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Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch (BEFSR41)
List Price: $65.99

Our Price: $25.00

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Product Description

A network router that let's you connect your network to your high-speed Cable or DSL modem / For Windows PC AC adapter included Includes - 60-day trial of Norton Internet Security 2003 (packaged by Linksys)

The Linksys EtherFast cable/DSL router connects multiple PCs to a high-speed broadband Internet connection or to an Ethernet backbone. Configurable as a DHCP server, the EtherFast router acts as the only externally recognized Internet device on your local area network (LAN). The router can also be configured to block internal users' access to the Internet. A typical router relies on a hub or a switch to share its Internet connection, but the Linksys EtherFast router channels this connection through the full-duplex speed of its built-in EtherFast 10/100 four-port switch. This combination of router and switch technology eliminates the need to buy an additional hub or switch and serves your network as a completely dedicated, full-duplex backbone. Now your entire network can enjoy broadband Internet connections supported by its switched backbone. This unit requires an external cable or DSL modem with an Ethernet RJ-45 interface. This product comes with a one-year warranty.

Note: All Linksys routers now include a special edition of Norton Internet Security! Claim your free CD-ROM by calling (800) 814-0180, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific, seven days a week.

  • Weight - 11.04 oz.
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Standards - IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u

Customer Reviews:

  • Maybe you'll get lucky and it'll work on the first try for you...
    I give this product 5 stars because it works pretty well. I give it -4 stars because it took 2.5 weeks to get it to work. I read all of the mixed reviews before ordering the BEFSR41 router, but my coworker assured me that this was the one to get. I was told that you just plug it in and it works.
    When I received the thing from Amazon, I inserted the CD that it says to insert before doing anything else, and I followed the onscreen instructions. At the last step, where I assume the software configures the router, it gave the error message, "router not found." So, I repeated the instructions more than once but with the same end result. I'm not a network guy, so I didn't know how to make this thing work off the top of my head. I consulted my coworker who gave me a convoluted set of instructions, and I read a few forum posts whose solutions were vaguely comparable. After trying all these ideas, and after all the aggravation and frustration, the router still didn't work.
    In the end (two and a half weeks later), I found another article that suggested something I hadn't tried yet. What finally made this thing work was getting into the web-browser interface where you can adjust the settings for the router, and simply clicking on the "Clone the PC's MAC address" button. After saving the settings, the thing began working like a champ.
    So, that's what worked for me. From what I read, it could be different for other people, depending on the setup. I have 2 PCs and an Xbox 360 plugged into the router and everything works fine now. I'm surprised that a big company like Cisco would market a product that's so hard to make work. There isn't even a paper manual for the router. You have to explore the installation CD for the pdf manual. Who wants to read or flip back and forth through a 70 page document on their laptop? Maybe it's my fault that I didn't call support, but I didn't feel like getting the runaround, and I didn't want to go changing a bunch of settings on the PC to make the thing work. Overall, 1/5 stars....more info
  • Linksys Router
    The BEFSR41 model is improved over an older version of the same model. The price was very good. I think the difference is simplicity. Fewer lights and the only button (reset) is now in the rear. Good idea. Tech support doesn't even seem to know what the reset button does. They recommend resetting it every time you call. Once I was guided through the options screen which the router displays and changed several settings. The tech then told me to restart the computer and press the reset button. This erases all the changes I was just told to make and sets it back to default values. Get with it, tech support! In any case this one seems to work better than the old and and hasn't needed any tech support, thankfully. The product itself is good....more info
  • Lyksys BEFSR41 for home use
    This is my third Linksys BEFSR41 router in 5 years. The first one lasted about 3 years and was fried during a lightening storm from a surge through the phone lines. The second one has lasted about 2 years. I recently purchased a new one as almost every day I would have to unplug the router power supply and plug it back in to establish an internet connection. With this new router, the same thing must be done. I thought there was something wrong with the router. Apparantly, there must be an issue with the modem. Now, I have a back-up router! Overall, the installation was not as easy as I'd hoped for. Many hours have been spent on the phone with Linksys tech support over the years. In the end, they always get me up and running. ...more info
  • Frequent dropped connections
    I bought this router about 1 week ago and followed the instructions exactly from a-to-z. It worked. After running my normal software like uTorrent and Skype I began noticing lots of droppage. Both these software require uninterrupted connections. So the frequent drops made it a pain to work with this router. If you only do regular browsing on the internet, you might not notice many disconnects and think the occasional delays as just net traffic. I read suggestions to upgrade the firmware and went to linksys site to get it. After upgrading it, it refused to work altogether. The power led began blinking and then it was useless. Phone support was helpful and courteous but still couldn't solve my problem and had to return it for refund....more info
  • Needs to be rebooted every day
    This product sucks. We use many of them in the office, and all of them have the same problem. They work fine for a day, and then they stop. The fix is easy---you just need to unplug the power and plug it back in, but it's annoying, a pain in the rear, and a hassle....more info
  • Great Starter Router!
    You got high speed and now you want to connect more computers.... buy this one! It is wired only but that should not be a problem for starting out....more info
  • Best router if you want to put computers together without a network
    We bought this cable/dsl router with 4 port so we could have both of our computers on without establishing a network. This router is great and Amazon has the best price....saving me over $20 from buying it at Bestbuy (the salesman there suggested this router). Paired with the Motorola Surfboard modem, we have an unbelievable combination that works great! ...more info
  • Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch (BEFSR41)
    works well when you get it setup and going. instruction were poor, drivers were not microsoft digitaly signed. all in all does work well. ...more info
  • Product OK quality, tech support - the worst in the world
    I have had this router for just over a year and it has started dropping connections. Chatted with customer service who seem to have no clue. But that aside, when you are chatting they walk away never to return again. I wonder if their connections dropped too. I would not consider purchasing Linksys products again....more info
  • Works...just like you'd expect a Router to
    Easy to hook up, fast connection speed-and Amazon has it cheaper than you can typically find elsewhere with no shipping cost (mine still got here in 2 days) and no sales tax!
    ...more info
    Dis one, she no good mon. Last mebe, what? 3 monts zall. I buy 3 but don buy no mo. ...more info
  • Purchased on February 16, 2003
    I bought this router from Amazon on February 16, 2003. It has been running continuous since it arrived. I have never had any problem with it, even with peer-to-peer clients running nearly continuous on two computers. It is also very fast. I just bought a wireless access point last month and plugged it into this router and am now slamming another two computers through it (five total) and it's all drama-free with this unit.

    ...more info
  • this product did exactly what I needed
    I needed an inexpensive yet dependable router and the Linksys router model BEFSR41 was the perfect selection....more info
  • Good Router - Poor Documentation
    First of all, this router works great. I now have all my computers connected to my DSL connection. I no longer have to disconnect one cable to install it into a different computer for Internet access. It was easy to wire my computers to this router. I have not noticed any decrease in speed on my Internet connection.

    The problem was setting up the router's firmware. My best guess is that Linksys expects you to connect this router to a cable company modem instead of a DSL modem. In order to connect to a DSL modem, you must change the router's address from to Be sure your DSL modem is not connected to the router when you do this.

    I could not find this information on the CD that came with the router. I had to go to the Linksys website for this information.

    Overall, I do recommend this router....more info
  • Right Router
    We have used a router, Linksys, for more than 10 years. We have two computers in the same room and need the router so my wife can be on line for her business, The new router is performing perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone in need of such an instrument....more info
  • A Hassle
    Something is wrong with the DHCP on this thing - I keep getting IP address conflicts. Fails 2 or 3 times a month. You can't reset it through a browser, you just have to unplug it. It's a real annoyance....more info
  • Good, while it worked
    I bought this about 4 months ago. It died yesterday. Suddenly none of the computers on my network cannot see the router. When I try to "re-install" using the CD the comes with the router, I get the same message - router not found. I have swapped out cables and change network cards. No dice! This thing is dead! I give it one star for 4 months of service....more info