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Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition
List Price: $349.95

Our Price: $148.99

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Product Description

Popeil Showtime ST5000 Electric Rotisserie is perfect for one or two people, large families, entertaining and holiday cooking. Now you can cook like a professional chef and make awesome, low-fat meals easily in your own home! 110-120 Volts AC with USA plug

Chefs know that the secret to great roast chicken is the rotisserie, which sears the outside and tenderizes the meat inside for a succulent and simple meal. And now, home cooks have the power of the rotisserie in an appliance that sits on the countertop. The wonderful video instructions demonstrate how to truss a chicken, place it on the spit rods, and connect the spit wheel. Set the timer for 15 minutes per pound of chicken and then watch it roast through the glass door. The heat isn't adjustable, but three settings--normal rotation, pause and sear, and no heat rotation--are designed to cook meats to juicy perfection. All the accessories for preparing meats, fish, and vegetables, plus many extras and recipe ideas are included. The drip tray, heat reflector, and wheels remove for cleaning. --Lynne Sampson

  • Rotisseries up to a 15-pound turkey, 10-pound ham, steaks, ribs, and roasts
  • Includes rotisserie baskets in two sizes, kabob rods, food ties, meat thermometer
  • Three heat/rotation settings
  • Countertop model measures 15 inches wide
  • Print and video manual

Customer Reviews:

  • food never tasted better!
    My family loves the new ronco everything taste so much better
    But the best is roast chickens so much better on a rotisserie...more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread.
    My husband bought me one of these 3 years ago after our first one died. It lasted several years and was the original model. In fact we are now looking for our 3rd one. We use it for cooking all of our meats, and the heating elements have died. I especially love how chicken comes out juicy, tender and beautifully brown on the outside. Steaks cook perfectly and hams are juicy and flavorable. I can not recommend this enough. I also love the digital settings instead of the dial timer. I have compared to other manufacturers and stick with this one for best value, service and ease of use....more info
  • Very nice
    We purchased this rotisserie for our xmas cooking. It works great. Food cooks quickly leaving all grease down on the catching trays just like it is advertised on TV. Really easy cooking. There are several issues with this rotisserie though and that is why I do not give it 5 stars: (1) you have to place the rotisserie with a lot of open overhead space according to the instructions - our countertops all have hanging cabinets that do not provide enough overhead space for this oven, so we place it on the bar counter for cooking times and then store it down; considering its weight it is not a very convenient operation; (2)the grease catching tray is made of non-sticking material that is easily scratched when you clean it; and (3) the glass panel does not have any lock mechanism when closed, so we had to place rubber band to lock it which looks a little odd, but works.
    ...more info
  • Ronco Rotisserie
    We purchased this rotisserie about a month ago and it is just as described. The food tastes delicious and is so moist. And the cleanup is a breeze. Love it.....more info
  • Excellent kitchen appliance
    This Rotisserie is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. Chicken is cooked to perfection every time. Cleanup couldn't be simpler. The unit does get hot, so it shouldn't be left unattended like a crock pot. Well worth the money....more info
  • Showtime Rotisserie
    The easiest rotisserie ever and the food comes out fantastic. It is quick, tasty and great for me, because I hate cooking and this machine requires little effort to net large results....more info
  • terrific product
    Great product. Makes the best food, and allows the grease to drip from the food. Meat tender and juicy. Ship time was a few days. This oven was such a deal we bought an extra one for a gift. The price on Amazon was the best deal, much cheaper than the Ronco website. It offers more features including the digital timer. That's a great feature....more info
  • "not" like on tv
    The so called non stick coating must be cheap black paint, first time you put a basket on the spit you will remove coating from spit.If you follow the recomended time charts you will be eating raw, not rare but raw foods! Two 3.5lb chickens took way over two hours, chart says 1 hour& 20 mins, "no way"!, unless you enjoy chicken cooked to 135f, personaly
    I'll pass. have not tried the skewers, doubt if I will. Just put it up in the closet and give it to someone i really don't like!...more info
  • 3rd Purchase of this product
    I love this product but it just doesnt seem to hold up. The first on I purchased I had for over 5 years, they plastic on the bottom just couldnt take the heat. The shell started falling apart and the door kept falling off. The second one I purchased lasted less than 3 years and the heating element went out......what a bummer. I called the Ronco Co. and they basically said tuff. So I have purchased another on so far so good. I love the way it cooks chicken and beef......Im hooked, guess I will continue to purchase????...more info
  • Healthy eating made very tasty
    This machine is easy to set up and use. The results are terrific and tasty. Best chicken I've ever made. I'm a full time RVer and am considering throwing away my charcoal grill. Although the directions tell you not to use this unit outdoors, I do it all the time. It saves heating up the RV. However I find you can't ever "set it and forget it" because meat needs to be cooked by temperature. Too bad Ron doesn't invent a method that would shut off the machine when a predetermined temperature of the cooking meat is reached....more info
  • Showtime Rotiserie
    I love it and use it at least once a week. Does chicken, pork, prime rib perfect. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Great
    I previously own a showtime deluxe for 8 years but in the process of moving the workman dropped it and broke it. This was the replacement. So far I love it!!!!...more info
  • Dishonest practices
    I have purchased 3 Showtime Rottisseries. They are not durable, and Ronco does not honor their warranty. I've been waiting a year for a replacement oven under the extended warranty I purchased. Yes, it cooks wonderful chicken and even turkey, but it won't last for long if you use it....more info
  • Great food, every time with the Ron Popeil
    I actually have three of these, that's how obsessed I am.

    I have an older one that's showing it's age so I went online looking for a replacement, only to find that many places weren't selling it anymore -- all the sites have the super small one, but noone had this version. I saw it at Amazon, so I bought two of them, in case they stopped making it.
    Now when my old one dies, I have two back-ups.

    There were originally three models; a small one, this one (the "Platinum" version), and a "Pro" version that was longer and allowed you to fit like, four chickens at a time. That's overkill, even for me.

    I originally got this as a christmas gift, and it quickly took over my kitchen as the most-used cooking item aside from my outdoor grill. I cook whole chickens in it all the time, and they come out perfectly every time. Frankly, if you ruin a chicken in this thing, there's something wrong with you. You can leave the chicken in way too long and it still comes out juicy and delicious. It really is amazing.

    I'll make lemon chicken, barbeque chicken, sometimes I'll salt up a chicken and halfway through, baste it up with some Trappey's Red Devil for a whole chicken, buffalo style. Almost any flavor you like (put it all over the outside as well as dumping some inside) will result in great chicken. Use one of the two supplied baskets for wings -- awesome. I will frequently drop a Rib-eye roast in this thing (did it this week, in fact) with some seasoning all over it (be liberal with the seasoning, a lot of it falls off in the process), and it might be my favorite meal ever.

    FYI, what I said about leaving chicken in too long is totally true, but it isn't the case with roasts; roasts aren't something you can leave in here too long like you can with chicken, so be aware of the time. There's a lil sticker on the side with a guide to how long stuff takes, and it's pretty accurate; once you do a roast or two, you'll know how long you need to leave it in for based on how you like it.

    I'll generally dump some water in the drip tray to help keep things moist, no matter what I'm cooking. I don't think I have to do this, but I do it anyway. Also, I'll drop some foil under whatever I'm cooking to make cleaning the drip tray a snap.

    I used to watch the commercials on TV and snicker a bit, but this thing is just awesome. I've since turned three friends onto it, and they can't live without it either now.

    Don't even get me started on the accessories. The gloves are completely awesome. Imagine an oven mitt that's all rubber so you can just grab food with it, and when you're done and you want to clean them, just walk over to the sink and wash your hands with them on. Completely sick.
    The elastic ties are genius also, I use them for tons of stuff. These two accessories alone are worth having even if you don't own the rotisserie (which you should). You can buy them separately online.

    One thing I've never tried in here are burgers, because I'm adamant that burgers are for the grill.

    One of my friends was dragging his feet because someone told him this thing is hard to clean, so I'll address that. There are a number of parts with this thing, so I'll break it down.

    Oven unit itself: Not tough to clean. Just wipe it down with a wet rag every so often to clean up any splatter, and you're good. There's a metal reflector shield that you'll need to clean every so often also, but no big deal. The glass door comes off (careful!) so you can clean it seperately.
    The spit: The thing that the meat rides on. Not a big deal. Sometimes you need to give the two spikes a good cleaning with an abrasive sponge, but biggie.
    The drip tray: If you toss in a bit of foil under your meal like I mentioned earlier, SUPER easy. If you don't? Still pretty easy.
    The baskets: Not gonna lie, it sucks to clean the baskets. I'll fill my sink and soak them while I'm eating, then hit them with a sink brush of some kind.

    Overall, I'll tell you, I think this thing's maybe a hundred and fifty, two hundred bucks, and it's worth every penny. If you've seen it on TV and wondered, or if you're just looking to make some rotisserie chicken or whatever, buy this WITHOUT FEAR. You'll love it.

    ...more info
    We've all seen the info advetisement 100 times or more. "Set It And Forget It." Very slick advertising usually for an inferior over priced product. I refuse to buy any of these highly promoted products. Where they make their money is the is the excessive shipping & handeling fees. About 8 years ago I received one of these Showtime Grills as a gift. I never would have bought one. To my dismay it really worked well. Roaster Chickens, Pork loins, Turkeys and Fish were cooked to perfection. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Cooked much faster than an oven or grill. The drip pan collected all the fat. Clean-up was fairly easy. You always have to clean something after you cook. I highly reccomend this product but do your homework and check prices. It can be purchased much cheaper than the Website price. You won't regret buying this. ...more info
  • Great appliance
    After some experimentation, we found that following the instructions was best. This appliance is well thought out and works well. Cleanup isn't that difficult. Chicken is unbelievably moist. This is a good buy for busy people. As the instructions say "set it and forget it"....more info
  • Ronco Platinum hits it out of the park
    I have always been somewhat skeptical of the Ronco Rotisserie , and I must admit that I associated it with the quality of products generally found on those pre-paid informational programs that populate the nether world of late nite or early morning television. Having said that, I knew that I wanted a Rotisserie Oven, so I set forth to find the best. I did extensive research on the internet , read as many consumer reports and testimonials , and just plain recomendations of the people who had them.
    I must admit , and much to my suprise that the Ronco Platinum was so far ahead of the competiton that I said , oh well , all these people can't be wrong.

    I took a deep breath and ordered one from
    Upon reciept, I was immediately impressed with the build quality. I couldn't wait to function test it. It seems to me that the chicken is the ultimate test, so I selected a whole roast chicken for my maiden voyage......Superb, Crusty skin, succulent juicy meat. fall off the bones tenderness.

    Test #2 I am a meat-cutter by trade with 44 years in the buisiness and I consider myself a pretty decent cook. My next victim for the Ronco was a butt half of a fresh ham which I boned out and rolled . It came out so good that it beat out the 27 lb. turkey that I placed beside it on our Thanksgiving Table. No pork roast leftovers!!

    In summation < I have a very pricey electric convection oven which does a very nice job.............but, the Ronco beats it hands down on Whole chickens and roast pork!! I have yet to try a Roast of Beef , but that is comming up soon..

    Jeff Stark.........Master Butcher.... Pretty Damn Good Cook...more info
  • I love it
    The food comes out fantastic. It is simple to use, easy clean up. I recommend this product highly....more info
  • Best Best Machine Ever
    I highly recommend this machine. My original one I bought direct from Ronco in 1999 was looking a little tattered and decided it was time for a new one. If you like chicken this is the only way you'll ever eat it again....more info
  • Love it!
    Got this as a gift from my hubby. I love it! Cant think of anything I dislike about it. Works well, cooks thoroughly, and quite tasty!...more info
  • Digital Sticker Doesn't Stay On; Cooking Time
    The rotisserie itself works great. It's fairly easy to clean as long as you clean it after every use...the reflective plate, the rods, that the grease does not build up.

    The cooking time as recommended on the side of the rotisserie tends to be too long. For a turkey, it's more like 9 minutes a lb for a 14 lb turkey...and this is well done (considering it's poultry). For red meat like a prime rib, unless you like it charred, do not cook for the full recommended time.

    On the platinum digital model, the sticker that covers the digital buttons does not stay on.

    ...more info
  • Ronco
    Ronco really makes a good product, a little pricy but well worth it I assure you. Gave it to my parents for Christmas and used it the very same night. Easy to use and convenient to clean. Comes with a helpful bundle of cooking racks and poultry ties and instructions that also includes new recipies. Buy now and see what your missing!...more info
  • My new favorite kitchen appliance!
    Thanksgiving Turkey... WOW.... my family was so impressed with the turkey we cooked in our new Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. I bought a 12 pound turkey and it fit perfectly onto this rotisserie. However, I personally would not go bigger on this. After washing the turkey, I dried it and rubbed it with salt/pepper/lawrys poultry seasoning before putting it into the Ronco. I let the turkey cook for 4 hours as stated in the guide. The results: the most amazing, tender, fall of the bone, delicious, crispy skin turkey my family and I have ever had. I will never go back to bags, roasting pans, and eating Thanksgiving out again.

    I have also cooked 4 chickens on this and they all came out excellent, but the turkey was really over the top in flavor!

    I tried to do hamburgers but the meat started falling apart and out of the baskets so I just took them out and pan fried them. So far, that has been the most disapointing part of the Ronco.

    I can't wait to try the skewers!

    Clean up hint: Line the drip pan with foil including the grate, and also line the shiny reflective insert with foil. Spray the inside down lightly with any spray oil and also spray the part the skewers the chicken. Clean up will be almost non-existent. It will smoke for about the first 5 minutes due to the oil hitting the heating element, but just place it next to the stove or on top of the stove and turn the vent fan on until the smoking stops.

    When I purchased this Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition I applied the $25 discount plus the free Super Saver Shipping that was offered which made it quite a steal at about 50% less then the Ronco site....more info
  • BEWARE !
    I purchased the 5000 Platinum from Linens and Things. The machine was completely dead. Ok, that happens and they did exchange it with no problem.

    After unpacking the replacement, I noticed the spit gears were not non-stick coated as the first one was. Upon further inspection, I noticed the
    hubs" that come off the gears were metal. I do recall reading on several BB's that people complained of the rotis squeaking. Anyway, the rotis that I returned had nylon bushings that freely turned instead of the metal hubs.

    So, I contacted Ronco customer service to ask if there perhaps I received an older model. Sure enough, I was told that the one with the metal hubs were replaced months ago.

    I went back to Linens and Things and was told because they don't sell many of these, that the warehouse most likely had old inventory and that this store probably would not be getting any more in. I asked for my money back and was given a very hard time due to the fact that ti was purchased in early December intended as an X-mas gift for hub. They offered an in store credit. Lot of good that does if I can't replace it with them and I don't want anything else from them at the moment.

    I took the machine home and contacted Ronco once again, in hope they could help solve this by either replacing the gears to the updated ones or sending another unit in exchange for this one. The customer service rep could have cared less about my situation. They refused to honor any kind of help saying it was the retailer's responsibility. So I am stuck with an older model machine that squeaks..or have an in store credit of 150 to use on things i don't need and go and pay an additional 150 at another retailer!

    No thanks, I won't buy Ronco product again! Going to try the Foreman Rotisserie. Maybe they stand behind their products!!...more info
  • Great product!
    Set it and forget it! That's what we do and everything comes out perfect. We bought one of these after visiting our friends who cooked dinner on it for us. They love it, we love it. It's nice because we put it on the counter in the garage or outside and no heating up the house. Clean up is a breeze with this rotisserarie! ...more info
  • It's a super machine
    The Platinum Rotisserie is the second Showtime Rotisserie that I have had. The first one lasted ten years and that is with constant use. This appliance is the best thing to happen to chicken ever! It also makes wonderful pork roast, lamb and just about everything that you can imagine. The only things that I could possibly say against it are so minor that it does not keep me from giving it five stars. The Rotisserie is very hot and should be used with something under it to protect the top of the cabinet. I am fortunate that I live in Florida and can put it outside on a table in my pool area. Get one you'll love it!!...more info
  • Excellent Rotisserie
    I purchased the Platinum Edition a couple of years ago and it's the best thing since sliced bread! We have cooked several turkey's using this product and they have turned out GREAT! The juices are sealed inside and the meat just falls off the bone. We have also cooked chickens, steak, hamburgers, fish and veggies. I have told friends about it and they have purchased the product and have been very happy with it. I have seen people in the retail stores looking at one and just have to tell them how much we have enjoyed ours and how they won't regret buying it. It is the real thing, "set it and forget it", nothing has ever been so easy!...more info