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Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition
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Product Description

Relic Entertainment and Sierra Studios proudly introduce the Homeworld Game of the Year Edition. Winner of multiple Game of the Year and Strategy Game of the Year awards, Homeworld is a revolutionary step in gameplay and technology, simultaneously delivering stunning special effects, brilliantly-rendered ships, exciting single and multiplayer missions, and an innovative interface.

Relic Entertainment and Sierra Studios' Homeworld forced gamers to view real-time strategy games in a completely different way. Homeworld's events take place in 3-D space complemented by stunning graphics and magnificent sound effects.

While it does adhere to real-time strategy games' traditional balance of resource gathering and unit creation, Homeworld feels unique; Relic has created a vast and interesting universe that's worth visiting time and time again. Having won numerous industry awards (including Game of the Year and Strategy Game of the Year) in 1999, Relic and Sierra have repackaged the original Homeworld into a Game of the Year Edition

The imaginative plot competes with the graphics as the game's best feature. Upon the discovery of an ancient galactic map inscribed with the words "our home," the people of Kharak began construction of a massive mother ship and fleet to traverse the galaxy and reach their true home world. Players construct, maintain, and control the Kharak fleet through 16 challenging single-player missions or against fellow humans on Sierra's online gaming service. During the solo campaign, you'll face literally hundreds of enemy vessels. All friendly and enemy ships--ranging from small yet dangerously quick interceptors to the powerful and expensive destroyers and heavy cruisers--are rendered with exquisite detail.

If you already own Homeworld, there's not enough here to justify the purchase; however, if you haven't enjoyed one of the freshest games of all time, Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition offers an experience that shouldn't be missed. --Doug Radcliffe


  • One of the best games in recent years, offering a fresh look on a popular genre
  • Fantastic graphics with a 3-D engine that allows you to get up close to dazzling ship battles
  • Addictive single-player campaign and easy-to-use Internet multiplayer options
  • Game of the Year Edition doesn't include extra missions or enhancements to gameplay
  • Higher learning curve than standard real-time strategy games (but worth the effort)

Command a massive star fleet on an epic journey home. Since the discovery of the Guide Stone 100 years ago, our very origins have come into question. Now, after years of technological advancement and careful study, there is one inescapable revelation: we do not belong here. From that moment of discovery on, we have dedicated ourselves to one goal--returning home.
  • Choose from 16 single-player missions or play online with up to 7 people
  • Customize your game, from fuel consumption to color schemes
  • Choose from detailed weapons systems, including ion cannons, guided missiles, and space mines
  • Lead your rag-tag fleet of starships on a voyage to a mythical homeworld

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply: Wow
    I had played Real Time Strategy games off all types. From the very begining. All the way back to War Craft I. But there always seemed to be something missing.

    Then, I was in a used book store, and saw this is their software centre really cheep. I had never heard of it, and I had money to spend. Needless to say, that night, a friend of mine went and bought it, and after about six hours of playing head to head, we had found the ultimate RTS game.

    The 3D enviroment is extrordinary, and the graphics amazing.

    The only down-side is to really enjoy this game, you need a fast computer, with a really good graphics card. Over all, if you can handle the min. requirements, and like RTSs, you MUST have this game!!...more info

  • One of the BEST games ever. Period.
    Before I got this game, I was not really into real-time-strategy (RTS). However I was looking for a good space sim and so I got this game. All I can say is, WOW.

    The standard by which I measure games more than anything is the story and content. Homeworld delivered both of them beyond my wildest expectations. And while the graphics may be somewhat dated by today's standards, looks really do not matter compared to the content that the game delivers.

    The story is about a 4,000 year-old derlict ship discovered in the desert of a backwater planet called Kharak, which contains an artifact known as the 'guide stone' and information that the inhabitants of Khrak (you can choose from two races to play) are not native to planet but from a world known as Hiigaria. This united Kharak's clans as never before in a massive project to return in their homeworld. Over a period of 60 earth-standard years, a gigantic colony ship is built. Deep inside the mothership is the hyperspace core from the derilect, which was rebuilt for use in the mothership. The ship's tests largely go as planned until the test-run of the hyperspace core. While the jump itself went flawlessly, a science ship sent to the systems edge to receive them has gone missing. Scout ships and probes discover a burned out hulk of what was once the science vessel and a distress call that they came under fire from mysterious hostiles. The mothership and its defending forces are ambushed by these same hostiles but manage to return to Kharak, only to find the planet engulfed in a planet-wide firestorm. All that is left of the Hiigarian race is the mothership crew and some six hundred thousand people in cryogenic suspension who survived the destruction of the mothership's scaffold. The msterious attackers attack the cryo trays, doing their best to make the Hiigarians extinct, but the cryo trays are saved and the crew of an enemy frigate are captured. The enemy crew reveals that the Hiigarians violated a 4,000-year old treaty that they knew nothing about, a treaty not to develop hyperspace technology, which is punishable by extinction of their race. With nothing left, the Hiigarians have no choice but to make it to their homeworld. I will not spoil anything, but the journey is filled with with new discoveries and new perils along the way. The hunt for the mothership and the Hiigarian's fight against the enemy empire to retake Hiigaria would become known as "The Homeworld War."

    The gameplay has a steep lurning curve, and taking the training course before beginning the camapaign or skirmish is ESSENTIAL. Even if you have played RTS games, the gameplay system in here is unique enough to require it. You also need a very three-dimensional mind to play this game: learning to defend yourself, think and fight along all three axis is the only way you will win this game. You will also need a lot of patience. Many missions are very long and you will be going back and retrying. From the sixth mission and onward, the game gets VERY hard.

    The music is top-notch, ranking up there along with the music from Deus Ex, Heavy Gear and Mechwarrior 2. The music is a combination of orchistral and middle-eastern.

    All in all this game deserves five stars....more info
  • Outstanding
    Trust me if you like sci-fi and want to play a game which is chalenging and fun this is the one. Great story line great gameplay....more info
  • Beautiful and Glorious
    Someone first loaned me this game saying that I must play it, seeing as how I had gotten so attached to Starcraft when it came out back in the day(still a great game). I put the game in, ran it, was a little confused at first by the menus but you learn quickly. Once I got in the game....I couldn't believe it. The nebula levels are beautiful. I loved it, and it also has the single best storyline of any game I've played...but that's me. Truly, this is a must buy....more info
  • One of the greats
    This game is absolutely spectacular. I'm sure you've all seen the Death Star and such, but you've never controlled the monster space ship. Now you can. Command 50+ ships, ranging from the 80 ton Scout, to the 800,000 ton Heavy Cruiser, to the biggest ship ever made, the 30 mile long, 5 million ton ship, the Mothership. This is truly an amazing game. The graphics are crisp, but starting to show their age. I can't wait for Homeworld 2 to come out. I'll be one of the first people to buy it. The soundtrack is excellent. The cutscenes are good, and the storyline is absolutely epic. This is one of the best games you can buy for any amount of money....more info
  • Very hard, to pick up but great anyways...
    This game is about conquest, exporation and it's got ever thing you needed for a great RTS. But the game is so hard to pick up I stopped playing it the first day. But with age it become a echo in the back of my mind I could remember how hard it was to even figure how to play. But a year later I rediscovered it and now it is a lot easier, probably because I am older now, but we will never know.

    3/5 For the tutorial: As for me, it was hard to pick up like I said, and it is still pretty hard, but hey.

    5/5 For the music: I am, one of the few teenagers out there, who hates Rap music. But I think anyone even Rap lovers will love the music.

    4/5 For the graphics: They looked cool I was breathless with the destuctation of there homeworld in the like 4th mission. But some of the weapons pulse could have looked better.

    5/5 For the story: This is what I look for in a game storyline, if it didn't have one. sorry not paying for it, not even if it was a dollar.

    My final reveiw of this game, it's got a great storyline, perfact voice overs. But as for the tutorial it was sucky as in not enough descipetion. But the battle action is very cool to watch, the movies are amazing. As for the last word, not the best game to go and pick it right up. But hey, you have to to buy it.

    Your Comrade, and your Brother-In-Arms, Gen.Ratman....more info
  • Full Game
    Homeworld needed a patch to play the Full Game uninterrupted, but after that and after I bought Prima's Official Strategy Guide, I enjoyed the game and still play it today. It is not a hard game, but you learn to balance the features of the game for the senerio of the level. I have 2 games only; Homeworld and Unreal Tournament, what more do you want in life? The homeworld website has a great forum there for players and any level can be talked about and you can have fun knowing that everyone there has played, won, lost at any level; we also help players finish the game....more info
  • One of the best ever, hands-down.
    Homeworld is, quite simply, one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. The graphics will bring tears to your eyes (as long as you've got a halfway-decent video card, anyway), as will the haunting soundtrack. The single-player campaign has an engrossing plot expounded by nifty anime-style cutscenes as well as in-game 3D animation sequences, and multiplayer matches are a blast. Yes, the interface takes a little getting used to at first (it is 3D, after all), but it's really not bad at all if you give it half a chance.
    In addition to beautiful graphics and sound, excellent gameplay, and an engrossing plot, there are countless little details that make this a great game. I love being able to customize the color schemes of my ships, for example. And the fact that turrets and gimballed guns actually move to point at their targets before firing - despite the fact that I'm rarely zoomed in close enough to watch this during an epic battle - is excellent.
    I could write pages about this game, but playing it will give you a far better idea of what I'm talking about. Enjoy!...more info
  • Homeworld rocks my world!
    Homeworld is an AMAZING game. The graphics are stunning, the singleplayer great, the multiplayer better! Anyone who has fears of it being too complex can lay their fears to rest. The games has a helpful manual that explains not only how to play the game but the games history as well. Homeworld is an innovative game, I am getting Homeworld Cataclysm, the Expansion, soon, and I can hardly wait for Homeworld 2. Homeworld truly is the game of the year!...more info
  • user unfriendly
    I found this game very difficult to play. After a few sessions of about 30 to 60 minutes each I put it back in the box and tried to return it to Best Buy. They wouldn't give me a refund or store credit or anything but sympathy. I could probably learn to play it ok with several more hours of practice but that seems more like work than fun.

    Titobob...more info
  • Beautiful and Glorious
    Someone first loaned me this game saying that I must play it, seeing as how I had gotten so attached to Starcraft when it came out back in the day(still a great game). I put the game in, ran it, was a little confused at first by the menus but you learn quickly. Once I got in the game....I couldn't believe it. The nebula levels are beautiful. I loved it, and it also has the single best storyline of any game I've played...but that's me. Truly, this is a must buy....more info
  • Love it
    Great graphic, wonderful interface, loads of exicitement and options. I love space games and this is one of the best I have. Especialy good is the need to mine resources and research new technologies. Great game....more info
  • Maybe I am missing something.
    This is by far one of the most boring RTS games I have ever played, and I have played alot of them.

    Just like in most RTS games, you have to collect resources. I spent most of my time waiting for the resource collectors to bring the resource. It was so boring. The single player mission was spent over half the time waiting. Waiting for resources. Waiting for your ships to build. Waiting for researches to finish.

    The graphics were ok, but given the fact this was a 1999 game, I can see where the graphics would have been pretty good though I believe Total Annihilation, Starcraft, and especially Age Of Empires (which all 3 came out before Homeworld) looked better. The ships looked cool, but if you zoomed in on them, they looked pixally. And the cutscenes were just ok. It was cool to be able to see a 360 view of every ship though.

    The battles weren't anything spectacular. You couldn't really see of hear any of the fighting going on. Just the same droning music over and over (the music was cool the first few missions, but gets rather boring later). It was also impossible to follow the battles as your camera follows one of units or the other.

    The best thing about this game was the story. The story goes like this: A spaceship was found buried in sand here on Earth. Using that technology and the history found on the ship, they built their own ships so that they could head to their real Homeworld. As the story unfolds and new enemies and friends are made, the story keeps this game going. At least for me, that is the only reason I continued to play this game.

    I read all of the reviews on many gamesites including Gamespot and Gamespy and many of the reviews here, and maybe my expectations were high, but one review said that no has since done what homeworld has done. And I believe the reason is who would want to. The idea about completely 3D space game is good in concept, but it takes away from the gameplay too much. This is definitely nothing like the games I mentioned before, but having played over 50 RTS games, this one didn't do it for me.

    Next up is Homeworld Cataclysm. I bought all 3 Homeworld games at the same time because the price was cheap. So I don't feel like I was cheated too much. Game wasn't for me, but maybe it is for you....more info

  • I LOVVE YHIS GAME!!!!!!!
    This is the best space combat game ever it has really cool graphics to. It is also a strategy game. You can also play online. this is the best game. you will have hours of fun on this game. Really great single player missions with an engrossing plat. If I were you I would buy it right now!!!!...more info
  • Good Game for its Time.....
    This game was a good game. I played ORB first and found myself always comparing the two. The graphics were ok but could have been better for 1999. The story was mediocre. It was about a stone found in the middle of a desert on Earth and it had a map of the humans first home called Hiigara or something like that. The people of Earth built a spacecraft and transplanted a girl named Karen into the mother ship itself. She is similar to the master computer in the show "Star Trek." Are you getting all this.....That's what I mean. It's such a ridiculous story but the game gave birth to ORB, HW Cataclysm, and HW 2.

    I hope HW 2 graphics is similar to ORBs. Next up for me is HW Cataclysm and then HW 2. I will do a review when complete. See my review on ORB.
    ...more info
  • Great Game
    I saw my dad playing this game and i thought it looked good, so i went out, bought the game and started playing.

    Although at first it was hard to "Get into" it made up for that with the amazing graphics and stunning performance.

    The only thing that set me back was on the "Kharos Graveyard" when that "Graveyard Cog" kept stealing my Capital ships and Carriers.

    But yeah, it was a great game .. i've played HW2 .. so i just need to track down a cheap copy of Catacalysm....more info
  • Home World1 By ViciousHomeWorld

    Greeting people. Home World 1 is one of the best RTS (real time strategy) games that I have ever played. It is absolutely awesome and I think that everyone should have it. I will most definately rank this game 5 out of 5 *****. This game is worth its money. I am looking to purchase it again because I have played it for so long that my original CD I bought when the game came out 5 years ago is so scratched up. I am even using a burned copy of my original right now and even my burned copy is getting scratched up.

    I at the moment in Home World1 am in the Lost Souls clan. My name is ViciousLS. I design and develope strategies for the game. I have designed over 5 strategies within the past year. One is SSS known as Sphere's Scout Strategy. The other is VGS, the VicaGaran Strategy. I have gotten more than my money's worth of this game and I can assure you that everyone who plays it right now has as well.

    The people of Home World range from ages 10 all the way to 60. They all get along. There are also many clans. One clan consists of just people 35 years of age and older. They are known as the OMO (Old Men Online) They however, play many many games besides HW1. HW1 far out ranks HW2. Many of us HW1 people do not like HW2 because of its lack of strategic planning and the skills needed to rush the enemy and over come what he or she might have in store for us. Some of us HW1 players get on TeamSpeak, a voice chat. We play the game and stay on the voice chat to coordinate and plan attacks in the game. I myself have voice chatted with many of the people from HW1 and many from other countries. These countries include: USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Holland, Bosnia, Belguim, France, and Russia. As you can see, it is indeed a wide variety of countries and it is very fun to chat with people of different cultures and to experience how they play on HW1. I a 16 and have chatted on voice chat and played in HW1 with many many people throughout my career. In time we grow and learn to respect eachother in the game. There are some wiseasses and morons in the game yes.. But most of us still have respect for others. New players are allways welcomed by most and I hope that if you get this game, to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Learn the basics of the game... Play the single player missions... Read the manual, it provides a good knowoledge of the game.

    I hope to see you soon playing HW1!

    <Salute> ViciousLS (ViciousHomeWorld)...more info
  • Great game.. but..
    This is definitely one of the best games I've ever played. The story line is fantastic, the cut scenes are wonderful with their hand drawn look, gameplay and control is unmatched except by the sequel, the graphics are amazing, and the sound -music, characters' voices and sound effects - are absolutely amazing. If you're looking for a great, challenging game, Homeworld is just what you're looking for. However... if you're looking for the sound track that comes with the game, the sound track that the picture on the item for sale's box clearly says "Soundtrack included!", don't buy this. I just received it in the mail, opened the packaging and felt slightly tricked as I saw a different box with no "Soundtack included!"... The music in this game really is that good. Even though I already own the game, I really wanted this soundtrack, and would gladly pay twenty dollars for it. So this review is mainly to Amazon and eShopUSA: don't trick your customers by selling more to people than they are getting, it's bad business as this is the last time I'm buying from you....more info
  • Awesome.
    Own the game, beat in 2 weeks. Pretty easy to learn the controls, hard last missions. Now, I change it around with mods, thats it. ...more info
  • Perhaps a redefinition of what RTS space warfare should be
    Remember the times in Star Wars and in Babylon 5 were you saw large warships and fighter craft battle in epic scales for supremacy? Ever wished that you could have that fleet at your command and pilot them to victory. Well, the time has come my friend. Homeworld, down to the core, is a redefinition of the RTS simulation. It features a true 3D environment where you literally can use any vector to coordinate attacks, or defend yourself. You have at your command everything from the tiny Scout class fighter to the massive Heavy Cruiser at your disposal. The best part is that all of these are literally to scale, the Heavy cruiser is so large that fighters pale in size comparison. In any case, the story is incredibly addicting and the gameplay is for those who want a hardcore RTS world, heavy on the strategy. This is warship combat on a grand scale....more info
  • The best strategy game ever created
    With an incredible assortment of ships Homeworld is the most versatile strategy game ever. Ships can be mixed and matched to create a deadly force. And unlike other games two of the same units don't keep harming eachother at the same interval each time. If u play it right two scouts can kill five. There are so many options: cloaking, special attacks and different maneuvers. This game is out of this world. GET THIS GAME IF U LIKE STRATEGY GAMES....more info
  • Best Game Ever
    When I bought yhis game I was not impressed it was hard, but after I got the hang of it it rocked. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay blew my mind away.

    A must have game...more info

  • Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition
    As one of the oldest windows video games I had always enjoyed the complexity of this game, and the strategy aspects of it. The navigation controls of the game were some of the most original I had seen.

    If there was one thing I have to say against it would be that it is difficult to get running under operating systems like Windows XP and Vista since these systems compatibility with older games has always been lacking.

    Other than that I have always enjoyed the experience playing it....more info
  • Homeworld is a fabulous game!
    If you like Sci-Fi, RTS, 3D combat, ect., you will love Homeworld. It has all of the above, and combines it with an amazing 3D graphics engine. And, top it off with an award-winning music track. All in all, Homeworld is a great game.
    The story of Homeworld is of exiles who are living on a desert planet. After building a great Mothership to command them on a journey back to thier Homeworld, they find thier ancient enemy. The storyline is intense, and captures you into the game.
    I would strongly recommend this to anyone, 5-105....more info
  • Homeworld
    Homeworld is an amazing 3d adventure. I love the graphics and it's a good game as well. In my opinion, Homeworld is the best game I have ever played....more info
  • Too hard for causal players
    First off: I gave up on Homeworld about one-third though the campaign. Using a small bit of resources, building a few units and carrying those forward to the next mission sounds great but it's very hard in practice. You can't afford to lose many units and I lost them too frequently. After many reloads, I've wimped out. I just can't afford the many hours required to master this game.

    That said, this game has a lot going for it. There's a good story and soundtrack. On top of the every-unit-is-precious strategic aspect is the pseudo 3-d playing field which does add tactical depth to the RTS genre although it's plagued by a poor camera scheme that locks the camera to any one of your units. The control scheme is also poor and relies on keyboard input too much.

    This isn't a bad game, in fact, there's a lot of depth here. It does require a lot of patience/time to master....more info
  • It doesn't contain Bonus Sound Track CD!!!
    This game is one of the best games I have ever played.
    But this GoTY version doesn't contain any Bonus Sound Track.
    Neither manual. Only poor package. That's all. :<
    I think there are two versions in GoTY.
    Another version must have full items; OST CD, manual, etc. But this one have nothing! I don't recommend this item!!...more info