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Buzz Buzz
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Street Release Date: 10/25/2004

Anybody who's gotten a boogie-inducing earful of Buzz Buzz will back the claim that Laurie Berkner sailed right past the sophomore slump. On this, her 1998 release, the Ani DiFranco of kids' music, as she's been tagged, inspires still more hands-in-the-air at-home hoe-downs among the 6-and-under set with her evenhanded blend of zany, zingy original songs and well-chosen traditional numbers. Crying out for special mention in the former category are "The Pretzel Store," on which a gang of "twisty, curly, hole-y, and straight" salty characters escape from the clutches of eager snackers in a variety of inventive ways; "Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz)," a surefire vehicle for revving up round-the-living-room arm-flappers; "Ice Cream Cone," a handy directive for Ben and Jerry's beginners ("You can eat it from the side / You can eat it from the top / You can lick it round and round / Like you're never gonna stop"); and "The Cookie Bakers of the Night,"which is bound to get a brood of wannabe cookie monsters mixing pretend batter and waving wooden spoons in the air. Traditionals, especially the rocking rendition of "The More We Get Together," the voices-only "Rum Sum Sum" with its souped-up lyrics, and the bass- and alto-sax enhanced "Erie Canal," roundly impress. Berkner's much-lauded flair for firing up little ones' imaginations aside, what's perhaps best about her is her sharpshooting when it comes to crowd pleasers. Her smooth singing and can't-be-denied guitar chops keep Barney-bombarded grownups from wanting to climb out the car window. With the right sort of luck, the buzz on this record will transcend its title and win Berkner an extended band of intergenerational admirers. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • kid's love it
    My 6 year old son wanted to get this cd for my daughter's 3rd birthday. He thought they would both like it. Boy is that an understatement. We cannot go anywhere in the car without Laurie. It is a very fun cd and we will probably get more. I'm just glad it doesn't have Victor Vito on it. Can't seem to get that song out of my head! Highly recommend it to others!...more info
  • Music that Everyone can Dance To
    I first heard of Laurie Berkner watching Noggin. I noticed that my kids loved her songs and began singing them all the time. So I took a chance and bought her CD, "Buzz, Buzz". What a great buy!

    My children, ages 4 and 7, like all of the songs. They sing them and dance to them quite a bit. And I discovered that I actually like the songs, too. I catch myself humming "I Had A Friend" or "I Really Love to Dance" sometimes. The songs even work on car rides. :-)
    ...more info
  • Great BUZZ!
    This is (and I'm speaking honestly here) one of the very few singalong CDs for your kids that won't make you want to tear your hair out when you're listening to it for the 100th time on the way to the grocery store with the kids. The songs are short and catchy, but they don't grate on your in the same way that others do, probably because Laurie doesn't sing with a voice that caters strictly to 2 year old sensibilities. Yet, the songs have that blissfully calming effect on the kids too. I'm not quite sure how she does it.

    Buzz Buzz is my son's favorite. I would highly, highly recommend it to any parent looking for a good set of songs for the car....more info
    As always - Laurie produced another great cd!! My 2 year old loves the buzz buzz song!!!...more info
  • The best for kids around!
    (**I am not writing a different review for all the CD's we have, I am just going to cut and paste, if you read one of mine already - you don't have to read again, but you can! It's worth it!! LOL****)

    My kids (and ME) LOVE Laurie Berkner, she is the best for kids music and we all dance to all the CD's that we have of hers (and trust me, we have quite a few!!) Get them all if you can - especially the DVD - her clothes are so colorful, they are very playful and my kids (and ME) LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

    A+ to Laurie Berkner and also The Laurie Berkner Band! I wish she'd go on tour, I'd be there in a heartbeat! It's great clean music for your kids - I take them on the field trips with the Kindergarten classes and all the kids sing along!

    A MUST HAVE!...more info
  • We Love Laurie Berkener
    Well, I take back anything bad that I ever wrote about Laurie Berkener. We own all of her CDs and love them all. Some take a while to get used to, but they are all catchy, and so much fun to sing and dance along with. My three year old must know all the words to all of her songs and will burst into song at the drop of a hat. The older my kids get and the more I look for music for them I realize how difficult it is to find things that are fun, upbeat, original, and--most important--parent friendly. There is so much garbage out there, corny music or CDs full of kids howling (singing?) out of tune, it is refreshing to have our resident goddess Laurie Berkener to rely on. I only wish that she had more CDs out. Try it, you'll like it!...more info
  • My daughter loves this CD!!!
    We had seen Laurie on TV but only knew a few songs so I took a chance on the whole CD. My daughter (age 3) absolutely loves it and wants to listen to it all the time. The whole album is fun....more info