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Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill
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Product Description

Gas Patio Caddie, Perfect For Apartment Patio Or Small Families, 187 SQIN Premium Porcelain Cooking Surface, Easy Clean Porcelain Steel Top With Temperature Gauge, Wide Base Design With Easy Rolling Wheels, Push Button Ignition, Award Winning Grill Design, 10,000 BTU Burner With Cast Iron Heat Plate.

For apartment dwellers with limited outdoor space, Char-Broil created their Patio Caddie grills. Compact yet efficient, the propane grill offers 187 square inches of cooking space, ideal for small households or as a vacation home grill. Activated by a push-button electronic ignition, a 10,000 BTU burner roasts mesquite chicken or a half-dozen bratwurst.

The freestanding grill's body features porcelain-steel construction that resists rusting. Equipped with heavy-gauge porcelain cooking grids, the grill distributes heat evenly while cleaning with ease. A grease catcher collects drippings for simple disposal. Char-broil employed their patented Thermsulate lining to ensure steady temperatures, which can be monitored on the temperature gauge. The grill lid also includes thermostatic handles. The grill's body is supported by a sturdy plastic base and can be moved to and fro on the wheels implemented on two of the grill's legs. For the best care, clean the grates with a mild detergent and avoid use of steel wool and other abrasives. The grill affixes to either an 11-1/2- or 20- pound propane tank. This item requires assembly and necessitates the use of a Phillips screwdriver, wrench and pliers. Hardware is enclosed with the thorough assembly instructions. The Patio Caddie also comes in electric models. A five-year limited warranty covers the main body of this grill while a one-year warranty protects smaller parts. The grill measures 22 by 16-3/4 by 44 inches and weighs 52 pounds upon shipping. Propane tank not included.--Jessica Reuling

  • From Charbroil, liquid propane grill with 187 square inches cooking space for patios and small households
  • Constructed in rust-proof porcelain steel with Thermsulate lining and heavy-gauge porcelain-coated cooking grates; thermostatic handles
  • Equipped with a 10,000 BTU burner and push-button ignition; temperature gauge tracks grill heat
  • Adaptable to both 11-1/2- and 20-pound propane tanks
  • Grill measures 22 by 16-3/4 by 44 inches with a shipping weight of 52 pounds; limited lifetime warranties for grill body and parts

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little grill
    This is a great little grill for people with limited space. It can handle about8-9 hamburgers, etc. and is easy to use and assemble....more info
  • Nice compact grill
    This is the perfect grill for the average family of 2-3 people. There would be no problem fitting additional hamburgers on the grill if company should arrive. Compact size saves on propane gas. Easy to assemble.
    ...more info
  • Satisfied
    This is the second patio grill we have purchased. They work very will and take up a small amount of space.

    The newest one purchased in July 2008 is not as solid/sturdy as the first pruchased three years ago.

    Overall we are satisfied with both grills....more info
  • Great Patio Grill
    I have a small balcony and this grill fits perfectly. I have to agree with another reviewer. The directions are terrible. I am usually very good at putting things together but this took a while. Also to the reviewer that complained about the tank size; you can actually get a regular propane tank. ...more info
  • The best small grill on the market
    I'm on my third patio caddie and couldn't recommend a better product. The only reason I've had three is that I keep giving them to friends after they get a little worn so I can go out and buy a new color. I've assembled three over the years (55 yo female with arthritis) and they work perfectly every time. It takes about an hour for assembly. There is ample space to grill for a large or small group. Anyone who has given this product less than five stars just isn't trying. This is a fabulous item....more info
  • Great little grill.
    Great little grill. It takes up a very small amount of space. It is amazing, though, how much food can be cooked at once. ...more info
  • The Little Green Caddie BBQ
    Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill

    This little grill is a perfect size for a small patio. It took me 4 hours to put it together and only had one problem, which seems to very popular. The Wire for the ignitor doesn't fit into one end. After being sent a whole new grill (just for the part), it still didn't fit. I called Char-Broil directly and they informed me that they've had alot of calls regarding the ignitor wire for this model. They sent me one and it fits beautifully.

    The grill really cooks well and I am really enjoying it. ...more info
  • Great grill!
    Bought the Char-Broil Patio Caddie grill and have loved it every minute since I got it. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Charbroil Patio Grill
    This is the second Patio Grill that we have owned. It serves nicely for a two person family. It is easy to store and takes up less room on your patio or deck. The only complaint that I have is that the ignitor did not function...but they all stop functioning after a period of time. ...more info
  • Very good for its size
    Well made and easy to put together. Perfect for limited space. Provides a surprising amount of cooking heat. A heavier base would earn the grill a five star rating....more info
  • Good, But Could Be Better
    This product has HUGE potential. It is an excellent design. I use this as a no hassle alternative to a messy Foreman grill. I cook on it all of the time. The gas lasts FOREVER!

    When I built mine, I threw out all of the nuts and bolts it came with and spent over $20 on Stainless Steel replacements. Being an outdoor grill, this should be something it comes with.

    After about a year, the cast iron heat plate was destroyed. Everything else on the grill was in perfect condition (thanks to using one of those grey Weber grill covers).

    My friend and I just replaced the cast iron heat plate, tonight; with an eighth inch stainless steel one cut out of some of his left over material. WOW!!!! What a difference that made! Holy Moley. The flame distribution is even (unlike before), the temperature climbs up much quicker, and the stainless heat plate glows red hot.

    I am a true fan of this grill and think it is an AWSOME value, but I think consumers would be willing to pay $10 more if Char-Broil would just supply stainless hardware and a REAL stainless heat plate that won't degenerate itself.

    When and if it croaks, I will buy another one. But I will continue to do what ever I can to fix any future quirks with the one I currently have.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I had previous Patio Caddie and was delighted. Decided to return to Char-Broil and ordered new unit.

    Several problems: mechanical lighter does not work, fuel valve does not shut off, and an area of the kettle has bubble through the enamel and is rusting.

    Would not buy again!...more info
  • Great Grill
    Great little grill. Have used it four times since I got it last week. It was not that hard to put together. I am not good with directions or working out the kinks, but I did it in about an hour and ended up using every single piece as indicated in instruction booklet. Be sure not to lose tiny wire (ignition wire) when you unpack the pieces! Looks much larger in booklet and I almost misplaced mine! But don't worry, the wire snaps right in place and is easy to connect towards the end of assembly.

    Also, my grill does hold regular size tank at the base. You do not have to have a smaller size tank at all. I use Blue Rhino from my local Lowes.

    I was so happy with this grill I have ordered one off Amazon for my parents who have always used charcoal. It is very easy to operate and practical for everyday use. Everything I have cooked on it so far tastes amazing! Chicken stayed juicy and not dried out, seared my steak perfectly, and burgers were a cinch. Highly recommend this little guy! As for capacity, had 3 chicken breasts and a good size T-bone steak on here at once with no problems at all. Great purchase and excellent alternative if you are just cooking for one or two people. The extra space on my patio is great too! ...more info
  • Great grill, doesn't last a year
    I've had two of these and the last one is in the garage on its way to the local dump. Make sure to get a grill cover or store it for the winter because the porcelain burner plate and other internals will rust out eventually. Otherwise, the grill is a great size for a small deck or patio and works well when grilling smaller things like fish, steaks, or veggies. ...more info
  • Don't buy if you need high heat for grilling
    First, do not pay attention to the older reviews that say it comes with a propane tank and ceramic briquettes. It does not.

    That said, this is a decent product that works as described. Its construction is comensurate with the price - A plastic base, thin sheet metal for the legs, a plastic handle - but the fire bowl is thick steel, the grid as others have said is high quality. The lighter works flawlessly.

    My problem with it is that it won't get hot enough for true grilling. Hot dogs took 20 minutes to cook on this, chicken almost an hour, and I can't imagine doing hamburgers on it.

    It's OK if you want to do slow cooking with the cover on, but my style is to build big fire and sear the meat so fast the juices don't have a chance to escape. For slow cooking I have an oven. This one went back to the big box....more info
  • Char-Broil Patio Grill
    We used this grill on vacation when we rented a cabin for 2 weeks with no stove or oven and were thrilled with the ease of use and good size for 2 people.
    When I ordered it from Amazon it came within a week, but the handle was broken. I called the 1-800 number at Char-Broil and they sent us a new handle immediately, no charge, no questions. We bought the propane tank locally.
    Good product for the price....more info
  • Perfect for a small condo patio
    Bought this grill to use on my condo patio. Fit's perfectly into the corner of the patio and is an awesome grill. I was worried at first if it would generate enough heat to cook things since it only has one small burner in the center of the grill, however this grill heats up to almost 400 degrees easily. Very happy with it....more info
  • Char-broil
    easy to use and stores in a small space, no longer need to store it on the patio in the rain and snow. Perfect for the small family or young couple.
    ...more info
  • Patio Caddy is junk
    We had several gas and then electric caddies--for a beach house with high winds making gas impractical. They once were great and now are absolute junk, and they shortened the warranty from 5 years to 90 days. Even so, I was able to make a warranty claim on our last one (AND I MEAN LAST ONE)because the burner unit and the regulator/plug-in burned out in 60 days! Then the handle broke in half. Just after I duct-taped it, the entire handle came off. And everything else, the legs, the grate, all are thin and cheap. They have sold their last unit to me. P.S. If you look at the favorable and unfavorable reviews, the favorable are generally old and the unfavorable are new--doubtless coinciding with their switch to manufacturing in China....more info
  • Takes a while to assemble but overall a nice grill
    This grill took me more than two hours to assemble. The directions were 90% clear but I learned to read ahead to make sure the next couple of steps fit what I was doing in the current step. I almost put the legs on wrong from the get-go because their locations weren't clear from the first two panels. And I can say I *did* put those spiny washers in the wrong location because the directions were ambiguous on that point. Oh well. I don't expect it to just fall apart because of that.

    When I first fired it up, the black paint on the lock nuts on top of the heat plate smoked for about a half hour. You've been warned. Once that processes finished it was good to go.

    One real complaint, though: the propane release valve handle didn't fit right (too loose) so I superglued it. I matched it up correctly to the half-circle brass knob and let it bond. Well, the handle now needs to be tweaked to just the right position to get a 100% flame. I have to look under the barbecue, through one of the holes, to make sure it's at full strength.

    Other than that, now that I figured out that little trick, I grilled some stuffed pork chops to perfection last week. That makes my third go at it and I'm finally understanding the quirks of this grill. I'm happy with it and I suspect when I become more accustomed to it, I will love it.

    Happy grilling....more info
  • Best grill ever!
    This is the best grill ever! We bought one several years ago and have enjoyed using it. The control knob broke--the grill is not we bought a new one! Bigger is not better and this is good not just for our use (Couple) but also for family and friends. Two families we know have bought one based on our experience. ...more info
  • Excellent Product and Easy to Use
    This grill is a perfect size for a small family. It is easy to use, heats up quickly and the heat is easier to control than other grills used in the past. I have cooked up to 7 chicken breasts w/ room to spare on the grid. The grid is heavy, which prevents the meats (even burgers and hot dogs) from falling through. I can easily clean the grid in my kitchen sink. The construction of this grill is sturdy and efficient and, if needed, I would purchase this product again....more info
  • great grill for size
    We had this grill for 7 years. It went with us from apartment balcony to new homes. It was great. Yeah, I'll agree there were some "cold" spots, but honestly, it was fine. The only reason we don't have it now is that we moved out of state and it wouldn't fit in our moving truck. I miss it! Now I'm looking to buy a new one! It's perfect for our small family!...more info
  • No Longer a Decent Product
    This barbecue was only about $80 when I purchased it through Amazon 10 months ago, and it wasn't worth that much. I finally assembled it and have been using it for 6 months as I write this review.

    This is my second Patio Caddie. I bought the first one about 6 years ago, and thought it was excellent for a small space unit. Eventually, the cast iron plate had rusted away to virtually nothing (with weekly use, and living near the ocean with the barbecue outside, but under a roof, year-round). It was so rusted, there was no way to remove it for replacement, but the grill body, grate, burner, etc. were all still in excellent condition.

    When my new grill arrived, I discovered that it was now made in China. Although that isn't automatically a bad thing, it was in this case. Here's why:

    1> Engineering changes have decreased the stability and integrity of the grill. The legs are now 2-piece rather than solid, and the location and type of some fasteners has changed. The grill was wobbly from the start, and has gotten worse. My attempts to re-tighten screws has been futile, as many of them are free-spinning, with no nuts or lock washers. You'll notice many odd design decisions during assembly.

    2> The porcelain coating on the cooking grate looks cheap, and was missing from one spot. The grate does not clean nearly as easily as the previous one did.

    3> The lid was slightly dented on arrival, with paint chipped off in 3 different areas.

    4> The cast iron heat distribution plate is already substantially rusted and falling apart! My previous grill's plate showed no structural degradation for over 3 years.

    5> This grill does not get nearly as hot as my previous one. I don't think that's due to the lack of ceramic briquettes, as they mostly just absorbed dripping grease.

    I would say avoid this grill at all costs. I expect to have to replace mine within a few months, and that is ridiculous. Unfortunately, there aren't many grills with a small footprint like this, but this product has become just cheap junk....more info
  • Grill
    This grill is not to large but large enough for our use. It is compact enough it dose not take up much room on our patio. It dose a good job of cooking. Had one before we purchased this one, but it finally rusted the burner. Had it for several years. Out lasted any grill we had before by years....more info
  • Excellent grill for cramped spaces
    I actually own three (3) of these grills. One each at different condos. My original I have owned for seven years, and it still looks like new on the outside, and the burner and grill itself have held up excellently. They take up very little room, grill very nicely, and are stingy on the propane. They are of high quality: cast iron burner, enameled kettle, enamel grill, quality construction. The temperature range is about 300-500+ degrees fahrenheit, so they are not good for low level grilling. I line the lower kettle half with aluminum foil to allow easier cleaning. The temperature gauge appears to be fairly accurate with real numeral grading; not just low/medium/high. For the size one may cook several steaks, chicken breasts or burgers.

    The only con I have is the way they are designed and built does not hold the new elastic bottomed covers on in windy situations. Early on a heavier cover was offered with velcro starps that fasten around the uprights. My original grill has that, and I have not lost it in windy NW Ohio. I did lose one of the lighter elastic bottomed ones, so I do not use those covers where wind could blow it off.

    Last, but not least, the price through Amazon was the best of anyone, and I received free shipping. I saved about $40.00 buying it through them, and delivery was fast; about 4 working days....more info
  • Great grill product!
    Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill This is our second Patio Caddie and it is the perfect size for two people, but can accommodate food for 6-8. Compact, convenient, fairly easy to assemble. Highly recommend for anyone who doesn't need or want a huge grill. ...more info
  • Good grill, bad customer service
    This is the 2nd patio caddie I have had. I still have the first one which is 9 years old and working fine. The second one for another home I got last fall. It lacks some of the features of the first one but the main problem is that the thermometer registers over 125 degrees below the actual temperature. Charbroil replaced the thermometer but the 2nd one was also bad. I was told I had to write to "corporate" and I did and sent in one of the bad thermometers but got no response after 3 months. Guess I will have to switch thermometers between the old grill where it works OK and the new one....more info
  • Great at start, deteriorated quickly
    Bought one at end of season--for under 99 dollars. As I grill year-round, yes even in Chicago (in a coat in winter)--it got a workout. And died accordingly after only 2 years. Will NOT replace with same. If you use it only occasionally-maybe it would last. ...more info
  • great product
    i had a grill like this one the grill is great was a little bit hard since i am a women to put togather but have been really enjoying it. cooks great.......more info
  • Satisfied with Grill
    The Grill is compact making it not only less noticible on a very small patio as well as not stealing vaulable outdoor living space. Its easy to clean and has a more than adequate grilling surface area for a small family. I wish the actual grill plate was easier to lift so one can routinely clean it without using a utensil to pry it up of the supports along the edge. A small tab along the rim or indent in the frame of the grill plate would do the trick. Unfortuantely our ignitor does not work at all. I hope to remedy this problem with a call to the maufacturer. Overall very pleased with its ability to grill foods evenly and quickly....more info
  • Good grill
    I've been very pleased with this grill, so far. I've never had a gas grill before, due to lack of space for use and storage. This grill fits very will in a small space and has performed really well. I miss my charcoal flavor, but feel good about helping the environment....more info