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Return of Saturn
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After No Doubt sold more than 10 million copies of Tragic Kingdom, riding that wave of success without toppling over must have been a daunting mission. No sweat for No Doubt. The band toiled as national unknowns with a loyal local following for a decade before that album's release, and during that time the band members were learning how to be better songwriters and musicians. The follow-up, Return of Saturn, glides along that continuum of songcraft perfection. The band presents a cleaner, less apologist representation of their influences. They pull off some of the more difficult maneuvers of pure reggae, ground-pounding ska, and Cars-esque New Wave. Gwen Stefani, the fearless Orange County princess, belts a powerful pout, her Mae West-meets-Siouxsie Sioux vocal bravado the bungee cord that springs in between the band's retro tendencies and SoCal pop-punk attitude. It seems believable that she could stamp her foot and always get her way, but her self-deprecating confessions evade brattiness. Songs like "Bathwater" and "Ex-Girlfriend" reveal the singer's vulnerability to being hurt or dumped on, and the band's sense of humor and exploration (albeit firmly controlled) matches the songs' sentiments. This group is growing out and tightening up, and while the rest of the ska-punk surfer-dude bands do nothing more than repeat history, No Doubt is creating it. --Beth Massa

Customer Reviews:

  • This cd isn't that great
    I actually didn't like this album, I really admire this band, but i only like 5 of it's tracks, and those aren't that much great, Ex-girlfriend, Simple Kind of Life, Bathwater, New, and Comforting Lie is the ones i find OK, the rest is weird-style punk, some slow ska-punk and girlish imitation of punk(ex #4) if you are going for this album, please buy another one, don't waste your money...more info
  • Best No Doubt CD
    I am a huge No Doubt fan--so don't expect this review to be completely unbiased-- and while I love ska and ND's earlier stuff, Return of Saturn is, hands-down, my fave No Doubt CD. Gwen's writing is amazing, and she pours her feelings into every song.

    Ex-Girlfriend - 5/5. A great opening song with cool music.
    Simple Kind of Life - 5/5. Wow, this song is so gorgeous. A fabulously-written song.
    Bathwater - 5/5. One of my favorites, with an awesome beat and creative lyrics.
    Six Feet Under - 4/5. I really like this song, but the lyrics are a bit odd.
    Magic's in the Makeup - 5/5. Love the lyrics to this song, so truthful.
    Artificial Sweetener - 5/5. Another one of my favorite. I love the lyrics and the music, and Gwen's voice sounds great.
    Marry Me - 2/5. In my opinion, the weakest song on the album. I don't know why, I just don't like it too much.
    New - 5/5. This is my favorite song on the album. I love the music, and the way it alternates between and slow/fast beat.
    Too Late - 3/5. A pretty song, but not one of my faves.
    Comforting Lie - 5/5. Awesome lyrics, great beat.
    Supension Without Suspense - 4/5. Slow song, but nice lyrics.
    Staring Problem - 4/5. Not the best song on the album, but it's still pretty good.
    Home Now - 4/5. An overall good song.
    Dark Blue - 5/5. This song is so depressing and beautiful that it makes me want to cry, but I still love it.

    Overall, this is an amazing CD, a must-have for any No Doubt fan. If you like ska, though, check out their self-titled debut and Tragic Kingdom. Or, rock/pop tickles your fancy, listen to Rock Steady or Gwen's solo stuff, which is nice but lacking the great lyrics and music she made with No Doubt....more info
  • Return Of No Doubt
    It would take another 5 years from "Tragic Kingdom" to make the follower "Return of Saturn" and many things happened since, On the previous we found Gwen Stefani sing about the painful breakup with bandmember Tony Kanal where most of the songs were Ska/Punkish, now 5 years later Gwen was over 30 and was not only more mature but wanted to get married and start a family also. The music was also closer to New Wave, like early Cars even if some songs are still on fammiliar territory. While this may have alienated some fans from "Tragic Kingdom" this album show growth as a band and "Saturn" works fantastic as a concept, instead of recycling what worked in the past No Doubt tried something new and it worked just fine. However, there aren't as many highlights for the charts on this album but it's still perhaps the concept of songs that makes it this good. "Ex-Girlfriend" reminds you of their previous album's song's. A catchy ska-punk song and also a hit single. This song is actually about Gwen's future husband Gavin Rossdale. Second single called "Simple Kind of Life" is one of many simular song themes of this album which deals about Gwen's maturing and realizing what she really wants in life. In the video for it, you'll also see her getting married. The song is more of a midtempo but equally strong as the first single. "Bathwater" and "New" were also released in some countries as single's and the first a catchy uptempo is pretty good. The second is a new wave song. Good songs continue throughout the album with "Artificial Sweeter" about trying to be happy on the surface but feeling bad on the inside "Magic's In The Makeup" wether people would still love her underneath the makeup and "Suspension Without Suspense" about being in a relationship that doesn't go forward. I think No Doubt's music is excellent, their sound is unique full of admiration, but their best ability is to create feelings that fans can relate to and songs that really mean something. This album is a prime example of that where many songs are part of a concept with a mature Gwen Stefani dealing with relationship eventually leading to marriage and a family. I really can see why this album has a special place in many fans hearts, even if there weren't many hit singles like "Tragic Kingdom" here. Needless to say, this is another fantastic album from one of the best bands....more info
  • Great, not as good as Tragic Kingdom.
    All I've been hearing about is how depressing this CD is. I personally love it. Thought I doubt any of their cd's will outdo Tragic Kingdom, it's better than Rock Steady.
    My personal favorites - Artificial Sweetener, Too Late, Bathwater. Those are BEAUTIFUL songs, and Gwen's voice is so wow, there aren't even words for it....more info
  • "Sometimes I wish for a mistake..."
    Return of Saturn by No Doubt is considered their most mature but least-selling album. This album is good but not brilliant, there are a lot of slow songs with heavy lyrics which are nice but depressing. Bathwater, Dark Blue, New, A Simple Kind of Life, and Magic's in the Makeup are standouts but the rest of the album gets boring pretty fast. This is a mixed bag but I like it better than Tragic Kingdom....more info
  • A little bit of everything
    No Doubt defies labels by never falling into a single genre. This is especially true on Return Of Saturn. The disc changes direction time after time, ranging from head-banging rock ("Ex-Girlfriend," "Staring Problem") to moody acoustics ("Simple Kind Of Life," "Marry Me") to synth-heavy New Wave ("Six Feet Under," "New") to the ska sound that made them famous ("Bathwater"). What is surprising in all of this is how well the album seems to flow; for example, the guitar and drum heavy "Comforting Lie" is followed by the mellow ballad "Suspension Without Suspense," but neither song, despite their contrary nature, sounds out of place.

    Gwen Stefani's lyrics are at their finest here, and are incredibly personal. Few performers are so brave to give such insight into themselves as this. While critics said the album was too deep, too depressing, it is the lyrics that make this album better than Tragic Kingdom, and Gwen should be commended for her honesty.

    The album closes with a hidden track starting one minute after the end of the dreary "Dark Blue." This hidden track is an instrumental version of "Too Late," with the tempo slowed down a bit to fit the mood of the classical piano and violins being played. This unexpected surprise is representative of the overall diversity of the entire album, and the perfect note to end the perfect album....more info
  • Their Best
    I believe this is No Doubt's best cd. The hits on this album are great: Ex-Girlfriend, Simple Kind of Life, Bathwater.... but i also love the other songs..... Suspension without Suspense, Magic's in the Make-up, Artificial Sweetener.... wow... I love all the songs. I am a huge No Doubt/Gwen Stefani I'm very familiar with all their CDs.... If you like No Doubt at all....this is the CD to own....more info
  • "I shudder to be honest...."
    This is one of the most beautiful No Doubt albums.
    I just want to take it away from everyone and keep it stashed under my pillow, and then I'd take it out simply for my own pleasure.
    If you know what I mean, score 100!

    I don't want to make a song-by-song review, 'cause the "I love this song" phrase, turns into a boring one.
    The version of this album I love the most, is the Latin American version.
    It had two bonus tracks, and they were: Big Distraction (Also included in Everything In Time) And a great instrummental version of Too Late. 4 songs from this album were released as a single, and they were: "New", "Ex-girlfriend", "Simple kind of life" and "Bathwater", from 1999 to 2000. "Magic's in the makeup" was performered in a Dawson's Creek episode, in the 6th season. "Marry me" is a boring, annoying song.
    "Home Now", "Comforting Lie", "Suspension without suspense" and "Dark blue" are very good. "S-T-A-R-I-N-G Problem" sounds good. It it so funny. "Six Feet Under" is a great song of this album. I listen to it when it's my birthday. "Today is my birthday, I get one every year. And some day...hard to believe but I'll be buried six feet underground..." "Artificial Sweetener" is another great song. I think, it should have been released as a single, and it would have been number one.

    Well, this is a very good album, 9/10.
    Be sure you pick a copy of this album up.
    I hope you find this review helpful.
    I recommend this album.

    Enjoy it!
    ...more info
  • Almost genius! its great, but not as good as others by them.
    how do i put this?? no doubt rocks but this cd wasnt what i wished it could be. ive seen no doubt at a 6 star level, way above everything else, and this, where as being awesome, isnt as good as tragic kingdom. gwen stephani was in a depression during this cd and i must say it showed slightly... haha euphemism there! but 'new' was awesome.. as were many more....more info
  • I give No Doubt credit
    No Doubt made it big at a time when the only things we heard on the radio was either a Nirvana song or a member of Nirvana complaining about always being on the radio. "Just a Girl" and "Don't Speak" probably contributed to the huge success of Tragic Kingdom because their anger slightly fit in with the anger of grunge music but was still feminine in a way that Hole could never be.

    Five long years later they released Return of Saturn (the title refers to the 29 year period it takes Saturn to rotate the Sun, which might also be a metaphor for Stefani's maturity since Tragic Kingdom and confusion with the current state of her life. The most noticable thing about the album is the fact that they ditched their upbeat ska sound with a depressing rock vibe.

    Almost every song is either about Gwen's desire to settle down (see: SKOL and Marry Me) or Gwen's insecurity (see: Ex Girlfriend, Six Feet Under, Magic's in the Make up, and Suspension w/o Suspense). The only upbeat songs on the album are Bathwater and New.

    I loved this cd. It's one of the rare few I listen to from beginning to end. However, I noticed the only time I listen to it is when I'm very depressed. Gwen often looks back at the Return of Saturn period in the band with negativity, perhaps that's why ND decided to put out the happier Rock Steady right after this....more info
  • Some of the BEST No Doubt songs!
    This album has been out for a while, and a lot of people I know didn't buy it and don't like it. This is because they thought that on some of the songs, that Gwen was obcessing about getting married, having kids, etc., and they thought she was selling out, not being a true rock or ska star, blah, blah, blah. Well, I disagree.

    As a fellow artist (*Albeit visually, not musically*), I understand that any artist much grow and change throughout their artistic life. If you do the same sound, the same idea over and over again, what is the point? The point of being an artist is to grow, change, explore, do new things, discuss what is going on in your mind, life, heart, and soul. I think that is what Gwen and the guys were going through while writing songs for this album. I mean, this album sounds very different from the first two. I think they did a good job of "playing" with different ideas in sound.

    Also, a lot of people have commented on the subject matter of some of the songs on this album. Look at it this way... A good majority of women eventually want to find that certain someone, and eventually get married. It doesn't mean your career is going to end, but that you want marriage and such in your life. Is Gwen any less of an artist since she wanted to get married and did so? What about Ani DiFranco? Tori Amos? All are fabulous musicians, singers, songwriters, and all are married. Tori even had a child. And at times, their music explored those possibilities.

    If you don't agree, or if you don't feel that way, fine, but don't call them sellouts. Besides, artists make music for themselves, not the fans. When you start writing things just for the fans' sake, THAT makes you a sell out.

    GO GWEN! :D...more info

  • Extremely Impressed
    If you told me, a year ago, that a No Doubt CD and an Eminem CD would be sharing 1st place as the only 2 CDs that earned 5 stars, I would probably have laughed at you. In any case I had figured this one wouldnt be quite as good as Tragic Kingdom. However, after listening to this CD 3 or 4 times, I realize it cant be mistaken for anything other than the highest quality.

    First of all, Tragic Kingdom fans will like this. Although its a little less Punk/Ska sounding, it still has fun fast-paced songs and catchy melodies that any old fans should love. If you really liked Dont Speak, you should be really happy because theres a lot of songs that are sorrowful and very melodic. Although its somewhat different from Tragic Kingdom, if you hear it youll recognize it as No Doubt.

    Second, if you value talent you should like this. Tony, Tom, and Adrian know what theyre doing. Gwen is a very talented singer. Best of all, they can write good songs. You can tell they spent time on every track and polished it all off to give it the right sound. Each song has a good beginning that catches you ear, good choruses, good interludes, and good endings. Its put together wonderfully.

    Third, if you enjoy good lyrics you should enjoy this. There are a number of love songs, but none of them are corny. Theyre a more serious breed of love song; its heavier than anything on Tragic Kingdom and none are happy, but some sound pretty light-hearted. There are also songs that are about peoples insecurities. Although I get the feeling these are all about Gwen, most of us can relate to them to some extent. One of the best things about the band is that they can write songs that fit perfectly on the radio or at a party, but the same songs can seem really meaningful if youre in a different frame of mind. It can be serious or light music depending on your mood. I dont know how they do it, but I love it.

    Despite all that, this CD isnt for everyone. Its fast through a lot of the CD, but not even a little bit hard. Its never angry, which is bad if youre only into angry music. It sounds a little bit like pop sometimes. It isnt cheerful, which might scare some people away. But for most people this is something thats enjoyable and it has a permenant slot in my CD player. You should check this out.

    Closing comments:Im not so into the cover, but I like the band pictures. How did they go from quality rock to straight pop so fast by releasing Rock Steady?...more info

  • This one unfairly got a bad rep
    I like No Doubt a lot too, and this album was different than the others. However, I still liked it a great deal. It's a good breakup CD to listen to, if nothing else. Definitely worth it, if only for the angst value....more info
  • ......
    I really like this CD. This group has a different kind of vibe to their music and I am happy that they are sharing it with the world....more info
  • True to their roots
    This is a great sounding CD. No Doubt has never lost their distinctive sca foundation, and this cd has some great tracks on it. A good follow-up to the Tragic Kingdom....more info
  • sucxed!
    i really love this cd but it just kinda sucked too me dont know why? all i got to say!!...more info
  • wonderful cd!
    I think that this is an excellent CD... actually very different from Tragic Kingdom, I think. This CD didn't have the influence of Eric Stefani, who was no longer a band member at this point, and I think that the sound is interesting. It isn't my very favorite from No Doubt, but I do adore it....more info
  • This One Grows On You Over Time
    My initial impression of Return of Saturn was that it was good but a little too depressing. I listened to this one next to the more electronic Rock Steady and found Return of Saturn was the weaker CD.

    However, after a few listens I find that Return of Saturn is more rock oriented with steady rhythms and slightly more captivating hooks than the aforementioned Rock Steady. I always liked Simple Kind of Life, Bathwater, Staring Problem, Ex-Girlfriend, and Dark Blue. However some of the other tracks such as Comforting Lie, Too Late, Marry Me, and Suspension Without Suspense seemed to buzz around in my head. I am looking through the song titles and maybe one or two tracks seem even a little forgettable at this juncture in the listening process.

    Since many of the songs reflect on breakups, I realize that depression often settles in. Sometimes I would rather listen to more hopeful lyrics in my music. But I can certainly appreciate the creativity that artists experience when they go through traumatic and heartfelt experiences. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours was a grammy award winning recording because of this. And No Doubt's Return of Saturn certainly rates strongly in this area as well....more info
  • ND's Best CD
    No Doubt have nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to this excellent cd, "Return Of Saturn". Even though it didn't sell as well and they were under alot of pressure, this cd really shows them at their best. It took me a while to like this cd, but now I am amazed that fans didn't take to their clever and meaningful lyrics. That is the true gem of this cd and Gwen sounds great.
    Ex- Girlfriend- the safest song on the record, 9/10

    Simple Kind of Life- haunting, but beautiful, 10/10

    Bathwater- a fun song with some jazz, 8/10

    6 feet Under- very 80s retro, found the lyrics interesting, 7/10

    Magics in the Makeup- probably one of the most honest songs that Gwen has written about herself, 10/10

    Artifcial Sweetner- very true song about how women gets cold feet, 8/10

    Marry Me- strange song, but I like it, 7/10

    New- my favorite song (kinda has some influences from Japan, 10/10

    Too Late- wow! powerful lyrics, 10/10

    Comforting Lie- Gwen sings with alot of fire, 9/10

    Suspension Without Supense- another slow song that is interesting, 9/10

    Staring Problem- LOL, only Gwen could have written this song, 9/10

    Home Now- this song doesn't grab me like the rest, but its still good, 6/10

    Dark Blue- why wasn't this song released? Very strange and real, 10/10

    ...more info
  • Great songs,a must own
    I would have to say out of all Of No Doubt's albums,this has to be my favorite. Though they came through excellently with Rock Steady, this album has many more awesome jumpy songs."Ex Girlfriend" has got to be one of THE best No Doubt songs! Trust me, this is one c.d. you will never have to make any skips on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • the best no doubt yet
    this is certifyably a great cd. New, bathwater, ex-girlfriend, and simple kind of life are the best tracks. you must buy this cd!...more info
  • No Doubt in its most divine form
    No Doubt, throughout their 15-odd year career, have been many things: underground ska sensation, mainstream ska sensation, crossover legends, Grammy winners, dancehall-lite platinum sellers -- but throughout it all, they retained a style of effervescence while delivering profound lyrics over bitingly powerful melodies. With two out of their three mainstream smashes, "Rock Steady" and "Tragic Kingdom," they had an irresistible formula. That formula, however, was not without fault. Although "Rock Steady" spawned three hit singles, the singles pale in comparison to the album only material. "Tragic Kingdom" had some filler album material but incredibly strong singles. This, "Return of Saturn," their most overlooked, under appreciated, and underestimated album, is their best.

    "Return of Saturn" fails to fall into the cracks of the two albums it's wedged in between: its solid, fun, and deep throughout. It shows considerably more lyrical strength than the even more than stable "Tragic Kingdom" and a more faithful sound than the still-excellent "Rock Steady." The singles are equally as effective as the album-only material (specifically third single "Bathwater," a ska/cabaret mishmash which is one of their best singles to date and the album exclusive "Comforting Lie," a haphazard and stunning blend of flamenco and surf guitars), and frontwoman Gwen Stefani's lyrics plumb the depths of her seemingly endless musical mind, allowing the band to flaunt a brand new style of maturity that was lacking on "Tragic Kingdom" and lost underneath the gleam on "Rock Steady." Although songs like "Marry Me" are generally self-explanatory in their message, "Simple Kind of Life," which boasts a soaring folk/punk melody, discusses the desires for a family, a husband, and a generally more relaxed life all while disguising it with a catchy chorus and unforgettable music.

    Although the mood of "Return of Saturn" is generally broody and dark, it never loses its fun, as shown with romps like the lightning-quick "Six Feet Under" and "Staring Problem," and the joy of "New." Songs like "Suspension Without Suspense" and "Dark Blue" are composed of simple, dark rhythms and lack the multi-layered hooks of some of their other material, which makes them all the more appealing, and hold true with the brooding tone that undercuts each composition. Honest, effective, and altogether enjoyable, "Return of Saturn" is one of the best albums of the past 20 years....more info

  • creative and artistic no doubt album
    Although tragic kingdom had strong singles, I didn't think the album was all that as a whole. Return of Saturn is much better. No Doubt experiments with different musical styles and have creative songs like Bathwater, Magic's in the Makeup, Artificial Sweetner, Simple Kind of Life. I prefer this over gwen's solo work....more info
  • It's good
    IF you like No Doubt before they hit the main stream, then you should get this one...more info
  • Worthwhile music - I'd recommend giving it a listen.
    Pros: Great songs with a unique feel to them and the sad themes never become too mellow-dramatic, they're balanced well.

    Cons: A few songs need a bit more energy...

    The Bottom Line: Pretty good CD.

    I must confess, I'd never been familiar with No Doubt as a band before hearing Return of Saturn. I'd only heard some of their singles (I'm Just a Girl, Don't Speak, Hey Baby, Underneath it all, etc.) I also stumbled upon "Comforting Lie" and was blown away. Wow! That song alone is amazing - the heightened beat, drums, and Gwen's voice all come together perfectly. So I bought Return of Saturn just to hear the rest of the album. I wasn't sure what to expect. By the time I was done the CD I was satisfied.

    One thing No Doubt does best is create catchy melodies; but changes things up a bit. "Ex-Girlfriend" for example, is a great song you want to get up and dance to. On the other hand, a "Simple Kind of Life" is more relaxing; whereas "Six Feet Underground" recalls a more retro (maybe 80s) feel to it and "Home Now" has a very sweet nostalgic feel about it. Most of the songs have their own unique feel to them, making each one a nice surprise. This is wonderful because if I find a song is predictable, it gets disappointing.

    Lyrical content is quite surprising as well. This is considering that some of the songs could potentially be immature. Most artists are unable to capture the emotional impact of the message without sounding like they're whining. No Doubt manages to avoid both pit-falls. Even on the break-up songs, ie. "Ex-Girlfriend" and "Bathwater", the lyrics are sung with a sense of maturity about them. Gwen Stefani (lead singer) allows the listener to feel the emotions through her singing; but at the same time creates a more pensive atmosphere to the songs. She sings about the issues people think about daily (Being jealous of others, wearing a mask, the repetitiveness of life, lying for love, etc). Yet, Gwen allows a sense that you're taking a journey through a person's mind. She's not trying to belt out a message, but merely allowing their listeners to interpret and apply what they see in a song, what's presented, to their own lives. It's a different approach and it works very well.

    So why only 4 stars? Well, I find it just falls short of a 5 star album. I believe it's because there are a few songs, in listening to the whole CD at once, that seem a tad mellow compared to the others (ie. New). Now, these songs aren't bad, but I feel they just need a bit of an extra push to them to allow me to get more into the song.

    In conclusion, the CD shines for the most part. I'm not disappointed, so I would say if you're looking for a new band to check out, No Doubt would be it.

    Recommended: Yes. Return of Saturn will be worth your time and money....more info
  • Great from beginning to end
    This follow up to their smash, Tragic Kingdom is great from beginning to end. As usual Gwen Stefani sings to us with her past and present experiences of "reality". I think this one reason why I love this group so much is because they write songs that each and everyone of us can relate to in one way or another.Once again, Return of Saturn is the return of hits!...more info
  • Flawed Perfection
    this album has songs of two extremes - excellent, or... not.
    if i had been no doubt i would have only put 12 songs on the album. i hope that this review is helpful. i hope that i havent been too harsh. this is one of my favourite albums!!

    Track 1 - Ex Girlfriend - 5/5. This was the main reason that I bought this CD. I absolutely love the song, its so catchy - it rocks! the lyrics are heartfelt and I love the way Gwen sings them. I also think that the video is brilliant.

    Track 2 - Simple Kind of Life - 4.5/5 - This song is another of my favourites, although it might not jump out at you on first listen, give it time and losten to the lyrics (although you might need help from the lyrics in the sleeve). I must admit that I cannot always understand what gwen is singing! However, I love the way that gwen conveys her emotions through her lyrics.

    3 - Bathwater - 5/5 - This song is my favourite on the album. its classic no doubt and really funky. the video is also really good.

    4 - Six feet under - 4.5/5 - this song rocks and is another of my favourites. its quite ska, more so than anything else on the album. but i dont understand the lyrics!

    5 - magics in the makeup - 2/5 - This is on of the album's low points for me. the lyrics are quite good, but overall i think that the song is quite whiney, with gwen just wallowing in her pity. Its a slow song, and not paticularly remarkable.

    6 - artificial sweetener - 4/5 - this song is mainly uptempo but the verses are slow.i love the lyric 'im full of artificial sweetener/my heart's been deceitful'.

    7 - marry me - 1.5/5 - boring! gwen mopes about wondering whether she will get married zzzzz....

    8 - new - 4/5 - i really like this song and the video is excellent. its uptempo with lots of futuristic sounds.

    9 - too late - 3.5/5 - this is quite a good mid tempo song, but not hugely remarkable.

    10 - comforting lie - 3.5/5 - this is a good uptempo song, but its not very catchy and doesnt have too much of a tune.

    11 - suspension without suspense - 3/5 - not outstanding, but ok. mid tempo.

    12 - staring problem - 0/5 - awful. i dont know what posessed no doubt to put this on the album. its totally tuneless, the lyrics could have been written by a 5 year old. gwen doesnt sing the song, but shouts it. i cant bear to listen to it.

    13 - home now - 4/5 - this song takes a while to get going but once it does, it really good and catchy

    14 - dark blue - 3/5 - not a bad song, but its unremarkable, and i couldnt remember what it went like without listening to it - not a good sign.

    bonus track - 15 - big distraction - 4/5 - its quie ska and catchy. i really like it.

    secret track - too late instrumental - 5/5 - i might even go as far as to say that this is my favourite track. its a classical interpretation. its really beautiful. it has made me appriciate the song 'too late' so much more.

    i think that the last two songs mentionned here are only available in the european version of this album. i would advise any die-hard fans of no doubt to look into buying this version, purely for the last 2 tracks, or else download them...more info