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  • Audrey 's worst film!!!
    How Sheldon's wonderful novel was turned into such a bad (and very boring) movie is a mystery. Good cast (Hepburn, Mason, Schneider) wasted...Buy the book instead!!!...more info
  • Chic cast with dark secrets in Audrey Hepburn shock-drama
    I had the good fortune as a teenager to sit through "Bloodline" each day or night for the week it ran in Freeport, Illinois. Later, when I ran away to NYC, I watched it again on my first little screen in a tiny, sloped theater-in-a-complex. I scoured Central Park for one of the scenes shot there against a graffiti-dusted bridge. Ahh... It was my last fix for a while on what chic is, what perserverance, trust and fabulous Parisian locales can do for a lost soul... Then I ran away to France. It would a few more years before I made it to Paris, but when I did I searched out Hotel de Crillion, Maxim's, Notre Dame. The Sydney Sheldon book was a bore compared to the film. Seeing these great international actors together -- Romy "Shrew in Silk" Schneider and Irene "Show me your back!" Papas, for example -- gave me a great shot of what it must be like to tread life's waters in Gucci and Bulgari (back when Gucci didn't seem so silly (watch out! is Chanel next?)) This film, about the Roffe Pharmaceutical heiress (Audrey Hepburn)tagged for murder because she won't go public with the stock market, has a great soundtrack, with lovely resolution, and if you can get the album or CD you'll catch a funky tune not used in the film. All those bits of different languages, different people: "Kennst du dieser Mann?" "They make cheese!" "Poland? This time of year?". What about that tacky snuff-murder sidebar (Roffe's film stock is being used to discredit the company)? You have to admit that that bald man is a hotty. I am in a whirl of support for this little picture and I'd see it again and again. Sometimes the best teachers in life are lurking in the cinema. It's not just about art! Look at Audrey's friendship with her Dad's aide, Beatrice Straight. What about that "senseless" death when Audrey goes back to get earrings? The cool unfolding opening credits and shocking change in music? And I could write a book on all that absolutely fabulous Givenchy clothing!!! The velvet applique and crystal-studded gown she wears to meet Gazzara (another hotty) at the "Guess who?" restaurant? How about the OD green wool cape as she meets about a new formula that can save Roffe? How about her chic sweater and cords as she crawls across the imbricated roof of that villa in Sardinia? Reprising the Jewish ghetto in Cracow? Horses and syringes? The ubiquitous tied-up silk robe Audrey wears? Count me in! This was one of her best "adult" roles. She got a million bucks to do it, it gave her family even more security, and I say she infused the project with inestimable elan. It is a satisfying and slightly sickening love story. Long live Audrey Hepburn! (May she rest in peace.)...more info
  • Bloodline may not be Audrey's best movie, but...
    This movie stars the enchanting Audrey Hepburn and Ben Gazarra.

    Coincidentally, while Audrey was filming this movie she was going through a rough spot with her philandering husband, Andre Dotti. By this time, there marriage was almost over and you can kind of see Audrey's hidden unhappiness in the scenes. There were also rumors that she was falling for her male costar, but all of them were publicly denied.

    In this mystery/thriller, Audrey plays an heiress on the run after she inherits her father's pharmaceutical company. It seems she can not trust anyone even her family! Someone is out to kill her and she must find out before they finish the job! There is a thrilling sequence with Audrey on a roof top escaping from her would be killer, that's pretty exciting to see. The sexual content in the film is kind of surprising, but Audrey still remained discreet despite it. The footage of the film is obviously dated, but the story line could definitely flow through to today. It's also nice to see how well Audrey aged. She still looked like the beautiful gamin she was in her youth.

    I recommend this movie to all Audrey Hepburn fans! :-)...more info

  • An overlooked film of Audrey Hepburn
    After "Charade" and "Wait until Dark", this is her third thriller. Overall, it is an engaging story that combines elements of both "Charade" and "Wait until Dark." Audrey Hepburn, an heiress of her family corporation, is in danger of being killed by someone from the highest echelons of the company, on the same fashion as Regina Lampert was on the run. The denouement rings similar to the desesperation endured by Sussie Hendrix in the dark. In his second teaming with Audrey, Terrence young must have been tempted to reenact such a successful experience. This thriller also has comedy and romance. Notice the chubby, disheveled, old inspector talking to the big magnetic-tape computer, and Omar Sharif as a bumbling unfaithul husband. Of course, the romance is portrayed by Audrey in her unique way that one feels that she is really in love, and all that is expressed in a brief romantic scene where she says "isn't it plain to the naked eye that I am in love with you." Ben Gazzara, as her romantic interest, was just solid, and very deceiving until the end. With a colorful international cast, including James mason, Irene Papas, Romy Schneider among others and magnificent locations in New York, London, Paris, Rome, Munich, and the hauntingly beautiful island of Sardinia, this film is a must for a suspense lover. Although it does not feature the catching soundtrack of Mancini, the wistful, haunting melody by Enrico Morricone is remarkable.

    This movie had a bad review, probably because the story is based on a Sidney Sheldon's potboiler that every critic associated with something below a soap opera. I didn't know who Sheldon was and I just judge the movie according to what I saw, and it is not what the critics have said. Also part of the harsh treatment was that Audrey appeared in a picture that had censorable sex scenes. However, they are collateral and Audrey had no involvement at all. Besides, those scenes are nothing according to modern standards of hollywood.

    Although "Charade" and "Wait Until Dark" were her best thrillers, this movie is still a must see along with "Robin and Marian." Both are evidence that her acting charm was still alive in her later years. The film "They All Laughed" was very weak in story and direction, not just because she had a very little screen time....more info

  • One of the best films on chic !
    I have to agree with another review , this movie had me thinking when I was a teenager too , I loved audrey hepburn and all the cast in this film , I didnt read the book , maybe I should .

    But I did love the soundtrack and have recently bought it again and now Im thinking maybe I should buy the film as well. Too bad its not on DVD format .

    I do miss films like " Bloodline "

    The snuff part I could have done without , but I also agree the bald man was a hottie ....more info
  • Perfectly dreadful in every way...
    I disliked everything about this film, from the wretched plot to the cheesy props to the flimsy acting. I was a fan of James Mason until I saw this movie. The plot is contrived, confusing, and dull. I cannot recommend this film to anyone....more info
  • Very BAD !!!
    This was a very disapointing movie. Sidney Sheldons novel was excellent. But the movie, even though it has big stars to its credit, is very poor standard and below par. It must be a shame for Sidney Sheldon. Go read the novel Bloodlone instead of seeing the movie....more info
  • Very bad Movie
    This was a very disappointing movie. Both James Mason and Audrey Hepburn, both very great stars, were totally miscast for the content of this motion picture. The explicit sex scenes were a total distraction from the plot, and not needed at all. Sidney Sheldon needed to know better. I can understand why Ms. Hepburn wanted out of this movie, when she learned what was to be filmed, but her contract bound her to this film....more info
  • Hepburn saves this turgid expoitation thriller
    BLOODLINE, based on the novel by Sidney Sheldon, is a good movie if only to see the radiant Audrey Hepburn in one of her final acting roles. She plays Elizabeth Roffe, who inherits her father's pharmaceutical empire following his mysterious death. Facing opposition and downright hostility from the board members (who also happen to be Roffe relations), Elizabeth's own life soon becomes threatened.

    A boring script and meandering plot are the main factors why BLOODLINE never really catches fire; despite a star-studded international cast which boasts James Mason, Ben Gazzara, Irene Papas, Romy Schneider and Claudia Mori. The sweeping, haunting musical score is provided by Ennio Morricone.

    Audrey Hepburn bravely leads the charge with an intelligent and sympathetic portrait as Elizabeth; this film was totally unworthy of her talents. Still, for Audrey fans it's worth a look....more info
  • A must-see only if you're an Audrey
    If you are an Audrey-fan, you must see this film only for the sake of seeing it because you are a fan. Got that?...more info
  • Suspenseful, Sexy, Mason/Gazarra Worthy Adverseries
    James Mason and Ben Gazarra were still virile and energetic enough to pull it off as two middle-aged adverseries for the eternally charming Audrey Hepburn. Enjoy it for what it is, a straightforward, by-the-numbers suspense thriller with plenty of '70s fashion and atmosphere. The ending, where Hepburn must decide to believe either Mason or Gazarra, is great. Mason's 1978-79 performances in "The Boys from Brazil" and "Salem's Lot" and here made for a notable trifecta of quality acting....more info
  • Unparalleled Garbage
    This film was, with out a doubt, disappointing. I only bothered to watch it for Audrey Hepburn's performance, one of her last. Whilst Audrey was amazing in her role of an heiress marked by a mad man, I think lesser of the rest of the cast - not to mention the script.

    Taken from an already trashy (but surprisingly sophisticated) novel by Sidney Sheldon, the film lack any real emotion or plot discretion.

    Truth be told, Audrey hated this movie just as much. She signed on, but later regretted it once she saw how awful it really was. She tried to get out, but the contract she signed bound her to the project. It's easy to see where her disgust fell.

    Boring characters, slow pace, unnecesary and multiple nude scenes, production of snuff films and one hell of a dormant antagonist, the film has very little to offer when compared to... any other movie really. I suppose that the only good excuse you have to see this film is if you are either an Audrey Hepburn or Ben Gazzara fan, as both shine brightly in this film....more info