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Lowepro Topload Zoom Mini Camera Bag (Black)
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $14.80

You Save: $5.19 (26%)


Product Description

Many camera bag manufacturers rely on looks rather than function when designing their products. The Lowepro TLZMINI-B reflects a change in that kind of thinking. Not only is this bag attractive, with it's rugged material & stunning black color, but this bag is also extremely functional. It features a main compartment that fits an SLR camera with a short zoom lens comfortably & securely. The top-loading design allows you to easily retrieve your camera at a moment's notice.

Don't let the size of this tiny top-loading camera bag fool you. This take-along easily carries a small SLR with a short lens, multiple rolls of film (in the outer pocket), and accessories (in the inner laminated mesh pocket). Slip it onto your belt or carry it over your shoulder.

  • Top-load style
  • Shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Holds small SLR camera with lens (15mm-80mm)
  • Internal dimensions: 6 by 4 by 6.5 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Too small - not enough padding
    After my Nikon D40 was in it I felt that it wasn't protected enough. It was so small and snug that the minimal padding seemed useless....more info
  • Great Bag, Wrong Size
    I had to return the camera case because my Canon 40D with the kit lens (28-135mm) was about a half an inch too long to fit in the bag. The case appeared to have great construction and I loved the size and style. I actually jumped over to an M-Rock Teton which fits perfectly. Although it doesn't have the Lowepro name, it has the same features with similar durability....more info
  • Just right camera bag
    Bag was perfect for my Lumix DMZ28. Also holds extra SD card, battery recharger, extra battery, computer cable, and lens cleaner pen. Zipper rather than plastic clip, so won't break. ...more info
  • Great "little" bag
    I got this for my Nikon D40 and it is a nice, snug fit with the 18-55mm lens. However, I recently upgraded to a different lens and it no longer fits in the bag. I really like the compact size of the bag; it is well padded and really protects the camera; and has ample storage space for a spare battery and additional memory cards....more info
  • Very excellent
    My digital camera Nikon D60 that fit prefect!! Nice and comfortable. Suggest it for you better. ...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I recieved the camera bag quickly and it was exactly what I was looking for....more info
  • Nikon D40 case
    My Nikon D40 fits perfectly in this case with the kit lens on. It's well padded and has two pockets for storing lens protector, extra battery, memory card, etc. I just returned from a trip with this case and it was very handy. The Nikon camera strap doesn't fit neatly when in a rush but I'm making due just leaving it hanging out on side after zipping it up....more info
  • Camera glove
    I have a NIkon D40 with the default lens. It just fits into the bag, lens down, and some maneuvering is required to get the camera strap in neatly so the bag can be zipped closed. The camera bag can either be carried by its handle or with an easy on-off shoulder strap. It seems to be sturdy, well padded and reasonably well made. It protects the camera, but that's about it. For $19.99 it's a good deal. ...more info
  • A Break from Black!
    Fits the Canon Rebel Digital SLR nicely, but not much more. Has Zipper areas for extra memory cards or like items....more info
  • Close, but not for mid-size telephoto lens
    The bag is of decent quality and should fit the average slr/digital slr with a fixed or very short length telephoto lens. For my D200 with the 18x200 telephoto lens it was just not deep enough. I would also question whether you can use it with the MB-D200 added on the bottom....more info
  • Great little bag
    I got this bag along with my new Nikon D40. The camera with 18-55mm lens attached fits perfectly with about 3/4" to spare. I also got the 55-200mm VR lens and the D40 with this lens attached also fits in the bag, but it's tight. Since I normally keep the 18-55mm lens on the camera, I purchased the Lowepro Lens Case 1 to hold the 55-200mm and strapped it to the shoulder strap of the Topload Zoom Mini. ...more info
  • My Nikon D40x fits great!
    This is my second Lowepro camera bag, the first being the Lowepro Micro Trekker 100 backpack. Needless to say, I've been very pleased with my first bag and that is what prompted me to by this mini camera bag.

    I love the compact size and the convenience of this bag. Its the right size for a small SLR such as the Nikon 40x which I own. The padding is sufficient and I feel my camera is secure inside the bag. The front pouch has plenty of room for memory cards but it doesn't hold my Nikon Li-ion charger which is a little disappointing. Overall I would give it an A-grade for its size and the security it provides....more info
  • Fits xti real well.
    i bought a canon xti about a year ago and needed a new bag to carry it in. this bag holds the camera great and the straps fit well....more info
  • Great bag for the right lens/camera combo (e.g. 30D and 28-135IS)
    This bag is perfect if you have the right cam/lens combo. a 30D and a 28-135 lens fit in this bag perfectly. A larger camera body or lens would not work. In fact, the lens hood won't fit in the bag, but I put it on the shoulder strap which works fine. I don't know Nikkon lenses/bodies but I would guess a canon 5d would also fit in here and of course the smaller XT/XTI bodies would also work.

    The 28-135 is a great walk around lens and it's really nice to have a bit of protection for it as you are out and about....more info
  • Too Small for Nikon D40
    I purchased this at the same time that I purchased the NikonD40. This bag is a tight fit for this camera with the standard lens - if I get a longer lens at some point I will definitely need to get a new camera bag....more info
  • Nice compact bag
    I usually have this inside my backpack so I appreciate its nice small size. It's a little snug on a couple of my lenses but I don't mind that too much. The front pouch is big enough to fit a lens pen, usb cable and any other small accessories you may want to carry. My camera is a Canon XS which is one of the smaller DSLRs out there. If you have a bigger camera, this probably wouldn't be a good bag for you....more info
  • Just big enough
    I have a Canon XSi and its just enough for the XSi and kit lens. Its good for me because I dont like holding onto too many things when I travel....more info
  • Camera bag
    This bag is well made and fits my Nikon D50 perfectly. The straps are fairly easy to adjust. It is comfortable to wear around the neck also....more info
  • Great Product
    I thought this bag wasn't going to be a good buy because it was part of a package.But it turned out to be a great deal....more info
  • great series of bags for the lightweight shooter
    I own one each of the TLZ mini, TLZ 1, and TLZ 2. They are great walk-around bags. The mini is perfect for my Nikon D40 with the attached kit lens and a lens pen. I expect it would work well with any similar small DSLR and lens combo....more info
  • Fits the Nikon D-40 like a glove
    Got a D-40, need a travel bag and don't want to spend a fortune? Then buy this. Easy huh?...more info
  • Just right camera bag
    Bag was perfect for my Lumix DMZ28. Also holds extra SD card, battery recharger, extra battery, computer cable, and lens cleaner pen. Zipper rather than plastic clip, so won't break. ...more info
  • Snug Bag.
    This is a nice bag to keep a compact DSLR in. It has just enough room for my D40 camera and strap in the main section while a spare battery and lens pen is in the outside pocket. It is tight to fit the strap in however it feels secure in the case. I would have to get a larger one if I upgrade my lens over the 17-55 I have now.

    I feel the cushioning is quite good for the bag and it is just great for a person who wants to travel light....more info
  • Nice Case, Doesn't Quit Fit Nikon D80 With 18-200 VR Lens
    This is a well designed minimalist type case that I would love to use except that It doesn't quite fit my Nikon D80 with my favorite lens the 18-200 AF VR lens. It would work with any of the stock 18-55 or shorter lenses. The D40 works fine in this case too. It's well made, too bad it isn't a couple of inches longer!...more info
  • Not Quite Big Enough for D90 with 18-105 Zoom
    Short and sweet - a very nice camera case that is just about 1/2" too short for the D90 with 18-105 zoom. It is a very nice fit for the camera body and would be great with a shorter lens. The various pouches are useful. Too bad! The actual inside dimensions are closer to 4.0h x 5.5w x 5.5d....more info
  • Good Camera Bag
    Camera bag is good for camera only. No real room for anything else. Good length strap and provides good cushion for camera. Standard length lens only, don't try to fit a medium to large zoom lens. Very good for taking to the beach or for nature walks....more info
  • Perfectly sized for a Nikon D40/D40x/D60
    With the standard 18-55mm (non-VR) kit lens + filter my Nikon D40 fits snugly inside. The construction is what you'd expect from LowePro, bulletproof and well-padded. With minor effort, the charger fits in the outer pocket. This case works well either over-the-shoulder or on a belt or backpack loop.

    Note: If the lens was more than 1/2" longer this case probably wouldn't work....more info
  • ideal for fz28
    i can fet very well my lumix fz 28 with the lens hood put on. i has a couple of compartments, it's just the ideal, a little big thoug, but good enough...more info
  • As always LowPro delivers
    This is an excellent bag. High value for money. Fits my D40x perfectly with a standard lens. 18-55mm. I have also used it with my 18-135mm and the fit is still OK. Pockets for extra stuff like mem-cards, filters etc. ...more info
  • Perfect Fit
    This is a perfect fit for a Nikon D40 w/ an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens. Even has enough room to tuck in the camera's strap....more info
  • Great bag
    Roomy and padded bag, with a great zipper pocket in the front for storage, and a small storage pouch inside the top cover.
    Very light and comfortable. Easy to carry on shoulder, or hook on belt.
    Good product, priced well....more info
  • Good deal for a reasonable price
    Bought this for Nikon D40 and its a perfect fit. Comfortably holds the D40 and its kits lens with the Nikon strap inside. Holds the SD card in the inside pouch and the spare battery in the outside pouch.

    Cant hold the charger and its cord though. But with a spare battery and with Nikon's efficiency you dont have to charge quite often so its not a great minus....more info