and it's not in the slightest bit challenging or entertaining. One of the game sections won't run at all, even with the patch. Even if this game ran perfectly, it would bore a normal 5 yr. old, so I can't imagine how they rated it for up to age 8.

    I don't think Amazon should be selling this. Come on, how many people haven't ugraded since Windows 98? The only kids who would enjoy this game probably live in a third world country where computers and possibily electricity are novel inventions. Amazon and/or Disney should check into donating the games they have left....more info
  • "Verdogo" Rocks!!!
    I had loads of fun while playing "Disney's Activity Center: 102 Dalmatians"-well, at least while playing "Verdogo", a fast-paced arcade game! You play as Oddball-that cute, little, spotless pup from the film-and help her make her way through Le Pelt's Bakery to save all 102 dalmatian pups! Along the way she'll need to climb up ladders, slide through tubes, ride on moving belts, jump on elevators, and, of course, dodge nasty Cruella and her gang of puppy nappers! Great graphics and hip music make this game even more entertaining!

    When your done with "Verdogo", you might want to "Adopt-a-Puppy"! Players get to choose one of four cute pups and give them a name (I named mine "Ace"), then take them to one of six international parks. To encourage replay value, you get the parks one at a time. You also get cool toys, like a frisbee that you can really throw for your pup to catch!

    Okay, I've told you what's good about this game. Now I'll tell you what's not.

    Well, for starters, there's "Operation: Dalmatian", a logic game where you ask Waddlesworth The Parrot (Aka, The Rottweiler), questions to help you find the "Top Dog". It's fun on 2 player mode, but on one player mode, it's really, really, BORING!!! Another flop is the "Pup Art Gallery", a poorly designed art activity with not nearly enough stickers and backgrounds! And once you feed all 102 hungry puppies in "Chow Time", it gets easy and repeatitive fast (though those little pups do look really cute as they eat their dog food).

    Oh well. At least "102 Dalmatians" has one really entertaining game, and four others that are fairly entertaining, as well. It will certainly satisfy young fans of the film, but may disappoint those who might expect a little more from Disney. 4 OUT OF 5!...more info

  • Good, but only up to Win98
    I got this for my children and it seemed great. Very shortly thereafter I retired the old PC they were using and upgraded (to a PIII 500) so I could safely give them limeted Internet access. Part of that upgrade was to use Win2K Pro for web security. None of their Disney CDs are compatible above Win98. Good software but incompatible in the new millenium. "Disney... surely you can do better than this." (And please do.)...more info
  • This is the best...
    This is the best typing program ever!! I loved that they used Timon and Pumbaa. It was so fun and entertaining for us kids, well still teaching us. I learned to type in a week or two because I could not stop playing it, it was so fun!!...more info
  • Didn't install right, the games aren't very fun
    This did not install on my kids' computer, which is Win98, and only installed on my work computer (not great). Of course, I had already opened it, so returning it wasn't worth the possible hassle. At any rate, I thought the games were not imaginative and the navigation was poor, so it was tough for my kids to get around and figure out where the games even were. Plus, the skill level required for the different "sub-games" is pretty divergent....more info
  • YAY!!!
    I love it! The best part in this game is the coloring studio. The dalmatians look good if you put more spots on them or black. This needs a sequel, only it will let you draw spots on the puppies.

    :)...more info
  • I must be a sucker to buy Disney software!!
    My very bright 5 year old was bored after the first 30 minutes. The games are not much fun, and my son was very disappointed....more info