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Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven
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Product Description

One of the earliest ways to bake bread was underneath a curved cover or cooking pot placed over an open hearth. This is such a cooking bell made from hard-fired clay that nests on a lipped baking stone 10" in diameter. Place your bread dough on the pie-shaped base, cover it with the bell, then put it in a preheated oven. A 2-pound loaf fits under the 8 1/2" high dome. The lid traps moisture escaping from the bread to create the steam needed to produce a light, brittle crust. During the last few minutes, remove the cover to lightly brown the crust.

This heavy stoneware dish and lid from Sassafras brings an ancient Roman and Greek cooking method to the present day. Once used as a portable oven for cooking bread, fish, and meats, la cloche (or cooking bell) now helps modern cooks bake lighter, crustier bread and juicier fish and meats. The dish also doubles as a rustic serving plate for finished foods. To use, arrange dough or meat on the bottom dish, cover with the domed lid, and place in the oven on the lowest oven rack. Be sure to season the dish and lid before use with a coating of cooking oil for best results.

  • Use to bake light, crusty breads and moist fish and meats
  • Fits in standard-size oven with upper racks removed
  • Superstone natural stoneware
  • Soak in warm water, scrape off food with a wire brush or pad
  • Unique dome top and material create even circulation of heat

Customer Reviews:

  • Works as advertised..then cracks and breaks
    I have owned my La Cloche for 4 years. It does in fact make the best rustic bread crust on sour dough breads you will ever bake. Then it happens, first a crack in the bell and then the bottom shatters in the oven. I have both sassafras bread bakers and use them everyweek. But safety first! Inspect it closly every time you use it for cracks!

    I have always used this item as directed. The crack in the bell developed the first time I roasted meat in it.
    The bottom shattered baking pizza. I was lucky, it shattered in a oven at 425o safely behind a closed door. Can you imagine a 425o heavy stone dish shattering while sitting it down on a cooling rack?

    This is not a toy and you should keep the family well away. If you still want to use one I would suggest doning safety glasses, propper shoes and a good pair of welding gloves. ...more info
  • Still waiting!!!
    We have not yet received our order after nearly three months...the first two orders were broken and sent back. You have shipped them in the worst shipping methods I have ever seen...someone does not know what they are doing. We expect to receive this item as soon as you can figure out how to hire someone who knows how to ship fragile items...the box did not inform the post office that the item was fragile...that is ridiculous.
    I hope that you will settle this issue because we will never order another product from you again. We are very disappointed in Amazon.
    Please put someone on this case immediately.

    ...more info
  • Works Just As Well As Advertized
    I found out about this product from my favorite bread website and since I was aching for my bread to look and crunch like those I saw there I decided to buy. It arrived at my home without being broken (which can happen since the factory packaging is not padded) because of the well packed Amazon box, and I got to work baking. I really was amazed by the immediate difference in the quality of my bread. It had a crispy, crunchy crust that I just could not get without it, no matter what tricks I tried. I recommend the LaCloche to any bread lover (but DO NOT line it with oil as the manufacturer recommends--this is just if you want to use it for foods other than bread--but it will make the bottom of your bread burn)....more info
  • Great, great, great
    Mine was adequately packed... maybe Amazon is listening to the reviews?

    I'll never try to cook crusty breads without a Cloche again, it makes a huge difference. Huge. Instead of a pale and bland loaf, I get a crisp crust with lots of color and tons of flavor.

    Contrary to the directions, I preheat my oven and Cloche for 30 minutes at 475 degrees. I prove my dough on round pieces of parchment paper, so after slashing, its easy to transfer the dough to the Cloche and put the lid on. I bake for 15 minutes, then remove the lid and bake for 17 more minutes. I'm at high altitude so your numbers may vary, but they shouldn't be too far off - this is for a loaf with 500 g flour and a 65% hydration....more info
  • it breaks don't buy it
    this product can not withstand basic use. the tray cracked the 3rd time i baked with it and the handle broke off of the bell within 10 uses.

    and it produces a lousy crust....more info
  • Guaranteed to Arrive Damaged
    I ordered this item because of the rave reviews. Unfortunately, it is highly fragile and the manufacturer has done a TERRIBLE job of packaging the product, especially the bottom piece. My first order arrived with the bottom piece in a million pieces, as did the second, as did the third.

    Amazon has been VERY good about refunding my money. However, until either the manufacturer or Amazon addresses the packaging issue, it's not worth your time ordering, as it will arrive damaged....more info
  • La Cloche - The Bell, brick oven
    The La Cloche brick oven worked very well for baking our first batch of sourdough bread. We're anxious to give it another workout. I expected the bread to be a little browner on top but had to continue baking without the top for another 5-7 minutes....more info
  • Some brick
    I would not bother to purchase this very fragile oven until they fix the packaging - the original cloche I ordered and a replacement one arrived broken. ...more info
  • Poor shipping methods
    After reading good reviews of the Cloche, I was excited to try one. Amazon shipped two of them to me on separate occasions, and both arrived in pieces because of the haphazard packaging methods that the warehouse employed: a couple of balloon strips in the box is simply not enough protective material to prevent an item this heavy and fragile from breaking in transit. I finally gave up because I was told the Cloche was on backorder and I was annoyed with having to make trips to the post office to send it back. Until Amazon greatly improves their packaging methods, I don't recommend buying this item....more info
  • Broken!
    Ordered one... it came broken. Returned it and ordered another... also broken. Returned that one. Finally ordered it somewhere else... and finally got one that wasn't broken. Amazon's price was a few dollars cheaper, but repeated trips to the post office, no matter how easy the return, was a pain! ...more info
  • Waiting to try it out
    Oven has come twice broken. We are waiting for the third. Amazon, why waste so many dollars in shipping?????...more info
  • Could Never Use It !!
    I ordered "FOUR" of these items and each time the product arrived broken in a zillion pieces. After the second delivery of clay shards I contacted Amazon and actually talked to a real person. After assurances, I ordered two more. They arrived DOA as well. Amazon is very good about refunds/replacements however it would have been nice to try out the product....more info