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Smooth, downtempo grace flows through the veins of St. Germain, a.k.a. noted French composer-producer Ludovic Navarre. His record is a sensual flow of jazzy textures, Latin rhythms, and bass-ridden beats, hovering on the verge of techno, jazz, or experimental headphone music without tipping its hand too far in any direction. The result is irresistible: class with an edge. --Matthew Cooke

Techno and house music producer Ludovic Navarre is--along with Laurent Garnier, Air and DJ Cam--one of the biggest names in French electronic music of the past decade. His ability to imaginatively blend jazz elements with recent dance-music styles has been demonstrated before, but the seamless quality of this release is stunning. Compared to someone such as Amon Tobin, who obviously (although brilliantly) creates sampled collages, St Germain makes it pleasantly difficult to identify the boundary lines between "live" performance, programmed electronics, and sampled sound. Part of the credit must go to this album's musicians, including Pascal Ohs¨¦, Eduoard Labor, Alexandre Destrez, and Idresse Diop (at least some of whom are francophone Africans making their mark in the post-colonialist European Afro-jazz scene). The CD's opening piece, "Rose Rouge," is centered on an edgy piano rhythm and a looped vocal fragment from jazz singer Marlena Shaw. The dub-inflected "Montego Bay Spleen" features Jamaican jazz guitarist Ernest Ranglin, who offers a clean, warm, neo-Wes Montgomery style filtered through his years as a session musician-architect of ska and reggae. And Edouard Labor's raspy flute tone on "So Flute," its role as much rhythmic as melodic, adds a Latin flavor to the mix. "Sure Thing," another high point of the release, is built around a vocal and guitar sample from blues guitarist John Lee Hooker, borrowed from the soundtrack to Dennis Hopper's film The Hot Spot and noteworthy on its own as probably the only time Hooker, Miles Davis, and Taj Mahal ever played together. Navarre's skill in selecting musicians, finding sample sources, and assembling cool, streamlined grooves adds up to quite an accomplishment. --Bob Bannister

Exclusive Import only 2 CD set includes a three track bonus CD which features an exclusive mix of 'Sure Thing' (Todd Edward's Deepline Remix) along with two mixes of his first single, 'Rose Rouge' (Blaze Early Shelter Mix) & (Spiller Rogue Mix). Signed to Blue Note for the world this is a great jazz/dance fusion record. Perfect for those dinner party's! Limited edition. Slimline double jewel case.

Album from French DJ/PRODUCER Mixing Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul and Deep House.

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the best albums ever
    Seriously, that title is not an exaggeration. This is one of the best electronic albums ever, and certainly the greatest of the 90's
    "nu-jazz" and chillout trend. Sort of like what "Kind of Blue" is to jazz, or what "Sgt. Peppers" or "Revolver" is to pop music, etc. This is the best of its kind ever created. No other "chillout" or "lounge" or "nu jazz" cd ever matched the brilliance of this release. I would rank this along with Thievery Corporation's "Mirror Conspiracy", Koop's "Waiting for Koop", and perhaps the first few "Hi-Fidelity Lounge" and "Private Lounge" releases as the best chillout albums ever. If you are a fan of the above-type music or are just interested in hearing some wonderful nu jazz, this is highly recommended. In fact, it is required!...more info
  • 4.5 Stars
    Quite simply, Tourist is a quintessential album to own for those interested in Europe's developing jazz and house scene. Artist Ludovic Navarre fuses blues and jazz instrumentation and improvisational ideas with house beats and loops while adding a distinctly European folk feel to his music. The songs on this album span a wide breadth of influence, from US jazz and house to Latin beats and goes across the Atlantic to the Cafes of France for the ambience. Perfect for mixing. Always lively without being overbearing, this CD is a perfect addition to anyone's library and a necessary one for afficionados of the genre....more info
  • A must-have CD
    This is one of the best CDs I've ever had the chance to listen.
    Listen to "So Flute" and "Pont des Arts" on Amazon, and you'll be hooked immediately.
    Diverse enough for jazz fans, and fairly upbeat and dynamic for electronic music fans.
    Beware! Never lend you CD! The other person may like it too much, and will never turn it back....more info
  • great acid jazz cd! Song from the movie serendipity that wasn't in the soundtrack!
    I looked for the song Rose Rouge for an eternity, after I heard it on the movie Serendipity, but it wasn't in the soundtrack.This cd is just amazing!I love it!!!!!...more info
  • Excellent CD
    This is an excellent cd. There really isn't a weak cut. It's a fusion of jazz electronic and blues. It's almost dancable. If you've never heard any of his music before, this is the cd with which to start....more info
  • Not Deep House
    For those who are attracted to this dic from the deep soulful house of Boulevard or From Detroit to... beware, this is light loungy faux jazz. It's alright, but it is not serious deep house which I've credited St. Germain with in the past. So Flute is the stand out track....more info
  • Never far from the top of my CD stack
    "Tourist" is one of my favorite CD's ever. I kept it in constant to rotation for nearly a month when I got it. The beats are infectious, the jazz totally swingin', and the playlist full of interesting moods and flavors. So Flute is probably my favorite track, but there really isn't a bad one in there. If you like your jazz more groovalicious or your electronic music more jazz-influenced, this is a great album for you....more info
  • That Nu-French-Acid Jazz Thang
    Whereas the spirit of jazz seems to have been castrated here in the United States, giving birth to all sorts of perverse "smooth jazz" incarnations, elsewhere in the world - particularly in France, it would seem - jazz is dancing and celebrating life as passionately as ever.

    St. Germain is a wonderfully delicious mix of house beats and jazz improvisation; rather than rehash old jazz tunes and subject them to an electronica-plastered martyrdom, St. Germain - Ludovic Navarre and company - use live instrumentation for their creative and intoxicating mix. A little Latin groove here, some hip-hop and r&b there, a driving house beat and downright manic solos all fit together to remind us of what it is that jazz is supposed to be.

    This is one of the few CDs that I own that really seems to cross over and through the various genre gaps; it is smooth - that is, sexy and classy (without being pretentious) at the same time - but also has an excess of pizazz that keeps the listener engaged and flowing. Such genre-bending both subverts and converts jazz as it has been and propells it into a potential future-made-present; the rumors of a better sound are heard here as a whisper expressed in symphonic song.

    Perhaps[?] oddly enough, everyone that I have ever played this CD for - whether a 19 year-old Marine, a banker in her mid-40s, or college students that prefer rap and its various metal cross-breeds - liked it. While I doubt world peace will begin with bringing the people together to listen to St. Germain's "Tourist", at the same time there really is something ... beautiful about so many different people being able to listen to and appreciate the same music. It whispers something of the beauty within human subjects.

    This is a really, really great CD; 5 stars does not do it justice as it is in a class of its own, far beyond the all-too-quantitative measurement of 5 stars. It breathes spirit and creativity - the best that music as expression and imagination has to offer. Paint your canvas with some passionate new colors; bring the diaspora of your friends together......more info

  • Great music
    just buy it, you wont regret it.. this is one of those cd you can put anywhere, anytime, and you'll just enjoy...more info
  • Brilliant!
    There is not a bad track on this. Really funky, jazz tunes upheld by a hypnotic beat that will leave you wanting more. Smooth....more info
  • Too rich for daily consumption
    Too rich for daily consumption- save it for special occaisions....more info
  • Hosting a dinner or cocktail party? Then BUY THIS CD!
    I heard this CD playing a birthday party and just HAD to have IT!...more info
  • Ultra-tasty lounge / house / jazz
    A reviewer describes this as 'house meets jazz' and as such this is an exceptional cd. However it is distinctly NOT for the jazz purist. The tunes are bluesy, modal, funky, and (mostly) danceable. Granting that some of the rhythm tracks are sequenced, the instrumental work here is good to great. There is a lot of soloing and it all succeeds... not too flashy, with emphasis on tastefulness. The mixture of soloists --xylophone, sax, trumpet, keyboard, flute, and guitar-- keeps things varied (the flute, guitar and xylophone are outstanding). The heart of this cd for myself lies in tracks 4 to 9, so I moved the first 3 tracks to the back end on hard drive. "Sure Thing" (which first brought me here) is a sultry, smokey vamp over which the guitarist just burns. ...more info
  • Jazz at its finest
    This is one of the best Jazz cd's that I have ever bought. The rhythm and the beat capture the soul. You must buy this if you love true Jazz....more info
  • ...dont keep makin the same mistake i made... know how it goes, you hear a few good things about some cd, but nobody you know owns it, you keep pickin it up...only to tell the cashier at check out that you aint gonna get it right you buy only the stuff you are sure about! (but your decision not to get it keeps naggin at you...naggin at you....)

    dont lie yall; yall know yall did that too...

    well, i finally broke down and got this and this is more gorgeous than i ever thought it would only regrets are buyin the cd's i picked over this...the blend of jazz and electronica is damn near perfect, i cant believe this hasnt made it's way to more main stream outlets. i dont know anything about moby, but i love dj cam's 'mad blunted jazz', tosca's 'suzuki', anything duke ellington, john coltrane or miles davis and isaac hayes...i have about five hundred cd's now and this is one of my top twenty!! get this's worth it!...more info

  • Stone Cold Groove
    Been listening to this for the last three weeks since I got it. If u like acid jazz with a driving bass/precussion backbeat and some incredible keyboard and flute work this is for you.

    About 5 very solid tracks, coupla ok ones and one is kinda background music.

    Flip on this CD in your car in the nightime, seems to sound better at night, and cruise down road with a head noddin' stone cold groove...more info
  • St Germain has given me the answer, at last................. last, I have FINALLY figured out the marketing strategy behind the "acid jazz" movement.

    I enjoy the sounds, to an extent, but the problem I have with this and other similar recordings is simply THIS----

    There seems to be 2 distinguished sides to the acid jazz movement, the first, as PERFECTED by St Germain is the "lowest common denominator" approach, that is, TAKING A NICE 1 TO 3 CHORD VAMP WITH NICE CHORD INVERSIONS, PUT A FUNK, HIP-HOP, TRANCE ,HOUSE ETC, whatever ya calls it... PERCUSSIONS GROOVE, AND HAVE A SOLO OR TWO ON TOP (OF VARIED DEGREES OF PROFICIENCY, FROM EXCELLENT TO THE MOST MEDIOCRE).
    The "composition" seems to usually be heavily to completely sampled.

    This describes "Tourist", which has a different "groove" on each track. SAD , seems to me, friends-- that the tracks on this cd, (except "Montego Bay..." which features the excellent guitar of Ernest Ranglin, the magnificent Jamaican jazz guitarist) goes anywhere, STYLE, but no substance--Huesitos sin ALMA, amigos!! I dont hear a person's "soul", I hear a "concept"!

    If i aint "dancin' ", I'll put the cd on when I'm reading a book or doing some chore.
    ---DONT GET ME WRONG, this cd sounds very nice, it just seems to lack true fire and emotion for me, outside of the Ranglin assisted track I mentioned. Maybe also the track "So Flute", which can bring me to fond memories of my favorite flute practicioners, Hermeto Pascoal, Roland Kirk(Raaaaaaaaahsaaaan!!!!), and even Frank Wess!(Do you young guys know Mr Wess??-incredible alto/flautista!)

    Anyway, I seem to like "fase 2 " of the acid jazz trip, the recycled funk jazz/soul sounds, as done quite NICELY by this fellow Bluey Maunick and Incognito! (Man, I LIKE what he is doing, even if it is derivative of ALL the style I grew up with). He's got the thing going! I think if the guy behind St Germain could put some "soul" into it, he would really be a winner.

    Im givin him 4 stars anyway, for a good start. Some human emotion will really give his recordings a boost, but I think he's found his "niche", and can give a good hoot what i think, hehehehehehehehehe............more info

  • Tourist Rules!
    Saint Germain's Tourist is an excellent album, acid jazz at it's finest. One of the greatest downtempo groups along with Air in the french scene.

    Great music to get chill anywhere anytime, very smooth and stylish music, highly recommend!!...more info
  • Enjoyable, but hardly a great leap forward
    The music St. Germain created here actually sounds remarkably like a '96 CD called THE NEW GROOVE: THE BLUE NOTE REMIX PROJECT, VOL. 1, on which various hip-hop/club artists remixed classic Blue Note cuts. If you like TOURIST, you should definitely get that CD as well. This record is good, but I think it might appeal more to fans of club music who like some jazz, rather than the other way around. I say that because there isn't much rhythmic complexity within each track, the kind you'll hear from a great jazz drummer (although St. Germain does alter the beat from track to track, I'll give him that). Generally he sets up a simple, steady club beat with each cut, and then the musicians create some jazzy solos on top. If you're used to the more complex rhythms of jazz, you may get bored with these beats.

    I think Amon Tobin mines a similar vein much more creatively; his atmospheres are more evocative, his forms more flexible, his music more suprising. I like this St. Germain CD for what it is, an update on '70s jazz-fusion, like a HEADHUNTERS for this decade; but with all the critical bouqets tossed its way, I just expected something really groundbreaking. In my opinion, THE NEW GROOVE was a groundbreaking record; this is just retracing some of the tracks that album left behind....more info

  • Great blend of jazz and house rhythms
    Tourist a lovely blend of infectious jazz and house rhythms equally perfect for background music or close listening. It features an array of instruments, from a swing-jazz muted trumpet, to a sax-flute, to the staple piano. These instruments are complemented by a great blend of percussion and persistent rhythm, the sort present in techno/house music.

    The great thing about this album is that it improves with each successive listening. The opening track, 'Rose Rouge', is so subtle and multi-layered that it can literally be played over and over again. 'So Flute' has a magnificent, frenetic opening featuring things I never thought possible with a flute (I mean musically, not ala American Pie), and then it seamlessly blends into a lengthy cocktail piano solo. With each song spanning an average of about six minutes, it's typical for them to undergo numerous stages characterised by different instruments and beats. Hence Tourist's appeal: it is a marvellously diverse and entertaining listening experience....more info

  • A *must own* for any Jazz lover
    It was instant karma. Love at first listen. Jazz lovers will not be disappointed with this CD. This is one of those albums that you just don't get tired of listening to....more info
  • The St. Pleases
    I love Navarre (Saint Germain) of all of his albums I prize this one the most. His beats and jazz fusion are seemless and often times peotic. Very sophisticated sounds surround the listener throughout this album. Playing this at a party people will beg me to buy or borrow this cd, they will go out and bring back blank tapes to record this album, Germain has reached king midas status with this as everyone this EP touches comes away thinking of it as solid gold, great for relaxing with, parties, chilling with friends, making love to,... a great album with great beats and blends from all different musical disciplines, if you have come this far and are looking at this cd wondering if you should buy it do it, it will not dissapoint.Peace...more info