Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP Variable-Speed Router
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Product Description

Variable Speed 12 amp motor provides soft start. Maintains speed under load and provides overload protection.

Electronic variable speed with 8,000-25,000 RPM range for max. versatility. Precision centering system for accurate cuts. Self extracting collet system for less run out. Includes 1/4" and 1/2" collets.

Bosch recently introduced routers that they claim have the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry. We believe them. The 1617EVSB variable-speed router features a stout, 2-1/4-horsepower motor coupled with an aluminum base and housing. The result is a well-balanced and smooth-operating machine that offers fast results in demanding applications. We love the nicely finished hard-maple handles that make this router feel like a fine-woodworking tool. Something Bosch engineers are proudest of is what they call the "precision centering system," which makes the router bit track at true center. It's an important feature for multiple-pass applications, like jig cutting, and fine woodworkers will particularly appreciate it.

Ease of height adjustment is a way of measuring quality in routers, and Bosch has come up with a system that works as well as any we've tested. A large flip lever releases the motor for adjusting. Rather than twisting as the height changes, the motor raises and drops in a straight path. The result is a simple and smooth-working course adjust that couples with an efficient microadjust to make fine-tuning the depth of cut easy and accurate. Another feature we like is the reversible motor, which lets the user place the switch and cord on either side. It's good for lefties, and for those of us who get annoyed when the cord always seems to be in the way. The collet is self-releasing, which means there's no need to tap the spindle to change bits, and the collet depth is 13/16 inch, a few 16ths deeper than that of DeWalt or Porter-Cable--one more weapon in the Bosch battle to for a truly centered bit. --Mark McDonald

  • Features the most powerful motor in its class at 12-amps, 2.25-horsepower, and 8000-25000 RPM
  • Match speed to work piece and task with variable speed option
  • Monitors and maintains desired RPM for consistent performance
  • Tool-free template guide adapter provides fast and easy template guide changes
  • Built to last with rugged aluminum base and housing

Customer Reviews:

  • It's just great
    My neighbor had the 1617 without the soft start. You had to hold the router with one hand while you flipped the switch with the other hand. It has a lot of torque and intially jerks hard in your hand. A sweaty or tired hand and you could have a problem.

    The recent review in Fine Woodworking loved this router, but also praised the D-handle. It cost ... more, but is worth every penny as it gives you complete control upon start-up. The soft start feature is great, the variable speed is good for large bits, but what sets this router apart from the others is the fine calibration on the depth gauge that allows you to make precision cuts. There is no better router for .......more info

  • Best Fixed-Base Router
    I do a lot of routing, and I've owned a lot of routers over the years. The Bosch 1617EVS is, by far, the best fixed-base router I've ever owned. The design, coupled with the exceptional manufacturing quality, will meet or exceed anyone's expectations. Its variable speed, light weight, comfortable handles, large bit capacity, and power are just the beginning. The crowning achievement is the height control. This is absolutely the best in the industry, with no competition that I've found. You really have to try it to see for yourself-- rings and racks found on the competiton not only don't compare, they're not even in the same class. Plus, this system works equally well on the router table as well as in free-hand use. The Makitas, Porter-Cables, etc., need to wake up and take notes. By the way, if you're looking for a plunge router, there is still nothing that compares with the Makita 3612C, even after 20-plus years of production. Bosch 1617EVS fixed-base, Makita 3612C plunge-base -- this is the combination the serious woodworker wants....more info
  • Now where's the plunge base for this router?
    This router works like a dream, smooth, quiet, and precise. The dial depth adjustment is light years ahead of the PC kit I sold to buy this, and the speed adjustment, maple knobs, and even bit changes make me feel that I'll get a lot of good work out of this machine.

    I saw on Bosch's site that they'll soon offer a fixed/plunge kit like Porter Cable; I can't wait to get the plunge base for this motor.

    A great machine; don't waste your time with anything else!...more info

  • Almost couldnt ask for better
    I just recieved this router, and have been able to use it a few times on my router table (Bench Dog). I really like the soft start. The noise level is almost as quiet as my Makita cordless drill! I used it to cut some tongue and grooves in solid Mahogany and Mahogany ply. Not once did I tax the unit. On a scrap piece I even forced it to see if I could get it to bog down, and it just kept chugging along. My only complaint with this router is the same for all routers. It seems to me that someone should be able to come up with a quick change system for the bits. But if that is all I can say bad about this tool, you can bet that it is well worth your money....more info
  • Smooooooth!!!!!
    This is a top of the line tool at a great price. It is extremely smooth and strong enough to do every job. If you are a first time router buyer, look no more! You will never need to buy another router again....more info
  • Nice router, bad switch
    I've have a number of Bosch tools and they have all been good with the exception of 2 routers. One, the 1613 plunge router and this one, the 1617 plunge router/fixed base router kit. Both have bad switches. Both switches were replaced with new bad switches. Dust. How can a company that makes quality tools make routers with switches that are not dust proof? These routers were purchased 4-5 years apart. I thought that would be sufficient time to address the problem. Apparently not... No more Bosch routers for me....more info
  • 1617EVS is a Winner!
    When I finally got tired of using my father-in-law's old Black and Decker I decided to purchase my first router. After much research on the web and at local hardware stores I settled on this one because of it's many features and relatively low price. I would say my favorite "extra" is the soft-start feature. The smooth spin up of the motor makes control of the router much safer.

    The router's lightweight, it's comfortable grips and a well designed depth control are a few other reasons why I love my new toy. In my opinion this router has the best features of any it's price range....more info

  • Bosch, You just can't go wrong
    I have 3 Bosch routers, 2 of these and I am thinking about a third one. I use these units all the time handheld or in a table. I have used many others and this unit is hard to beat. The wood handles feel good in your hand and it's easy to run an edge or for the fine control needed for inlayed work. The depth adjustment is easy to set, easy to change and stays put when you lock it. Adjustment is smooth and repeatable. Soft start and powerful, I use them on all types of exotic hard woods and it maintains the selected speed for a true and clean cut. The standard base can be used as an under table mount that can be adjusted from the top of the table. A small hole through the table top is needed. My only wish is that they would add a spindle lock like the one on their big routers. This would make a bit change a little easier, especially when mounted under a table. This is not a big problem because of the ease of removal. The finish and workmanship on this router is outstanding and presents itself as a well thought out professional tool....more info
  • Bosch Quality As Always
    This is my third Bosch power tool and I have not been disappointed. I installed it on my router table with a Smart Lift and changing the bits from the table top is so easy with the two wrenches provided. I think it has the best collet (self releasing)system. I just didn't realize how convenient the system is until I have actually experienced installing and removing bits. Got lots of power, and the variable speed control seems accurate, and has so far performed flawlessly. ...more info
  • Bosch 2 1/4 HP Variable Speed Router
    This particular product is very well made and serves my purpose for my router table. Recommend this product with or without the router table.

    Larry ...more info
  • Bad Switch and Bad Design
    If you ever plan to use this router mounted in a table pass it by. Purchase a different brand.

    I have owned the router for a little over one year. It is table mounted and used infrequently.

    I have had to replace the switch numerous times. The service tech told me that this is a common problem with this router, if table mounted, because of dust build up within the switch.

    Now after only 40 minutes of use it has failed again. Bosch offers no help and based on the history of the problem, dating back many years for other owners, it appears this very expensive router will become nothing more than a paper weight.

    No Warranty ... No Help ... No Quality...more info
  • A little top heavy but...........
    I use this router mostly in my router table and I love the height adjustment on this router. Smooth running unit that has even enough power for my raised panel bits. The only thing i don't like about is it's awkwardness. It's a little too top heavy. But overall a great router....more info
  • This Router made me a Bosch Believer
    I had never bought a Bosch product before and needing to replace my cheaper craftsman ...router I did a lot of research. I went to a wood worker show and let PC, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee etc tell me about their routers. After the reviews and the sales pitches I bought the 1617EVS. I love the variable speed, not only for the softstart, power and speed adjustment for various size bits but also it adjusts the power to maintain a constant speed when the bit is under load. The contant speed mean a lot when routing Hardwoods - there is no burning in the softer areas due to bit speedup. It is extrodinarialy light weight and easy to handle. The bits are self extracting (no stuck bits) and they are dead center. Adjusting the height and depth is quick and the fine adjustment is in the thousands of an inch. The only thing I wish they had is a locking hub so you didn't have to fiddle with 2 wrenches to change bits. It also came with a quick release attachment for various size router ring inserts. Finally when mounted in a table you can drop the motor out of the mount with a simple quick release lever (no wrenches here) and change the bit and then replace the motor with very little effort.

    For a change I feel like I made the best decision. Now I'm planning on purchasing the Plunge attachment that should be available soon. No buyer regret here!!! I'll be buying other Bosch tools if they are of the same quality as this. I already own there 5" orbital sander....more info

  • Finish Carpenter
    I own five routers, this is the first one I pull out. Quiet, balance, large opening for bits, easy and accurate depth adjustment, plenty of power for most of my tasks. Maybe get the D-handle, but you can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • An excellent product
    I purchased this router with the intent of leaving it permanently in my new router table but it's to nice a tool to do that. The depth adjustment is the finest I've ever worked with, capable of very precise work. The handles are comfortable and, even though they are set low to the base, the balance is excellent. The soft start feature is a good side benefit that makes the machine easy to control on startup.
    To make it easier to shift in/out of my table, I also bought the Bosch undertable base. It's esentially the same as the stock base, less the nice wood handles. The bonus is that it has the same great depth adjustment plus and extention for the adjustment knob to make it easier to use. I'm very happy with both items and recommend them.
    Be careful if you order the undertable base, it only fits certain Bosch routers....more info
  • Quality Performer
    Have been wood working for about 20 Years.
    I purchased this router after selling my old Craftsman's 1 HP router. I have been very pleased with this Bosch router. It's quite, plenty of power for all hardwoods. The soft start feature is nice, no counter torque movement in start-up. The micro adjustment is very accurate and easy to adjust. No vibration, thick collet/shaft wrenches, easy operation. I use this router both freehand and in a router table. Most of the time is spent in the table. All in all I'm very pleased with this Bosch router, they did a fine job on this model. What a workhorse, and Quality power tool. Only recommendation would be to add an above table micro adjustment like that found on the New Milwaukee 1 ? hp router. Great Job BOSCH!...more info
  • I love this router!
    2HP is tons of power for a router, but this one still starts up smooth with the electronic "soft start" circuitry. The variable speed control is a great feature too. Amazingly accurate depth adjustment. The wooden handles are a touch of class. Oh yeah, it's also lightweight and very quiet.

    I suggest buying the combination set that comes with both the fixed base (like this one) and the plunge base. That deal is too good to pass up....more info

  • Just about the perfect midsize router
    I've worked with a number of routers over the years and found this one to be well-suited to my needs. The handles are low for better balance, and the soft start is great for control. One small disappointment was unpacking it and seeing oxidation all over the machined surfaces. After an hour with a buffing wheel, it was the shiniest router in the shop. Still, I recommend it....more info
  • Awsome
    I purchased this router from Amazon. I've very impressed with it. The power, speed control is great & balance even with handles down low is good. I finally get to retire my old cheap craftsman. Now to start collecting 1/2 shank bits....more info
  • Bit Centering Feature
    I have read the other reviews and all they say is true but no one has mentioned the neatest feature of all. Many other routers have some of the features incorporated in this unit but none to my knowledge have the bit cetering feature. If one is using a dovetail jig or in fact ANY jig it is essential to have the collar perfectly concentric with the bit. This one does it and as a result it is the only router I reach for when doing these operations. Also, as nearly as I can tell, the outside of the base plate is concentric with the bit. This allows me to use the base plate as a guide for my dado cutting jig.(see Shop Notes for this jig) Last but not least, great thought was put into designing this router to keep it SIMPLE. This straight forward design makes it easy to use....more info