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Clifford The Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures
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Product Description

Clifford The Big Red Dog - Thinking Adventures

It's Clifford the Big Red Dog's birthday, and Emily Elizabeth has a long list of tasks to accomplish before she can throw a party for her colossal canine pal. As the original "big dog" wreaks havoc--then comes to the rescue--throughout this program, it's easy to see why the affable Clifford has been a hit with early readers for nearly four decades. Kids strengthen recall, problem-solving, and creativity skills as they travel through town with Emily Elizabeth and Clifford, getting ready for the party.

The program begins with the efficient Emily Elizabeth explaining all that needs to be done to prepare for the party: groom Clifford, decorate a birthday cake, pick up a present from the post office, build a birthday-dog collar, and clean up the backyard. As the duo sets out to accomplish these tasks, guided by your child, unplanned events and Clifford-caused accidents throw them off task, giving them additional problems to solve. A knocked-over grocery display case must be put back together before decorating the birthday cake, the needed package isn't at the post office, and the only dog groomer in town refuses to service the gigantic specimen. This program does a great job of encouraging the nonlinear thinking that's sometimes necessary to get through real life.

There are seven places to visit and explore in town, ranging from the beach to the home of the crotchety Bleakmans, elderly neighbors with a large swimming pool (hint, hint). In addition to the overall task of figuring out how to get ready for the big bash, there are also eight activities that can be played using three difficulty levels. One of the standouts is a game in which Clifford must deliver cars safely home after causing a traffic jam; it teaches spatial reasoning and how to follow directions, and there's just something delightful about seeing Clifford with a minivan in his mouth. Other activities range from purely creative (decorating the cake, grooming Clifford) to the game-like (helping Clifford dodge seaweed and refuel by eating fish sticks as he swims out to sea to rescue a doggy pal). The overall concept of the program is stronger than the individual games--a 6-year-old game whiz may find that Clifford moves a bit too slowly. We think disciples of the Big Red Dog will love it, as it features everything from Clifford's helpful heroism to Emily Elizabeth's odd circular kneecaps. (Ages 4 to 6) --Anne Erickson

This is another first-class CD-ROM in a series of wonderfully designed and presented packages from children's publisher Scholastic that feature the voices and characters from the TV series Clifford the Big Red Dog, a character well-loved by children for more than 30 years.

The software is intended for children ages 4 to 6, and the emphasis is on learning through fun. Your child will travel through Clifford's neighborhood on a skill-building journey and attend a fire drill as a volunteer firefighter, change the way Clifford looks, make funny pictures with Clifford and his favorite tree, clean up a food display, play ball, and many more entertaining activities.

Many skills can be learned and honed, including problem solving, logic and reasoning, creativity, classification and sorting of letters, matching, memory, colors and shapes, counting, fine-motor skills, and following directions. There are three adjustable learning levels that automatically adjust according to your child's progress, while still allowing for independent play. The celebration only begins when the kids have everything they need to throw a great BIG party for Clifford. (Games can be also saved, to continue later, and you can print out photos of Clifford.)

The accompanying user's manual is excellent: it is extremely well set out and explains everything from technical support, installation, and the activities, to reporting on a child's progress and troubleshooting, using straightforward, simple language. --Susan Naylor,

Children direct a skill-building journey through Clifford's neighborhood, looking for ways to make his birthday party big fun. Entertaining activities encourage children to use their problem-solving and reasoning skills as well as their imaginations. Kids are part of the action as they track down Clifford's special birthday package, decorate his huge cake, and more.

  • Build Skills on Your Way to Clifford's Big Party! Product Information Clifford The Bit Red Dog may be big and red, but as far as he's concerned he'sjust like any other dog. That's why, when Clifford tries to do what other dogsdo, things can get a little out of hand. Sometimes he gets into trouble.Sometimes he saves the day. Most of the time he has a lot of fun. All of thetime he's a good dog

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game!
    I have to agree with the other reviewers! My 3 year old has been enjoying this game for months. It has a good variety of activities, and really keeps her interest. I highly recommend this software!...more info
  • Everyone loves Clifford!
    And this software program allows kids to help Clifford and Emily get ready for Clifford's birthday party. There are activities for creativity, problem solving, puzzles, eye-hand coordination & organizing. It truly does get kids to think. The difficulty levels provide great variety. My 3 year old can handle the lowest level while the hardest gets me thinking. And each time you play, the games and activities change a little to provide plenty of variety at each level. This one has a long useful life of entertainment to provide....more info
  • Great over and over
    "It is really good" says my almost-7-year-old daughter. She and her twin brother have played this game countless times since we first purchased it over 2 years ago, maybe 3 years. Quite challenging when they were younger and still fun, especially for my daughter. 3 levels of difficulty, quite a few different activities & games, a nice goal at the end (pun intended). Really good for learning basic computer skills as well as logic and problem solving. Once the kids understood how it worked, I never had to help them with it--they could go through the whole game on their own. One of if not the best computer games I've seen for 4-6 year olds....more info
  • Love It
    My 3 year old loves this game. I am surprised to find that I love it as well. She is learning to use the mouse, along with the other skills like matching, memory, and creative problem solving. I love the look on her face when she completes a task. It is the best children's game I have purchased....more info
  • Good program but with a caveat
    Everyone else has covered the positive aspects of the game well.
    The downsides are:
    - children can randomly guess at many things and thus avoid learning
    - one of the rescue portions of the software is really just a video game. We found our kids playing this endlessly and removed the software from their machine. If you don't mind video games or have time to always monitor their play it's not a big deal since it is not a huge part of the software...more info
  • Daughter enjoys it
    My 4 year older daughter loves this game. She is learning and doesn't realize it. The game forces you to think about what needs to be done to complete tasks and has games along the way. Some of the games are just fun and some teach as well....more info
  • the best dog every
    This game is a very good game. It kept my 4 year old busy and he loved to play it...Clifford is one of his favorite cartoon characters. I recomend this game to everyone...more info
  • Surprised and very pleased.
    This is my very first childs software game. I was quite amazed with it. Our 4 yr had never touched a mouse before, yet she (faked) a cry when she had to stop playing after her first 40 minutes. She needed only occasional help learning the game and of course it's even more fun if your nearby to share her excitment at the many surprises presented....more info
  • Does not play on MAC OS X Leopard
    Unfortunately this game is not compatible with the OS X Leopard version (I have not found a way to make it run). I had some trouble figuring out why one game I had purchased ran without problems, the Thinking Adventures though simply did not. It seems to be the age of the game: one is from 2000, whereas the working one is from 2001. Of course the Clifford games are absolutely wonderful for children (my 4-year old is fascinated by them and I am too), but this one is not compatible with my computer so I can't give it 5 stars. It would have been nice to know this beforehand, but I did not see this information advertised anywhere when I placed it in my shopping cart. It says Mac OS X Classic (whatever that may mean), whereas the game which works advertises with running on Mac OS X without an additional word "classic." ...more info
  • Fun for Clifford Fans
    Our four year old granddaughter just loves this Clifford Software. It is challenging and she has fun while learning. I highly recommend it for preschool children!...more info
  • Woof Woof!! Excellent For Kids, Fun For Adults, Too!
    Although Clifford's Thinking Adventures is rated for children ages 4-6, my 3 1/2 has been playing with it, loving it, and learning (without knowing it!) since we received it from Amazon a week ago. There are three difficulty levels, and even on the Easy setting I have been impressed with the level of thinking my daughter has shown in figuring out the puzzles and also in the long term goal of getting Clifford to his birthday party.

    When you play, you first choose 4 jewels for Clifford's collar, which show up along the way as you explore the game and work on the more difficult, multi-part tasks which must be completed before Clifford's birthday party may begin. These tasks involve your putting together various items you find in the game to solve problems. For instance, one of the tasks is for Clifford to get a bath and brush so he will look spiffy for the party. Fair enough, but this task cannot simply be accomplished by going to the dog groomer's shop (Clifford is too big to get through the door!). Later, as the game is played, you will find that the groomer, who previously closed his shop at the mere sight of the humongous Clifford, is taking a balloon ride in the park. What do you do when his balloon gets stuck in the tree and he can't get down? Think think about using that rope ladder we saw earlier by the fire station? When the groomer gets down, he is so greatful that he gives Clifford a grooming kit he can use, if he can find enough water to bathe in. Where is there enough water? Think think think...was that a swimming pool I saw on the map??

    There are plenty of games and puzzles along the way to the party as well. For instance, when Clifford accidentally knocks over the stand in front of the grocery store, you have to piece the broken sign back together (puzzle - spacial relationships) and put the grocery items back on the proper shelves in a certain order (following directions, counting).

    I have noticed that the games and item locations can change from game to game for repeat playability. The game is also automatically saved wherever you happen to be, even if you do not close out of the game properly. This is a nice feature for small kids.

    I have very few criticisms of the game. Actually moving Clifford around on the map in the game where you take people (and their cars) home according to their directions ("I live in the yellow house next to the three apple trees") can be a little bit tricky to master. Also, I first thought that it was a little annoying that the game does not give you a cursor to click until the characters in the scenes stop talking. I now think that this is a good idea, because it forces you to listen and to think about what the characters are saying instead of just clicking away as on an arcade game.

    I changed my sound card a few nights ago, and went into Clifford to test it after my daughter had gone to bed. I ended up playing an entire game myself using one of the more difficult modes. About halfway through my wife walked in and started giving her suggestions over my shoulder. Yes, we really enjoyed Clifford too!...more info

  • Excellent piece of software
    This is one of the best children software around. When I first got my hands on it, I thought I could solve it in Hard mode in a few hours and expected a simple gameplay interface, being a 18-year-old who enjoys reading children's books (including Clifford). I was wrong. I ended up playing with this software for a few days, and the gameplay which requires you to move around from one place to another to solve puzzles is interesting and challenging. When I finally won the game, I decided to have another go. To my surprise, I found that some activities that was available during the last play has become unavailable, and some which was unavailable during the last play become available, just by changing choosing other options during the starting of a new game. This increases the replay value of the software. Couple this with the other fully interactive activities available; some which you can print out the results, eye-catching graphics, a bit of comedy, interactivity, and big red dog and his owner, and you get a time-enduring educational software that you would want to play again and again. The only drawback was the lack of background music during play (this might be a good thing, as voice instructions tend to clash and get distorted with the background music). Overall, this is one of the best educational software I've ever played with. I highly recommend it to any Clifford fan, old or young....more info
  • Great educational CD-rom
    My son loves these CD-roms. He is almost 5 and plays them a lot. He is learning quite a bit. Plus, there are 3 different levels, so as he gets better, he gets more challenged. I'm impressed with this....more info