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All-American 15-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner
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Product Description

Pressure canning is the USDA recommended method for home canning of low-acid foods (meat, fish, poultry and most common vegetables). Only All American(r) pressure canners feature the precision-machined "Metal-to-Metal" sealing system. Easy to open and close design and no gasket to wear out. Screw-down clamp locks ensure a positive seal. Control weight provides simple, reliable pressure control. Pressure gauge allows accurate, visual verification of processing. Heavy-duty satin cast aluminum. For non-commercial, home use only. Instruction and recipe book included. Limited one-year warranty. Jar capacity: 10 Pints or 7 Quarts Inside Ht: 7-1/2", Inside Dia.: 12-1/4" Overall Ht: 12-1/4"

This heavy-duty pressure cooker's large capacity is probably best utilized for canning (though it would also be great for a number of cooking tasks). A pressure cooker is generally recommended when canning vegetables and nonacid fruit, since the high heat that can be generated will kill more bacteria than a regular hot water bath. Made from cast aluminum, with sturdy screws to seal the lid to the pot, this pressure cooker requires no rubber or plastic gaskets or rings. Its 15-1/2-quart capacity holds 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars. A three-setting pressure regulator valve is included, and the pressure gauge gives a clear reading. Made in Wisconsin, this is an American classic. --Julija Gelazis

  • 15-1/2-quart pressure cooker/canner holds 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars
  • Made of durable, hand-cast aluminum with attractive satin finish
  • Exclusive "metal-to-metal" sealing system for a steam-tight seal; no gaskets
  • Geared steam gauge, automatic overpressure release; settings of 5 psi, 10 psi, and 15 psi
  • 12-1/2 inches high with 7-1/2-inch inside diameter; made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • All American Pressure Cooker/Canner
    I used the canner to make large quantities of chicken soup. The screw down hinges are very safe. It is hard to make chicken soup in a traditional 8 quart pot because after adding the chicken etc., there is hardly any room for soup. I bought a 15 quart and a 21 quart. The pressure guage when a zero can be opened. The traditional ones are harder to know if it is safe to open, and a pain the carry to the sink and run water over it. These pressure cookers are the best thing ever....more info
  • We love this canner.
    My wife loves this canner. She has a hard time getting the lid on but she is not scared of it like the last one. It is very well built and looks like it should last for ever!...more info
  • Pantry Stocked!
    This arrived and I thought I had purchased a science project, then fell in love with it, my pantry is stocked, it brought back good times of pouring over recipes to can and we make a weekly habit of going to Farmers Market in Dallas, which is only down the road. Everyone should have one.

    Cynthia ...more info
  • The Best Of the Made In The USA Products.
    In planning for the coming planting season we felt the need for a better pressure canner than the one we had. After a thorough product search we decided that the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Pressure Canner/Cooker appeared to meet our needs. We ordered the model 915 and after it arrived we were even more impressed with the precision workmanship and exceptional engineering that provided gasket free pressurization with three separate over-pressure monitoring and safety features. Let no one doubt the superiority of American made products and particularly the Wisconsion Alumnum Foundry pressure canner/cooker that promises to provide a lifetime of reliable service. The price is higher than one might expect but compared to the quality of design and operation it is an absolute bargain....more info
  • Works extemely well, leak free, for multiple daily uses in laboratory
    One of the labs I supervised lacked funding to purchase an autoclave. We sterilized media broth, media agar, dilution agents, Petri dishes, flasks, bottles, and other microbiology utensils in a Mirro pressure canner. We sterilized a minimum of three batches daily, five and six days a week, year round. The Mirro canners constantly required new seals, yet the lids still frequently warped and leaked all over the stove. We replaced the Mirro canner twice in a year, let alone all of the gaskets we went through. I bought this All American pressure cooker when I saw the unique no gasket design, securing lugs, and the safety features built into this pressure cooker. My micro staff loved this pressure cooker. This All American pressure cooker never leaked, the lid fit perfectly time after time, and all of our batches came out properly sterilized. It impressed me so much after almost two years' use in a laboratory setting, that I am now buying one for my home canning. Made in USA, heavily built, well-engineered for performance and safety, and proven to me in multiple daily uses with three different users, including myself--a great pressure cooker in my experience, far better than the others we tried....more info
  • Best Pressure Canner Around
    I have used this canner ever since I learned to can and there is NO equal to it. When people say they lose the seal and it unseats improperly they are not closing the lid as instructed. It must be closed at alternating lugnuts and not tight to start that is tightened after you seat them first. If the instructions are followed and COMMON SENSE is used this canner cannot be leaking. also it does require simple care as good cleaning after use and oiling the screws occassionly to keep it from rusting I use WD 40 and it is quick and easy. It is basic common sense and care and this canner will last forever and is foulproof. I LOVE IT!...more info
    We put the canner through it's paces the first week, doing over 100 jars of canned beef. It worked perfectly, was wonderful!...more info
  • Hats off to Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry
    I have used a pressure cooker befor but not for canning. Just finished 2 batches of canning. I love it. Even though it is a little more trouble to seal/open its still better than the the others I have used. I trust it. Its easy to maintain temp/pressure. NO SEAL TO GO BAD. If you look around the net you see used models from this company and they get a good price. I bet this canner will still be working when users have throw away their brand x canner because they can't get a replacement seal, gauge, Safety plug or weight. Also it's built her in the USA instead of a country with slave/child labor....more info
  • A girls best friend
    I bought a presto and used it on my first canning job. Needless to say all 20 pints of my green beans did not seal. They were all wasted along with all the time it took to prepare them. I then went to the Amish store and bought an All American Canner! While Ms. Miller (unhappy poster) seemed a little mad that the canner was so thick, it made me happy to know it was sound and I did not have to worry about the lid blowing off with all of the All American's safety features. During the winter I can almost a whole beef in about a weeks time. I run two 21 qt. AA Canners on my glass top stove from 8 in the morning till 3 or 4 pm. I have never had a problem with the canner or the glass top stove. I am cautious not to drop my canner. I do not find putting the lid on difficult. You just have to do it evenly. Happy Canning! ...more info
  • I like it..but
    I really like this canner. I have used it many times and it works well. the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the bakelite handle broke the 2nd time I used it. Otherwise this is a very well made canner. Would buy again....more info
  • Works Great and MADE IN THE USA
    It works great the only dislike is that I have had the lid stuck twice but know now to loosen the wing nuts just a little with about 4 to 5 lbs in the cooker just tell the steam starts leaking out and then let it cool the rest of the way. Besides that it is great PLUS it is MADE IN THE USA....more info
  • I Don't Like It
    This thing is heavy and it is hard to wash. The lid is quite fussy, despite being well-lubricated with Vaseline. After several uses, the lid forms a vacuum each time and is very difficult to remove. It is also not as convenient to clamp down the lid compared to the modern lids that turn into place and use a gasket.

    I gave this item two stars because it did perform as it should, but the issues with the lid make this thing very inconvient for me to use. It is also quicker to use my Presto canner rather than lubricating the seal on this one.

    I will not be keeping this canner and I will use my Presto 16-quart instead....more info
  • Perfect
    This is my second canning season with this canner and I absolutely love it for its solid, reliable performance. Yes it's heavy and stays hot a long time--but it's a pressure canner and that's how it works. I wish all my kitchen appliances were as well-made. This will be passed down to my children!...more info
  • Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry 15 1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker
    This beast is awsome. If you are serious about canning, and have some shelf space for it, get this. Very solid design - should last at least 50 to 100 years. No seals or gaskets to replace. There is a rubber safety plug on the lid that will pop out if the vent gets plugged up, that way the thing can't explode on you! ...more info
  • All-American Canner

    Great product. Superior materials and workmanship. 7 quart capacity is what got me to buy. Canning meats will be the main chore of this baby....more info
  • Easy to use, terrific pressure canner.
    I bought this canner to can albacore tuna. The fish are late this year, so I haven't had a chance to use this new canner, but I have owned a 21? quart All-American canner since the early 1980s. It is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to can anything other than fruit. It's extremely safe, easy to use and does an excellent job. As I get older, the larger canner is just too heavy to lift when it's full, so I decided to buy a smaller version. Once you've eaten homecanned albacore tuna, you won't want any other kind.

    ...more info
  • Best Canner Ever
    When my old canner quit working right I borrowed one of these from my best friend. Needless to say after using it I had to buy one. Excellent - you won't be disappointed!...more info