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Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker
List Price: $50.00

Our Price: $42.95

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Product Description

Sometimes it seems the world of appliances has no room for smaller households, the mantra seems to be "the bigger the better." However, in this case there is an exception. The Zojirushi 3 cup rice cooker makes the ideal amount of perfectly steamed, plump and tender rice for small families, or even singles (after all you can always warm up the leftovers). The non-stick removable pan is easy to clean and a glass-lid lets you keep an eye on the progress.

Busy cooks cherish rice cookers. This one cooks up to 3 cups of dry rice (white or brown) and keeps it warm up to five hours. A glass lid permits monitoring of the cooking process. Instructions and a cooking chart explain everything. A measuring cup and serving spatula are included. The cooker operates with admirable simplicity: just push a switch to start. The switch and a light turn off when cooking is completed, and the unit automatically goes into its keep-warm mode. Stay-cool handles on the cooker's sides permit it to be moved. Only plastic scrubbers and mild detergent should be used for cleaning. --Fred Brack

  • Cooks rice and keeps it warm up to five hours
  • Use also to boil vegetables
  • Measuring cup and serving spatula included
  • Uses 300 watts of power
  • 7-1/4 inches high to lid knob; 9-1/4 inches in diameter, including handles

Customer Reviews:

  • Zojirushi 3cup Rice Cooker
    I just love this rice cooker does a just a great job fast silent and Easy to clean and stores well....more info
  • Rice cooker
    Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker It works great though I stop it before it completes cooking to retain the extra moisture for the brown rice...more info
  • One significant drawback... the lack of an on/off switch. We bought this a few weeks back and the cooking is generally good and even. The heavy glass lid was a vast improvement over the thin metallic one of our panasonic cooker.

    But the lack of on/off means you have to plug and unplug it from the socket whenever you want to turn the system on/off. That sucks....more info

  • Great 3-cup Cooker
    Being Filipina, I've been through MANY rice cookers and found it difficult to find the perfect one for a household that no longer needs to make 4-8 cups of rice on a daily basis. Yes, there are better rice cookers that have cords that retract, lids that snap shut, are made to insulate, and play digital tunes when the rice is done. They are ALSO close to $100. I'm cool with the old school "ding" for $30. The size saves space on the counter top, it's easy to clean, and the rice comes out just right every time. I have also found my Zojirushi water boiler to be a trustworthy product. ...more info
  • Satisfactory Rice Cooker
    This is my first rice cooker. I find it satisfactory. Rice comes out nice and fluffy provided you let the rice "sit" in the steaming pan for 15 minutes after the cooking switch has loudly clicked off. So you have to mentally time this interval.

    Complaints voiced by others about a retractable power cord and absence of an on/off switch were of no consequence to me. The unit is relatively small for easy storage and very easy to clean.

    As others have mentioned a small, slight brown crust forms on the rice at the bottom center. I found this annoying but not a big deal as 99.9% of the rice is cooked nicely.
    ...more info
  • Cold rice
    When I ordered the Zojirushi NHS-06 rice cooker, I expected it to keep the rice warm after it was cooked. Unfortunately, while other models have this prime feature and this one implied it did, the NHS-06 does not. I called Customer Service and arranged to return it in August. I had an E-mail saying you had received the cooker and were crediting my account $42.64. Please confirm. I expect to order another item in the near future. Thank you. S. Thackeray...more info
  • Wish I'd have bought it sooner!
    This is a great product. The rice cooks up perfectly every time. It is a snap to clean, also....more info
  • product works
    after owning several salton 3cup rice makers that died (see reviews on them - a lemon model), i decided to try this rice maker. this is a simple design that works just fine. i normally cook rice that i eat over a day or so, then scoop portions out for different meals. as such, a "keep warm" feature is not desired by me (this has no keep warm feature). the lack of an off switch is not a problem - the thing turns itself off when done, and i tend to store it unplugged anyway. the pot is the same size as the 3 cup salton, so my old pots will work if this pot is in dishwasher. this does spit a little from the steam hole, so i aim it at the sink - not really a problem. there are many fancier models which i don't need, and some cheaper brands which i have several dead examples. i don't know how long this may last, but i hope it lasts longer than the saltons! if you want a keep-warm feature or some fancy electronics, or the cheapest 3cup model, this isn't for you; if you want something that just does what it is supposed to do, i'd suggest considering this cooker....more info