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Krups 654-75 WaffleChef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker
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Product Description

A waffle from the freezer section bears only a faint resemblance to one made at home in terms of flavor and texture. Treat yourself and your family to the real thing with minimal effort. Pass the maple syrup!

This sleek, chrome-finished Krups Belgian waffle maker makes four delicious, deep-pocket Belgian waffles in just four minutes--and the nonstick-coated plates make cleanup easy. A "ready" light indicates when the machine is preheated and set for baking. When your waffle maker first arrives, just wipe the plates clean with a damp sponge, grease them lightly with butter, margarine, or cooking spray, and heat. After seasoning, you can make several batches of waffles without any sticking. The machine stands upright for easier storage.

The thicker batter that's used for making Belgian waffles makes them crispier on the outside. For a dessert with the taste of the carnival midway, try putting a slice of ice cream (natural strawberry works well) between two waffles. --Irene Svete

  • Waffle maker makes four thick Belgian waffles in four minutes
  • 1,400 watts; measures 4-1/2 inches high by 10-1/4 inches wide and 13 inches deep
  • Nonstick plates make cleanup easy
  • Thermo-insulated handle stays cool

Customer Reviews:

  • Great waffle maker -- but know how to use it!
    The Krups Belgian Waffle Maker is a great appliance, make no doubt about it. Don't pay much heed to the review that are 8 years old... they must have improved the product since then because it's is not a problem in 2009.

    Before first use, use a pastry brush and spread on a layer of shortening. After heating, hit it with a coating of spray cooking oil and your first waffle might just release... there is always a risk of the very first waffle sticking... no matter what you do. Spray it once before each use (each batch, not each waffle) and it should be smooth sailing. Don't ever try to clean it... that will just make it sticky again. Waffle irons are like cast iron cookware... wiped, never washed. Wipe off any batter with a dishrag when it's cooled off and if the excess oil bothers you, wipe it down with a paper towel. As long as you're using it about once a month, it will be fine. If you're a once-a-year user, then, absolutely clean it as the oil will go rancid....more info
    I purchased this waffle iron at Linens N Things last month. "All sales final" DUMB move. The plastic clasp broke day 1. And the whole thing fell apart the second time I used it. Do not order this poor excuse of an appliance. ...more info
  • Great Waffles
    This makes a nice thick waffle with deep pockets, in only four minutes. I did too have a problem with the handle over heating, but found that only happened when I over filled the pockets (which since they don't tell you how much to put in happened the first few times I used it, 1/3 cup works great.) I don't find the cleaning to be a problem, the first few times I used it and over filled, I just used a scrub brush with long bristles and it did the trick, but since then just a sponge works great. ...more info
  • good with bad
    Delicious waffles, 4 at a time, handle is hot, hard to know when waffles are ready, hard to clean ...more info
  • Uneven baking
    Another thing to add to the list of problems (hot handle, ridiculous tiny, deep crevices to clean with a toothpick) other reviewers have mentioned is the lack of a "floating hinge". It is unable to keep the two plates parallel as the waffle expands. So the front opens further, resulting in a back dark half and light front half. Of course, if you underfill, you'll get a dark bottom and light top.

    The Krups brochure included has a motto on the front: "Quality by design." Well, quality is indeed directly related to design and this unit has rather little of either.

    (BTW, some reviewers seem to have misunderstood the purpose of the "ready" light. As explained in the manual, it merely indicates whether the heating element is on. You can start baking when it first turns off, but when it comes back on it doesn't necessarily mean the waffle is done. It just means the plates cooled to the point where the thermostat kicked back in.)...more info

  • Great Waffles!
    Finally a great Belgian Waffle Maker! We had tried so many waffle makers in search of one that would make the "Diner" waffles that my kids love. "Too light", "Too Dark", "Not Crispy", "Too thick", "Too thin", were the complaints until we found this Krups Belgian Waffle Maker. The waffles come out nice and thick, but are light and crispy and only take about four minutes to cook. It does take some time to clean it after we're all done, but it's worth it! Excellent product....more info
  • Hard To Clean
    This waffle iron does a great job with waffles. The problem is that it is very hard to clean. There are to many small clearances around the waffle iron for waffle mix to cake up if the waffle iron runs over. There isn't an adequate drip edge to catch the over flow.

    I am going to try the Villaware with the removeable grids. I put whole blue berries into to my waffle batter, and this also requires additional clean up that would be easier if I can remove the grids and put them in a dish pan....more info

  • To Hot to Handle
    I purchased this new waffle iron since my old Toastmaster was not heating properly. This new Krups is a disaster. All the instructions were followed for first use. We put in the batter and set our timer for the recommended four minutes. The waffle was burnt. The handle was so hot I could not hold it to open the iron and had to grab a pot holder. The hand opening is very small and not designed to have a pot holder in there.
    We put some more batter in for the second waffle and set the timer for three minutes. The handle was still very hot and the waffle was dark brown. Dinner is not going well at this stage. The next waffle we tested when the light on the top went out. I still had to use something to open the top but the waffle was still dark.
    At the end of cooking there was a puddle, not drops, of water on the counter. It must have come from the steam. Another design flaw is there is no overflow protection.

    This baby is going back to the store. I will continue to look for another toastmaster or better designed item....more info

  • Handle too hot!
    I ordered one and during use the handle became too hot to touch. I had to open with an oven mit which is very clumsy. I called Krups and they said they have gotten a few calls about this and to exchange it. I asked if my new one will have the same problem and they said "no". Well, I exchanged it for a new one and it had the same problem. Obviously, I returned it and am now shopping for a different brand....more info
  • Nonsensical red & green lights - easy to forget & burn
    It makes great waffles. Preheat, and mist top & bottom with canola oil (I like a refillable pump). Then pour the batter in the center and it distributes well by flowing naturally. It makes good waffles. To avoid damaging the non-scratch surface, use a plastic fork or the tool that comes with a George Foreman grill. If you preheat with a mist of oil, and remove the waffles not prematurely, they should not stick. Also if your recipe has some oil in it, that helps. I love how it stands up in the cupboard. I have always lifted the handle by the plastic clip, so no complaints about handle temperature.

    MY COMPLAINT -- The red and green lights make no sense. Red means it's the correct temperature and Green means busy cooking - don't open yet. But the lights are not labeled, and if you make waffles infrequently it's hard to remember which light is which. Also when the Green light turns off, it's time to open and remove the waffles, but that's the only indication you get. When the Green light turns off there is a very quiet little "pop" sound but if you are busy setting the table or frying bacon you will NEVER hear it and end up with burned waffles.

    KRUPS -- Please make it beep when ready, and also consider building it round because batter flows evenly in a circle, not in square shapes....more info
  • Delicious waffle maker!
    Love my new belgian waffle maker. Did not have any of the problems that all the other reviewers have complained about. Mine works perfectly fine and I have had guests invite themselves over for the delicious waffles this machine makes. Totally worth it!...more info
  • Make sure you spray with cooking spray or you won't get it open!
    I had a cheap waffle make before and this one it worse than cheap! Not only is it hot on the handle, but it burns everything! Yes, the waffles come out nice and thick. MAKE SURE YOU SPRAY BOTH SIDES OF THE WAFFLE MAKER - OR IT WILL STICK SHUT AND YOU WILL REALLY HAVE A MESS LIKE I DID!...more info
  • Do you want a great Waffle Maker?
    We tried several waffle makers. That includes the professional Wells brand you see in restaurants. If you want a great waffle maker then go to Williams-Sonoma and get the Kitchen Aid Professional one. First, there are no cleanup issues at all. I mean zero. Second, it makes two at once which means eveyone eats hot waffles straight from the waffler. Third, it cooks 'em perfect every time. The only possible negative is the cost at around $350. Yikes. However, if you buy from Wiliams-Sonoma you get their customer service and that means you can return nearly forever if it has a problem. We recently returned a kettle two years later with no questions asked. We also use the Classique Fare Beligian Waffle Mix another reviewer metioned. We tried about 20 different mixes....more info
  • The best Ever
    I had used many waffle makers, but nothing had come close to a professional like this one. I love it. The way it cooks as the way it looks....more info
  • Way too hard to clean !!!
    I'm sooo tempted to send my 4 year old version back to Krups so they can see what an absolute nightmare this is to clean. After four years of use - mine still cooks great but I just can't clear out the residual gunk and I'm sick of looking at it. ...more info
  • makes good waffles
    I received this waffle maker for Christmas. I also find that the handle gets very hot-seems to be due to the way the steam comes out while cooking, but the waffles are very good-crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I also have a villa-ware waffle maker, but it does not make them crisp no matter how long you cook it. Overall, I think it is a good waffle maker just be careful with the handle. ...more info