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Bucket Boss Brand 54045 Rear Guard
List Price: $12.99

Our Price: $8.93

You Save: $4.06 (31%)


Product Description

Slip pouch into back pocket and it's a mini tool belt. 4 front pockets hold tools, pencils, wallet and more. Clip loop attaches tape roll and keys. Snap loop secures to belt or tool bag handle. Padded for comfort and reinforced for strength.

The Bucket Boss 54045 Rear Guard Tool Sheath is great for mobile jobs or simple work requiring just a few tools. Four front pockets hold tools, pen and pencil, and your wallet. A clip loop holds tape rolls or keys and uses a snap loop to attach to your pants belt, and the rear pouch goes into a back pocket to create a mini tool belt. Attachment comes with a 2-inch stainless steel belt clip, and the abrasion-resistant fabrics fight against wear.

  • Beefy stainless steel belt clip
  • Built from abrasion resistant fabric
  • Rear padded and reinforced pouch, four front pockets
  • Clip loop for a tape roll, keys and its snap loop
  • Pouch measures 9.75-inches x 5.75-inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Great tool
    This is the second of these tool belts my husband has owned, and he is very happy with it. It lasts forever, and is the perfect size for the tools he needs to carry with him at work....more info
  • Bucket Boss
    My son is an electrical apprentice and bought this to carry the tools he uses most often. He says it's great and makes it much easier to find the things he needs quickly. He loves the snap so that he can take it off his belt without removing his belt. He also says that it's very durable. ...more info
  • Bucket Boss
    My son is an electrical apprentice and bought this to carry the tools he uses most often. He says it's great and makes it much easier to find the things he needs quickly. He loves the snap so that he can take it off his belt without removing his belt. He also says that it's very durable. ...more info
  • Perfect size
    I install and service security alarms. This is the second one I have had. The first one I used for 4 years and was passed on to a new technician. This is the perfect size for the tools I use regularly. I am in and out of the truck and it is quick to grab and go.
    This does not have a stainless steel clip as the description states. It does have a rigid section that is made to slip into a back pocket and a loop to snap orounnd a belt....more info
  • Great tool carrier
    Great tool carrier, I always have it on at work. Keeps my utility knife, pencil, and leatherman tool handy. Its not too big but carries a lot of my tools. Small and light enough to be worn all day, sometimes I forget its there....more info
  • bad sticth
    I bought the rear guard about a year ago. I REALLY liked the style.I wore it all the time but it startd to tear along the edge.I work for the usps so i had them order me another one. I though I just got a bad one. Well to my suprise the stiching on both sides riped at the first pocket.The green ends.This area nees to be beefed up. Thankyou....more info
  • Cool tool holder
    I really liked this product because it holds what I need most of the time (I install cable TV cable and devices). Goes on and off your belt in a snap. Could have been made with leather or something a bit tuffer. I put a hole in mine rather quickly with my screwdriver, but I still like it....more info
  • Good Concept, average quality
    I really liked the pouch. It comes in very handy. I did find after a few uses that the stitching started to let go and pliers or channellocks would start lean out or fall out. It was very difficult to repair....more info
  • Great item to hold your needed tools.
    I needed a small tool carrier and this really works great. Easy to put on your belt and holds a small flashlight, a multi-tool, a small screwdriver, a 6 inch adjustable wrench, and a small pair of channel locks.
    Not too heavy on your side either....more info
  • great item!!
    This Rear Guard from Bucket Boss is awsome!! I am a Direct Tv installer and use the rear guard every day at work. It is just big enough for for the few tools I need to do my job. I have used it for a little over a year now and it is just starting to wear down. I was so happy with it I just bought a new one. Bucket Boss did a fine job when they crafted this item. I really recomend this item....more info
  • everyone should have at least one
    The Bucket boss rear guard is great. I bought it mainly for electrical work but I have been using it for everything. the main pocket is just big enough that I can fit my 10.8v makita impact in it. I love it when I am running wires in an attic. You can't go wrong for less than $10...more info
  • Great for Electricians
    This little pouch is great, i put all my tools that i use for my trade.
    pliers, screwdrivers, knife and pens fit nicely. Great buy and great price...more info
  • Lots o storage, snap can't handle the weight
    I use my gaurd everyday in a lumber yard. I carry a tin snips, marker, pens, knife etc... and this little thing works wonders. However, since I am jumpin in and out of forklifts all day I cant use it with my back pockets and the handle to the snips poke me in the stomach if I put it in the front pocket so I wear it on my side. When I do this and the pouch gets snagged a little bit on something it tears away off my belt due to the snap belt enclosure or the weight of my tools itself will do the same. Somebody said they wished it had a clip but I have used that system on the knife sheath and it has its problems. So I would say they need a slide through beld system like on their leather goods. ...more info
  • great product
    this is a very durable long lasting product, originally my coworker bought these on vacation years ago, but i now see that they are avaible here.

    we are commercial/industrial electricians and this product has seen many hours in the field being scooted along infront of a person on hands and knees, being dropped off a ladder, many different things including having
    oil spilled in accidentially.
    anyway after about 5-6years his is starting to wear out and only because he didnt listen and kept a fixed blade razor knife in it. beat to hell and only needs to be replaced because of one hole from a razor.
    mine is newer and still beautiful condition....more info
  • I like the pouch but it wore out too fast
    Excellent pouch for electricians who usually put there pliars & screwdriver in back pocket. You can fit pliers,strippers,2 screwdrivers& tester. Downside; it only lasted about 6 months....more info
  • Handy, Light duty
    I am a professional electrician and have owned several of these. They are the handiest tool pouches and are priced right. The construction is a little on the weak side. The seems blew out of most of them and the snap broke off one of them after 2 days of use.
    Overall it is a good product but you may want to purchase two and have one on hand for later. If you usually stuff tools in your back pocket this is for you....more info
  • great pouch
    I do lots of low voltage wiring. It's great to just stick it in your rear pocket which makes it very handy. I only wish they'd make the same item with more storage pockets. Instead I had to buy 2....more info
  • electrician
    Im a service electrician, so i do small jobs all day long and in between im in the truck driving to the next job ,so i put tools on, put tools away all day long. I got tired of putting holes in my back pockets by carring screw drivers ect.. my regular tool pouch is big and hangs on my belt so it was too much of a pain to undo my belt when i arrive and then again when i leave. This baby solved that problem. I ended up using it in my front pocket, more comfortable and excessable. It did wear out in 8 mo.'s so im ordering a new one. if they beefed up the bottom of pouch so screwdrivers wouldn't eventually pop through i'd give it 5 stars....more info
  • Bucket Boss Tool Pouch
    This Bucket Boss tool pouch is well made and should last a long time. This tool pouch has a good design that enables you to carry quite a few small tools without being bulky. The only thing that I didn't care for was the snap for the belt loop. When working in tight spots, it is possible to un-snap the tool pouch allowing the pouch to fall from your belt. This is still a handy tool pouch to use for small projects....more info
  • Great for the Weekend Warrior
    The product is well designed with ample space for several small tools. Gardening is my hobby and this product has been a fantastic assistant. I have successfully held my Hori-Hori (an exceptional weed digging tool) in the deepest pocket, garden pruners and utility knife in the middle pocket, cell phone, leatherman tool and pencil in the front pockets and garden wire on the hanging metal clip. It is extremely versatile with the ability to be attached with the belt clip or slipped into your back pocket. However slipping it in your back pocket restricts usage of the back pouch pocket to the thinnest of tools. Overall I have found this product to meet or exceed my expectations. One caveat is that the durability of this product is in question and is suited for the weekend warrior only. Masons, carpenters and other professionals that require their tools to tolerate severe conditions would be best served by spending the additional money and upgrade to a high quality leather tool belt that will last a lifetime. The bottom line is you get what you pay for......more info
  • Electrician
    This is a well thought out design, but like other reviews...the company needs to redesign the pocket bottoms to prevent punctures. Aside from that I am well sastified with the price and value....more info
  • Saves your jeans.......
    There's many great features to this pouch. The snap makes it handy to take on and off. The padded insert keeps the tools from poking you in the rear (Especially handy if you happen to fall). I keep my electrical tools in it & have saved myself several trips up & down the ladder..

    The only drawback is that the padded insert , while keeping the rig from sliding around, also fills your back pocket.. Not a problem as long as you don't keep your wallet or rag in that pocket.....more info