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Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper
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Product Description

There's more to going to the movies than seeing the movie itself - it's the popcorn! Now, with the Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker, you can make fluffy, delicious popcorn just like you get at the theater. The stay-cool hardwood handle turns the stainless steel paddle inside, preventing scorching and burning, and making certain every kernel pops up like it should. The steam vents on top allow moisture to escape so the popcorn is always light and tender. Much quicker than microwaving, the popper makes up to 6 quarts and comes with a 25 year warranty. Also included with the popper is 1 popcorn packets (each one making up to 6 quarts) and "secret ingredient" flavoring packets that give the popcorn that movie-popcorn taste. The popper also comes with a recipe book for more popcorn flavor ideas.Pan is made of aluminum and the lid is made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Face it, sometimes the best thing about going out to a movie is the popcorn, those big plump kernels that always seem so much better than what you pop at home. But this simple stovetop popper changes all that. It really does make awesome, fresh-popped corn that might make you start renting videos instead. The sturdy aluminum pan has a clip-on lid with a stay-cool wooden handle. A turn crank on the handle spins the key element: the stainless steel stirring system that keeps the corn moving across the bottom of the pan, for even heat and oil distribution, ensuring the best popping results. The lid has steam vents, to help keep the popcorn dry and crisp. The enclosed booklet is a wonderful resource, with not only clear and detailed instructions, but also dozens of recipes and popcorn history and lore. These are folks who really do know their popcorn, and the results are outstanding. --Cynthia Nims

  • Makes 6 quarts of theater style popcorn in just three minutes
  • All Inclusive Real Theater Popping Kit
  • Patented stirring mechanism prevents sticking and burning by stirring every kernel until it pops
  • Easy Clean Up - Just wipe with a paper towel and store for later use
  • 25 year warranty on all moving parts

Customer Reviews:

  • So much better than microwave popcorn
    The Whirlypop makes the best home made popcorn. I would have given it 5 stars, but I don't like washing it!...more info
  • If you like non microwave popcorn
    Wonderful addition to tv viewing. Home popped corn...Very easy to use and to clean. Pops virtually all the corn and it is delicious. ...more info
  • Awesomeness!!
    This is the BEST popcorn popper you will ever find. It pops 99% of the popcorn and it doesn't matter if you have the expensive stuff or the really cheap popcorn - it will pop it all! It's the most awesome-est popper around. The only way you would get anything better would be to purchase a commercial grade popcorn popper! I purchased one for my house - one for my daughter when she moved to college and one for my father-in-law we love them. THIS IS THE ONE!!!...more info
  • Whirley-Pop popcorn popper
    This product does the job. I was a little disappointed that the stirrer does not stir the kernels well before the popping starts, but have not had any problems with burning. I just shake the popper occasionally before popping starts. ...more info
  • Where is this thing being made now?
    My wife and I used an old Whirley Pop for a number of years and enjoyed the popcorn it made. Then I made the mistake of trying to clean it by soaking with an oxygen bleach product and ruined it. We recently bought another unit, and immediately noticed a difference. Unfortunately, it left lots of black residue on cleaning rags, obviously from the aluminum. This residue has continued to come off on cleaning rags and sponges, to the point that we are discarding the unit. It is too cheaply made, probably in China (where they apparently have no consumer safety standards), to be safe to use, in our opinion. It's too bad, because the popcorn tastes great. It's just not worth getting Alzheimer's.

    PS: If it's not made in China, I challenge anyone to try to find out where it's actually made. I did a considerable amount of online research, to no avail. I was unable to find the words "Made in USA" in any of the company's materials. Or "Made in China," for that matter....more info
  • GREAT popper,, except...
    This makes GREAT popcorn, has some great recipes, it's easy to clean, it's fun for the kids except... the plastic gears break over time. You need to understand, this is the third one I have had in my life. The first one was my parent's and it is still going strong, my wife and I bought one about five (5) years ago, and wore it out. Now I just purchased another one.

    The way this works is that you turn the crank that is behind the handle (check the picture, it'll make sense), then there are two gears that mess and make arms in the bottom of the pan turn. In the last two poppers I've owned, those gears are plastic (PLASTIC?!?!?!), they wear out. Bad design. The whirley pop my parents own, which they used last week, have metal gears. I'm in my 50's, I was a young teenager when they bought their popper... Those gears haven't worn out, not even close.

    The popper works fine for a while, and they aren't that expensive, and they have a good warranty, but plastic gears still? I was a little disappointed that was still in the design for this GREAT idea.

    Oh and before I go, you really need to try this for your popper. 1/2 cup popcorn, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 oil. Apply to heat (Surgeon General's Warning... It is important to chew your popcorn before you inhale it!) Enjoy :)...more info
  • Very Peased with popper.
    The Whirley- Pop Stovetop Popcorn popper does a very good joy of popping popcorn. It is quick, pops almost all the kernals without burning any and gives large tender kernals with only 2 tbs off oil to 4oz of popcorn. We are very pleased....more info
    Gosh, I ordered this product based on the reviews I read here on amazon. I don't know anyone personally that has this product. I am so glad that I ordered this product. It was easy as 1-2-3 to make fresh popcorn. My kids love this product and we use it at least 3-4 times a week. This is a great purchase!! I love making fresh popped popcorn with my whirley pop. I love it!!!...more info
  • Works great, but I found it unnecessary
    While the Whirley-Pop is a wonderful kitchen gadget, I found an equally effective popcorn popper in my kitchen cupboard. It's called a heavy-bottomed pot with lid. Considering I already owned one (er, several), I thought I'd give it a whirl. It pops up a huge soup pot full of delicious popcorn in just a couple of minutes. In fact, my jar of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn kernels has excellent instructions printed right on the label. My only adjustment is to give my pan an occasional shake to prevent burning. I don't know whether this makes any difference or not, but that's what I do.

    So, yes, the Whirley-Pop is nice, but I'll stick to my soup pot. ...more info
  • Great Popcorn
    We love our popper. Makes the best popcorn. I bought another one for my daughter and her family. They think its great also....more info
  • snskarp carolina
    Great product! A half a cup of popcorn yields less than a dozen
    unpopped kernels every time. Have tried the kettle corn recipe
    and it's great. So pleased with the product we are giving
    Whirley-pops as gifts. If you love popcorn you'll love this product....more info
  • I love the Whirley Pop
    I've had this popcorn popper for 15 or more years. The stovetop crank is what makes it the best popcorn popper I've ever used. I use organic popcorn (stored in the freezer) and not a lot of oil. I like it so much that I have now given eight of them to friends and family who genuinely love a fabulous bowl of popcorn. Unlike microwave popcorn, I can control the amount of oil and salt. And it tastes a whole lot better....more info
  • Best Popcorn Ever
    This is our second Whirly Pop; the first, with its campfire scorch marks, is now with the camping gear. Follow directions (medium heat) and you will be eating great popcorn for years to come....more info
  • Popper Does a Great Job, Easy To Clean.
    The popper is light-weight as other reviews stated, but I use it often and its holding up fine. Use good quality popcorn, the right amount of oil and you can count the unpopped seeds on 1 hand. I've had a couple of batches without unpopped seeds.

    I like it better than the popcorn poppers that I have had in the past, it cleans up much easier.

    ...more info
  • snskarp carolina
    Great product! A half a cup of popcorn yields less than a dozen
    unpopped kernels every time. Have tried the kettle corn recipe
    and it's great. So pleased with the product we are giving
    Whirley-pops as gifts. If you love popcorn you'll love this product....more info
  • Great popcorn!
    I recommend using Olive Oil and the smaller, white kernals. I add sugar once they start popping and it makes fantastic kettle corn....more info
  • The ONLY Way to Enjoy Popcorn!
    I have deserted microwave popcorn! This is THE way to have popcorn. I've never had a problem with this product. The gears, everything still worked fine. I've had mine 4+ years. I love it!...more info
  • Love it!
    I'm a popcorn addict, and I've tried several different methods, but this is my favorite. You need to buy popcorn that is fresh so that it comes out nice and crunchy (Whole Food's bulk popcorn is pretty good). You need to use oil to make popcorn in this pan, but you don't need as much butter because the oil gives it a nice flavor. The vent holes release steam which is what makes the popcorn come out nice and crispy. I pop a couple of batches and salt it (no butter) and put it in a large tupperware container, and my husband takes it to work to have for his afternoon snack during the week and it stays fresh for the whole week. He doesn't miss the butter, but when we're at home, we add butter, of course!
    ...more info
  • Our household obsession!
    We love our Whirley Pop. It is a nightly routine in our household on what type we are we going to pop tonight, and who is doing the popping! Really great popcorn, we use olive oil to do the popping unless we are making kettle corn, then we turn to veg. or peanut oil due to the suger content. You can't go wrong with a whirly pop!...more info
  • Pop, Pop, Pop
    What's not to like about the Whirley-Pop? Yes, the metal is thin and the gears plastic, but this is popcorn we're talking about. Pretty light stuff that shouldn't stress the pot or gears with proper use. Wiping out with a paper towel is pretty easy cleanup! We're getting great results with Weaver's popcorn from a bulk food store and a tablespoon of canola blend oil. 99% of kernels fully pop light, tender, and fluffy. On on smooth top electric, I find heating on medium-high until the popping starts and then turning back to medium works well and is faster. Experiment with your stove. I may try peanut or olive oil to see if it changes flavor any. Now, who wants my old hot air popper - dry cardboard popcorn guaranteed....more info
  • Always a favorite, this one was purchased as a gift
    We've used the Whirley-Pop for a very long time. We've replaced in only once, just because we hadn't kept the prior one as clean as we should have and wanted to start fresh and keep the new one cleaner. Both have held up for a very long time and consistently deliver great popcorn, and even kettle corn, if temptation hits.

    The only thing you need to remember is to stay with your popper throughout the popping, and to remove it from the heat right away after popping completes. That prevents any burning of the popcorn, the popper, etc....more info
  • Wonderful for a Tight Budget
    I purchased this in November of 2008. It is now mid Feb of 2009. I love this popper. It is thin. It has plastic parts. But I follow all the suggestions of cooking on medium heat. I treat it well. And it has saved us tons of money on snacks. I buy the cheap popcorn at the store and it tastes wonderful. The vents on top seem to help with the texture of the popcorn. I would recommend this to all of my friends. I believe it makes healthier snacks than microwave popcorn and it saves us so much money. When we have friends over for movie night it is a hit....more info
  • Lightly Built
    A good idea, just cheaply made with very thin aluminum. The gears are plastic and I'm suspicious of long term durability. I've been using it to roast green coffee beans, and it does a great job. The concept is excellent, and works well, just too bad that manufacturing and execution are so cheap.
    R*2...more info
  • Best way to make popcorn, and healthy too
    My son recently broke our almost-10-year-old WhirleyPop. While I was waiting for the free replacement lid (it has a lifetime guarantee) I had to make popcorn in a regular stove-top pot. This experience reminded my how great the whirley-pop really is.

    If you don't like hot air, this is the best way to make popcorn.

    The simple turning mechanism makes all the difference. It really does leave far less un-popped kernels than a regular pot, or even one of those poppers with its own heating element.

    The vents on the lid allow steam to escape, so the popcorn is very light and crunchy.

    You can also use far less oil when popping in this thing. I find that I can get a full batch to pop using 1 TBSP, instead of the 3 TBSP that a standard pot demands. This also makes the popcorn taste better.

    My only complaint, and this is minor, is that the lid can be difficult to remove from the pot for cleaning.

    We love popcorn with our movies, and this is the ONLY way to go!...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    Great popcorn popper! I have owned a more expensive version, and it did not clean up as well as this one does after usage. The crank,handle, and hinges for the doors work great! I am completely satisfied with this product! I hope to purchase some popcorn seed from the same company.

    Only con...Amazon shipping is slow. ...more info
  • Easy and great popcorn
    I got this for my husband after one of those stove top jiffy pop pans malfunctioned. This product is great, easy to use and every kernal pops. It smells and tastes as good as any popcorn you can find including movie theatre popcorn....more info
  • Wonderful Popper!
    This this popper is so wonderful!! I never realized that popcorn could actually be healthy and taste this good. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil in the popper because it is such a healthy oil and it ended up tasting the best out of all the other oils I tried. The popcorn doesn't end up tasting like coconut...just a very yummy popcorn flavor! Also, I bought some organic rainbow popcorn kernals (from, which is healthier than the normal yellow variety. Top if off with a bit of organic butter and some mineral rich Celtic Sea Salt, and you have yourself a yummy healthy snack!! Our co-workers beg us to bring it to work everyday lol! This popper really is amazing and makes the best popcorn I've ever had. It's so easy too!! Only takes about 3 minutes! :) I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a yummy, easy, and healthy snack without having to worry about all of the chemicals and pesticides in microwave popcorn. It's really fun too...we fight over who gets to pop the next batch lol! If you get one of these poppers, prepare to become addicted! :)...more info
  • Just as predicted
    Takes a tad longer than expected. I'm careful not to set burner past medium. Very few unpopped kernals. I use it often enough I don't even have to wash it. Resist the urge to use more oil than called for....more info
  • Sure beats microwave popcorn
    I eat a lot of popcorn. Filling but not fattening. Well made. Works great....more info
  • Whirley Pop rocks
    This product has exceeded all expectations. The popcorn comes out fluffy in just 3 minutes and the taste is amazing, just like Mama used to make! We use it nearly everyday. Washing it off seems to be no problem. I believe it can make a popcorn lover out of just about anyone!...more info
  • Looks flimsy but works great

    I bought this when I opened up one of those packs of microwave popcorn and saw all the gunky fat & chemicals it was packed with. When I pulled it out of the box, I thought there was no way it would work ... the pot is thin aluminum, it just looks flimsy, and every time I've tried to make popcorn in a pot it has burned. But - it works great! Super popcorn, not soggy, not burnt, every kernel popped, in about 3 minutes.

    You do have to use a little oil (but you can probably half the recommended amount) and you can't cook it in olive oil or plain butter (they'll burn).

    ...more info
  • World's Best Kettle Corn
    Here's how it goes: Remove Whirley-Pop cover and pour in 1-2 tablespoons canola oil; tilt pan to cover bottom with oil. Sprinkle evenly over bottom of pan 1/3 cup good popcorn and generous 1/4 cup granulated sugar. Replace cover; place pan on burner and turn on heat to medium. Begin stirring slowly; popping will begin in a minute. Continue to stir 2 minutes or so until popping stops (it will pop furiously for a few seconds right before it stops). Remove HOT cover and coax corn into bowl, breaking up large pieces with wooden spoon. Fill emptied Whirley-Pop with warm soapy water and leave in sink until every morsel of corn is gone, approximately 27 seconds after serving.

    The Whirley-Pop is one of the most enjoyable tools I have in my kitchen. How did I get by so long without it? ...more info