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Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
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With a game manual labeled "The Max Damage Offensive Driving School," you can rest assured that Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now isn't a typical racing game. Instead of the usual scenario--where the program guides you from one point to the next--Carmageddon 2 actually encourages venturing off the intended course. The goal? To search for power-ups to collect and objects to smash, including other cars, animals, and even pedestrians. Players are awarded special scoring bonuses for knocking out other racers and as many innocent bystanders as possible. Carmageddon 2's copious amounts of blood and destruction create a game that's unsuitable for younger players and the squeamish.

Interplay's Carmageddon 2, the sequel to the equally controversial Carmageddon, offers the same mayhem as the original and adds a host of new goodies: 33 new cars, 30 expansive tracks, and 90 wacky power-ups (such as "jelly suspension" and "low gravity"). Controlling your car couldn't be easier, and Carmageddon 2 boasts one of the most realistic physics engines ever used in a racing game--in gamer terms, expect plenty of impressive crashes. With vivid 3-D graphics, explosive sound effects, and an Iron Maiden soundtrack, Carmageddon 2 ensures large doses of mindless fun, but the over-the-top violence and redundant gameplay wears thin after repeated sittings behind the wheel. --Doug Radcliffe

Customer Reviews:

  • Best game ever!1!!!11!!
    This game made its debut it the late 90's, so the graphics aren't stunning by today's standards. But don't let that detract you from purchasing one of the most entertaining games you could possibly own. I started playing this game in my mid teenage years, I'm now 27 and still have every bit as much fun with the game as I did than. There are still very active sites, as well as a community (while smaller) that still thriving and and expanding onto this game. Your open to modding many of the features of the game, from the way the cars drive, how long a power up will last, how many opponents you can race and their all contained in a .txt file for easy editing. Your able to add different cars, tracks and peds, its all free. I'm not doing the game justice with this review. Did I mention you get to run over the pedestrians? How much fun is that?!?!?!?! You can complete the missions by either killing all the peds on the level, destroying all your opponents, or by completing the all the laps and check points. My only gripe would be the cars don't handle too well with out some tweaking. If your looking at this game with the intent to purchase a game, stop right here and pick this up! The game is cheap, works on mac or pc (xp needs a patch, easy to do), and just hours and hours of fun and the replay value after beating the game is off the charts. I hope my incoherent review helps someone out....more info
  • Its disgusting and it should be banned. Thank God it ain't!!
    Pure evil. Pure violence. Pure carnage. And I love it!

    The graphics engine may be old but it still looks sexy despite its age. The powerups are hilairious, the levels are very well designed, the new cars are really good. Just in case you don't know (although you bloody well should by now) Carmageddon is a violent "racing game" where you have to complete a certain amount of race tracks and "Drive To Survive"! You can complete a race course by trashing other cars (driving into them a la Destruction Derby - although they do it to you to!), running over pedestrians or actually completing the track (boring!). Its fairly open ended, you don't stick to a rigid track.

    It improves on the original due to better race courses, far superior graphics, way more power-ups, much better AI, extra missions where you do something a little more constructive (it certainly gives a bit more variety) and this is well worth the hard-earned cash you have to pay for it.

    There are few complaints though:-

    In the original there was a "Prat cam" which showed the face of the driver and was damn funny when he started yelling out profanities due to the fact that he was flying through the air upside down. They should have kept this in.

    You have to buy the "armour", "power" (better engine) and "offensive" (like studs at the front of the car) stuff on the road. The satisfaction of saving your cash in order to buy that stuff at the end of the race is now left out. Also you have to buy opponents cars instead of winning them. I really don't like that.

    The peds don't always die with a satisfying squelch like they did in the original either. Oh, and the camera still messes around a bit. Play it and you'll see what I mean.

    Generally though, this is excellent. Pick it up pronto!...more info

  • carmageddon
    amazing game awesome for teens who are mature not for kids though!!...more info
  • Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now
    Carmageddon II is a great game if you like driving games, It's very exciting and gory. You can run over people, animals, crash on buildings. You can do lots cool stuff with the powerups. The levels and cars are very cool. The things the car does are quite unbelivable, It can destroy a truck but it's a lot of fun. It is a lot better than the first carmageddon. The graphics are just average. The controls are very difficult, It is a bit hard to drive the car but gets easy after some time. A beautiful game with lots of blood and gory and not for kids or the weak hearted....more info
  • Have you ever been guilty of "Road Rage?"
    I know that I have been guilty, on occasion, of poor driving etiquette, haven't we all? CARMAGEDDON 2 is a primer in the fine art of road rage. Think of it as cathartic, do what you will within this fine, gory game. Your desires to do the same on the roadways of reality MUST, of neccessity, remain unfulfilled.

    Similar to the original CARMAGEDDON except with better graphics, the victims are polygonal models instead of sprites, there's tons more carnage to be wrested from the CARMAGEDDON universe this time around.

    Most of the cast of regular drivers are back, with a few new crazies to round out the crew. Vehicle upgrades are made whilst on the fly, instead of thru a separate menu as in the original. The cars Eagle & Hawk have returned along with a bevy of new killers. Look for the Volvo mining loader, a humongous yellow truck used to haul boulders. There's even a WWII Stuka dive bomber piloted/driven by looney Heinz Faust from the first game.

    Many scenarios are included: A Disney-esque funfair, replete with clowns, circus strongmen and elephants. A modern airport; bonus points if you can manage to wreck the jumbo jet...the trick seems to be jumping your vehicle upon the wing during takeoff.

    One minor beef, there's no onscreen camera shot of the driver's glee as in the first game. I really missed seeing Die Anna squeal with joy each time she squashed a victim. Her sick peals of rapture in the first CARMAGEDDON are very remniscent of Xenia Onatopp from the Bond film, Goldeneye. This aside, CARMAGEDDON 2 is a worthy sequel and a hell of a lot of fun for my [$]. I can't wait for the third installment!
    ...more info

  • Almost as fun as killing innocent people.. wait..
    I haven't played the original Carmageddon so I can't judge if there have been any vast improvements. What I do know is that this is tons of fun. You go around and either try to win the race, destroy your other opponents, or kill lots of innocent people. After 3 races you have to do a time trial mission which can be fun and irritating at the same time. As you win more races and missions, you get "credits" which allow you to buy bigger and better cars. There are tons of fun extras in each race that make the innocents do different things. Sure, it's violent but I'd rather have people doing it on a computer monitor than in our streets. If any parents feel the need to censor their children, this is the last game you would want to buy them. Very bloody, very fun. Pick this one up!...more info
  • Wanna knock over a street light? GO AHEAD!
    This game is awesome. The main thing that I found amazing about it is that it is SO interactive... you can knock down street lights, drive absolutely everywhere, do nearly anything that you can think of doing with a car. Flap the doors... or wait... you don't want the doors? Ok, just ram the open doors into an object to tear them off. Squish some padestrians without the guilt... they're just zombies after all. Push another opponent into the ocean then hit the brakes real hard to stop yourself going in after him! This is the kinda stuff you'll never find in games like Need For Speed... there are no rules here, do whatever you want, and the best part is, you'll probably earn credits for it... Very original and a lot of fun......more info
  • RUN....SPLAT.....HAWHAW!!!!!!!
    I liked this game cause I could kill people with out getting into trouble. This game helped get a grip on reality and killing things and such. This game releases my anger on the world by BLOWING THINGS UP!!!!!!!!! I also liked how the people scream when you run them over, and over, and over, and over, and over!!!!!!!!!And killing the info
  • meh
    I'm probably one of very, very few people who liked Carmageddon 3 better than the second one. The controls are poor. More often than not, the enemies would fight me a bit, then run away somewhere, usually getting trapped in some tight corridor where I couldn't get enough speed to destroy them, or the godawful water. I must've spent a third of my time trying to work underwater. Sure, it gives you an underwater ability powerup, but it doesn't help very much.
    I guess killing peds is fun, but it gets old pretty fast. So does ramming your car into your oppenents over and over only to have nothing happen. No damage. No credits. No time bonus. Nothing. Even once I had built up a lot of armor, power, and offensive, I still had a problem with it.
    There's a lot of flipping over in this game. A lot. Way too much. I got stuck upside down or on my side even from just hitting a slight bump. The enemies got flipped over a lot too. Not very fun.
    The game was alright at first, but it got old really fast....more info
  • Road Rage Meets Pedestrians
    Carmageddon is violent, gory, crude, and over the top. That's why sickos like us like it! There's nothing better than nailing an old man on a walker crossing the road going 80! This is racing like you've never seen it before... unless you've played the first one.

    Carmageddon 2 is based on the concept of car combat and racing. Instead of fancy gold goins or boxes filled with bananas (ie: Mario Kart), you run over pedestrians for score and hit boxes filled with bombs, oil slicks, drugs, and ped zappers. Even though this is a racing game, I don't think I've ever actually won a race by racing. The game is more of a what if Mortal Kombat was based with cars as characters to me. All you really need to do is ram other cars until they die in this death race.

    The graphics aren't a masterpeice, and I don't even think they were really impressive when this game came out. However, what is impressive is teh fact that the maps are huge, there's a ton of pedestrians on screen at once, they cars break apart in a some-what realistic manner, and there's more exploring to do than you would think. For instance, one level pits you in a circus with a roller coaster. I had more fun trying to race on the roller coaster track and do the super jumps at the end than even playing the game. I was actually stuck on this level for days because the level is so fun. Plus, when you get board, you can break into the zoo portion of the level and run over penguins, employees, and even elephants! Yes, exploding elephants (after heavily damaging your car) is incredibad.

    The sounds are meh. They're not The best in the world, however, the soundtrack features Iron Maiden, so it's pretty balanced. I'd say the worth thing about the sounds is the lack of variety in screams and tire sounds. You'll hear the same sounds for the tires and wrecks over and over. Then again, this is a CD-Rom game so they couldn't jam-pack the disc with good quality sound variety and textures.

    Another thing that will keep you coming back is the huge list of people supporting the game with new vehicles (including on some sites, the Scooby-Doo van, a Porche, or even the Flintstone's car!). The lasting appeal is there with tons of secrets through the nice list of levels. Each level is unique and doesn't just repeat. Plus, killing people means you get to buy their cars, and there's a good chunk of cars in the game. There is multiplayer, but I'm sure it would be hard to find a match unless using GameSpy's servers....more info
  • Classic! More Fun Than Any Vacation!
    You gotta love this game!

    This is one of the most hilariously violent games I've played! With goodies like the opponent repulsificator and the solid-granite car, delight and laughter takes me over every time sit down to play Carmageddon 2.

    Exploding pedestrians, pedestrian flame-throwers, the pedestrian electro-[...] ray... these are power-ups you can get in the game! Whether you turn your opponents into scrap metal or act a fool around the gigantic levels, the fun does not stop.

    And the game has a way of scaring you. I recall being terrified at so many moments while playing this game.

    Examples: Is that Hans Abba around the corner? Where is that vicious dump truck? My car is in awful shape and I can't find a repair power-up.

    You can pop-wheelies and in certain cases go so fast that you can commit suicide. The game has incredible value because you can purchase your trashed opponents cars. If you get into it, you will feel the need to progress.

    The game is about much more than destroying other cars. Some missions are wacky beyond belief. One I recall involves killing mental patients that have escaped from an asylum. That is one of the harder missions.

    The game is long, there are plenty of missions, and if you don't feel like killing people, you can always race. This game is off-the wall. It's like combining Grand Theft Auto, Simpsons Road Rage, and Burnout 3. And it's over 5 years old!

    This game is a classic. Let us not forget the kangraoo bounce power-up. Nor the low gravity mode. Nor the hand-brake... man I love the hand-brake. If you have the time, play this game until you get good enough to appreciate the madness within.

    Oh yeah - the sound track is by Iron Maiden. This game is awesome!
    ...more info
  • Great concept, but something went wrong.
    This game is awesome, I'm surprised that a certain big shot lawyer and enraged parents haven't rained down on this game and the Interplay. The game features a number of "evil" cars which you'll eventually get to drive as you earn them by smashing them into pieces. The old rules of original CarmaGeddon simply don't apply here. Smashing the cars often won't kill them but destroy yourself instead. Instead you'll have to employ using your car along with shoving your enemies into land mines, off of cliffs, into walls, etc. etc. The body count is much much higher than the old CarmaGeddon, sometimes as many as 4 times more people to crush, maim, burn, drown, splatter, and bounce on each level.

    And yet. . . There is something wrong with this formula. The crucial thing is how the player advances through the game. CarmaGeddon simply let the player advance each level one at a time, with the option to replay the last 5 or 6 levels. This method is especially useful if the player likes a particular level or needs to increase money or to grab a certain car. CarmaGeddon 2 groups three levels and a final level into group. The player is forced to only play within these four levels and to defeat the fourth one before advancing to the next one. It's this fourth level in each group that cripples the game. Instead of Destroying the opponents, or killing all pedestrians, or completing all the laps, the game forces the player to ONE goal and to complete this goal. Sometimes, this goal seems near impossible. For example, one level requires the player to destroy all satellite towers within a very specific time frame. I managed to defeat the level with just barely 1 second to spare, after several tries. Another requires the player to nail a massive dump truck (One tire alone is bigger than your own car!), this is difficult to manage at best. I managed to do it by finding land mines and mine "dropping" ability (edited for G rating) and luring that yellow monster into them.

    Interplay really should have kept the same formula found in CarmaGeddon. Despite the problems, this game is rather fun, especially if you're a driver in nasty city. It's a nice way to let your aggressions out with out actually killing real pedestrians....more info