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Vacu Vin 3-Piece Wine Saver Gift Pack, White
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Product Description

Vacu-Vin wine saver system. The only thing sadder than pouring spoiled wine down the drain is not opening it at all because you can't finish the bottle at one meal. The one and only, original Vacu-Vin, used in more than 10 million homes worldwide, is the easiest, most affordable way to preserve opened wines. The Vacu-Vin pump removes the air (and the oxygen that spoils wine) from opened bottles. Place it over the reusable stopper and pump out the air. The more stoppers you have, the more bottles you can save! One-year warranty. Includes one pump and two stoppers. Gift boxed. Fits any size or type wine bottle. Additonal stoppers available here

Wine should breathe a little, but not overnight. Putting an end to the oxidation process, which turns a favorite Merlot into vinegar, is easy with the Vacu Vin Wine Saver. Made from high-quality rubber, which will not affect the taste of the wine, the Wine Saver uses a vacuum-style pump to release air to keep a wine fresh. And it's easy to use--just place a stopper in a bottle's neck, place the pump over the stopper, and pump air out until some resistance is felt. This process is suitable for preserving all but sparkling wines, and will save Chiantis, Syrahs, and others for up to two weeks. --Madeleine Miller

  • Reusable vacuum wine storage set ideal for all wine lovers
  • Keeps open wine fresh for two weeks
  • Correct usage puts an end to the oxidation process
  • Includes 1 sturdy plastic pump and 2 high-quality rubber stoppers
  • Hand washable; one-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • It DOES work!
    I have been using one for several years. It does substantially prolong the shelf life of a partially used bottle of wine.

    As others have said, occasionally it seems to stop working effectively. I have found that introducing plain water into the shaft area relieves the stickiness and improves the vacuum seal.

    Does it produce a perfect vacuum? Of course not. Even expensive lab equipment doesn't produce a "pefect" vacuum. On the other hand, it substantially reduces the number of oxygen molecules which will come in contact with the wine, and that extends its life. If the rubber stoppers and the pump are aligned and used carefully, the pump evacuates a good deal of air (it does take quite a few strokes), and the reduced pressure lasts quite a while. You can always apply the pump again, if the storage period will be longer than expected.

    For a few dollars, it's a great gizmo. I'm getting another for my vacation home....more info
  • Claims Are True
    The Vacuum Wine Saver works as advertised in that it develops a vacuum over wine left in the bottle which "keeps" the wine and pulls the included stopper more deeply into the bottle. This vacuum is well maintained until you push the crown of the stopper horizontally which easily releases the vacuum and allows the bottle to be reopened. The only problem is the hand pump supplied to develop the vacuum. Pumping it the required number of strokes to make the whole thing work properly requires a good grip and good hand, wrist, and arm strength. If you are an older individual (like me) and have significant and painful hand and wrist arthritis (also like me) you may not be able to pump to a sufficient vacuum. Otherwise I love it....more info
  • The most useful thing
    I bought my Vacu Vin set about 4 years ago and it's still working perfectly. It's so easy to use and it does preserve the wine flavor for at least a few days. We no longer have to finish a whole bottle in one sitting or risk a spoiled wine. I've recommended it to a few of my friends and they all say they can't live without it now.

    Few things of note:

    * Even with Vacu Vin, the wine will start to change flavor if kept over a week.

    * You do need to pump a lot more than the instruction indicates. Keep pumping until you feel a strong resistance.

    * Vacu Vin cannot be used for wines with fizz (such as Vino Verde, Champagne, etc). The reduced pressure will suck the gas out of the wine and make it flat very quickly.

    * It's better to keep the bottle upright so there's no pressure on the rubber stopper (It does not need to stay moist like a cork).

    Its purpose is to keep a leftover wine until you finish it, and it does that quite well....more info
  • Essential!
    I have just purchased this as a gift for wine-loving friends. I have owned a Vacu-Vin for years and find it an absolutely essential item in my life. It keeps wine fresh for days--that is, if you should have some left over....more info
  • Allows horizontal storage without leakage
    When I reviewed this product, I was primarily looking for something to prevent leakage while storing wine in a rack in the refrigerator since I often had a problem with leaking corks. Nothing in the reviews at that time addressed that problem specifically, so I wanted to add that the product does create and hold a vacuum with the bottle on its side. During the couple of months I've had the product, I have yet to have a leak as a result of the vacuum being lost during storage. The pump has to be held with one hand to create a seal against the stopper and the other hand is used to move the piston up and down to create the vacuum. It takes anywhere from a couple of pumps for a nearly full bottle to about 25 pumps for a 1.5 liter bottle that's nearly empty until the clicking sound is heard that indicates the vacuum is made. While I've not made side by side comparisons to determine the degree of effectiveness in preserving the wine, it's apparent that it's better than simply leaving the wine in a glass overnight. Overall, I'm well pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Keep wine longer
    I love wine, but only a glass here and there. This product has helped me stop wasting wine by letting it go bad. I am not sure if I buy the whole "vacuum" concept, but it keeps wine fresh much longer and it is easy to use....more info
  • Great way to preserve opened wine
    I enjoy having a glass or two of wine with dinner but, if I'm by myself, it's impossible because I can't finish a bottle alone (nor do I want to) and opened wine goes bad really quickly. The reason it goes bad has to do with the oxygen in the air. With the Vacu-vin pump I can remove the air from the bottle, and now an opened wine lasts me for about a week without refrigeration. Also, when you can't pump anymore air out of the bottle, the pump starts to click, indicating that you can stop pumping. I'm very happy with this product....more info
  • good for short term!
    At first I didn't believe that it would help since it is impossible to create a vacuum manually, but to be able to keep the wine a little longer it does help some. It simple to use, just keep track of the rubber stoppers and make sure you don't throw it away with an empty bottle. Consuming wine on a daily basis, this at least gives me a little sense of security that the half empty bottle wont go bad as fast as without the stopper, it also makes you keep the bottle standing (recommended to reduce the surface area of the wine that comes in contact with the remaining air in the bottle) to lessen the oxidation process. The only 2 things that work better are: Consuming the wine that same day....or a certain neutral gas can sold around there.Wine Enthusiast Private Preserve Wine Preservation Spray this will make it last as if you never opened the bottle, good for those of you who take more than a day or two consuming a bottle of wine....more info
  • Works great
    We received the vacum wine saver as a gift 5 years ago and have been using it every week since. You will save money and good wine with it!...more info
  • Really Works Well
    I do have this system (a Christmas gift), but until the night before last I haven't had the opportunity to try it out as Vesta and I seem to finish every bottle of wine we start. But we were in the middle of a Coastal Estates BV Cab and Eight Legged Freaks, a movie with a very young Scarlett Johansson in it that we watch a lot, because it's so campy, when friends stopped by with a couple bottles of very expensive Bordeaux. They wanted to share, so I stopped the BV, pumped the air out and guess what, the next night it was just fine, every bit as good as when we first opened it. So five stars from me. This works.
    ...more info
  • Buy this one, NOT the Metrokane
    Highly recommended. As an avid wine drinker I could not recommend this product more. It does everything is supposed to do. The stopper really holds the pressure, unlike the Metro-Kane. The pump makes a clicking sound when the pressure is just right, which is an extremely helpful feature.

    I was initially looking for replacements to my "Wine Air-Vacs", a self contained stopper/air pump unit. These units had served me well for years, but the rubber stoppers were starting to wear out. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to find (and the prices really went up).

    Having used other Metro-Kane products, I thought I would give their stopper/pump combo a go. What a MISTAKE. The stoppers loose ALL their pressure overnight!! 80% of the time I come home to find a 1/2 bottle of oxidized wine. I began to think that this whole pump/stopper method of saving wine was useless, but I decided to try the Vacu-Vin based on all of the positive reviews. SUCCESS!!! ...more info
  • Wine Preservation
    Consumer Reports says all you really need to do is refridgerate your wine. Wine at that temperature tastes awful. But it took a relative to give me a wine vacuum system in order to convince me that it really is the way to go. The one I got, originally, broke within a year. The Vacu-Vin is working very nicely, so far. It doesn't look as stylist as my first one, but I like the clear and certain way that it let's you know when to stop pumping. The price made it an easy thing to take a chance on. Time will tell if it is more durable than the other design....more info
  • wine saver
    Fantastic. I have been using Vacu Vin products for years now and love them so much I have been giving them as Christmas presents the last several years. The wine saver is easy to use and does a very fine job extracting the air from your bottle. The same "plunger" is used on the marinator and a coffee keeper. I have not found a better keeper for products that benefit from a vacuum....more info
  • Not an useful tool
    I bought this "Vacu Wine Saver Gift Pack" and attempted to use it with traditional bottles; i.e. Bordeaux, Burgendy, Rhine and more.
    I followed their instructions exactly as presented.
    In no instance did their special stoppers maintain a moderate vacuum for more than 24 hours.

    Save your money on this item- - -simply don't buy it...more info
  • Great For Vine Lovers
    If you are a vine lover and would not wish to finish whole bottle of vine in a single day, this should help maintain the smooth (un-oxidised) taste of the vine over a period of 2 weeks (as it says in product description). The vacumm caps hold vacumm pretty nice. the only aspect of this product that concerned me was its price. I bought it for 20 dollars including shipping, whereas i feel, its worth 10 dollars (including shipping). Even the caps are pretty expensive. Other than that its useful to have, because at least i dont like throwing my favourite vine away after 48 hrs (approx. time after which your vine expires after you put in refridgerator). Even after you vacumm it, its a good idea to put in the refrigerator, as anything in refrigerator survives longer than at room temperature. Enjoy your vine!...more info
  • Wine? Don't know...but for juice its perfect
    I drink much more juice than wine, and found that these savers are the perfect supplement to anyone making homemade juices. Instead of a fridge life of 2 days, you can extend the life of fresh fruit juices to at least 5 days. Basically, less oxygen (and a tighter seal) leads to a slower breakdown. Definately worth the $6 I paid for this set. ...more info
  • Save the wine!
    It is good to know that the wine will stay fresh in the bottle with this device and the 'corks' that come with it. Bravo!...more info
  • Happy with the product but I found it cheaper at Total Wine
    Product works well and I'm very pleased. Disappointed thought I found the product at Total Wine for 3 dollars less. ...more info
  • Simple to use, works great!
    I am not a wine connoisseur, and I like to enjoy a glass occasionally. This handy, inexpensive gadget allows me to do just that.
    Now I can buy a bottle of wine, and drink it at my pace without worrying about it going bad.

    Because I like it so much, I thought it would make a great gift for friends and family, so I bought the fancier looking and more expensive Pinzon version, and unfortunately for the recipients, it did not work as well.

    Also, you can buy extra stoppers if you like to have several different kinds of wine open at the same time....more info
  • would buy again
    It will keep the wine 3 days 5days possible.
    Does better that the replacement cork...more info
  • Does a good job for the non-snob wine lover
    Wine snobs look down their nose at anyone who drinks 3-day-old wine, regardless of the circumstances. "Life is too short to drink bad or old wine" is one of their slogans. Sorry, pal, but my wallet is to thin to drink nothing but new wine.

    Most people enjoy trying new wines and having a glass now and then, perhaps with dinner most nights. If that's you, this wine vacuum is a great product you'll put to a lot of use. Finishing off a bottle of wine within a few hours of opening it is often impractical--you either need to get pretty tipsy or have guests help you drink it. If you regularly open bottles of wine without finishing them off, you need some kind of strategy to keep the leftover wine. This vacuum pump beats the other viable option of just putting the original cork back in the top. Doing so is likely to cause bits of the cork to fall into the wine, and if you stick the cork back in with any pressure it become very difficult to remove. I've seen more than one white interior kitchen wall stained a lovely red from the splash as a stubborn cork comes out of the bottle.

    Here's what's good about this vacuum: It's easy to put in, easy to take out, and easy to clean. It won't keep your wine in as good condition as it was in when you first opened it, but if you combine the vacuum with refrigeration it significantly helps slow down any reactions changing the character of the wine. Even after a week, a vacuum-capped bottle of a bold wine pours a much better glass than any economy-priced bottle of "house wine"--you know, the sort of wine that skirts this entire issue by using a screw-top bottle cap.

    This product will help you to try and to enjoy new wines without pressuring you to drink it all at once.

    (The Champagne Saver version of this product works terrifically. I have been surprised at how well and how long it keeps sparkling wines, even when there isn't much left in the bottle.)...more info
  • Handy Dandy Wine Accessory
    This is a great little kitchen accessory. Quickly with a couple pulls air in the partially filled wine bottle is removed, and the wine lasts longer. Try it, you'll like it! I do....more info
  • I still love it
    OK, so this DOESN'T create a vacuum, but then again, neither does your "vacuum" cleaner. This, however, doesn't stop it from performing its actual function perfectly well.

    Forget the hype about this preserving your wine by removing the oxygen--which it does to a negligible extent by virtue of it removing some of the bottle's air, which is about one fifth oxygen. What the Vacu Vin system does is create an easily removable pressure differential that allows the casual wine consumer easy access to an already-open bottle of wine, without the tedium of using a corkscrew again or dealing with cork bits floating in their glass of wine. In other words, the Vacu Vin system removes some air from the bottle so the atmospheric pressure outside the bottle is greater than the pressure inside, thus keeping the plastic stopper in place. The user can equalize the pressure by pinching the stopper, thus opening it and allowing for the almost effortless extraction of the stopper.

    The real beauty I've seen of this system is that it allows anyone who has issues with manual strength (e.g., arthritis), to re-open a bottle of wine without assistance or pain. To them, this item can be a great aid.

    Realistically, if you are going to lay out the money for very expensive bottles of wine on a regular basis, then a nitrogen pressurization system with expendable (and expensive) nitrogen cartridges may be your answer; or, maybe you should just invite some friends over to help you polish off the bottle in one evening ;). However, if you want to keep a bottle of wine available for daily use, or from weekend to weekend, then the Vacu Vin will likely be a good solution for you....more info
  • Others Benefits
    I've used this product for years. One of the seldom mentioned advantages is that after pumping, the bottle can be laid horizontal in the refrigerator. In the past this product had a problem, the pump would jam. The pump was no longer usable. The remedy was simple, just spray the pump with vegetable oil. ...more info
  • This Works!

    Looking at the reviews of this an other Vacuvin products, you see reports that are deeply contradictory. It's interesting that there is such a divergence of experience with such a simple product. The ideas behind Vacuvin are pretty simple.
    First, air is the enemy of an open bottle of wine. Bacteria in the air want to turn alcohol into vinegar. The air itself oxidizes and dulls the taste of all but the most robust wines.
    Second, you can remove some of the air with a simple pump and thereby slow down the rate at which wine deteriorates.

    Why then, do we have both no-star and five-star reactions to this product?
    Maybe the biggest source of disagreement is expectations. Vacuvin slows the deterioration of wine in the bottle, but it doesn't stop it.

    Another possible reason for all the disagreement might be a question of temperature. The biochemical reactions that kill your wine are temperature sensitive. They proceed faster when the wine is warm and slow down when it's cool. Putting a pumped-out bottle in the refrigerator or wine cooler will slow down the spoilage processes and make Vacuvin more effective.
    A third issue is the way the wine is handled before the Vacuvin plug goes in. If wine has a lot of air dissolved in it by being poured from decanter to bottle, there's no system that will keep it fresh.

    For more info on wine storage, check out my book, The New Short Course in Wine.

    --Lynn Hoffman, author of New Short Course in Wine,The and bang BANG: A Novel from Kunati Books. 9781601640005...more info
  • a lot of hype a bit of hope and a little sucky
    i have been using this for at least 3 years, but i don't really know why. I see it (or similar)used at places like Olive garden, and assume it must be done to preserve wine, but i don't really see the difference.

    On new wines, especially whites, it seems to work(well at least as well as sticking the cork back in).
    but on even slightly older reds (anything 4 years or older) it seems to make no difference at all. they are almost always oxidized by the next evening, and definitely by the following day.
    If you can bare to refrigerate your wines, then that seems to aid the process, but I don't know. no mater how much air you get out, there is always some left in, going to work on your wine...

    science says is should help, but reality shows it is barely worth it.....more info
  • Don't waste your money, these are hit or miss at best
    I love good Italian wine, but try to limit myself to one glass a day for health reasons. I purchased this gadget at a local wine store and assumed that meant it was useful. That was a big mistake!

    This gadget doesn't do anything including seal the wine in the bottle when stored on its side in the wine cellar. Some of the time a bottle on its side won't leak, but it is just a likely to leak. I tried buying another set of stoppers and having my husband seal them as well as myself. No change made a difference. Sometime they work, and sometime they don't.

    Additionally, when you buy a nice Brunello or a Super Tuscan do you really want to risk it become an expensive bottle of vinegar, I don't.

    I purchased the wine stoppers for my foodsaver and am much happier with those. At least they don't leak. Although I do finish the bottle as quickly as possible just to sure....more info
  • wine saver
    I bought these savers as additional ones. They are great for keeping anything in wine bottles secure and fresh....more info
  • Wine Saver
    This was our second purchase of the Vacu Vin. We bought this one for our second home. My wife enjoys a glass or two with dinner and using the Vacu Vin gives her another day to enjoy a bottle of wine. The price is a bargain and that extra day saves me a lot of money. ...more info
  • Wine Saver
    The vacu vin wine saver works great, it keeps wine fresh in the refrigerator for weeks. Also it is very easy to use....more info
  • "Fresh" wine several days later :-)
    This product is simple and straight forth, easy to use, and hey, it REALLY works. We've used it on both red and white wine and while most wine around here doesn't ever stand a chance at being around that long . . . well, you know what I mean . . . we have had wine for several days after using the Vacu Vin and it's been just as good as when we first opened it. This would make a great gift, too . . . ...more info
  • Quick, convenient, and does the job!!
    Works well, quick and easy to use at an affordable price. Extends the life of an open bottle of wine by at least a week. What else can you ask for....more info