Char-Broil Patio Caddie Electric Grill
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Product Description

Electric Patio Caddie, 1650W, Thermsulate Lining, 187 SQIN, Colbalt Blue Porcelain Body, Heat Gauge In Hood Lets You Know It's Hot Inside Without Removing The Lid, Heavy Gauge Porcelainized Cooking Surface, 5' Electric Cord & Controller Detaches For Storage, Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Legs & A Wide Plastic Base Make This Little Grill Stand Solid, Optional CGP Accessories,

  • Powerful 1650-watt electric grill provides 187-square-inch cooking surface
  • Exclusive Thermsulate technology maintains heat up to 700 degrees F
  • Heavy-gauge porcelain-coated steel construction; temperature gauge in lid
  • 5-foot grounded cord; temperature controller; thermostatic handles
  • Measures 20 by 20 by 42-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for Roasting Oysters!!!
    I have owned my Patio Caddie for five years and it is still grilling perfectly. Gets really hot quickly and holds the temp very well. Yes, you do need to keep the lid on, but that allows you to watch the temperature because the gauge is on the lid. I even grilled my 14 pound Thanksgiving turkey last month and it was moist, juicy and cooked all the way through. Just oil it and brown both sides first starting with breast side down(or you can do this in the oven first before stuffing if you want)and then give it a foil jacket underneath and about 3/4 up the sides. My turkey was even stuffed and it grilled perfectly. I would suggest a meat thermometer in the thigh meant to be left in while grilling - eliminates any guess work. I have heard people say that changing the foil liner is difficult and that they are expensive. I have never changed mine (only the briquets from time to time) and have not had any problems. You will be very pleased with this item....more info
  • Quality on a Downhill Slide
    Get something else! I bought this to replace a Patio Caddie Electric that had served faithfully for 10 years. The new one is junk. The aluminum liner for the lid doesn't fit, the tabs that hold the lid centered keep coming loose so the lid gets hung up when trying to lift it, the coating is already flaking off the grill so I'm reusing my old one, and the paint on the grill looks like it was applied with a mop. I'm ready to strip this one for parts and rebuild my old one. ...more info
  • I'm a fan
    I purchased this on Aug 8th, 2008. It did very well for me last Summer and it was stored outside for the winter. I started it up this Spring and works beautifully. I know some people have been complaining about the quality, but they probably just got some bad units... the manufacturer will replace them and that's that. No matter what product you make in this world, there will always be a couple of faulty units. It's a shame that those people got them, but... get a new one and enjoy :-)...more info
  • Char-Broil Patio Caddie Electric Grill
    This grill works great. It looks good enough to be on the deck and is easy to clean. It actually gets hot enough to grill very similar to a gas grill. However, be warned---assembly is a bear. I was ready to throw it out until I discovered that the directions were for a different model. Once I determined that and figured out assembly for myself, everything went faster. Now I know why men seldom read the directions--they are wrong anyway....more info
  • Electric Patio Grill
    I have this grill. I also have a larger charcoal grill for bigger events. This grill is perfect for dinner grilling all year around. Even when the temperature drops and the snow is flying, you just plug in your grill and start grilling! The cover is nice for grilling chicken and meat that needs to be cooked throughout. I also purchased an add on accessory, which is a shelf and a wire rack to hang the utensils on. I've had this grill for at least 5 years and it is still in great shape. I'm looking at one now for my father who loves mine. I recommend this grill for anyone. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I have had this grill for about 3 years and it really does work well considering it is electric.
    The most important factor when using this grill is to let it heat up.
    I would say at least 10 minutes with the cover on.
    Once you do that your good to go. Very convenient and no running out of gas. Great for small families or work areas such as apartments or small patios....more info
  • Char-Broil Patio Grill is bad news
    I have had nothing but problems with this item. It does not work as stated & the manufacturer will do nothing to help with any problems. Will not cook over 350 degrees. Dries your meat out. Defective parts. You have to assemble the item & the pieces do not fit together right. Very poor customer service. They will not answer your questions in a timely manner, so the time limit on the warrenty will expire & you cannot send it back. I should have looked at the BBB before thinking of purchasing. I would NOT recommended this product to anyone. Nobody needs such a headache. Costly lesson learned on my part. ...more info
  • Ordered in August - still not delivered
    I would like to rate it--but can't. I receive an update every few weeks, saying delivery is delayed again, but the Amazon site on this (above) still says it takes "2-3 weeks" for delivery. We're still interested in it, but wonder what is going on--since Amazon's messages don't say; they just say it's delayed....more info
  • The Perfect Grill
    The Char-Broil patio caddie electric grill is the perfect size for any single person or couple. It's portable and convenient. I use it on my porch. Just plug it in and you're ready to grill in minutes. Everything tastes great. ...more info
  • How do you rate an electric grill when others only prev used ?
    I've grown up with charcoal, and gas grills (gas only for camping).

    It serves the purpose well for apartment complexes that forbid charcoal
    grills... buttt... the true flavors really do not come thru in the cooked foods (as well as the others).

    It is wayyyyy too easy to burn your foods... ie.... use a timer !

    Improvise a splash cover for the bottom piece that ties the tripod legs
    together... the small catch basin (directly under the cooking area) is ok (if you remember to empty it often), but drippings from cleaning brushes,spatulas etc. hung on the handle drip onto the lower piece, creating a mess !

    It does take a while to get used to cooking times... assume it is your electric oven... only outside, and when you lift the lid to check the food...temps go haywire & recovery time is unreal !

    Overall, I like the just going thru the 'learning curve' on its use... there are hot/cold spots spelled out in the instruction manual...
    arghhh...more variables !

    It is pretty sturdy, and the blue paint job is ok...

    I'd recommend it to apartment/condo dwellers that can only use electric grills !

    ...more info
  • Poor Performance, Low Temperature
    I purchased this grill because I live in an apartment and have a small patio. I live in a walk up, so I wanted to avoid lugging charcoal or propane and this seemed like a great option with great design.

    I was wrong. It doesn't get hot enough to cook a steak - in fact, even after letting it pre-heat for 45 minutes (30 minutes longer than suggested), it never got above 400 degrees, despite the manual promising temperatures of up to 600. To me, this borders on false advertising, or at the very least, misleading information. Perhaps it does get to 600 degrees if you're cooking on the surface of the sun itself, but here on a calm 70 degree day, it doesn't even come close.

    Not only that, but just getting the steaks internal temperature to 145 degrees took almost a half hour, essentially ruining the steak. So not only have I wasted 180 dollars on this grill, I wasted another 13 on a good cut of meat.

    I would stay very far away from this grill if you have a need to cook anything at a temperature higher than 350 to 400 degrees. ...more info
  • Great outdoor electric grill
    This is so handy. Takes about 3 minutes to heat up. No waiting and food tastes great. I already had to buy a new element but it's worth it. (An element was $27.) We use this 3 or 4 days a week....more info
  • Very Useful Grill But Not The Great Charcoal Grill Taste
    I bought one of these grills three years ago because my condo complex's CC&R's were changed to prohibit flame (gas or charcoal) grills above the ground floor units. I had been a very satisfied Weber grill(charcoal version) user for over 25 years. This Charbroil grill was not difficult to assemble and it is very solidly built. Here are the pros and cons:

    Pros: 1. Ability to control cooking temperature better than with gas or charcoal grills and NO problem generating enough heat to sear any cut of meat. 2. Compact space takes up little room on my back balcony. 3. Pretty much flame free -- a couple of times fat drippings have generated spontaneous minor flame bursts while cooking on high settings. 4. Fast warm-up; ready to cook very quickly. 5. High dome top allows almost the entire cooking surface to be used to broil even the thickest cuts of meat.

    Cons: 1. The taste of grilled meats just doesn't turn out as good as with my trusty 'ol Weber Kettle charcoal grill. 2. The grease trap cup is not very useful -- much grease flows on to the bottom of the grill stand. 3. The ceramic coals become very gross with grease and crust build-up after 3 or 4 cooking sessions. I believe that this build-up affects the taste of foods cooked later. For example; grilled fish takes on a little of the taste of previously grilled steaks or ribs. 4. Cleaning the inside of the grill, below the grate that the foods cooks on, is a messy/dirty operation. 5. Being electric, this grill can only be used in near proximity of an electrical outlet.

    Given my condo's restrictions, I am satisfied. Happy grilling. ...more info
  • Great Electric Grill with excellent temperature control
    I purchased this grill years ago when it first hit the market. It has worked excellent. I have seen some bad reports from other users and I can say that maybe there is some manufacturing defect present with some units. I must have gotten a good unit. It fires up hot and fast. As another user posted that the unit will peg the 700 degree line and still keep rotating around. Uhhh that's hot. In fact, watch the grease buildup. It turns to flame! But, just drop the lid back on, turn down the heat, wait 5 minutes and everythings fine! Really!...more info
  • Electric is nice, but some major problems
    I've had two of these grills. The first I replaced because it was starting to rust (despite being covered) -- I had no major problems with that one, the second I've only had for six months. The second grill has melted around the heating element, which seems to be a fire hazard. I was quite suprised.

    In addition, the thermostats on these grills have gotten worse than with the original model -- it seems at least 100 degrees off. The fire safety, not including the briquettes and a jacked up price should probably make one look for other options, if only there were other quality options.
    ...more info
  • Poor Controller design
    The temperature control on this grill is poorly desigmed and will overheat and melt the controller and all of the insulation off of the wiring. Check other reviews and look at the pattern. If you bought one of these more than a couple of years ago and are thinking of replacing it go to a brick and mortar store and look at the current model. It looks like the finish was applied with a slingshot. Save your money and look at other brands of electric grills. There are better ones available right here on Amazon. ...more info
  • Est. Ship Dates are very Questionable
    How can one write a review for something that we have not received nor do we have a new ship date. We have been waiting for this grill for almost 3 months. Plus, we cannot find a way on Amazon to contact a human body to get more information on our order. PLEASE HELP111...more info
  • Char-Broil 4644870 Patio Caddie Electric Grill
    Grill was shipped with wrong part leg part. Char Broil was notified and stated the part was shipped 8/15. Part was not received as of 8/22. To date I have a 2 leg grill which is NOT acceptable....more info
  • Good little electric grill
    I've had my electric patio caddie for about 8 years. It still looks fine on the outside but the element is starting to sag and doesn't heat up the way it used to. I can't complain, its been a good little grill and I feel I got my money's worth out of it. I'm probably going to replace it with the same grill sometime this summer. I remember assembling was a bit tricky or I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • CharBroil Grill Problems
    I have replaced the electric heating element and controller twice over almost three years. Both parts were under warranty at the time, so I paid only 8.95 S&H to get the new parts. DO THIS NOW: register you newly purchased at, and scan in you purchase receipt; they require seeing the purchase receipt for service. Keep a scanned in copy on your computer, in case you need it again later. My experience is that after you register it online, demosntrate proof of purchase, get through the phone calls to customer service, and the cycle of email confirmations, you actually do get the replacement parts in 7-10 days via FEDEX ground. My two phone calls to CharBroil have overall been a positive experience; they are available on Saturdays! Still Charbroil has a design and quality control problem. Otherwise, the grill is decent for condo living where rules restrict you to electric grills only. Get a gas infrared grill, if you don't need electric; faster and tastier....more info