The James Bond Collection Volume 2 [VHS]
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The second grab bag of 007 adventures features three Bonds in five films, including the legendary movie that started it all. In 1962 Sean Connery defined the cinematic James Bond as a tough, charming, and thoroughly professional cold war spy with a license to kill in the lean, hard-edged Dr. No. With Ursula Andress (as the original Bond girl Honey Ryder, who makes her entrance in a bikini), Bond battles a renegade supervillain with little more than his wits, his cunning, and his Walther PPK (this was before Q armed him with the coolest toys a superspy ever had). George Lazenby, a handsome Australian model with a self-effacing confidence, made his first and only appearance as James Bond in the underrated On Her Majesty's Secret Service, a witty and action-packed adventure that makes 007 history when Bond marries the girl (the lovely and talented Diana Rigg, fresh from her duties as the butt-kicking spy on the TV series The Avengers). Roger Moore brought a light tone and a suave assurance to the series as the third Bond, and the set features three of his seven appearances. In The Man with the Golden Gun, he battles million-dollar assassin Christopher Lee, one of Bond's most magnetic adversaries. The Spy Who Loved Me, perhaps Moore's finest hour, is a return to the extravagant set pieces and cold war thrills of Connery's pictures and introduces Richard Kiel's steel-dentured Jaws to the series. Jaws returns as a comic figure in Moonraker, a misguided sci-fi entry that takes Bond to space for a physically impressive but dramatically lackluster adventure. More of a mixed bag than the initial seven-film James Bond Gift Set, this set is aimed at the Bond completist rather than the general fan. The DVD editions of the films each feature audio commentary by the director and key members of the crew, "making of" documentaries, and a host of stills, TV spots, and trailers. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Bond Films All In One Set!
    this is probably the best collection of bond films avilable out there! it features:dr. no(the first and one of the best all time bonds),on her majeties secret service (probably one of the best only if sean conery was in it!), the man with the golden gun(a bit goofy but still good), the spy who loved me(definetly one of roger moore's best), and moonraker,(this would have been my favorite bond film except for the bad ending that spoils it all!) of all the other sets, this has my personal favorites. in my opinion there should have had a conery set, a moore set and the dalton/brosnan set but thats not what happened so i'd go with this one! the dvd has all the tailers and other good extras. if you'r gonna bye one of the bond sets, get this one!...more info
  • Problems w/ Golden Gun & RCA
    Another great Bond set. But I have an RCA player and went through two different copies of Man with the Golden Gun so far with both not working. Sort of turns into little green boxes about an hour in to the movie. Also same problem with my PC DVD player. Contacted MGM/UA online tech support and they said that Golden Gun "has problems with RCA players" and that I need to update my PC DVD drivers. Can someone validate/invalidate this? Has this happened to anyone else at all?...more info
  • The James Bond Collection Vol. 2, VHS
    Not a bad collection of Bond material, however, this is a mix of various Bond movies with a variety of leading Bond actors. I recommend looking into the 1996 Collections that have the videos in chronological order and primarily by actor. JAMES BOND 007 Collector's Set, Vol. 1 includes all six Broccoli-produced Sean Connery Bond films, to include a 1995 documentary video. JAMES BOND 007 Collector's Set, Vol. 2 includes all seven Roger Moore films and Timothy Dalton's first film. Although these sets are out-of-print, they are still available as used and collector's sets through's Marketplace. If you're like most fans, you'd prefer to have the movies that include your own favorite "leading-Bond-man"!...more info
  • VHS is going down the drain.
    All of the bond movies are great, and plenty of fun to watch, but I have just one thing to say about this Item - VHS Sucks. Some if not all versions of movies com in full screen, which looks like a midget compared to widescreen format. One last thing is that with DVD you get almost none of the special features avalible on the DVD versions of the movie. Trust me, get a DVD player for fifty bucks, and stick to all of the movies that have the word "Widescreen" written on them. In the longrun the DVD player will pay for itself, and with the widescreen movies you won't be missing up to half of the movie fotage.

    In the longrun, the Bond films are great, but widescreen just sucks. Period....more info

  • Excellent Gift Set for JB Fans
    Like the first James Bond gift set, I enjoyed the features of the DVD's in this, the second gift set. However, there was one problem I ran into that turned out to be more of a headache than it should have been. In the DVD "The Man With The Golden Gun", it seems that tracks 21 and 22 will not play on certain DVD players (of which mine is one of them). I didn't find this out until I had tried three different sets. Kudos go to Amazon's customer service department for supplying me with multiple sets to try and fix the problem. Unfortunately, they weren't able to, but it seems that MGM has come up with a solution. If you have a problem viewing "The Man with the Golden Gun", you should contact MGM Customer Service at 1-877-MGM-4YOU for assistance. Other than that, the set is great!...more info
  • Perfect!
    I am a big James Bond fan, so this collection was a godsend for me! I loved all 5 of the movies included in the collection. "Dr. No" is a great beginning to the series, with Sean Connery giving his best performance as Bond. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" features the ill-fated George Lazenby, and had Connery done it, this might have been my favorite Bond movie. "The Man With the Golden Gun" is goofy but fun, with a great villain played by Christopher Lee. "The Spy Who Loved Me" is Roger Moore's best movie and one of my Top 5. Finally, "Moonraker" is another Moore movie which is very good (at least until the space part). Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • Excellent Set, but the scalpers want your blood for this one
    The studio has just re-released this James Bond set three so don't buy it from the scalpers here wanting two to three hundred plus dollars. Amazon will be selling the new re-release Set three as of November 17th. My advice to you is you can buy all three new re-released sets for under three hundred dollars. The set itself is great. Some of the best James Bond movies are in this set. The picture and sound quality are great and they include many extra features. You can get the new sets for under ninety dollars. If you bought the other sets and didn't get this one, do like me and donate the others to charity and buy the new sets. Makes me feel good about cheating the scalpers out of my money instead of them cheating me out it....more info
  • The Undertakers Wind and other Stuff
    The groundbreaking DR. NO is one of the best James Bond films of the series. Sean Connery's performance is that of the no-nonsense dedicated civil servant entrusted with a "licence-to-kill" when he chooses, where he chooses and whom he chooses. His screen presence alone conveys the physical, intellectual and moral conviction of the character. Connery's portrayal in this film directed by Terence Young seems closer to the literary James Bond created by Ian Fleming. Many elements that distinguish the James Bond series were introduced in this film. The opening gun barrel trademark, "The James Bond Theme," M played by Bernard Lee, Miss Moneypenny played by Lois Maxwell, Ken Adam's distinctive melding of modern and futuristic production designs, Maurice Binder's unique main titles, the "Martinis shaken not stirred," exotic locales, just to name a few are all here. Bond is sent to Jamaica, land of the Undertakers Wind, to investigate the elimination of British field agents and strange signals that have been interfering with the American space program. Joseph Wiseman as DR. NO is one of the best villains of the series. His steel mono-toned performance is eerily unsettling. Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder leaves the most indelible image of the series as she emerges erotically from the blue waters of the Caribbean clad in her white bikini. Along with Felix Leiter and Quarrel, Bond must uncover the trail that all leads to DR. NO's mysterious Crab Key. ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE is the one film closest to any of Ian Fleming's Bond novels. George Lazenby, possessing the physique and physical attributes that fit the role, gives a visually striking and straightforward performance in his only appearance as James Bond. The combined efforts of all the filmmakers and Lazenby's performance of a James Bond with conviction, assuredness and determination make this the definitive James Bond film. The film has a sense of undeniable drive behind it accentuated by Lazenby's no-nonsense approach and the urgency of John Barry's instrumental theme used repeatedly to never let up the pace. If James Bond was ever the dedicated civil servant it is ever so evident in this film. There are intensely choreographed fights of great ferocity, exciting and incredible ski chases, car chases, an alpine battle atop an ice-capped peak and an extraordinary thrilling bobsled chase. There is more action, suspense and emotion packed into this film than any other in the series and Lazenby's hard edged performance, Peter Hunt's direction and John Barry's driving score make it all work. ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE is possibly the best film of the series. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN contains one of Roger Moore's best performances as James Bond as he injects Bond's virility, worldliness and sardonic wit back into the character in his second appearance as Bond. Christopher Lee's performance as the enigmatic Scaramanga is refreshingly energetic giving the assassin an amiable quality on the surface hiding a darker side beneath. An often-overlooked asset to this film is Maud Adams' performance as Andrea, Scaramanga's beautiful mistress. She brings genuine compassion to the role as the tormented individual who can not escape her master. There is also great location cinematography in this film. We see Bond at the gambling tables at the Casino de Macaoand and witness his solo flight through the uprooted rock formations near Phuket, Thailand to Scaramanga's island. One bit of innovation combing location filming, miniatures and set design was the use of the half-submerged Queen Elizabeth, its hull at a 30-degree angle, scorched and rusted at rest in Hong Kong harbor. Hidden in the bowels of the sunken ship is the headquarters for the Hong Kong station of the British Secret Service. "It's the only place in Hong Kong where you can't be bugged" says a naval officer to Bond. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN contains martial arts sequences, an imaginative car chase and some very witty dialogue. The music soundtrack by John Barry was re-mastered in stereo. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME is a big-budgeted opulent film with effective screenplay and editing delivering one of the most succinctly structured films of the series. Roger Moore clearly redefined his approach to the role as the good-natured British agent. His Bond is suave, debonair, never condescending and resorts to seriousness only when confronted with malevolence. That was the way he played it for the rest of the series. The globetrotting THE SPY WHO LOVED ME featured a gadget laden Lotus Esprit as its centerpiece and a maniacal villain Stromberg whose immense wealth featured an aquatic empire aimed at global domination. Great action sequences and chases abound. MOONRAKER is one of the biggest films of the entire series. Once again Bond is on the trail of another maniacal villain, Hugo Drax, whose immense wealth has financed the research and production of the space shuttle program. This is also another globetrotting epic that features gorgeous location work in Venice and Rio de Janeiro bringing out the of essence of these exquisite cities. Following his work on THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, production designer Ken Adam returned with some sets reminiscent of the earlier Bond films as well as some completely innovative sets for Drax's space empire. MOONRAKER plays like a compendium of the entire series running the gamut from the serious to the fanciful. MOONRAKER contains many elements to please the diverse tastes of the millions of Bond fans. That is the magic of MOONRAKER. There is incredible action in this film. The free-fall sequence is one of the best pre-title sequences of the series. The boat chase in the South American jungle is truly thrilling. Bond's fight in the Venetian glass museum is a classic. John Barry's score is exquisite and moving, one of his most unique. The dialogue by Christopher Wood is witty and intelligent. MOONRAKER has it all. This Volume demonstrates the versatility and diversity of the world of James Bond....more info
  • Magnificent and magnificently Bad.
    These Bond bundles were apparently designed to package one or two essential movies in each set together with several bad movies. Vol. 1 was a reasonably good collection with not too many weaknesses, Vol. 3 a travesty with the incomprable From Russia With Love lumped in with the bottom of the Bond barrel. This set falls somewhere in between. Dr. No, the first movie in the series, is also one of the best. Man With the Golden Gun is one of Moore's least annoying, I actually found it pretty enjoyable. The Spy Who Loved Me is not horrible but pretty forgettable. Moonraker is a joke, with the worst climax ever. Hardest to review is On Her Majesty's Secret Service. George Lazenby plays Bond for the first (and mercifully the last) time. The tragedy here is that they waste one of the best Bond scripts and the best heroine on the worst Bond. Diana Rigg is magnificent, virtually the only Bond girl with an actual character to play. If Bond was ever going to truly fall in love, it would have to be with her....more info
  • Some things you need to know
    I just received this yesterday and haven't had time to watch all of them. I did see the most of Moonraker last night, and I feel the need to warn you Home Theatre freaks out there about some stuff. The movie is in widescreen format ONLY. MGM (or whomever remastered the soundtrack) seems to have concentrated on restoring the picture, music and sound effects, but not the dialogue; The dialogue is weak and sounds like it has just been recorded directly from the original reel without any attempt at enhancement. The music/FX are waaayyy louder than dialog, so your thumb will be sore from operating the volume control unless you have auto volume on your TV. The picture quality is wonderful though, and this is still a great addition to anyones collection. I still recommend it despite the techno-freak nitpicking noted above!...more info
  • #2 is great, but needs more Connery!
    This gift set is rather strangely put together, much like the 1st one. Dr. No and The Spy Who Loved Me are Excellent (The only problem with The Spy Who Loved Me is that i can't listen to "Nobody Does it Better" it makes me cry). The Man with the Golden Gun is alright, but I'veonly seen On Her Majesty's Secret Sevice a few times, it's too sad for me, but still a great story. Unfortunately, Moonraker was the fisrt bond movie I saw (Oh Horrors!) so I kind of have a mental attachment to it. I would have preffered puting these sets into better oder, mabye all the Connery's is #1, the Moore's in #2, and the rest in #3. Oh well. Buy this set, even if you don't watch Moonraker at all....more info
  • Sensational Effort
    Firstly i'd have to say that if i weren't for the huge special features contained on each disc i'd have only given the pack a 4. Only one movie out of the 5 is in True Dolby Digital 5.1 and the rest are stereo with Dr No being Mono. Still i believe this captures the spirit of the original title and if indeed all had been in the 5.1 format it would have spoilt the originality of the movies. I personally want to view them as close as possible to how they were originally made. The special features is where this box set gets the extra points. The makings of and other bit and pieces provid the viewer with involment in the movie that other titles should offer. Seeing how the stunts were performed and how they did certain special effects is great and still gives you something to watch if you haven't got time to sit down infront of the whole movie. Perhaps the only title i would have changed was OHMSS. This could have waited till the last set so a more popular title could be inserted. The other movies that are due for the last set will definately be worth waiting for with "from Russia with love" being a personal favorite. The extra space for the newest addition TWINE is also a great idea. If you are a fan you would have to be crazy not to pick up the set. A truly fantastic job by MGM and i'm definately looking forward to the last set later in the year....more info
  • The best DVD collection ever!
    After saving up my money for this set to buy on Amazon I was really nervous that it wasn't going to be as good as I hoped. It's awesome. I watch them every week. Dr.No, the movie that started it all, it gives us a good idea of what to expect in every Bond movie. The villian Dr. No played by Joseph Wiseman was great despite his limited screentime. And you could forget Honey Ryder as she walked onto the beach! On Her Majesty's Secret Service was George Lazenby's only film and was definitely underrated by the critics. He explored a whole new side of Bond's character. And Blofeld's mountain top lair Piz Gloria, was amazing. The Man With the Golden Gun, Roger Moore's second, was the worst Bond film to date. Despite an unforgettable villain Francisco Scaramanga, there was a horrible score, an uninspired script, and the Bond woman Mary Goodnight was a total Bimbo. The Spy Who Loved Me was Roger Moore's best, with a great set by Ken Adam, one of the best henchman villains Jaws. It has the ingredients for a great Bond movie. The last movie, Moonraker was definitely the largest Bond movie in 1979 in terms of scale, but failed to live up to expectations, despite the return of Jaws, it's far too comical and sci-fi to rank as a good Bond movie. But it is a very entertaining movie!...more info
  • Good Bond Set
    This outstanding set includes the films DR. NO, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, MOONRAKER, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, and ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN is on its way to becoming a cult classic while you get George Lazenby's single performance as James Bond in the ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, already a cult classic. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and MOONRAKER are Roger Moore's two epic Bond productions showing off Ken Adams' production designs for the last time in the series. Ken Adams' production designs were first seen in DR. NO and established the look of the Bond films for rest of the series. Sean Connery's performance in DR. NO remains one of the best to date. ...more info
  • Oh James . . .
    Well, perversely I got this second volume first, and I'm absolutely blown away. For a start these DVDs are without question the best presented I've seen, from the interesting booklets to the sumptious graphics designed for the menu structure of each film. Additionally MGM have obviously spent some well deserved time and effort (and money!) producing a range of features that definately deserve the adjective 'special'. Finally I've got these classic films in much needed widescreen with superb quality prints. Just waiting impatiently for volume three now - any Bond fans out there would be fools to hesitate with these sets!...more info