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Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS port for increased bass response
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $1.33

You Save: $8.66 (87%)


Product Description

Open Air Design / Wide Band Comfort / Excellent Bass Response

Take your music on the run with Panasonic's lightweight, low-cost RP-HT21 over-ear headphones. Their large, 30 mm diaphragms offer full-bodied sound free of the harshness and discomfort that usually accompany earbud-style earphones. The headphones' open-air design minimizes adverse resonances, and Panasonic's XBS acoustic ports naturally emphasize bass frequencies for rich sound from nearly any source.

What's in the Box
Headphones, data sheet.

  • XBS port increases bass response
  • Comfortable open-air design with wide headband
  • Frequency response 16Hz-22kHz
  • Neodymium rare-earth magnet for rich and powerful sound
  • Large-diameter driver units 30mm (1-3/16")

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the price!
    These have been my main "working out" headphones for almost a year now, and even after being repeatedly drenched in sweat, they still sound great!...more info
  • One of those rare good deals
    I was skeptical that the other reviews must be too good to be true, but these headphones appear to be as advertised. They are a bit fragile -- I wish, for example, they had some strain relief for the wires where they leave the headset and frequently break -- but for the price ... buy these. The sound is very good and like others I'm not so fond of earbuds, particularly of *sharing* them. :)...more info
  • Great Headphones!
    These are quality headphones. The sound is clear and the bass is full. I use the headphones on my computer....more info
  • Best headphones I have ever had - and for under $10!
    I baught these to replace my dead in-ear earphones. These were cheaper (when I got them, free shipping but it had tax and it came to be $5.34) and my sister said headphones were better so I decided to risk it and try these. If they weren't good, I would have just wasted $5, which I don't think is much so I baught them. The first good thing about these headphones was the shipping. I got them in less then a week (I think like 5 or 6 days). I just opened them now and I am still listening to my music, which mostly contains rock, but I do have a little rap and other stuff. These work well with all of the genres of music I listen to. Another thing is they are way more comfortable than the in-ear ones. They also don't fall off easily. So for $10 or more you can get in-ear ones that will most likely blow out within a month like all the other one I have owned did, or for less than $10 for these great headphones....more info
    Great listening quality, great value for your money.
    P.S. Let your brand new headphones run for at least 30 hours to "break them in"... then listen to the music and compare....more info
  • Computer Headphones
    This is just what I was looking for - an inexpensive high-quality set of headphones. It fits on top of your head (traditional - the way I like it) as opposed to behind your head. Great sound quality....more info
  • Good bass and smooth, natural sound
    Good bass and smooth, natural sound. I think the price for these is right on and the sounds are great. I use this product with my Kindle and have a little problem with the way the kindle cover rubs the side of the plug in, That is not the product's problem but a design flaw with the Kindle cover I have. I Recomend this product.
    ...more info
  • Nice Surprise
    Bought three Pairs of these to replace the Cheap headphones that came with a Portable DVD Player and Horrible Ear Buds for My I Pod. Very Surprised as These Don't look or sound Cheap Like Dollar Store headphones. These made a Huge Difference and Increased the Volume Output from the Cheap DVD Headphones. I compared these to my $35 German Made AKG Portable headphones and although these Don't Have the same quality Bass they sound Very Crisp and Clear. I Use these when I don't want to Risk Losing My expensive Pair I Paid almost 10x more for. Very soft, Comfortable on the ears and I Read they are discontinued by Panasonic so I would Buy them quickly. Excellent Pair of Headphones for well under $10.00. I've Learned My Portable device is Only as Good as Your Headphones. ...more info
  • Just what I was looking for at a really good price
    I needed a good pair of stereo headsets for my meditation tapes I use to go to sleep with and I needed a pair and for work to use with my laptop when I listen to music. I wear reading glasses at my desk and I don't like the earbuds and other over the ear headsets are very uncomfortable when I wear my glasses because they always fit too tightly. Also, I've found out that the earbuds are much worse for you hearing.

    When I came across these I saw they had the same stats as others which cost 4 times as much so I bought two pair and I am glad I did. They are so comfortable and cheap enough that I will get 2 more pair. One to keep in my gym bag & a pair for my 8 year old nephew when he is playing games on the computer. I don't want him to use mine plus he can have his very own set he uses when he visits his Auntie.

    Great deal and they sound pretty good to me and oh so comfortable.

    I got them for 4.99 at Frys.
    ...more info
  • Great sound quality
    The sound quality, even on a really average stereo sounds great with these! The only thing is that they seem to short a little when the wire isn't perfectly "slack". The sound faded out, got fuzzy or completely stopped if I turned my head and pulled the wire taught....more info
  • very respectable headphones for $5
    I'm sure you can find something nicer or that sounds better -- by spending 6 to 20 times more money. But for $5, you simply cannot go wrong with these. They sound quite nice on my ipod, feel fine, and they do exactly what they're supposed to. And for $5, they can't be beat. Shoot, you'd want a set even just to have a backup in case your more expensive set goes kaput....more info
  • Best headphones I have ever owned
    Now, I know that may sound cliche, but it's true. I am rough on headphones, plain and simple. I use them at work, shove them in my purse to take home on the weekends, shove them in my laptop case, take them back to work, and rip them on and off my ears all day long. I always kill the cords, and I always seem to lose sound in one ear.

    So, when I broke my last set - much to my fury - I set out to find a new one... this set was one of two I ordered. It was the cheaper of the two, initially purchased as a back-up in case the more expensive ones I bought went dead unexpectedly.

    Heh. I prefer these to the more expensive ones. I've hardly touched those ones.

    Seriously, they have the best bass I have EVER had on a headset. Ever. And, I confess, I'm all about the bass.

    These lasted longer than most brands I've had, sound fabulous, and are finally, after almost a year and a half of hard use, are just barely (and I do mean barely)starting to wear down. For me, that's a record. I kill headphones too quickly. I am seriously going to purchase another set, because I was so entirely pleased with these. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and sound amazing.

    So, sure, perhaps these won't be your cup of tea if your all into high-tech equipment and sound recording, etc. I'm not. I just want a set of phones that lets me hear every single note and rhythm that my MP3 player or Window's Media Player has to offer. I don't think I can sing their praises enough. They are AWESOME, and I entirely recommend them to anyone just wanting to listen to music and hear all the great sound your player, disc, or computer has to offer.

    Muchos Gracias, Panasonic - I LOVE these headphones!...more info
  • late delivery
    I ordered a pair of these many months ago. It stopped working on one side so bought another pair. They are inexpensive but cheaply made. Don't mind since only paid $5.
    On this headphone order the first delivery didn't make it so Amazon sent another pair.
    ...more info
  • not bad for the price
    These headphones were only $4.99. The sound quality was good for that price. Not great, but good enough. ...more info
  • Suprisingly very good quality
    I figured with such a cheap price tag that these headphones would be complete junk and would distort with heavy bass. However I was surprised at the clean and deep bass response and crisp highs. I am going to order another pair just in case I step on these and break them like I have done with my last pair of headphones :P...more info
  • Wonderful Company
    Great service, prompt delivery, got exactly what I was expecting for a great price. Thank you!...more info
  • Ok Headphones
    For the price i can't go wrong. Great for the kids to use on trips.No problems yet....more info
  • best headphones I have ever used
    I bought these for my wife and then I tried them myself... They are comfortable and the sound is amazing.. From such a small source the sound is awesome......more info
  • Exceptional Bang for the Buck
    I bought these headphones for listening to my MP3 player and for airplane fights. So far the sound produced through my MP3 player is exceptional regardless of the price. The headphones reproduced good tight bass support without any signs of distortion or exaggeration.

    Pros: Good sound and at this price you don't worry so much if they are lost or stolen.
    Cons: For those who listen at earthquake decibels you may be disappointed. ...more info
  • Decent headphones, well worth it for low price and free shipping
    Good headphones for the price, good sound for casual music listening and work decently for video conversations. They're not the most durable things in the world, or the most comfortable after five or six hours of continuous use, but they're cheap and work. If you move them around all the time (like when using a laptop), they will start to wear the cord down. But, in my experience that happens with all headphones if you're using them often, so best bet is to get something cheap like this and replace it as needed....more info
  • Good Headphones For The Price....One Complaint
    I bought these headphones from Amazon mostly because of the extensive positive reviews. That and at only $5.00, they seemed like a bargain. (Make sure you combine them with an order over $25.00 to get the free shipping. Otherwise with shipping included, they are not worth it). The headphones seem very well made and comfortable. They also seem to have a very clear sound with good stereo separation. My only negative with them is their volume level is quite a bit lower than the output of your source. That is, I had to turn the volume up considerably to hear the headphones at medium volume. When I unplugged the phones, the speakers came on and were extremely loud. Other than the somewhat wimpy volume of them, they seem a worthwhile investment.......more info
  • Nice headset, great price!
    This is a good headset at a very reasonable price! Not the most comfortable fit, but still a good bargain!...more info
  • headphones
    Perfect, just what i wanted. I sleep with these on and they are very comfortable....more info
  • Great headphones
    Simply put, I love this thing. I got an iPod nano 3G a while back, and I really liked it, but I hated the headphones; a pair that came with a $10 off-brand CD player sounded much better, with better bass and overall clearer audio. However, this tops those by far. Old songs sounded completely new due to tiny details that my previous headphones hadn't been able to pick up. The audio is crystal clear and the bass is great. I also tested them with Resistance: Retribution on the PSP, and the sound clarity was amazing there, too; it greatly added to the immersion. Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone in need of new headphones....more info
  • As Advetised
    This a decent headset for the price. It is somewhat comfortable and appears to be durable. I bought 2 just in case....more info
  • Best headphone ever had in this price
    You won't find any better headphone in this price with clarity and bass! I bought one and ordered one more today. A must have for private quality listening, very comfortable and light wt....more info
  • Wow! Better than a lot of the competition
    I was pretty surprised, since these headphones are so cheap, but they sound decent for the price. I compared them to the PX100 from Sennheiser and they actually held up quite well. They sound a little more muddled, but not by much, and I'm going to keep them as replacement for my Sennheisers which broke on me the other day. This way, I don't feel so bad when these break because they cost less to buy new than the Sennheisers cost to even ship back!...more info
  • These are the ONLY headphones I use (if I can help it)
    You've already read from several other reviewers that these headphones have good bass and sound, are extremely durable, and a good price. I completely agree with all these sentiments. Some reviewers have said that they are fragile, and it makes me wonder what they are doing to break them. Are they treating them like ear buds, which have no headband? The band is flexible plastic, but like any other plastic band, too much pressure will make it snap (same goes for the head phones, but I've been able to reattach them a couple of times by just snapping them back in).

    What I want to emphasize is the thing that most impresses me about these headphones, which is the reason that they are the only ones I use, and that is that they are EXTREMELY comfortable (for headphones with a band). I've tried several other types and styles: behind the neck Behind-The-Neck Headphones with Fashion Color Caps, extra padding on the headphone speakers Sony MDR-V250V Monitor Series Headphones with In-line Volume Control, even headphones with the same design (wide headband and swiveling headphones so that they adjust to your head size): Coby CVH42 Slim Lightweight Stereo HP & Koss UR5 Stereo Headphones with Foam Ear Cushions.

    NONE of the other brands can even compare when it comes to comfort! I can use the Panasonic headphones to work on a project or while playing video games for several hours, or ALL DAY at work, and never have any of the issues I have had with the others. The complaints I find with the others are pinching my ears against my head or just pinching the ears in general, experiencing a squeezing feeling on the top of my head, numbing sensation on the ears, and an inability to stay on.

    These are headphones that were either comparable in price (at the time Panasonic went for $15) or design, but they really don't compare where I need them to excel the most. I don't use the other headphones unless I absolutely have to because my Panasonic headphones aren't with me.

    My only complaint about these headphones is that after a few years the extending part tends to get a little loose (but not so loose you can't wear them) and that the "foamies" (the material that goes over the headphones) eventually need replacing (which really isn't Panasonic's fault)....more info
  • Good for running
    Purchased these to be used while running. Cheaper than replacing ear pieces Stays on. Great for the price...more info
  • Nice lightweight headphones for use during sleep.
    I bought these for my mom to use with her Pure White Noise sleep cds. I needed headphones that were light and comfortable for her to use when sleeping and these work just fine. They sound great and price is right too! ...more info
  • Inexpensive but good
    What I like about Amazon is that you often find things like this; headphones at a good price.

    These were sturdy, but no cumbersome. They fit great on my head and they didn't try press my ears against my head.

    The sound is good, and I would say they were above average in make and quality.

    Of course, the price was right as well.
    ...more info
  • Good Headphones for the Money
    I have been using these headphones for about a month and they have performed well so far....more info