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Porter-Cable 59370 Door Hinge Template
List Price: $44.08

Our Price: $26.51

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Product Description

Use this affordable, time saving template kit to hang one or more doors with any 1/4 inch collet router. Easy to set up; just mark the hinge location, tack the template in place with the included brads, and make the perfect, factory quality looking cut. The 59370 Door Hinge Template includes 8 hinge sizes from 2-1/2 inch to 6 inch and five door sizes from 1-3/8 inch to 2-1/2 inch.

  • Quick and easy set up with lock-in pins to ensure security
  • Complete with double headed nails for easy removal
  • Included along with the template are a high-speed mortiser router bit with bearing brads, instructions, and 1-year warranty
  • 8 hinge sizes from 2-1/2 inch to 6 inch and 5 door sizes from 1-3/8 inch to 2-1/2 inch
  • Made from Fiberglass, reinforced plastic with extended platform for better router stability

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the Job. . . .but
    Overall I was able to make the jig work, but more flexibility/adjustment in the hinge depth would be a huge asset. I was refitting 12 doors on a renovation and the hinges were not set back as far as the Porter Cable Unit had them by default. Using there default location would have meant I would have had to move the stops on every door frame to accommodate the jig. The solution was simple; I just added a shim to decrease the hinge depth.

    The nail hold down for the template is weak at best. I drilled a separate hole in the template frame and went to screws. The router would cause the frame to shift at times using the nails.

    Overall the frame is great for quick and dirty short run jobs. If you do doors from time to time, consider the more expensive jigs. ...more info
  • good enough, but not robust
    The template worked fine. It is not an heirloom and will last only for a job - I did 9 door slabs and its ready for the junk heap. I used a 1.5 HP router - which is a good size for this task. With this size router, the guide is just stable enough. The door should be vertical for the cuts. I made a simple jig out of 2x4's and used my knee to stablize. I figure cutting for three hinges took about five minutes per door. Get a centering punch for drilling the screw holes.

    Pros: Very simple and intuitive to set up. The cuts looked factory done. The price is equivalent to the router bit alone.

    Cons: Came with two nails - thats "one" hinge cut! After you pry the nails from the door and move to next hinge the nails are exhausted. I found 1.25 inch brads worked well. Even then, my template has pieces broken off and looks like it has gone through a war.

    ...more info
  • For the money, it's a worthwhile tool
    I found that a small, low-horsepower router or laminate trimmer works best with this plastic template. You have to be very, very deliberate in setting it up and you have to pay close attention to your router's cutting depth so as not to set the hinge too shallow or too deep but once you get it set up correctly, it works surprisingly well. Practice, practice, practice and if you only use it occasionally as I do, write concise notes and document your settings for future reference.

    The instructions that come with it are awful and useless for the most part so try it out several times on the edges of a few scrap 2x4's. The setup for the door edge and for the jamb are completely different and it's easy to get confused and make a bad (expensive) cut.

    Remember that it's just plastic and that you'd be wise to start the router up with the bit clear and untouched, inside the template and away from the door edge. Work slowly and keep the router base sitting flush on the template for even results.

    The router bit alone makes this tool an excellent value....more info
  • Great tool
    This template is great. It is very adjustable and easy to use. Hinges and doors seem to happen in quanity and the Porter Cable template actually makes them easy to do...more info
  • Door Hinge Template
    The door hinge template worked well but had a couple of issues.
    1. I would recommend a jig to hold the door or a second person.
    2. I set the width of the door on the jig and I still needed to chisel out further back into the door for the hinge to work properly.

    Good news -- The template allowed for over 95% of the area to be removed with the router at the correct depth!!! Then, only minor areas needed to be chiseled out. In addition, the template came with the router bit -- bonus for some "like me" who are router challenged.

    Overall, I gave the product 5 stars... ...more info
  • Good for the homeowner.
    I saw this on Amazon and decided to buy it at a local tool store. The price was about the same. I thought that it was a bit expensive for a plastic template, two nails, and plastic pins, but I am using someone's great idea, getting convenience, and saving time. Everything worked fine. I was replacing hollow core doors with used solid wood doors we got from the ReStore, a place for used house and construction materials. The router bit and template cut a professional looking mortise, better than I can do anytime with a chisel. You have to be pretty accurate though when measuring the point where to mount the template or you will have to use a chisel make a minor adjustment. The hardest thing was to hang the heavy wood doors, but at least making the mortises were quick and easy. I highly recommend this tool.

    Another thing, when we looked into getting new doors, not only did they charge for the door, but they also charged to cut the mortises in the door, which was more than the price of this tool. I have hung two doors so far and have one more to go, so this Porter Cable tool has already paid for itself....more info
  • D'oh!
    This probably isn't the kind of review Amazon expects. The product is packaged well and looks to be a nice tool, but I've yet to use it as I've figured out a decent work-around. And, as always, Amazon delivered as advertised.

    Since I havent used it I can't really rate it, but I gave it three stars because it's a neutral number.

    Anyway, the work-around: I realized while the product was in-transit I could make a guide using a hole saw, particle board, a sabre saw and a file. It took about 20 min to make the guide, including test cuts. I use a collar (something like this: Porter-Cable 42036 3/8-Inch O.D. Template Guide) to follow the guide's profile with the router. It's a dedicated tool, but it's cheap and you can make many of them for different applications as you need them....more info
  • Adjusting
    I had trouble adjusting for a 3.5 inch hinge. The jig did not come with the nails or washers....more info
  • Time Saver
    I had to replace some door that had been destroyed by vandals. Whoever put these doors in used blanks and were inconsistent in the hinge spacing. Because the hinges had 1/4 radius corners and the homeowner was extremely fussy I did not want to spend hours with a chisel and knife and then not get the corners perfect so I bought the jig. It worked perfectly and was simple to use. I would rather have had a clamping system but the small double headed brads left holes so small that they were easy to fill and became unnoticeable. I did not have to do the jams so I do not know how accurate that would be but the door hinge mortises worked perfectly and took just minutes. For the money I would highly recommend it. If I had to do many doors I don't know but pretty much everything is pre-hung today. ...more info
  • Good for occasional use

    I use this jig for door projects from time to time. It's easy to use but takes a little figuring out as the instructions aren't great.

    The included bit is good for a couple doors. Get the carbide bit if you plan on doing several doors.

    I have done a half dozen exterior doors and about two dozen interior doors. Worked well for all. Have not had a single hinge not line up.

    Can't really complain for it's price. Sure beats freehanding it with a router or chiseling it out. It could use a little redesigning though. ...more info
  • Porter Cable Hinge template
    The template worked fine. This was my second choice in templates. I was looking at one for $69 that clamped to the door but it was out of stock and I wanted to get the job done. I only had to do a few doors so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a template I was only going to use a few times in my life. The two double-headed nails that they provided were OK for attaching to the door but I was getting some movement when using my heavy 3.25 horsepower plunge router. I recommend using a couple of short sheet rock screws to hold it firmly in place. Their directions for setting the depth of the bit were funny. They wanted you to turn the router upside down and put the template on the bottom of the router to adjust the blade depth with the hinge on top of the template. This was very awkward as I was not using the Porter Cable router but a Bosch plunge router that has a cord coming out the top of the router not the side (like the Porter Cable they pictured) so it was crazy trying to balance the router, template and hinge on with the cord of the router in my way. Why couldn't they just give you the depth measurement of the template where the router was going to be resting? And on top of that the hinge does not lay flat on the template. I measured the depth of the hinge and did a test on an old door for depth. I did find that the pins used for adjusting the door depth were in my way so I had to turn my router to go around the pins. The rounded hinges fit perfectly. I found the template awkward but it worked....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I bought this template to speed up the process of replacing 8 doors in our house. The only good thing I can say about this product is that the included router bit is decent. Otherwise this hinge template was a waste of money and time. It has several flaws, most of which are attributable to the product being made poorly from injection-molded plastic.

    1) Several "nubs" of flashing from the injection molding process stuck up at various heights from the surface upon which the router glides. I had to spend several minutes shaving these off with a sharp chisel so the router base could glide without hanging up on them or tilting as it rode up over one (but see next two items).

    2) The ribs that formed the glide surface also had sharp edges (flashings) that rose above the surface, and these also had to be shaved down.

    3) The tops of these ribs were not aligned in a plane, which was easy to confirm by sighting across it. That is, the structure was somewhat warped, meaning the router would hang up as it glided left to right. (This was after I had shaved off the sharp edges.)

    4) The thickness was nonuniform, perhaps because of item #3, and so the depth of cut was always deeper on the right side. This was readily apparent upon fitting the hinge into the mortise--the upper edge was flush while the lower edge stood out.

    5) The device was difficult to align. There are cutouts so you can see the edge of the door, but the template had enough curvature to it such that these were useless (misaligned). Instead you had to eyeball the left/right, fore/aft, and rotation of the template according to your layout lines, which are 1/16" inside the edges of the template. (The router bit has 1/16" offset from the bearing to the cutting flute.) You can carefully layout additional lines 1/16" from the future mortise but this takes extra care and time. Then, when you think you have the template in the right spot, you hammer in the nails at each end, and pray that the thing did not shift due to the hammering. On several occasions one of the nails would find a softer spot in the grain and pull itself and the whole template over.

    6) The nails were insufficient to hold down the template. There just isn't enough holding power with two tiny nails, and the template rocked perilously fore/aft. I had to be very careful in holding the router down to prevent the template from tipping up and away from the edge of the door.

    7) The inserts that determine the length of the mortise were flimsy. They were difficult to snap into place, and in spite of careful tapping during installation, one of the tabs broke off immediately. (Fortunately just enough of it remained to align the insert.)

    8) The inserts were malformed. Upon making the first mortise I discovered the length was nearly 1/16" too long, and the radius didn't quite match the hinges. (These were brand new hinges, exactly 3 1/2" long.) Although these were the correct inserts for that hinge, the radius was not constant. I.e. part of the curve matched the hinge, but then there were noticeable gaps at the ends of each curve. I ended up using 4 thicknesses of masking tape on each insert to size the pocket to length, and similarly I filled in part of the curve on each insert to match the hinge radius properly.

    In the time I spent messing around to make this thing work, I could have used a scrap of MDF to make a much better template from scratch. Don't waste your money on this product unless you you have time to burn and you really can't afford a real template. If you have only one or two doors to install, you should make the mortises by hand, the old fashioned way. I tried this on one mortise to see if I could make the curves adequately, and it was not that hard, it just took some time. I would not want to do this 16 times however. Ultimately the hinge template saved me time, but this savings was hard fought and frustrating. This template went straight into the trash when I was finished with it....more info