Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld CB Radio
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Product Description

Whatever your outdoor activity, Cobra's compact handheld CB radios are a great way to stay in touch with friends, or the over 30 million other CB radios in use across the country. Plus complete access to 10 National Weather Channels (7 NOAA and 3 International) for the latest weather information. And there are no license or service fees!Cobra's HH 38 WX ST incorporates SoundTracker, a patent-pending technology that dramatically improves the sound quality of the transmission and reception of CB radio signals.

Check the weather and communicate with friends and family during outdoor activities with Cobra's HH 38 WX ST handheld CB radio. Its SoundTracker technology cuts noise up to 90 percent so you'll be able to hear up to four miles away. With 40 CB channels, you can scan for full coverage of over 30 million other CB radios. A high/low power switch reduces power consumption by up to 75 percent to extend battery life while you are on the road. This model includes a DC power cord that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter to save power.

  • 40 CB channels
  • 10 weather channels
  • Sound tracker system cuts noise up to 90 percent
  • Range of up to 4 miles
  • High/low power switch reduces power consumption

Customer Reviews:

  • great buy
  • Disapointing
    I was very disappointed with this handheld. I bought this specifically for a move across country, the reception and transmission were very poor even with an antenna. Possibly, this may work for a kids toy, but if you are interested in communication avoid this unit....more info
  • Bad experience with Cobra 38 ST CB
    I found the COBRA 38 WX ST CB radio to be a poor product as a replacement for an old Radio Shack CB. There is a very annoying persistent side tone at all times which appears to be affected by engine speed. This noise is ever present and cannot be silenced with the volume control. Moreover, on my first outing with this CB, the COBRA HG-A1500 magnet mounted antenna fell off my SUV roof at about 40 MPH. This experience tells me that buying electronic equipment by internet is a mistake....more info
  • cobra cb
    this item was bought as a gift,my niece and nephew-in-law travel a lot and were very excited when they opened it. it helps them keep up with the road conditions....more info
  • Good product but needs some things. . .
    Overall, a good product, but needs a rechargeable battery pack and needs to be able to pick up and transmit at further distances. This product didn't even transmit or pick up transmission more than a quarter of a mile away. ...more info
  • Expensive child's toy
    Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld CB Radio

    This radio as received has about 1/4 mile receive and transmit range. You need two I repeat two ac plugs. One to run and one to charge. ...more info
  • Excellent portable radio
    Excellent portable radio, buy two, these open-field behave according to their specifications, their performance improved with an external antenna. I suggest your purchase without thinking, their cost is justified....more info
  • Hand held CB
    I am dissapointed in this product. It doesn't work well inside the car with the standard antenia. I purchased the outside antenia and still have problems receiving and sending....more info
  • cobra hh 38 wxst cb radio
    I'm sorry to say but this is a very disappointing radio from cobra. it is very stylish ,but thats it. it lack power/modulation will not key its advertised 4watts regardless, and will pick up noise from everywhere while in a moving vechicle. you would be better off buying a regular cb radio. this one is a waste of money....more info
  • Nice Walkie
    Very nice walkie talkie comes in handy for short range contact. Don't expect the same talk range as everybody else. How far you get out will vary alot depending on terrain/obstacles. The weather stations are a plus. How many you receive is also depending on location as well. I recommend this handheld cb....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I use this when I travel up north on I95. I hooked it up with a portable outside antenna and it worked great. I would suggest this setup for anyone that uses it traveling. You would need to buy an adaptor piece (Cobra HA-BNC BNC to Standard Connector for Hand-Held CB Antennas) that fits the antenna to the top of the scanner. I use the Little Wil antenna with this and it works terrific....more info
  • Cobra CB Handheld
    Has decent range, vesratile, durable & easy to use. I really like it. Performs as I would have expected from Cobra. Price was competitive with retail store prices....more info
  • Not too bad at all..
    It has good receive and limited range with the stock antenna. I bought the extension antenna for it and it does a little better. If you want to be heard farther than 1/2 mile you should go with a mag mount type antenna for your car. To be clear, I'm happy with this radio and i expected the range that it gets..
    I do have 1 NEGATIVE thing to say about this radio. The weather is hard to pull in on it. When my other weather radios are getting the weather channel clearly, this one just got static. It does get the weather if you're close enough to the tower but, a real weather radio does much better....more info
  • Great for the price and size
    An external antenna is a must. I take this with me whether I use my car or someone elses car, or a rental-- I consider it worth the "trouble" of carrying it around. You really never know when you will absolutely need it, and I'd rather have it with me than not.

    Cobra is a good brand name, and I am happy with this hand-held.

    ...more info
  • Cobra HH38WXST Handheld CB Radio
    This is a high quality radio in construction, operation and features. It is sized nicely for a 40 channel walkie talkie. It is the first CB radio I've had that will scan the 40 channels. I enjoy the dual channel monitoring function and also the ability to receive all of the NOAA weather channels. It would probably work better inside an automobile if you have an external antenna....more info