Char-Broil 06701289 Charcoal Water Smoker
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Product Description

Integrated heat indicator for monitoring temperature. Porcelain water pan for moist, flavorful food. Large door provides easy access to charcoal and water pan. 380 sq. in. of total cooking space. Ideal for smoking and barbecuing. Color: Red.

  • Charcoal water smoker can accommodate up to 50 pounds of food
  • 2 chrome cooking grates; thermometer in domed lid; wooden handles
  • Front-hinged door for adding charcoal or water during the smoking process
  • 6-quart water pan, 8-quart charcoal pan, and instruction manual included
  • Measures approximately 17 by 17 by 32 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • This smoker is a Lemon
    I purchased the Char-Broil H20 Charcoal Smoker with the expectation that I would be able to smoke ribs or a ham. I assembled and operated the smoker according to the instructions provided. The basic problem with this smoker is it cannot maintain an "ideal" temperature. The charcoal pan has NO airflow so as soon as you get the fire to white ash stage and assemble the smoker to start cooking, the fire goes out. This is a critical design flaw.

    Being new to smoking, it took me one ham and six racks of ribs before I figured out that *I* was not the problem. I even attempted to call Char-Broil's "Service and Help" hotline. The lady who answered the phone, while polite, had absolutely no idea how the product was supposed to work. All she could do was read the instructions to me (that I already had) and suggested that I call a little later when "Fred" was in the office.

    I am very disenchanted with this product. If someone is considering purchasing this smoker, please reconsider. I am so upset with my experience that I am contacting North Carolina's Attorney General's office and reporting this as a Lemon.

    The smoker WILL NOT WORK out of the box as advertised....more info
  • You Get What You Pay For...
    The problem with this smoker is that it is very difficult to achieve and maintain a high enough temperature to hot smoke foods. After I performed the usual modifications it worked better, but it was still no great shakes. That said, it works pretty well for cold smoking (below 150 degrees). So if your main focus is curing bacon or pastrami say, this will probably be serviceable and I've gotten a lot of use out of mine in that application. But I think most people would be better served by skipping this product and getting a higher quality unit. ...more info
  • Modifications

    I just bought the Char Broil smoker. Looks like a great unit, but based on all the other reviews I have concerns about maintaining temperature. I read Chris Cox's suggested modifications to the smoker pan, but I don't understand his need for an additional grate. Did he put it in the pan and put the coals on top of the grate to increase airflow? I'm smoking next week and will further review, but if Chris or anybody can answer my queation, please email me: Thanks....more info
  • Poor design
    This smoker is impossible to add fuel to once the water pan is in place, so maintaining sufficient heat is also impossible. Also, no "user" manual came with the smoker, so it takes a lot of experimenting for a new user to figure out how to use it....more info
  • Sturdy but basically useless out of the box.
    If you're considering buying this thing, DON'T!!! It will not maintain a useable smoking temperature. Everything you've read is true.

    However, if you are like me and it's too late because it's already sitting in your back yard, do this:
    Buy a Weber 72201 Replacement Charcoal Grate available here on Amazon. It fits perfectly into the charcoal pan with a little bit of space underneath it for ash to fall down. Second, yep, drill a few holes in the pan below the level of the grate you just added. These two things will let the excess ash fall away and let a little air in so you coals don't go out. Also, I suggest using natural lump charcoal, the bigger chunks, instead of briquettes or at least use the large size briquettes. These will last a little longer for smoking. Good luck.

    A little update, if you want to convert this P.O.S. to an electric smoker search for "Smoker Electric Converter" and you'll find a kit pretty cheap that is for converting a charcoal water smoker like this to an electric water smoker. You plug it in and adds some chunks of hardwood every couple of hours for smoke. Works great to make this thing useable....more info
  • Best Chicken / Turkey You've ever cooked
    This is a great smoker. However, you need two 8' x 8' burlap squares to place over smoker to retain and regulate heat. You also need a magnetic surface thermometer to place on top of lid. Keep surface thermometer at 170 - 200 F. Poultry will take 35 minutes / pound and will be done perfectly. ...more info
  • great little smoker
    This is my first smoker. I purchased before reading the reviews. I thought I was going to have problems. I assembled it according to directions and started using it. I have had it for 2 months and have used it at least twice a week. It works great. The only thing is if you are doing something large that takes awhile you will have to keep an eye on the charcoal. I did not have to drill any holes or modify it in any way. I expect to have this smoker for a long time.The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is it could have been packed better....more info
  • Charcoal Water Smoker
    I am very pleased with the charcoal water smoker. It is strudy and I received the results that I expected when I used it....more info
  • Decent little grill/smoker for the money
    Please ignore the other reviews about the product being defective. These people did not bother to put the entire product together. I read their reviews and had concerns when I inspected the product at a large retailer; however, the lid is SUPPOSED to go through the body for shipping purposes. The lid ultimately sits on top of the edge of the grilling surface, which is in turn supported by three internal supports. My last smoker was built the same way... The body becomes fortified when all the supports are connected, etc. Besides all that, I mainly use it as a grilling/short-term smoker as opposed to a long-term smoker. I'm sure it would do a decent job of some smoking jobs but one would definitely have to baby it - waddyaexpect for this little bit of money? ...more info
  • very dissapointed
    i broke a piece putting it together and cannot order a new part because char-broil does not answer the phone and you cannot order a new part online been 3 weeks everyday calling and no answer. Will never buy another char-broil product again....more info
  • It does work, just not very well...
    I actually didnt purchase this smoker, luckily, but I borrowed it from a friend to try out. I've had about 10 successful smokes on it, but it is not as easy as it should be. In order to even get the thermometer to read in the ideal range, I've found that not filling the water pan at all is the key. Otherwise it gets stuck on the cool/ideal line. My smokes have taken 3-4 hours longer then expected due to the ashes choking the fire out. I would have to stir the coals and knock ash off every 30 min to retain a decent temperature. As soon as I have the money, I will buy the Weber Smokey Mountain and give this smoker back to my friend.
    ...more info
  • Water Smoker: it's okay, but runs a little cool
    I recommend reading Chris Cox's review of this product.

    [another manufacturer] had a similar version that actually came with nesting fire bowls that allowed plenty of air flow through the fire, and allowed enough ashes to drop out that ash wasn't a problem until about the 6th hour of fire time. It was otherwise the same as this smoker, and those fire bowls made that smoker better.

    This is a smoker, not a bar-b-que, so it's designed to run cooler and longer than a BBQ. Even still, without proper aspiration, this smoker runs too cool on the average.

    I ended up getting a "bar-b-q wok" - a perforated plain steel bowl- like a colander with big holes - with handles - and I use this as a fire grate in the fire bowl. I put 3 small rocks in the bottom of the ash bowl and set this "wok" thing on top; the wok is about the same size as the ash bowl and "nests" perfectly, the without the rocks the ashes wouldn't fall through the holes.

    Doing it this way, I can load this thing up and maintain the fire (add a few chunks of hickory or mesquite) for 8 hours and cook a feast with no problems (typ: 8 ears corn, 1 6 to 8 lb rib roast, 8 or 12 chicken thighs, etc, all in one 8-hour smoking session).

    Without doing something about the fire bowl, it will never burn fuel evenly or completely.

    It's one of the few wood or charcoal fire based smokers with a water bowl to regulate temperature and moisture. They should bring back the older fire bowl design, and it will be perfect....more info
  • Not functional as is.
    I purchased this smoker a year ago, to start cooking out some ribs for a family gathering. I had a long time ago the electric version of this cooker, and since getting into charcoal with my grill -- thought that I might as well go Charcoal with the smoker as well (Charcoal + Wood is a heck of a lot of fun for me).

    Well, this thing could not keep temps up no matter what. The ash would choke out the fire, and I was constantly tending it. The end result was fine -- it just was a TON of work! Threw it out a few months ago, and got a Weber Bullet Smoker.

    I'm running it now, and it has been maintaining a temperature of 235 degrees (+/- 5 degrees) for the last 4 hours! It's a bit more expensive ($200 compared to $35) but if you want something that will last you and you can afford it, I completely recommend that smoker....more info
  • Smoking meat on the cheap
    After gaining an appreciation for smoked meats at a local fair, I talked the wife into letting me try it at home, and went looking for a smoker to compliment my gas grill. I chose the Char-broil H2O smoker for the price and ease of storage. The first time using it, I had the fore sight to read these reviews to see where others had problems. I chose to use lump charcoal, and hickory wood. I could only get the unit to heat up to 190 degrees, but it stayed steady. A buddy is a Black Smith, I remember him using a bellows to stoke his coal fire. Using the wifes hair dryer the coals glowed cherry red and the temps got up in the mid 200's. To replenish the water, a long funnel from the auto parts store was purchased. This worked out great, and didn't cause any water to spill onto the fire pan. My first try I was able to make some tasty ribs in 5 hours time. Low and slow is the smokers way.

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered an electric element for the cooker from Cabela's website. It fit perfect,and allowed me to slow cook the brisket at about 210 degrees. The size of this units grates can accommodate about a 10# brisket. The air temperature that day was in the low 20's. I didn't think I would like the electric aspect, but I'm sold on it now. Using soaked cherry wood chip to flavor the meat replaced the charcoal completely which allowed me to set it up and let it go for 11 hours. Checking and refilling the water pan half way through.

    The smoker worked wonderful, and exactly as it was design too. Since buying this unit I've looked at the Brinkmann, Weber's and others of similar design. The Char-Broil's access door handle is larger and easier to open with cooking gloves on. It also has a top mounted temp gage, where Brinkmann is on the side of the lid. The bright red color is pleasing to the eye, and keeps the kids at a distance. Using the second great for smoking is ok, but most of the heat will be in the dome, so know your cooking times. Smoking makes a mess, be sure to put down cardboard or a disposable tarp under the cooker, you'll see what I mean after your first brisket.

    Find a Rub that suites your taste, give yourself plenty of time to do it right, then sit back and watch the neighbors flock when they smell the morsels you'll be creating inside this little cooker. Get to know its limitations and you will not be disappointed. The only regret I have is it's not larger. A small family will find it perfect! I love this little smoker!

    ...more info
  • Place an Order & Delivered in 3 Days
    I was really impressed on how fast the order was received. The smoker was in excellent condition. The only negative thing I experienced was that this was a 2002 model and on the Char-Broil website, I could no longer select information for the model. But I'm happy with the unit and have been enjoying the smoked meats....more info