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Spiderman for Playstation One. The City is depending on YOU! Spin a web. Swing across the sky. Who is that masked Hero? It's YOU!

Whether you're a fan from the '60s or not even remotely familiar with the Spider-Man comic, you will get caught in his web. You'll see that despite its few flaws and the limitations of the PlayStation hardware, Spider-Man is the best based-on-a-superhero video game ever released.

A crime has been committed and (as often happens) our hero has been framed. As the game progresses, you'll find that all is not as it seems and that many of Spidey's enemies, including Venom, Carnage, Mysterio, and Rhino, are all out to squash the Spider's quest to clear his name. Fortunately, Spider-friends, such as Daredevil, Human Torch, and Punisher, are here to help Spider-Man and keep the story moving. Like the comics, ol' webhead can climb most walls and ceilings, swing from rooftop to rooftop and, of course, do whatever a spider can. With his constant webslinging and acrobatic hand-to-hand fisticuffs, it's easy to feel that you are Spider-Man.

The characters and scenery are nicely re-created here by making great use of the aging PlayStation's graphics. Spidey's ability to climb walls and ceilings does present problems with camera angles from time to time, occasionally making it tough to watch Spidey as he fights his way through some of the game's levels. While it can be frustrating, the overall camera work and graphics of Spider-Man are still amazing. Also, Spider-Man's controls can at times be less responsive and accurate than they should be, and the music is surprisingly subdued and flat, but most true believers can bear these problems until Spidey saves the day.

In fact, the gameplay is so good, most seasoned gamers will devour the game in day or two, which makes Spider-Man a woefully short game. Cherish the time you have in these red and blue tights; this game is escapism at its best. --Mark Brooks


  • Easily, the best comic-book-based game ever released
  • Very nice graphics that capture the look and feel of the comic
  • Easily accessible and fun action title
  • Occasionally sloppy camera work, controls, and inaccurate firing
  • Finishing the game so quickly is upsetting
  • 1 Player
  • Analog Control Compatible
  • Vibration Function Compatible
  • Wall Crawl and Web Sling through 3D New York
  • Rated "E" for Everyone

Customer Reviews:

    this game happens to be one of my favorites, and i am usually into survivor horror games.....but this one will stay in my playstation for quite sometime. the "cons" on the game say that it's a short game, but you get a new costume when you beat it, then when you collect certain items, you get yet another costume....each with its own special abilities. the "cons" also says that the camera angles are a con-but they're nothing to stop you from buying the game. every now and then you'll have a little trick when against a wall or turning or something, but it's not bad at all. AND there are tons of training modes that are tons of fun. the controls are beyond cool-sling, crawl, and shoot your way to roofs, walls, ceilings, buildings, etc. great game. i recommend this game to anyone who likes adventure, action, or any decent game. buy it!...more info
  • Fun but too bad for the stupid save system...
    I came across this game when I was a small child. After playing this game many times without completion, I now reject this game at all costs. Why? Because I can't finish it!

    The furthest I got was Level 5 (with Level 3 being the longest). I saved and I came back the next day to finish it. The save game was completely gone. I had to start from scratch. I mean, I'm actually surprised everyone else are able to finish it! And no, it's not a problem with my memory card. It works fine with 28 out of my 30 ps1 games. The other one is Pandemonium 1.

    This takes a full 8 hours (at my estimation) for completion. If you save and carry on afterwards, you have to start over. Get the other Spiderman games because I'm sure you can finish them. Just rent this game if you're a fan of action games and/or Spiderman. It's actually fun and really interesting to play but because of the bad save system, I'm afraid I can only give it 3 stars.
    ...more info
  • Perfect! Spidey's greatest adventure yet!
    Movies, bad villians, unhappy cohorts, and cool costumes! Spider-Man will brighten any gamer's day with the webbing, the kicking, and the funny pain of other bosses! If you haven't heard of this superhero, rent the game, and you'll be at a video game store with [price]in your pocket....more info
  • spider man:the game
    to get started-i dont read comics besides the ocasional "Spawn".but i saw a commercial for this and i thought "well,it does look like a fun game,and the makers of THPS 1 & 2 made it,so,what the heck?"and i was right!this games fun!if you're a fan or not of the tv show or comics,it's still just gets finished to soon.the only REALLY hard park is the final level,where you fight the giant red octupus freak thing.that's hard.and to add,all ages can enjoy it.i'm 11,my brothers 13,and my dads (unbelieveably) 54,but we all play it and we all have fun!(my moms not that much of a game freak.)buy this'll be gald....more info
  • Spidy kicks Batman...
    This game rocks!Graphics rock,attacks for Spidy rock....Over all buy it!!I wonder if they will come out with Sider-Man Two for PS1(hint hint hint)....more info
  • Any Spider-Fan Will Love it!
    Although there are hundreds of superhero games, this simple Playstation game stole my heart. The game is fun. That's pretty much it's only quality. By today's standards, this game has terrible graphics. When it was new, it was fine. But don't let a simple matter as graphics stop you from playing this game. The game lets you into the shoes of Spider Man like no other game can. The game is disappointingly short. However, you will find yourself playing it over and over again. If you're looking for a quality Spider-Man experience, this game is perfect....more info
  • good but it dont last forever or does it
    this game truly is the best super hero game ever released but it is not without its flaws

    the graphics, based on the thps2 engine are crisp and clean, bright and colourful but are not the best yet seen on the psx and the draw distance is not particularly good.

    the gameplay is near perfect at times and at others very frustrating. the camera can seriously inhibit the action at times. near the end of the game where web swinging is essential it is often very hard to judge whether spidey will make the ledge or not and can lead to playing the same sections over and over again. this is only a minor flaw though and does not detract from the fun factor of the game.

    unfortunately this fun factor does not last too long as you can finish this game in under 2 hours if you know what you are doing. my first play through took me about 5 hours when i explored everywhere and tried to get everything, the 2nd took about 1 3/4 hours and the 3rd an hour and a half. so its not the longest game in the world then? well yes it is. maybe the game doesnt last all that long but with secret parts opening up everytime you finish the game there is always an incentive to play again. just like tony hawk's there are new costumes unlocked with special powers such as unlimited webbing and invisibility so every time you play the experience is different.

    the super powers in the game are used very well, unlike some games where these powers come in 2nd place spidey's webs come in very handy almost all the time. there is no major emphasis on using all of the powers but they are so useful that you will be doing so anyway.

    the learning curve of the game is small to none so anyone will be able to pick uip and play the game from scratch. some of the levels are unduly hard and frustrating but the satisfying gameplay means you will keep coming back fror more

    the game features many extra parts. in every level there is a comic book to collect, you will miss a lot of these playing through and will want to go back and collect them all. whn you play through you will meet characters and their bio's will be available to read. special modes of play such as the time trial, survival and 'what if' modes are also a lot of fun. especially the 'what if' mode where level design is different and there are a lot of fun touches added to change the gameplay.

    the plot of the game is pleasing, the standard take over the world only spidey can save us but with a nice twist. a lot of baddies are implemented instead of just one arch villain over and over like with sonic. you'll fight doctor ocktupus, venom, name a few and all boss fights are different and require a strategy instead of just luck. and as for that last level.....

    overall this is a great game and a lot of fun but DONT BUY it go out and RENT IT instead...more info

  • Spider-Man
    I hate RPGs and I love this game!!!!!!! The camera angle SUCKS and no one really has fingers(this really doesn't matter). As you collect comic book covers, you unlock secret costumes that has different abilities. If you don't really want to get the covers: go to the special option and open the cheat menu and enter in: Invinicbilty- RUSTCRST Infinite Webbing- STRUDL All Unlockables- EEL Nats

    If you finish the game, you will get the "What If Contesr"...more info

  • Spider Man rules!
    Spider Man by Activision is the best game I ever played.I love the bosses,that you get to fight including scorpion,venom,and rhino.If you go to ... you can get cheats for a lot of video games including Spider Man.Some of the codes that you can get for Spider Man ,are infinite web and infinite health.I would recommand this game for kids ages 7-13.Spider Man is an excellent game.There are so many cool things that Spider Man can do in this game like use his spidey sense to detect danger from a distance.Also he can climb walls,and swing around the city with his web.Thats why I give this game 5 stars.GREAT GAME!...more info
  • Best Game Ever
    This is by far the best super hero video game ever. My brother and I liked the story as much as the action. The bad guys are great and fight differently. You really get excited. There are plenty of levels of difficulty to play. Kid Mode is very easy with even 5 year olds able to play it. You will like it alot....more info
  • spiderman ps1 game
    not bad. It held the attention of my 4 yearold for awhile but then mario DS came around......more info
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
    I got this game for my eighth birthday and I'm still playing it today.I played this game at friend's house and thats what made me a spidey fan.And with villans like Scorpion,Rhino,Venom,Doc Ock,and Carnage it's pretty good game.And when you beat it you get to play as Spider-Man on the alien suit ( the suit Venom wears) its awsome. buy it!

    ...more info
  • This Game Rules!
    This game is almost as fun as Skateboarding! I love the graphics and the talking and most of all how well Activision and Neversoft made Spider-Man able to do so many different things. You really have to hand it to the creators of this one. The game may not be as fun as THPS II or Metal Gear Solid but it still kicks butt....more info
  • A very excellent video game for a very excellent super-hero!
    This game...all I can say is... WOW!! Activision did a great job on this game! The game makes you feel like your actually the web-slinger! You have all of Spidey's powers: Wall-crawling:You can climb on walls and hide on ceilings so you can ambush the enimie bellow or just to save your life! Spider-sense:Whenever the screen turns diffrent colors and Spider-man has wavy lines over his head that means danger is cloase(Danger-sense). Spider-agility:Be fast as...a...well a spider!

    Spider-strength:You can lift up heavy objects and use them against baddies!. Web shooters:Spider-man made web-shooters so he can swing around New York and kick Super-villian!! But in here you can web-sling building to building or web-up an enimie,sorry theres so many uses for the webbing I cant remember!. This has very good storyline for a Spidey game! And the enviroments are spectacullar!!The enimies are pretty tough also! They even has the voices from Spider-man and Spider-man Unlimited cartoons in here!! Other Marvel comic super-heroes make cameos in this game,Just like the comics! Once you've beaten the game you can go back through it to find secrets for diffrent costumes read and look at Spider-man comics! On a rating One to Ten I give this 9.6!...more info

  • Pretty Much Awesome
    even though different from the ps2, xbox, gcube etc, spiderman was a great game and had your hands sweating so much that it hurt with suspense. GREAT GAME!!!...more info
  • The best superhero game ever made
    If your old enough to remember the countless horrible superhero beat-em-ups that were on the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo, than this will be a breath of fresh air. You still have to beat up the bad guys, but swinging around in a full 3-D New York City is too good to be true, and the graphics look great even for being on PS1. The storyline is your basic comic book story, nothing new here, but the voice acting is a welcome surprise. The only problem is that Spider-Man is a short game, but there are plenty of secrets to uncover that will keep you coming back, such as finding all of the comic books and getting all the special Spider-costumes. Spider-Man is allready a Playstation classic and if you don't own it allready, you should get it now along with the new sequel, "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro"....more info
  • Playstation's BEST Superhero game!
    If you can find something better than getting to beat up bad guys as Spider-Man while listening to a crazy rock/techno soundtrack...tell me! This game was so fun I played it non stop for 2 days...hence I ended up beating it. Comic Book nerds will also dig this because they will get to see all the cool Marvel trivia and comic book covers and such. There are also a ton of Marvel hero cameos in this game. Spider-Man has a lot of funny jokes as well. The controls are easy to get into, the levels all offer something interesting and new and the last boos truely was the best part!

    Out of all of the superhero games for PS1 this is the best. It is fun and you can come back and play it again to gain the things you missed! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great PS - PS2 game for little guys
    My 4 year old Spiderman fan loves this game. One of the difficulty levels is "Kid Mode", which is perfect for little gamers. The graphics aren't as good as the PC version, but kids aren't nearly the critics of this sort of thing as older players would be. If you are playing on a PS2, you need to find some original Playstation memory if you are going to save your progress, which may take some searching in the age of PS3, but I would still recomend this game even without it....more info
  • Great PS - PS2 game for little guys
    My 4 year old Spiderman fan loves this game. One of the difficulty levels is "Kid Mode", which is perfect for little gamers. The graphics aren't as good as the PC version, but kids aren't nearly the critics of this sort of thing as older players would be. If you are playing on a PS2, you need to find some original Playstation memory if you are going to save your progress, which may take some searching in the age of PS3, but I would still recomend this game even without it....more info
  • For an old Playstation game.......still very fun!

    I ordered this game for my 9 year old son. I don't know why he insists on me buying and him playing old Playstation games but he enjoys playing them thoroughly. Spiderman is an excellent, clean, fun Spiderman game....more info
  • The greatest comic book based video game EVER!!
    This game is awesome. It has an enthralling story, the gameplay is amazing, and it is just so much fun to play..

    Villians- Jade Syndacit, Scorpion, Rhino, Venom, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus, Carnage, and Monster Ock (if you ever wondered what Doc Ock would be like if bonded with Carnage's symbiote, there ya go)

    Heros- Spider-Man, Black Cat, Daredevil, The Human Torch, The Punisher, and Captain America...more info
  • ..........awesome...............
    ............WOW! I love spider man and know his entire history (and most of the villain's history to). Now this game is a must have for spidey fans and action lovers. It's great for parnets to kid kids (no blood folks!) and wonderful to rent. It's short though, but theres a spider man 2:enter electro! Plus i think Venom ( a blue alien/human with both halfs hating spiderman) is funny too. So grab some money and swing on over to your local video game store because my classic game senses are tingling...more info
  • Best spidey game evr since maximum carnage!
    This game is by far the best spiderman game ever since maximum carnage and seperation anxiety, both for supernintendo. In every great spiderman game i've played you've always had to face Carnage, which is good! Whether Carnage is the main boss, or not, as long as you fight him at least once in the game, it's good. Bottom line, this game's awsome, but very short....more info
  • Great Video Game!!
    This game is exciting. Great graphics, great animation, great storyline. Just all around fun to play!...more info
  • Web-slingin, wall-crawling fun....
    Spiderman is without a doubt, the best comic book action-hero game released to date. You play as Spidey himself in this fast-paced romp all over town to clear your good name and save Mrs. Spidey. Most of Spidey's enemies and friends show up to slam you around a bit or help out respectively. The boss fights are challenging without being impossible and there are a good number of puzzles you must solve to complete most levels. This adds to the game, as superheroes are supposed to be clever AND pack a wallop. The puzzles fit in with the scheme of the game and don't feel contrived and forced.

    The graphics of the game are good (Spiderman and most of the major characters look great) however, you will still find a problem with the camera angles which is a major flaw in an action game. The controls have a tendency to be sloppy but manueverability is not that big a problem when you have your trusty web-slinger to save your butt before you plunge to your death. Voice talent is superb and the narration is top-notch as well. The cut scenes are also well done and the background graphics are excellent. The main menu offers a great deal more than your average game including a training course for practically every move and a review section to see what items you've obtained and are still missing. Depending on the level of difficulty you're playing on, you have a good bit of help during your missions and there is even a kid-version so everyone is included.

    The levels of the game are short but well constructed. You have a clear objective and simply have to get past the obstacles to acheive your goal. Sometimes you must rely on stealth, strength, agility, cleverness or a combination to reach your objective. It was also a nice touch to include some hard-to-find itmes like comic book covers, which will unlock special abilities and suits. This adds some replay value for those die-hard gamers, but lets face it, mostly it's just cool.

    The biggest problem with the game is while it is fast-paced, it is also extremely short. Those well-versed in action games will probably complete it within a few hours and again, unless you are specifically searching for power-ups, replay value just isn't there.

    Spiderman is a good game. It certainly offers its fair share of entertainment for everyone not just for fans. The comic book flair does not end with the title and the main character, it is clearly visible throughout, which adds a great deal to the characters and overall graphics of the game. This game is like the comic book that it is based on: thrills and spills for everyone...just don't expect too much....more info

  • boo!
    this game iz badf it isdas 2 harde!...more info
  • spiderman rocks !
    I love this game. I bought this game four years ago and I still play it. I play it over and over again just to unlock all the costumes and comics. There are like 20 different levels incuding Daily Bugle, Subway, Waterfront warehouse,underground fortress. Bosses like, Venom, Scorpion, Rhino, Mysterio, Carnage, and Doc-ock. Guest appearences of other marvel superheroes like Torch, Black cat, Daredevil, Punisher, and Captain America. Power ups like spidey armor and heat webbing. You can unlock different costumes like Symbiot, Ben Riely costume, etc. This game is the best spiderman game ever. An instant classic....more info
  • Any Spider-Fan Will Love it!
    Although there are hundreds of superhero games, this simple Playstation game stole my heart. The game is fun. That's pretty much it's only quality. By today's standards, this game has terrible graphics. When it was new, it was fine. But don't let a simple matter as graphics stop you from playing this game. The game lets you into the shoes of Spider Man like no other game can. The game is disappointingly short. However, you will find yourself playing it over and over again. If you're looking for a quality Spider-Man experience, this game is perfect....more info
  • greatest game ever!!
    this game is ggrreeaatt you can do everything(almost) spiderman does you can web bad guys you can punch sombody of a building my only disapointmint was that you cant play on the ground and i gave it 4 stars because i think the last level was a little too hard(even thow i beat it) buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Web-slinging Action at its Best...
    I have to admit. I'm a huge fan of Spider-Man. For me, he embodies the heart and soul of what a real comic book character should be. The reality that his demeanour is set in and the fact that he's so accessible to anyone out there, truly points to the fact that he is by right the most successful comic creation ever. My first ever comic book was a Spidey one and since then, he struck me as the character to look for in all media.

    Recently the character has experienced an upsurge in his fame with a brand new animated series, complete revamp of his comic series (though not successful at first, it's slowly starting to heat up) and the movie that's due out by the summer of 2002. But what better way to bring the character to life and enjoy full control of him than through this amazing game by ACTIVISION.

    Let's start things off with the characters. You get to see most of the major baddies and a number of Spidey's supporting cast. All you JJ fans will be pleased. You also get to see different takes on some of them, but you have to play the game to know how. How well do they interact with each other? EXCELLENTLY. Spidey holds true to gis classic wittiness and quick repartee, be it beating up thugs, running from the police and even when mumbling to himself on how things are getting from bad to worst true to the famous Parker luck. One of the funniest one-liners and interactions have got to be with VENOM. He is down-right menacing, sick and laugh-out-loud-wet-your-pants funny. I loved him at times more than Spidey and at times I was rooting that he may actually start eating brains if I lost my fight with him. You never lose the fun factor when he's around. All the other characters hold true to their comic-book personas and you just can't believe your eyes and ears when they walk the walk and talk the talk. JJ fans you really get a bonus seeing this guy in action.

    Storyline? This is a perfect, successful rendition of a comic book and animated series put together. The combination works and it works right. Loose ends? Why don't you play it to know wherte those are and what they mean?

    Animation? And here's the thing on that. This is an action game like no other I have ever played in my life. The fluidity in which Spidey moves from one place to another is spectacular. You just can't get enough of him jumping from one side to another. He gives you full control of his actions and you just want to explore that even further. His webbing is also cool and can be subjected to different forms. You want to web someone with threads? You got it. You want to spin a web ball that has a stronger impact? Spidey's your guy. You want to huddle in a web coccoon and let you enemies huddle around and then blow them to smithereens coming out of it? He does that too. His web-slinging action is fine and completely true to classic Spidey moves. The only downside of the graphics is the fact that during the video streams, all the characters' hands are in a fist and you can never see them in a more realistic finger-like form. You think with all those other good stuff, you'd be nagging about this? I think not.

    This game is excellently produced, animated and rightfully told. Just listening to living legend Stan Lee narrating you through the storyline is enough to make a true believer out of you. You can't go wrong by buying this game. Even if you're not a fan, after the experience you'll get playing this game, you'll wish that you've always been one....more info

  • Fun
    This is the best comic book game out there. The actors capture the characters perfectly. Especially Spider-Man. The graphics are great for Playstation. It's just a fun game to play. Oh, and for the people who are THPS fans, this game is run on the same engine....more info
  • Excellent Videogame!
    What a great videogame that gives you an idea of what Spiderman's life of fighting is like! Smooth graphics and fast electrifying gameplay make this game one of the best action/adventure games I've ever played!This is a must have game in your Playstation Library....more info