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Product Description

Climb into this sandy, crab-shaped play area for hours of outdoor fun. With two big "claw" seats, the Crabby Sandbox is shaped just like a big red crab. The sculptured shell lid protects the sand from weather, debris, or pets. I t holds up to 300 pounds of sand, sand and sand toys sold separately. This sandbox measures approximately 47" x 47.75" x 16".

Kids won't get pinched in this plastic sandbox, even though it's designed to look like a big crab. Its somewhat rounded shape takes up a space that measures 4 by 4 feet (and the inside space measures just over 3 by 3 feet), and it holds up to 300 pounds of play sand. Both the box and the matching sculpted lid (or shell) are molded from single pieces of red plastic. At the front, the big tucked-in claws frame two crabbily prominent white eyes. There's no drain hole, so be sure to put on that shell when it rains. --Richard Farr

  • Two large claw seats
  • Holds 300 lbs. of sand
  • Sculptured shell lid protects sand from animals and pets
  • Made in USA
  • Sand and accessories not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Sandbox for Toddlers
    This sandbox got such good reviews that I didn't hesitate to purchase it. My 17-month old son loves it. It is very durable and it should have enough room for his twin sisters that are due soon. It says that it holds up to 300lbs of sand, but we only needed 200 lbs. If you put all 300 lbs of sand in it, it would spill over the sides when kids play in it. My only complaint is about the lid. It doesn't have any latches on it to secure it to the sandbox. A strong wind would surely blow it off. My husband put a strap under it and hooked a bungee cord onto the strap to hold it in place when Colin isn't using it. ...more info
  • Much Cheaper Somewhere Else
    I'm about to buy this tomorrow (at the Toys R Us near me) but wanted to share that this toy is on average about $70 online. And at Toys R Us (when in season). I'm shocked it's $150 online here! Look elsewhere!...more info
  • Can't Get My Kid Out of It!
    Great product! Lid stays on great, even when it's really windy out. I put 200lbs of sand in it and it seemed to be just the right amount (it holds up to 300lbs.) My 2 year old loves this!...more info
  • Awesome Sandbox!
    The crabbie sandbox is just adorable! He has a detailed shell and pincher seats with detail molded in. Crabbie also has large round white eyes that pop out to add to the cuteness of this sandbox. My son enjoys spinning the eyes on crabbie. I purchased this a week ago off of craigslist for $20. It is faded and scratched, but is in otherwise perfect condition. We filled it with 200 lbs of play sand for my 2 year old son to play in. I enjoy sitting on the sturdy claw seats and digging with him in the sand. This is the largest sandbox on the market. There is plenty of room for toys and 1-2 children to play in at once. The lid fits down on the box securly and has not blown off. It also keeps the sand clear of debris and dry. My son will get many years of fun out of this great sandbox!...more info
  • Great ... for a sandbox
    I wouldn't have wanted one smaller than the Crabbie ... it's not huge, but in comparison to others, this is a good/great size.

    We've yet to have a problem with rain/water getting in (have had it about 4mos) and didn't bungee cord it down as it appears others have. The cover seems to do just fine on it's own for us (even through some pretty severe wind/rain storms).

    And you definitely do not need to fill the box to capacity (and spend the extra $$$). We filled it about 1/2 way for our 2-year old and believe me, there's enough sand in there for him to make a sandy mess!...more info
  • diggin' or swimmin'??
    ok a little expensive and the shipping is terrible but aren't your kids worth it?? we love it! we can't decide whether to use as pool or sand box! we love it! and it's so cute, fits my kids' attitude sometimes too!...more info
  • Fun for 3 year old!!!
    My 3 year old loves this sand box! It is one of the bigger plastic sand boxes. Cover is great. No water ,leaves of bugs can get in it with the cover on. We love it!!...more info
  • Sturdy!
    My husband and I just bought this for my 13 month old son and he loves it. We went to BabiesRus to see what they have, and picked this one. It's colorful, and whimsical. It can hold a lot of sand (6 bags of sand that you can also get from BabiesRus) and will fit more than 1 child. My son sits in it, but for older kids, they can sit on the claws (there are 2 claws). But watch out when grown ups sit on the claws though. My huband sat on it and it gave a little (he is 185 lbs), so he no longers sits there. I sat on it without any problem.

    The cover is great too. It covers well. We've already had 2 hard rains and no water got in the sandbox. I know this is one of the things I was afraid off from reading other sandboxes. It's awesome!...more info
  • crabbie sandbox
    This is a terrific sandbox...durable, fun and the lid fits securely. The lid has a high dome, so that you can store other outside toys i.e. gardening toys, balls, etc. Whatever you want to tuck away at the end of the day. It's great!...more info
  • Luke & Landen's sandbox
    Great sandbox...very durable, roomy for two toddlers, colorful and at a great price. Every toddler should have one of these....more info
  • Great Sandbox
    My 19 month old son loves this sandbox. He would play in it all day long. It is my understanding that this sandbox is larger than most of the other ones out there. I have to say I couldn't see getting one any smaller than this. Once you get your little one and a few toys in there it's pretty full. I think the smaller ones would be too small. If you plan on having more than one child play in the sand box; spend a few extra bucks and get the bigger one. ...more info
  • Very Durable!
    This sandbox is a fantastic buy! We got it for my 2-year old last year, and she loves it. It's roomy enough for two or three, and the lid, though it may appear flimsy, is fantastically durable and, as long as it's fitted properly on top of the box, will NOT blow off. In fact, the second night we had it, there was a huge rainstorm with lots of wind: I thought sure there would be a big mess in my backyard, but was I shocked in the morning to find the whole box intact and nothing but dry sand under the lid! Amazing. This is a great toy, and very popular with my daughter and her friends. The color has not faded a bit that I can tell from last season. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This sandbox was a hit with my 2 year old. We bought the 300 lbs of sand, but could have gone with 250 or even 200 and it would have been plenty. Each day she requests her to "go digging". We know that it will last as other step 2 products do with just a little fading....more info
  • Sand and a Crab, what more could you want out of Summer!!!
    I just bought this sandbox yesterday for my daughter and she didn't want to get out. It's roomy, can hold tons of sand, we put in 200 lbs, which is more than enough for a two year old. It has a domed top so you can store lots of sand toys. Based on the reviews and Step 2's reputation I know it'll last with just some fading.

    This is a great buy for the price....more info