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Epson T009201 Stylus Photo Color Cartridge
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $20.95

You Save: $9.00 (30%)


Product Description

For use with Epson Stylus Photo 900, 1270, and 1280 Printers / Acid free / 330 page yield @ 5% coverage per color per page

  • Ideal for printing digital photos
  • Lightfast, rated up to 10 years before noticeable fading
  • Yields up to 330 pages
  • Water-resistant, smudge-resistant formula

Customer Reviews:

    Having used ,literally, hundreds of thsi cartridge, I can state with certainity that the generic versions are VASTLY less capable of producing fine photo prints and the generics often fail. They simply do not work.

    Spend a few more bukcs and get original Epson....more info

  • Authentic Epson Ink only!! PROFESSIONAL PRINTER.
    I live in a major Metropolitan city and I am sooo glad that I can get "Authentic Epson" product thru Amazon(instead of Epson "high-priced" web site!) Because all the stores that I go to never seem to carry T009 cartridges. I have tried all those "cheaper" ink cartridges but if you want trouble-free printing, you have to stay with the "Real Thing"! Thanks Again Amazon-you guys are AWESOME!!!...more info
  • epson black ink
    if you are buying ink for the epson 1270/80/90 or other printers that use the t009 cartridge, then you have made a good decision. off brand ink may or may not give you the colors you want. Plus, you will be spending time, plus the cost of the black ink and the photo paper, to figure out whether or not the off brand color ink was a bargain. life is too short to waste your time on this kind of experiment. bite the bullet and buy the real thing....more info
  • Use Epson-the intended.
    For my 1280, I would not use any other brand. The colors are really nice. I have not finished my first set of cartridges yet, but I'm sold-and would not use ANY other but EPSON.

    On Epson's heavyweight matte paper, the prints almost have a velvet like texture-like nothing I had expected (I am pleased). The browns, blues, greens, reds, etc. in my landscapes are very nice-beautiful gradations of color are possible. I do not think I would chance any other brand except Espon-a real winner....more info

  • Easiest way to get good colors with your epson printer
    I'm an illustrator and I sell a lot of prints using my epson 1280. Considering at the time of my purchase the t009 color cart cost more than [X], the t007 more than [X], and paper costs, I was really cutting into by profits. I needed to find a lower cost solution for printing. And after extensive research I found that just sticking with epson cartridges was the best solution for the moment.

    The problem with these epson cartridges is that they have a "smart chip" attached to each cart. These chips allow for real time monitoring of ink usage, but more importantly it prevents you from refilling your cartridge with the third party inks. However, there are many viable solutions to the chip problem like hardware and software chip resetters that resets the chip to full status. With the chip out of the way, you still have the problem of refilling ink with a syringe which is not worth the time nor effort and is very messy.

    Another solution I opted for was to go with third party cartridges. In my experience with these carts I have found that it is really tricky to get as good of colors like epson ones. Sometimes they come out too red or too green. Other times too blue or yellow. The thing is, Epson printers using epson profiles are meant to be used with Epson inks. When they developed these print profiles they were using only Epson inks. That is why you will always get skewed results with any third party ink.

    The ultimate solution to the 3rd party ink problem is to purchase custom profiles or profiling software and install a continuous flow system so that you don't have to mess with refilling ink. It will save you in the long run, but be prepared to plop down a few hundred for the setup. But if you are on a budget, you don't print a hundred prints per month, and want good results, just stick with the original Epson carts. By the way, they're pretty cheap now....more info

  • Shipping charges
    I ordered Epson T009201 ink cartridges a few weeks ago and you had free shipping. I just reordered and was charged shipping. Each order was the same (2) cartridges at 23.14 ea. Is your free shipping another advertising gimmic?...more info
  • How about the companion black ink cartridge T007
    Does it make sense to sell only the color ink cartridge when the printers require black ink cartridges as well? Your customers would be better served if they could buy everthing they need for a given printer from one source....more info
  • Everything I expected....
    I use it on my Epson 1270 and am very pleased with the results. Yeah, it runs out a little too quickly -- but the printer (and ink cartridge) produce incredible images....more info
  • Would rate it better if they were less expensive
    Look, Epson builds the printers and probably takes a loss, and then makes the profit on the expensive inks. So you could save money and get an off-brand ink cartridge, but Epson's inks are better. So for client proofs and presentations, I usually stick with Epson inks. For personal projects (and the kids), I buy off-brand inks. These are bright, clear, stick to the paper evenly and smoothly, and don't fade....more info
  • Like we have a choice?

    Anyway: The color ink qualifies for free shipping, the black does not. Go figure. And if you mix them, the whole order is disqualified from free shipping. ....

    As to quality, please stop groveling over the fact that a printer can print a picture in color. Yes, cheap, great quality printing HAS arrived. Calm down.

    Price: the a-zon matches the lowest available. Yes other place are steeper. No there is no substitute. You use the manufacturers ink and all goes smoothly. Anything else in my 5+ years and thousands of dollars of ink purchasing experience will result in endless cleaning cycles, having to unclog the jets, etc. Don't go there.

    But pullleeease don't grovel...people--its just an ink cartridge....more info

  • Excellent Color
    For the Epson Photo 1270, the photo quality and color are excellent. I have printed digital photos that people cannot believe come from an inkjet printer....more info
  • Disasterous Mistake
    Unfortunately, I must have hit the wrong button and ordered the wrong color cartridge for my Epson printer. I needed a T008 and somehow ordered the T009. Then, I went and opened the box and product before realizing my mistake. Ouch! $25 down the drain and no working printer!!!...more info