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I Spy School Days
List Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Windows 98 & Mac OS 9.x

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun to play; challenging (review by 8 yr old)
    I've had this I Spy for a long time. I played it a lot and had a lot of fun, and I still like to play it once in a while. My favorite level is "Block City After the Paper Hurricane". I like it because it's the most challenging level of all of the Block Cities, and I like challenges! My Mom thinks the I Spy books and computer games are a great value for the money, because my friends and I play them over and over, and the images are spectacular!...more info
  • I spy school days! FUN!!!
    Just a great fun game with so many rooms and levels. My 7 year old loves it and it helps in learning to concentrate! I like watching her play. There is a room where she can make her own clues for an I spy game. How fun is that and gives a child the room to invent and create!! Buy!! ...more info
  • Great game that is educational too!
    My 4 year old loves this game and I don't feel bad if she sits and does it for a while because it is educational as well. I was worried that it may be too hard for her since she is under the recommended age but she has not had a problem with it at all. In fact, she has discovered things on it that we didn't even know about. ...more info
  • I Spy Addict
    The I Spy Series of books and software are a very good learing tool for all ages. It keeps my grandson who is 3, busy, interested while he is learning for hours at a time....more info
  • Deceptive, Not Really Compatible With Windows XP
    Although this product claims to be XP-compatible, it doesn't really work unless you first change your system settings to run in Windows 98 compatibility mode, and set virtual memory settings back to 200MB. Even though the outer box says Windows XP, copyright dates inside the jewel case make it obvious this is really pre-XP software that has not been updated.

    Since we use our computer for other things besides games, the only way my son can play is to wait for 5-10 minutes' worth of switching to an admin user account, changing memory settings, then restarting the computer. When he finishes, we have to put the memory settings back again so we can use the computer for other things....more info
  • Scholastic "I SPY" CD-ROM
    If your child likes the books, he/she will love the CD-ROM. The great thing is that it is interactive so it's not pure sit back entertainment. The only negative thing is once they have mastered all the things, it becomes boring. That's O.K. if the price remains reasonable....more info
  • Not compatible with Windows XP
    Please use caution when purchasing this product. It is labeled Windows XP Compatible, but it is not. You have to reconfigure your entire system to get the software to work. Once you change your settings, then the software is great and my son loves it. I wish I could explain what you have to do to your computer to get School Days to work, but I had to consult with my brother who is a computer technician...I followed his instructions which were very complicated. He even had to search on google to find out how to fix the error message that kept popping up every time we tried to play it....more info