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Chamberlain 953CB Security and Garage Door Remote Control
List Price: $37.99

Our Price: $15.99

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Product Description

This three-channel remote works with all Chamberlain "Security+" garage door openers with rolling-code technology. ("Rolling code" means that with every push, the remote transmits a brand new security code-one of over 100 billion codes, none of which is ever repeated, thus foiling "code grabbers.") The 953CB operates up to three garage doors and includes a button for turning garage-door opener lights on and off.

Uses one long-life 12-volt lithium battery (included); a yellow LED indicates battery strength. Compatible with garage door openers with red "learn" button and Chamberlain garage door openers built prior to 1 June, 2005; will replace Chamberlain remote controls with gray buttons. One-year limited warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Remote, 12-volt lithium battery, visor clip

  • Garage door remote control
  • Works with all rolling-code Chamberlain Security+ garage door openers
  • 3 buttons to control up to 3 garage door openers
  • Includes clip for mounting to a car visor
  • 3 by 4 by 1 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Right Remote
    Good clear description by Amazon. Took a minute to sync with the base; works fine....more info
  • They send another model
    They send another model but it also works with my garage motor, But it was a mistake,,,, Forgeting that everything was OK...more info
  • Easy to Program
    I needed another remote for my five-year-old Chamberlain Security+ garage door opener. The 953CB was a snap to program and works great. ...more info
  • worked perfectly
    I bought a foreclosed house, which of course didn't come with the openers. Sears wanted a lot more for their openers. After doing some research I was pretty confident that these would work seeing as though Chamberlain makes Sears product. They did the trick and were easy to program....more info
  • It opens my garage door!
    I accidentally left my old remote control on top of my car while it was raining outside. It died, so I bought this replacement. All I had to do was synch it with my garage door, which consists of pressing a button on the unit in the garage and on the remote. Now, it opens my garage door when I press the button every time!...more info
    I needed to to replace the bad one I had. It was easy to program and worked great!...more info
  • Chamberlain garage door remote control
    I recently bought this security remote through amazon. Overall, i like this device. It works every time you press the button :)
    Only disadvantage of this device is that you should be very close to the garage door to make the remote work. It looks like the remote will work only within 6 ft of the door. ...more info
  • Excellent Controller
    The product arrived on time and safely. It took less than two minutes to set up. The instructions are clear and concise. Make sure that your system has the "Security +" on it to ensure complete compatibility. I also set it up to turn on the light on the garage door opener. Excellent and cheap product. ...more info
  • Works fine
    I have a couple 950CB one button remotes, but after awhile it gets annoying to change them out. Like all remotes, read carefully to make sure you get the right one!

    The back of the packaging mentioned an orange button instead of a red one. Unless the button is actually orange......more info