Maverick Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes
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Product Description

How many times have you watched the guests at your summer barbecue enjoy all the fun while you're slaving over the grill making sure the chicken or chops don't turn to charcoal? Now you can cook and mingle at the same time with the Dual-Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer! This electronic cooking assistant keeps an eye on your steaks and burgers while you rub elbows with your guests up to 100 feet away! This is the ONLY remote meat / barbecue thermometer that can monitor 2 types of meat or 2 doneness levels (i.e. rare, medium, well done, etc.). Just insert one or both probes into your favorite cuts of meat and select how want them cooked. When the meat is cooked exactly to your liking, the receiver will let you know by beeping. Both the receiver and the transmitter (which is attached to the probes) display the progressive meat temperature in 5-second intervals on their easy-to-read LCD screens. The receiver also displays a clock and timer. Suitable for outdoor barbecue or indoor oven use, this dual-probe wireless barbecue thermometer system makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking! Use it to get perfectly cooked beef, chicken, fish, pork, lamb or any other common grill meats. Uses 2 AAA and 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

Cooking a dinner-party roast, holiday turkey, or backyard-barbecue pork loin to precisely the proper temperature without fuss is a snap with this thermometer. You can even monitor two foods (beef and lamb, for instance) simultaneously, since two stainless-steel probes are included, each 6 inches long and each connected to a 39-inch stainless-steel wire.

Here's how it works: program the tool (two AA batteries included) by selecting either "beef," "veal," "lamb," "pork," "chicken," or "turkey." Then program to rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done. The monitor displays the proper temperature--which can be altered by pressing a button. Place the probe into, say, a turkey. Run the wire from the oven and close the door. (Door should remain closed until turkey is done so oven temperature doesn't vary.) Plug the wire into the monitor, and open the monitor's built-in stand. Set the clock to the current time. (Remember, two probes can be used simultaneously for different foods, with the monitor programmed separately for each.) The monitor constantly displays the turkey's internal temperature and elapsed cooking time. (The timer can be used independently of thermometer.) When the turkey reaches the selected temperature, an alarm sounds.

Meanwhile, hook the pager (two AA batteries included) to your belt or drop it into your pocket. The pager beeps when the monitor's alarm sounds and works up to 75 feet away, liberating the cook from the kitchen. The probes can also be plugged into the pager, which displays a food's temperature on its LCD screen. So barbecuing brisket outside, roasting chicken in the oven, and keeping track of both is possible. --Fred Brack

  • Monitor two different foods at one time.
  • Works wirelessly up to 100 feet.
  • Probe and wire are rated for over 500 degrees.
  • Elapsed cooking timer
  • Batteries included

Customer Reviews:

  • Great on the Grill
    After overcooking many roasts on the grill using cheap meat thermometers I decided to get a better thermometer. This one has worked flawlessly. I really enjoy having the remote unit with me in the house while my roast (or other meat) cooks outside on the grill. I haven't used it for two pieces of meat yet, but I'm sure it would be great for that as well....more info
  • makes the bbq a joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this product. I stick the little poker into my meat and I can walk away. I like to leave the meat on the grill over a low heat or actually I tend to leave one burner on and the next one off. Kind of a stagger method with my four burners. I dont leave my meat visually unattended when the flame is direct. So you can only imagine how handy this little guy is. I can go inside watch TV and never worry. It is so easy to use. Just read the directions carefully and you will have no problems. GREAT GIFT A JOY TO USE ...more info
  • Better than most at half the price
    For the price, this is a good deal. I've not under/over-cooked anything since using this product. Yes, the beeping is a bit annoying, and on rare occassions, the probe and base lose contact with each other (there's an icon to tell you when it's updating...if it doesn't flash or the degrees don't change for several minutes, then the signal has been disconnected...simply turn both off and then on again, probe first). I have not had a problem with the signal if I turn the probe on first, then the base, for whatever reason.

    A real advantage to this one, above the value, is that you can decide whether to use the device's recommended temperature guide based on what you are cooking, or you can set your own. For example, the guide says to cook pork until 160 or 165, which is too much for my taste, so I set the alarm to go off at 155...perfecto! Cons: Probe base needs to be heavier so it doesn't slide around/fall off grill counter, cheap beeping sound. Pros: Value, value, and easy of use....more info
  • Terrible
    I ordered this thermometer based on what I thought was good reviews but this thing stinks. It takes forever to come up to temperature. I don't think it registers correctly. I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • Almost...
    It does exactly what it is supposed to. A couple of comments that prevent giving it 5 stars:
    Even at a range of only 12 feet, I had to reset the transmitter and receiver a couple of times during a 4 hour slow cook.
    Could have had better instructions on the buttons on the front of the receiver.
    On the plus side, it did provide meat cooked exactly as set....more info
  • Like it so far
    I do like this product! I haven't used it a lot but so far it works great and does exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks for a great product!...more info
  • Remote?
    I have used this thermometer a couple of times now and found the same thing many others have reported. I works pretty good at about ten feet but past that or inside you can forget it. I checked both probes in boiling water and it's within a degree of what it should be. I mainly use a 55 gallon drum smoker and bought this so I didn't have to pop the lid until I had something done. I needed two probes so for what I needed it to do it works fine. Since the range is very limited I wish they had a plugin for both probes on the main unit. It only has one. If I had to do it over I would buy the Thermapen unit for $19.95. ...more info
  • Superb for Sausage Making
    My husband loves this temperature probe. We enjoy making our own sausage. With this temperature probe, he can monitor the smoke temperature at the same time he monitors the internal temperature of the sausage. It's a bargain. The remote readout is a big plus because he can do something else and get notified if he needs to tend the sausages.

    This temperature probe was better than expected. We highly recommend it....more info
  • Impressive and easy to use
    I use this for my smoker. I put the two probes through the chimney and have the remote inside. The range is not great, and setting the alarms are a little bit of a hassle. But it is very convenient and the battery life is amazing....more info
  • It's cheaper to throw it away than to overcook another roast
    I purhased this unit after my Weber wireless remote finally bit the dust. I thought that the dual probe was a good idea, so I choose the ET-7 model. After using it several times I learned that the design and functional features contains a few nuisances and a couple major flaws.

    One of the nice features of the ET-7 is that the transmitter has an LCD display on it so you can read the temperature while standing in front of your BBQ even if you don't have the remote with you. I liked that feature and found it quite convenient.

    The biggest problem I experienced with the ET-7 was the inaccurate reading on the remote unit. Three times it happened that the temperature on the remote would stop updating, leading me to believe that my roast was at a lower temperature than it really was. After checking on the temperature two or three times over a ten or fifteen minute period, I realized that the temperature displayed on the remote hadn't changed during that time. Upon further inspection, the transmitter's LCD display demonstrated that the actual temperature of my roast was much higher than what the remote said. In fact, two times I ended up overcooking my roast. This was extremely disappointing when cooking a $40 roast that I've marinated for four days.

    Some of the nuisance issues I discovered with the ET-7 pertains to the power on sequence. First, there is a cumbersome on/off/suspend mode switch on the back. Operating this switch requires small, nimble fingers. Not particularly easy when you have messy hands from recently inserting the probe into raw meat.

    Second, the remote must be turned on prior to, but within 60 seconds of, turning the transmitter on. You will not establish a link if you power on the transmitter prior to the remote, or if you delay more than 60 seconds after turning on the remote. This is awkward since most of the time I find that after placing the meat on the BBQ, it is convenient to power on the transmitter and then go inside the house and power on the remote.

    Very annoying is the fact that the remote unit keeps beeping even after you have acknowledged that the target temperature has been met. Other units I have used would be silent once you acknowledged the temperature alarm. The ET-7 will continue to beep at you about every 60 seconds even though you acknowledge the alarm each time. This is incredibly annoying when you want to give your roast another 5-degrees over what the target temperature was set for.

    In conclusion, I consider it less expensive and more satisfying to simply discard the ET-7 and use another model, like the simple but practical Weber wireless remote....more info
    I got this thing ripped it open like it was christmas morning, grabbed some batteries and turned it on to see the display reading from one probe 74 deg. and the other 61 deg. I am the kind of smoking guru that cooks to temp. and that is a big 13 deg. swing from 2 probes sitting on the same counter. So I fire up my smoker and test it against my other thermometers and both readings were wrong. I purchased this for the remote display but it does me no good if its not accurate. Try undercooking your pork and see how your evening goes....more info
  • satisfied
    I have a commercial electric smoker.. I primarily smoke cured pork loins. If these are cooked to long they get dry.. My wife bought me this wireless probe. I havent had any real trouble it has worked flawlessly. Ocasionally does take more than one attempt to get the units to sync... Other than that a great little unit.....more info
  • Works, but prepare to be frustrated
    All the bad reviews are more or less true: the range sucks, if it is out of range, it will keep displaying the same temperature, fooling you into thinking you are monitoring the temp when you are not, the connection with the remote is flaky, the controls are horribly designed, and the default temp settings are annoying, as is the alarm.

    However, I was, through trial and error, able to get it to work reasonably well. The connection works fairly well at about 10-15 feet through a glass patio door. You can set the temps high enough that the annoying alarm isn't triggered. You get used to the proper sequence for turning the two components on and syncing them up.

    The only pro is: there isn't a substitute with two probes that I know of ( or at least one that does not get equally bad reviews). I'd love to have a remote thermometer with two probes that worked well and was well designed, even if it was a lot more expensive than this one, but I haven't been able to find one.

    So buy it not because its good, but because its hard to find a substitute....more info
  • don't bother
    I bought this for my husband the Grill Master. He hates it. It is complicated and clumbsy. Waisted my money !!!...more info
  • Very functional
    This product is great for slow roasting in a smoker especilally since you can monitor 2 products without opening the smoker to check progress and poking more holes inthe meat....more info
  • Bit of a Hassle
    We bought this for my in-laws so that my mother-in-law wouldn't have to babysit the roast, or my father-in-law wouldn't have to stand vigil over the grill, etc. The two probes were the kicker and led us to buy this one specifically. If you're cooking one thing, you can use leave the second probe and remote clean and put away; and if you're cooking two, you can use both.

    But. The set-up is a hassle, and what they don't really explain well in the directions is that both probes have to be used for the thing to work. So if you're cooking only one item, you have to stick both probes in. Not a huge deal, but again, since they don't explain particularly well in the directions, there's a fair amount of confusion in the beginning over why the one probe isn't working. It operates fine enough after you figure it out, but by that time, you're probably frustrated enough to not want to bother.

    There are other items out there (we received one of the others as a gift, which is where we got the idea for this). I might suggest trying one of those first. ...more info
  • Off by several degrees
    My unit was badly off. I only realized after a couple of uses. When I tested the calibration both thermometers were off by about 4 degrees, resulting in undercooked meet the two times I used it. Also, the instructions are difficult to follow, as mentioned in other reviews. ...more info
  • Essential equipment for smoking.
    This works flawlessly. All the information you could want is at your fingertips in a easy to read, accurate, customizable and wireless form. Having two probes (temps) is hugely valuable, both for convenience of monitoring two types of meat and to verify accuracy. It's also useful because I forget what temp medium-rare beef should be vs. well-done pork and this thing takes care of that, too. Using actual internal meat temp allowed me to fully cook the meat to desired doneness, then continue to smoke the meat at a lower temp to get it nice and tender without drying it out....more info
  • I hate this product
    I cooked two chickens side by side in the same roasting pan using the two separate probes. They were BOTH horribly inaccurate. One chicken would have been burned to a crisp and the other raw according to the probes. I kept moving the probes in the chicken thigh area and just kept getting totally different readings and losing the juices from the chicken. I also tried it on steak and when the probe said the steak was done it was so rare it was practically blue and mooing. ...more info
  • Makes Smoking a Breeze
    I use this with th Bradley smoker and it works great. The ET-5 Maverick had a oven temp probe and is nice too, but I have had 2 in as many years. This one seems to be built sturdier. I have ordered a seperate oven thermometer....more info
  • Good for price but tempurarature is not accurate
    Product is ok the temparature does not get accurate have to watch when the meat is done as it will be ten degrees lower ...more info
  • Just never worked
    I was very excited to receive this product for use in slow cooking. Unfortunately it the transmitter just won't synch with the receiver. I tried all the methods provided by the use manual, and even tried out new batteries in case that was the issue, but nothing....more info
  • Review of Thermometer
    I purchased the thermometer through Amazon which has always been a good experience shopping. I have used the device 3 times so far and 2 times the probes acted funny and the 3rd time the device just would not read to the wireless device. I e-mailed Maverick and they seem very nice but the device has not performed like it should. It states that it works 100 feet away. I am lucky if I get 30 feet away. The device has some very cool features and the 2 probes is what really sold me, since I do a lot on my off set smoker grill. If they would extend the wireless reach and make a better product I would buy again. Disappointed in this product,...more info
  • Complicated to use
    This seemed like it would solve the problem of having to babysit the smoker that is located on the lower level of our has the capacity to to be perfect except for the fact that it beeps continually every 2-5 min until you keep shutting it off....can be quite aggravating....but as far as keeping track of the temperature, that part works great. ...more info
  • Maverick Remote Thermometer ET-7 w/ 2 probes works, so can't give it any worse than a 3 star rating, but the range is horrible. It must have a very weak transmitter...but it has a horrible habit of losing connection when more than a 15 ft away and through any walls. Great ideal, and I would have gladly paid even more if it have a larger range of coverage and powerful enough transmitter to be picked up through walls in my home so I could monitor temps from any room I am in.

    All in all though...for the is a functional remote thermometer...but just don't expect much of a range with it....more info