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KitchenAid RVSA Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Stand Mixers
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Product Description

Love your KitchenAid Stand Mixer? Adding the RVSA Stand Mixer Rotor Slicer Shredder lets it do more - much more! Now you can slice and shred a variety of foods with this very helpful, handy accessory.

This attachment performs the cutting and shredding duties your food processor might: select the proper cone, slip it into the plastic housing, and attach all to your stand mixer's hub with a metal shaft. You can shred potatoes, onions, nuts, and chocolate, or slice vegetables for cooking or munching. While it adds versatility to your mixer, the unit is cumbersome to disassemble--more so than KitchenAid's other nifty attachments--and its several parts make it difficult to store. Still, it's easier on your arms than manual slicing and shredding, especially for large quantities, and all parts are dishwasher-safe. --Betsy Danheim

  • Includes two shredding cones, fine and coarse
  • Includes two slicing cones, thin and thick
  • Each works in conjunction with plastic housing and metal shaft
  • Works with all KitchenAid household stand mixers
  • Instruction book includes uses for cones and recipes

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome
    A must have if you HATE to grate cheese. This gadget is easy to use and fun. The only draw back is the metal shaft that connect the blade to the machine is very hard to remove after use. I have to use vise grips to get it off....more info
  • Returned it & purchased something else.
    The hopper is an improvement & designed well for both wide and narrow items.
    With fresh crisp vegies I still was not impressed enough to keep the slicing grating kit I purchased & returned for a full refund.
    New modern slicers & graters should sharp enough to cut ok. My kit did not perform well at all.
    Light will reflect off a dull cutting edge,it's as simple as that.
    A dull cutter will make any electric tool motor work harder than it should.
    Did I just buy an oddball set of cutters?
    Nope! A sales person opened another brand new box and the slicers were dull.
    The shroud attatchment gets stuck easily in the mixer until it's inserted and removed a few times. A drop of cooking oil helped that. My grandma would put a drop of cooking oil on the bronze bushing to lubricate & prolong its life.
    Cutting foods the same length & no taller than the hopper improved performance a little....more info
  • Unimpressed
    This was a gift. It was one of those gifts we should have returned for store credit but my husband, for some reason, wanted to hold on to it. Which is ironic, as we have had it for 2 years now and he has never used it.

    I have used it to shred carrots, zucchini, cheese, and onion.

    It did not work for the onion well at ALL. It shaved off large chunks which went all over the place. I detest chopping onions and I thought this would be a quick and easy way to chop up an onion for meatballs but instead I ended up with a huge oniony mess and still had to chop up another onion by hand.

    Worked well on the cheese - swiss and gruyere (sp)- but truthfully I don't find shredding cheese by hand to be THAT difficult and I only used this that time because we were having people over for fondue and I was running way behind schedule. So it saved time in the shredding but I had more stuff to clean up afterwards, I'd have been better off planning my time better and having extra time to shred by hand.

    For the carrots and zucchini - I like to make muffins with these for my son because it's an awesome way to sneak veggies into a preschooler ;-). It is very tiresome to finely shred 3 cups (packed) of carrots by hand. This makes it much easier... but it lets a bunch of these big chunks through in the process, too, so you have to go through and pick out the big chunks by hand (Toddlers notice big chunks). Does a better job with the zucchini but still not perfect. Biggest advantage over hand shredding is it seems to make a little less juice since the process is lighter on the squash - but still not recommended unless you are shredding a lot of zucchini.

    My biggest problem with this device is, well, for the work involved in setting it up and cleaning it, and for the amount of space it takes up in your cupboard, you really might as well get yourself a food processor. It will do more, and probably do it better. This is really pretty much a waste of space and money IMO. ...more info
  • better than the others
    this little gadget is the slices potatos so fast -no more cutting my fingers with is easy to install and remove...those that have a hard time removing it obviously didn't read the directions....more info
  • KitchenAide RVSA Slicer/shredder Attachment
    My wife was very pleased with the purchase of this product. Makes terrific Cole Slaw. ...more info
  • Kitchen Aid Shredder
    I brought this for my daughter to go with her KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer.
    She LOVES it . it is a big time saver.She loves it. I too have one and also love it...more info
  • I'm here to help
    Twice a week or so, our kitchen is converted into a full fledge pizzeria. We make everything from scratch.

    Well... not the cheese, we buy that. We buy that by the block. The extra chemicals put into shredded mozzarella, and, frankly, the enormous price differential of mozz by the block ensures we will never buy a bag of cheese again. If you are considering this purchase, you just might have hand grated a two pound block of mozzarella at some point.

    So is this thing worth it? The simple answer is well outlined by the many negative reviews on amazon which state that this product will not help you. This product will not help you.

    But unlike the other negative reviewers, when I get burned with a product that is overpriced if it worked, I have a personal need to make it work. I have done just that.

    First I had to find some use for this thing. Slicing veggies? nah. Slicing veggies isn't hard to begin with... and this fails against a good knife and some skill. If you aren't skilled with a knife and you are cooking on the kitchenaid level, you shouldn't use it anyway. You will need the practice with the knife... no machine will ever fully replace it. Shredding carrots? Wrong again. We use only baby carrots, and since the blades have somewhere between a 1/8th and 1/4 inch clearance, it barely shreds half of one. Shredding firmer cheeses. Yes. Cheddar is king here. And it is particularly good for grating parmesan and romano, though you will have to shred much more than you could use at once for it to be practical. The ends of the romano (again, somewhere between 1/8th and 1/4 inch) will be lost in the blades, so if you grate only a small piece, as opposed to a whole block, you will waste a much higher percentage of cheese.

    Cheddar and romano grating didn't justify the purchase price, so we dug deeper. We tried freezing mozzarella, recommended by others and the owners manual. Freeze it too little, and you are left with the same mash it normally produces. Freeze it too much and you get mozzarella snow. Freeze it just right and... well we never could do that so I don't know what happens then. No matter how much or little you freeze mozz, it ruins the texture, so it never really was a real option. We tried different brands of cheese. The major brands, listed from worst shredability to best: Pollio, Sargento, Calabro. Vegan mozz shreds perfectly, but tastes far from that perfection. Although Calabro is our favorite store bought mozz, it didn't shred well enough. By now... the money having been long spent, and the trials tedious, it looked like the end of the kitchenaid rotoslicer attachment.

    But then came the breakthrough. I have the keen eyes of my wife, well trained in art of needle-in-haystack by photohunt bar games and eye spy books, to thank. At a local Goodwill, sitting entirely out in the open, on a shelf I had walked by no less then fourteen times, rested the two shredding blades for a kitchenaid rotoslicer. At the fabulous price of 59 US pennies, we would have bought them solely as backups, should the piece of sh**t that we would have never used again somehow broke. But these weren't the blades I had at home. These weren't chrome plated garbage metal. These were... perhaps nickel plated garbage metal. But they were heftier, sharper, and shinier. The cutting blades were more pronounced extruding perhaps a millimeter or so further from the conical core then the blades I had at home. We rushed home to try them out.

    Well the center hole of the blades didn't quite fit on our rotoslicer's auger, so I drilled out the hole the tiniest bit larger. And now... now... Now it is the perfect machine for shredding mozzarella. Absolutely perfect cuts on all brands of mozz, amazing speed... it boggles the mind why the blades that come with this machine aren't like this.

    So what are these mystery blades? They are, as I said, more dense and shinier than the blades that come with the rotoslicer, so they don't seem to be simply a modern set that had been sharpened or manufactured better. Your guess might be as good or better than mine. I believe them to be from the older, hobart manufactured slicer/shredder, though there is no way to know for sure. There numbering on the blades is slightly different. Where the blades that came with the attachment are stamped with a number, these are stamped with the same number and the letter 'G'. Presumably the 'G' is for grater (unfortunately the slicer blades weren't at the Goodwill).

    So if you are one of the many that have bought and given up on this product, try searching ebay for these blades. If you haven't bought it yet, try searching for the whole hobart era attachment on ebay. I have seen some there that are actually made of metal. Remember that stuff? It was so reliable. Oh yeah, it's what the friggin kitchenaid is made of. ...more info
  • I love this attachment !
    I have had this attachment for more than a decade and I love how easy it is to use and clean. Unlike some of the other reviewers I never had any difficulty disassembling the attachment when I needed to remove it from the machine. I find this product very simple to take apart and clean.

    I find that I use this more than my Cuisinart food processor for shredding because it is so easy to use. It is very helpful that you don't have to stop and empty the bowl to continue shredding. That is the single biggest advantage the KitchenAid attachment has over the food processor.

    I do usually slice with my food processor instead of this machine. I think that is just out of habit. In my experience the attachment is just as efficient for slicing as it is for shredding.

    I would recommend this to anyone that shreds a lot of vegetables for carrot cake, zucchini bread, or potato pancakes. In most cases this attachment will eliminate the need for a food processor. If you have a small kitchen you might want to give this attachment a try before buying a separate food processor. This attachment takes up very little room when it is being stored.

    ...more info
  • not worth the money
    Thought this would be a great way to save money on preparing veggies for salads. Not worth the money. Overpriced. It's made of plastic and the carrots turn the plastic orange. Don't know how to get rid of the stain. I think my food processor would have done exactly what this contractrapion does. I own the Kitchen Aid stand mixer so that's why I bought it. BIG MISTAKE....more info
  • a great disappointment
    The slicer will slice when the material is VERY firm (frozen vegetables) or hard cheeses, firm cucumbers and zuccinis, howver, do not even try to make cole slaw. The blades are DULL. A call to Kitchen Aid service dept. was unsatisfactory inthat they told me the cones wre designed to NOT be sharp and only designed to cut very firm fruit and vegetables.
    That's not exactly what it said on the box. I had to buy a food processor to slice/dice softer vegetables and it was not a Kitchen Aid....more info
    This attachment is easy to use, easy to clean and shreds a whole chunk of cheese beautifully and quickly. Highly recommended. Can't live without my Kitchenaid!...more info
  • Will it make crumbs?
    I'm considering buying this item and have a question for those of you that use it. How well does the shredder make crumbs? I'm a pie maker and make a lot of graham cracker, Oreo, and vanilla wafer crumb crusts and need to replace my food processor. By the way, I use my Kitchenaid stand mixer every day and my only other accessory is the juicer. Michele at info
  • Waste of time and money
    An avid amateur chef (and gadget freak), deeply in love with my stand-mixer for baking, I thought this seemed like a good idea for our favorite quick salads like grated carrotts and apples etc. Unfortunately I am not impressed. Unless you make copious amounts of shredded veggies I think you are better off using a regular grating iron. Any time you save cranking stuff through the shredder is quickly lost on clean-up. Get a good grating iron instead, replace it when it gets dull. Be happy. My set is sitting in the back of a cabinet after only a few uses....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I was amazed at how fantasticaly the attachments preformed. I had been thinking about buying a food processor but will not need to now. The attachments do everything a food processor can....more info
  • What a deception! Kitchen-Hell
    Nota Bene:
    I have tried to contact Kitchen-Aid for over a month, wrote 4 EM via the KitchenAid customer support Website, and beside their promise to answer within 3 business day, I have yet to hear from them.
    I'm truly disappointed with their customer support and the RSVA.
    Kitchen-Hell: "for the way it's made"

    What a deception!
    Probably the worst shredder I ever used.

    I purchase this product in the idea that KitchenAid was a good brand (by experience), but I must admit that I have the feeling that I paid $50 for a very, very poor shredder, which should be sold $15 maximum. A $7 Walmart hand shredder makes a better job.

    I have the feeling that KitchenAid just ripped me off.

    I'm a mechanical engineer and I love to cook, and I'm normally the type to buy one excellent knife instead of 2 poor ones, but this time, I was fooled.
    So , let's review the product:

    First of all, the cones are not stainless steel, but regular steel, badly chromed.
    It means that, one day or another, they will rust.

    How can you tell? Use a magnet, if it is not sticking, it's a 18/10 stainless steel. (18% Chrome + 10% Nickel, a TRUE Stainless Steel)
    Try with your kitchenaid mixing bowl, and you'll see.
    It also means that if you ever try to sharpen the slicing blades, you'll take off the chrome and it WILL rust very quickly.

    I'm sorry, but a brand like Kitchenaid should AT LEAST, provides Stainless Steel cones. Especially at 50 bucks a piece. (and I suppose that's why it is stated HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY), not allowed to use regular steel in a restaurant)

    The blades are either dull, unevenly sharpened, or not at all(sides). It mashes or puree very well, but the cuts are uneven and messy. I just wanted a slicer, not a musher.
    The sharpening on (my) slicing cones is visibly uneven. one side slices, the other not.

    The gap between the cones and the body is too big, food goes in, get pushed in by the dull cones to end up in a mess.

    The cones rotate unevenly, off balance, which adds to the previous mess.

    The length of the blades is smaller than the size of the spout. (the cutting length should be a least the size of the spout, not smaller )
    In short: everything that goes is those corners is miserably mashed

    So, as a result, in my opinion: buy something else.
    Add $20 and buy yourself something decent. Plus, the attachment is so bulky that a food processor will not take much space.
    My grade on a 10 scale: 3
    Probably the worst shredder I ever used.
    And if you ever decide to buy one , please contact me , for $25, you'll have an almost brand new one.

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your time on this product
    I purchased this KitchenAid attachment mainly to grind nuts and chocolate when baking cookies. It does not work. A lot of big chunks of nuts or chocolate escape because the drum for grinding is located way too far from the base and it is not capable for fine grinding. Poor design, big disappointment.. It will collect dust in your kitchen, thus, don't bother with it....more info
  • Just get the Food Grinder
    Ok, so I don't actually own this product, but I'd been wanting to get it for some time. Then I read the numerous reviews/complaints about it. Among them, however, I have yet to read the following suggestion: Just get the KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers. It works great on cheese. It appears that the people who are most pleased with the slicer/shredder attachment are those who are using it to grate cheese. Unfortunately, if it only shreds cheese well, it's not terribly versatile. The overall complaint seems to be that the slicer/shredder doesn't tend to work as well on other items, including most veggies. Again, I haven't used the product, but I have the grinder and have been very pleased with how it works for grinding cheese (not to mention meat; even though I haven't tried grinding veggies, this is also a recommendation from KitchenAid). I wanted to share that tip. ...more info
  • Attachments work well...
    I use the shredder attachment the most and I like it very much. We like to shred carrots for carrot salad. Yum! I just purchased it and have not had the chance to use the other attachments. KitchenAid speaks for itself. I have always liked their products. Hope this helps. Blessings. <"((><...more info
  • shredder/slicer
    It works, but much of the vegetables will hang in and outside the drums.
    Not the easiest to clean....more info
  • Bad design
    Why can't they design good products?

    1. The sides of the attachment are so short that when you grate at high speed, the food just flies everywhere. If you grate at lower speed, it really does not do a good job, plus it takes much longer. Beware: the low-watt machines are really not strong enough to grate/slice hard food, like hard cheese. The machine makes a strained noise.

    2. The metal shaft which attaches the cone to the mixer is very hard to screw on and to remove.

    3. The pushers that allow you to push the fund down are attached to the unit, but they will not stand upright, nor flip the other way (this is hard to explain unless you look at the attachment). This means they are constantly falling inwards, where you put the food, which means one hand has to be holding them up, and is thus wasted, whilst you are only left with the other hand to handle the food. If you're three-armed of course, it's not a problem.

    In Europe, you can buy Kenwood mixers, with really powerful motors, and exceptionally well designed accessories. My mother had one from the 70s and it still goes strong. DeLonghi seems to be making a similar one, but they don't sell the grater here, only the disc attachments that work like a food processor.
    ...more info
  • Not the good quality steel it was 20 years ago!
    I had the Kitchenaid mixer and most attachments for at least 20 years and it has served me so very well. The slicer shredder started to crack where it attaches to the mixer, so a few months ago I ordered a new one.
    Much to my surprise, the cones were not the shiny stainless steel that my 20-year old cones are, but the manual says they are dishwasher safe, so I reasoned that looks don't matter. I washed it once, put it away, and have just now used it to chop walnuts and shred zucchini. Today, I put it through its second wash in the dishwasher when I was finished using it, only to have it come out of the dishwasher with rust starting on the cone and also on the shaft.
    My 20-year old attachment NEVER RUSTED! They must have made it in the USA back then and now it is made on the cheap in another country. This is the only reason I can find for the difference in the steel used. Fortunately for me, I still have the old cones and shaft and will probably substitute them, but would advise anyone else to clean with care because the new parts are made of metal that will rust....more info
  • Better than my Food Processer
    I love this attachment! Dont know how I lived without it. I would always pull a chunk of cheese from the fridge, hand grate what I needed ( what a pain ) and clean up. This is so much faster. I can do more at a time and clean up is quick....more info
  • Shredder does a lousy job
    This review isn't far off from the others: the shredder shreds, but very poorly. I was excited to use it on some vegetables, since I like to make vegetable dumplings a lot (that's why I bought it). I never got past the first vegetable: a bottle-gourd squash. It's about the size of an eggplant with the firmness of a mealy apple. I didn't take the speed above 2, since it felt like I was already putting a strain on the motor, so I never had problems with stuff flying out.

    Here's the fatal flaw: the gap between the the cone and the housing is too big, so giant flat chunks just go around until they either squeeze out the space between the front of the cone and the housing (the outer rim you see in the pictures) or get stuck there. I took the cone out and checked it a few times, re-assembling the whole attachment, because I thought perhaps I didn't get it in all the way, but the gap is normal.

    It's hard to believe that people have reported the same problem since 2002 on this website and it hasn't been re-engineered. It's getting returned until they come out with a new one.

    ADDENDUM: I had to edit this right after I returned to the kitchen!!
    Before I began, I washed all the parts before I used them and set the three spare cones aside to dry while I used the shredder. They were standing on end, just as in the picture, for maybe an hour. After grating the vegetable and writing the review, I went back to box it up for return. When I picked up the three cones to dry them totally off, two had already left a rusted puddle of water. The reviews of the metal content are true....more info
  • Great, does what it should
    A bit of a pain to clean but worth it. We probably use this attachment more than anything in our kitchen, it gets used at least once a day. ...more info
  • Pass on This and Get a Food Processor, Not Safe or Easy.
    I have had this attachment for years and have only used it twice. The first time I think I sliced apples for a pie, and it was OK. The second time the experience was bad enough that I had to write this review. I cut my finger on a slicing cone just removing it from the box, so based on other reviews, I got a sharp cone (or maybe just a sharper spot.) I actually used the coarse shredder, and it did a terrible job on cabbage for cole slaw. I had to use a lot of pressure, and the cabbage was getting torn or crushed as opposed to being sliced, no matter what speed I tried, so I'm guessing that cone is dull. Even if you found the holder on the housing, the cones themselves don't have a good place to hold onto them as you try to lock them onto the shaft, you need a rubber gripper or towel to protect your hand. Make sure to always have the mixer unplugged when you are messing with this thing, and when you do go to plug it in, make sure your switch is in the off position. Because of all the precautions, I cannot recommend this at all for daily home use, especially if there are little ones around.
    In no way can this attachment take the place of a food processor in safety or efficiency. I don't even think it's easier to clean, and it takes up almost as much storage space. I also have the food grinder, citrus juicer, pasta plates and sausage stuffer - I have only used each of them once or twice but with much better results. This attachment is the dud of the lot. (I have a Cuisinart food processor that I have had just as long, ten years or so, using it two or three times a week and just recently bought a new bowl only because there were cracks forming in the original by always washing it in the dishwasher.) Not having to empty a bowl for a bigger job hardly seems worth the money, and my time is better spent cooking and eating rather than fiddling with this wicked device....more info
  • rotoshredder
    The unit would be much better if the housing unit itself were made out of metal rather than plastic. This is my second time replacing the unit because of a crack in the plastic housing....more info
  • Save Your Money!
    I just got this item, but I don't like it. I love my mixer, but skip this. It is difficult to assemble/disassemble. It is messy and spatters what you are shredding. I am hoping it will be good at slicing something, I don't know yet. Overall, it is much quicker and easier to use a cutting board and a knife. Save your money!...more info